Lucchese Boots: 12 Facts to Know About These Boots

What if I told you that almost every president of the United States owns a pair of Lucchese boots, and this isn’t a joke! Lucchese boots, which have been around since 1883, have never gone out of style.

So, what makes these boots so special? Lucchese, a brand established in the United States, uses one of the highest quality leathers in their boots. They’re really comfy, water-resistant, and generally run true to size. The best part is that they are handcrafted, furnished, and custom-made in the country by world-class craftsmen.

But is that all? No! So, before you spend a hefty amount on Lucchese boots, let’s go over all you need to know about them.

Lucchese boots

Are Lucchese Boots Good?

Yes, for decades, Lucchese Boots have outperformed many of its competitors as one of the most talked-about fashion statements among celebrities and locals. It’s because they make their products with high-quality materials and provide custom-made options.

They also fit well on both thin and thick-legged users, making them an excellent alternative for individuals who value quality over quantity.

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Are Lucchese Boots Comfortable?

The internet is full of reviews proclaiming Lucchese boots to be the most comfortable pair of boots in town, whether on Trustpilot, Amazon, or Reddit. Pintoranch, on the other hand, argues that Lucchese Men’s Barnwood Full-Quill Ostrich Boots are the most comfortable boots available.

Lucchese primarily uses soft cream cow linings with channeled leather insoles for their Classics, making them even more comfortable.

Are Lucchese Boots Worth It?

Yes, Lucchese boots are well worth the investment. It’s because you’re paying for more than just the brand’s name, fame, and history; you’re also paying for the distinctive details governed by creative hands. 

So, if you want boots that are comfortable, easy to clean and maintain, and last a long time, investing in a pair of Lucchese boots is a wise decision!

Are Lucchese Boots Made In The USA?

Yes, Lucchese boots are created in Texas, in the United States of America. They have a large staff of dedicated craftsmen who have been working for decades to meet the high standards of Lucchese. Despite the fact that most firms migrate their production services to Asian countries with lower labor prices, Lucchese does not.

Lucchese, on the other hand, exports all of its boots from the United States and accepts high prices in exchange for making the greatest boots on the market. They never compromise on quality and standards for their boots.

Are Lucchese Boots Waterproof?

Yes, Lucchese boots are waterproof. They are manufactured using the Goodyear welt construction technique. This technique involves stitching the welt (a long piece of leather), the upper, and lining leather to the ribbing of the insole. Later, this welt is stitched to the rubber or leather sole.

Due to this high packed stitching technique, most Lucchese boots offer waterproof qualities and are generally labeled all-weather boots, such as Lucchese’s Chelsea all-weather boot.

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Can Lucchese Boots Get Wet?

Despite being waterproof, Lucchese boots, like all other leather boots, can get wet. It’s because the Goodyear welt construction technique is not meant to make them water repellant and hence will make them wet. This implies that even if you walk through a puddle of water while wearing these boots, the boots will get wet but your feet will remain dry. 

But the best part is that cleaning them is a breeze. Using a soft brush or a moist cloth, any dirt or liquid can be readily cleaned off your Lucchese shoes, whether they are made of suede, stone-washed, or exotic leather.

Are Lucchese Boots Handmade?

Yes! The entire Lucchese boot-making process is done by hand. Everything is done by hand, including leather tooling, cutting, dyeing, sewing, lasting, and boot pegging. Lucchese boots have a more detailed and finished look as a result, which is why they are more expensive.

Are Lucchese Boots True To Size?

Yes, Lucchese boots are true to size, and their sizing differs significantly from that of conventional shoes or sneakers. It’s because Lucchese boots don’t require as much break-in time as other boots, thus the boot size will be slightly smaller than the shoe size.

As a result, when you initially put them on, you should feel snug.

Most people, however, believe that cowboy boots should be ordered a half-size smaller. However, things can go wrong, especially if you’re wearing leather socks, because Lucchese boots have a narrow fit and so will be excessively tight.

To summarize, if your size is in between two sizes, go for the half size larger. However, if you know your normal fit size, it’s best not to go up a size. It’s also appropriate for people with broader feet, as a boot that’s too lengthy for them can cause blisters and ulcers.

Do Lucchese Boots Stretch?

As mentioned earlier, Lucchese boots generally run true to size, but some users might experience an uneven shoe fit. For example, if the boot size of 7 1/2C fits your right foot tightly, but is a bit roomy for your left foot, then like other cowboy boots, you can stretch one Lucchese boot manually.

This entails spraying a boot stretch spray within the boot or pouring steam inside the boot. In both cases, you should wear the boot after it has completely dried, or it will have dry patches.

Are Lucchese Boots The Best?

Lucchese boots are unquestionably one of the greatest boots in town, if not the best, due to their continuously comfy, waterproof, and super-detailed design and craftsmanship. Lucchese boots have been deemed “worth the money” by practically every reputable magazine or review site, including Forbes, Wehearthandmadeboots reviews, and Texags.

Can Lucchese Boots Be Resoled?

Yes, Lucchese resoles and repairs both warranty-covered and non-warranty-covered boots. However, depending on the intensity and kind of sole repair, boots not covered by the one-year guarantee will be charged.

Also, Lucchese does not resole or repair boots that have been resoled or repaired by a non-Lucchese manufacturer. They have one of the greatest customer service departments and provide excellent resoling services.

Though many local cobblers and companies do provide resoling at cheaper rates, this practice won’t guarantee the same results as Lucchese. Moreover, you should go for the idea of spending your bucks on resoling your Lucchese boots if they are really worth the repair.

Where Are Lucchese Boots Made?

Lucchese boots are created in the United States, as previously stated. Salvatore Lucchese, an Italian, founded the company, which after a decade relocated the boot factory from San Antonio to El Paso, Texas, where the boots are still created today.

Final Thoughts: Lucchese Boots

Lucchese boots are undoubtedly the greatest on the market, and they are well worth the hype. They are entirely handmade and are created and exported from Texas.

Above that, Lucchese boots are waterproof and don’t take much time and effort to break in, and can be easily customized according to your size and style on company order.

Thus, if you are looking for a classic, luxurious, yet trendy pair of cowboy boots, then Lucchese boots should be on the top of your list!

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