Are Blundstone Non-Slip? (7 Facts To Check Out!)

Blundstone was founded in 1870 when John Blundstone and his sons began making boots on the family farm in Hobart, Tasmania. Since then, the company has grown from a small start-up to one of Australia’s largest footwear manufacturers. They now export their products to over 40 countries worldwide, with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

Blundstone boots are among the most well-known work boots in Australia. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and heights, and they’ve been around since 1879, making them one of the oldest brands of work boots on the market today.

Blundstones are known to be very durable, which means they will last much longer than other brands of boots on the market today. However, there is still much to be said about their slip resistance – Do Blundstones make it easy to stay put? Are Blundstones non-slip? Can you wear Blundstone in wet or slippery areas?

Blundstone boots are non-slip. Blundstones come in a variety of designs and variations; some are more slip-resistant than others. Blundstone has an entire collection of non-slip shoes called Blundstone Oil and Slip-Resistant Boots. These boots, in addition to being made of leather, will help protect your feet from external injuries. They have an anti-slip sole that works well on wet or slippery surfaces, so you can wear them in any weather without worrying about falling or slipping.

are blundstone non slip

Do Blundstone Boots Have Good Traction?

Blundstone boots have excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions. The padded soles make them comfortable to wear for long hours. The leather is also breathable, so your feet stay fresh and dry. All of these characteristics combine to create a boot that is tough on the outside but soft on the inside.

Blundstone fit is said to be one of the most natural around. They are snug enough at the toes to prevent cramping, but roomy enough at the heel to allow you to wiggle your toes when you’re not working. You’ll know they’re perfect when you step out of them after wearing them all day!

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Are All Blundstone Non-Slip?

Blundstone Company offers a diverse range of styles for all seasons and occasions. Not all Blundstone boots are slip-resistant, but the majority of them are. Blundstone has a separate line of slip-resistant shoes with excellent traction. You’ll never slip again with the Blundstone oil and slip-resistant boots!

Some people are hesitant to purchase Blundstone because they are concerned that it will be too heavy or bulky. Fortunately, most models weigh less than one kilogram on average. They also come in a variety of widths to accommodate any foot size!

How To Make Blundstone More Slip-Resistant?

Blundstones are slip-resistant shoes, which have a coating on the soles to keep them from slipping. However, some bluestones are not as non-slip as others, so you can get better traction with rubber overshoes if you’re using them in wet or icy weather. 

You can also use:

  • Traction Spray, 
  • Ice Grips or 
  • Add a rubber or salt glue mixture to coat your shoes.

Can You Wear Blundstone In Slippery Areas?

Wearing the right footwear can make or break your ability to stay on your feet. For example, if you must stand in a wet area for an long time, rubber boots will be more effective than sneakers. But what about Blundstone’s and its reputation for providing traction? 

Yes, they are non-slip. The truth is that they provide enough traction to keep the wearer from slipping on wet surfaces. They also do not wear out like other shoes and are designed to last a lifetime. In this sense, Blundstone’s provides more bang for your buck!

Are Blundstone Good For Walking In The Snow?

Blundstone oil and slip-resistant boots are ideal for walking in the snow because they provide excellent traction. The rubberized sole of the shoe provides a good grip on the surface, even when it is wet or covered in ice and snow. The shoe’s design also helps to prevent slipping; Blundstones has a higher heel than many other shoes, making you less likely to trip over them.

They also have an elastic strap so they can be pulled up quickly without having to tie laces. Finally, Blundstone is available in two widths: regular and wide; the wide option is ideal for those who have foot problems such as bunions or hammer toes. If you want a pair of these shoes that will last, it’s worth spending a little more money on the quality.

are blundstone good for walking on snow

Blundstone Non-Slip Boots For Men

If you’re a man who enjoys being outside, you already know how important it is to have the right boots. You don’t want to risk slipping or falling on slick surfaces, which is why you need Blundstone non-slip boots.

These boots have a unique rubber sole that allows you to walk safely on any surface, wet or dry. They’re also made of high-quality materials that keep your feet safe while working or relaxing at home. You won’t get blisters or other foot problems if you wear these shoes.

1. Blundstone BL179 Work Chelsea Boots

These Blundstone BL179 Work Chelsea Boots include an oil, acid, and organic fat-resistant polyurethane (PU) midsole and thermal urethane (tpu) outsole that makes them highly resistant to hydrolysis and microbial assault.  These boots have oil-tanned leather uppers and a heat-resistant outsole that can withstand temperatures as high as 284 degrees.

The BL179 leather boots are extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to their wide-fitting 200-joule impact-resistant steel toe caps and an Xtreme comfort EVA footbed with Poron XRD heel and forepart inserts. The steel shank helps to stabilize the torsional axis and ensures a good step flex point. The shoes have a complete heel breast with arch support for ladder and gantry safety, as well as an ergonomically designed toe spring to reduce wearer fatigue.

2. Blundstone BL550 Classic 550 Chelsea Boots

The Blundstone BL550 Classic Chelsea boots are made of Crazy Horse Nubuck and have brown elastic ankle height. They are entirely made of leather. The entire length of the Cambrelle comfort footbed wicks sweats away.

The leather on the inside of these boots is extremely soft. Poron XRD for Shock Absorption under Foot Attack, TPU Outsole, and PU Midsole make them an excellent slip-resistant pair of boots. The shoes also have strong front and rear pull tabs for putting them on and off with ease.

3. Blundstone BL1619 Toe Cap Lace-Up Boots

For comfort and versatility, look no further than the Blundstone leather boots with lacing BL1619. The design and the perfect brown leather top create a relaxed, modest appearance.

The polyurethane soles provide maximum comfort and slip resistance with every stride. The boots’ upper is made of waterproof leather. The Blundstone boots with laces are functional and ideal for everyday wear.

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Blundstone Non-Slip Boots For Women

Blundstone non-slip boots are designed for women who want to feel confident and fashionable while working on slippery terrain. The best thing about these non-slip boots is that you can wear them casually while out or at home. They will never fail you.

The shoes are made of genuine leather and have a padded insole, making them ideal for those who work in retail or other jobs that require them to stand for long period. These boots are designed to keep you comfortable all day with nonslip soles and breathable uppers.

1. Blundstone BL1352 High-Top Chelsea Boots

The Blundstone BL1352 High-top Chelsea boots are made with comfort and durability in mind, making them ideal for any occasion. They have an ultra-durable waterproof leather upper that is flexible and easy to slip on, and the rubber bottom keeps them firmly planted on the ground, making them slip-resistant.

And don’t forget about the comfort! These boots are lined with soft, cushioned foam to keep your feet warm and cozy even in cold weather. They’re also light enough to wear all day, so you’ll never feel weighed down by your footwear.

2. Blundstone Women’s Original Series Chelsea Ankle Boots

These genuine leather Chelsea Ankle Boots, made from premium leather, are stylish and go with everything. With Blundstone’s renowned comfort technology at their foundation, these leather boots still excel in comfort and functionality and are at their core Blundstone boots. 

These lightweight boots with detachable footbeds are ideal for going wherever life takes you. The genuine leather upper of these shoes is resistant to organic fat, acid, and stains. These boots are made for outdoor adventures and have fine black leather uppers that are 2.5 mm thick and water-resistant.

3. Blundstone Women’s BL 558 Black Boots

The new Blundstone BL558 Black boots for women are the ideal addition to your wardrobe. The boots are made of tough leather and have high arch support to keep your feet comfortable all day.

They have a detachable EVA/Poron footbed and a Cambrelle footbed to wick away moisture. These Chelsea boots also have a glove-soft leather lining. With a synthetic sole, these boots can handle it all, whether you’re heading to work or running errands.

Final Thoughts

If you want a boot that you can wear in wet, slippery conditions, I recommend Blundstones. The Blundstone oil and slip-resistant boots are ideal for people who need boots that are both waterproof and slip-resistant. 

They are comfortable to wear, and the cushioning in the sole allows you to walk around all day without getting tired. These boots are durable, meaning they will not need to be replaced for a long time.

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