UGG Vs BEARPAW: (Quick Features & Models Comparison)

Both UGG and BEARPAW are well-known shoe brands with benefits and drawbacks. To decide which one is best for you, you must first understand the differences between them and what they excel at.

Based on our research and experiences with these products, UGG and BEARPAW compare to one another regarding warmth, comfort, cost, weather resistance, durability, and even design aesthetics.

While both shoes hold different advantages, UGGs are better than BEARPAWs because of their premium quality and comfort. Although BEARPAW is less expensive than UGG, UGG is the original gangster in terms of quality.

Let’s take it a bit further.

ugg vs bearpaw

Origin of UGG and BEARPAW

UGG is a California-based footwear company that was founded in 1978. They are well-known for their sheepskin boots and slippers, which have gained international acclaim due to their luxury appeal, comfort, and material selection.

In 2001, Tom Romeo started the Bearpaw boot line in America after encountering a bear in Tahoe. They offer a variety of styles, including Boots, slippers, sandals, and hikers.

Both companies have stores worldwide, the most notable being New York City’s Fifth Avenue, where UGG has its flagship store. Recently, they have opened up two more locations on this famous street and in San Francisco.

Bearpaw has also expanded internationally but has yet to reach the same extent as UGG. A major difference between these companies is that UGG claims to ensure all products are made ethically by partnering with groups such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States. 

Bearpaw does not make any mention of having any charitable initiatives or partnerships. Another significant difference between these two competitors is price. For example, some Bearpaw items range from $25 to $200, whereas some UGGs cost over $400. What sets them apart, though, is quality and durability.

bearpaw boots


One of the most significant differences between UGG and Bearpaw is the material that they are made from. Both brands make boots, slippers, and other shoes out of sheepskin, but UGG uses a different type of lining on the inside than Bearpaw, which affects how long your feet stay warm in cold weather. 

The lining in UGG boots is also more durable than the lining in Bearpaw boots, but it can take longer to dry if they get wet. 

A disadvantage of wearing UGGs is that they have a rubber sole, so people with sensitive skin or who need extra support may be unable to wear them comfortably. However, there are many advantages as well: For example, while both types have some potential drawbacks, the soles on UGG boots have been shown to improve over time by becoming less slippery when wet and making it easier to walk on ice-covered surfaces.

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ugg boots design
Ugg Boots

Sole, Midsole, Insole, and Outsole

The most crucial part of the shoe is the sole, which protects your foot from the ground and absorbs shock when walking or running. In addition, UGG boots have a sturdy outsole with rubber on both the heel and toe, giving you traction in snow or rain. You can also find a UGG boot with a durable leather-covered footbed that prevents moisture from seeping into your socks.

Bearpaws, on the other hand, are known for their fur-lined midsole, which feels soft to the touch while keeping feet warm. The soles are made of thick suede, which provides good traction but is not waterproof like UGGs. So, if you’re looking for warmth this winter, Bearpaws will do the job, but keep in mind that they won’t keep you dry like UGGs.

ugg boots sole

Design & Weight

The most important factor in determining which shoe is best for you will be your needs and environment. UGGs are heavier, but they are also warmer, with a design that is better suited to cold climates than warm climates. Bearpaws are heavier and less insulated, but they keep your feet dry when it rains or snows outside, making them a better choice for people living in rainy climates such as Seattle or Portland.

Bearpaws are also more affordable in general, making them a good shoe for all seasons. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, consider the weather patterns in your area. If your climate changes from winter to summer every year, both types of shoes would be appropriate for each season – switch up your wardrobe!

bearpaw boots in snow


Bearpaws are less expensive than UGGs and more comfortable. They last less time and are made of lower-quality materials than UGGs. The price difference between these two competitors is significant. Some Bearpaw items, for example, range from $25 to $200, whereas some UGGs cost more than $400. What distinguishes them is their quality and durability.

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UGG Size Chart

Here is the size chart for UGGS:

AU WomenAU MenBarefoot lengthUKEUR
4321.8 cm2.535
5422.6 cm336.5
6523.5 cm437.5
7624.3 cm538
8725.1 cm639
9826 cm740-41
10926.8 cm842
111027.7 cm943
121128.5 cm1044
131229.3 cm1145
141330.1 cm1246.5

BEARPAW Size Chart

Here are the size charts for Bearpaw:

Men’s Bearpaw Size Chart


Women’s Bearpaw Size Chart


UGG Women’s Bailey Zip Short Classic Boot vs. BEARPAW Women’s Elle Short Wide Boot

Women’s UGG Bailey Zip boots comprise 76% leather, 24% textile, and dyed sheepskin. The shaft is approximately short from the arch, and the boot opening is about Regular all the way around. Additionally, they feature an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole. These boots are fashionable and will go with any outfit.

While BEARPAW’s Elle Short Wide Boots are entirely made of suede, the 8-inch Elle Short women’s classic suede boot has a slimmed-down design and is the excellent fit for which BEARPAW is known. Furthermore, the sheepskin and wool blend used in these slip-on boots regulates body temperature, keeping your feet warm.

The sheepskin comfort footbed adds softness and reduces foot strain. They have a sturdy soles and can be worn both inside and outside. Furthermore, these boots are treated with Never-Wet technology, which keeps them water-resistant even after 40 wash cycles. This extra feature for the elements is ideal for rainy or snowy days!

The UGG Women’s Bailey Zip Short Classic Boot costs around $180, whereas the BEARPAW Women’s Elle Short Wide Boot is quite cheaper and costs around $80. 

BEARPAW Women’s Elle Short Wide Boot weighs approximately 14 oz per pair, whereas UGG Women’s Bailey Zip Short Classic Boot weighs approximately 11oz.

With all of the extra features, BEARPAW takes the win in this one.

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UGG Men’s Emmett Duck Boot Snow vs. BEARPAW Men’s Patriot Snow Boot

The UGG Emmett Duck Snow Boots for Men are composed of 100% Leather and feature a Rubber sole. They have a waterproof leather upper that is constructed with sealed seams. These boots can withstand weather conditions up to -32° C and have an outsole made of white Spider Rubber. The lining and sock-liner of the UGG Men’s Duck boots are made of textile.

The interior of the BEARPAW Men’s Patriot Snow Boots is lined with faux fur to keep the feet warmer. They are constructed entirely of suede. The sole of these boots is made of thermoplastic elastomers; the heel is 1”, and the shaft of each measure around 7 inches from the arch. The boot opening is around 14 “around, so it fits perfectly.

UGG Men’s Emmett Duck Boot Snow costs around $140 which is quite expensive compared to BEARPAW Men’s Patriot Snow Boot which cost around $70 or less depending on the color and size. 

UGG Men’s Emmett Duck Boot Snow weighs around 17oz whereas Bearpaw Men’s Patriot Snow weighs around 15 oz. 

Considering all the features of both boots, UGGs are the better choice between these.

Wrapping Up

If you want a shoe that will keep your feet warm in the winter, Bearpaw is probably a better choice than UGGs, but if you need more arch support, more toe room, or something with traction on snow or ice, then UGGs may be the better option. UGGs are generally better for casual wear or snow, and Bearpaws are best for outdoor activities.

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