Steel Toe Blundstone Boots: (Only Guide You Need!)

You may have overheard someone say, “Steel-toed boots are extremely dangerous! What if a heavy object falls and uses that steel to sever my toes?” Yes, it is possible, but you will be unable to lift your toes if this occurs without your steel toes on. To achieve that level of safety, your feet require high-quality steel-toed boots. So, in terms of quality, Blundstones are second only to Timberlands.

So, do Blundstones make steel toe? Yes, Steel-toed shoes are available in three different series at Blundstones. And all of them aren’t just about steel toe safety; they also have shock, chemical, water, microbial, and oil resistance.

Let’s look at which pair to get and how to convert your old Blundstones to steel toes.

Does Blundstone Make Steel Toe Boots?

Steel-toed boots are available in Blundstone’s Work, Elastic-sided, and Extreme series. Blundstone’s steel is type 1, and it can withstand a lot of joules.

Steel is naturally water-resistant due to its zinc composition. Furthermore, it is the safest material available, offering complete resistance to harsh abrasions, wear, cuts, and rolling side compression.

Blundstones offers steel-toe boots for all types of work and is well-known for its high quality and multi-safety protection. Their steel toe also meets OSHA standards.

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Which Blundstones Are Steel Toe?

When you search Blundstone’s website (both U.S. and U.K.) for the words’ steel toe’, you would only come across a very few pairs of Steel toe boots in the results, including

  • Blundstone#192 Stout Brown
  • Blundstone #910 Black Platinum
  • Blundstone #1910 Steel Grey
  • BL172 Work Chelsea Boot
  • Blundstone #140
  • Blundstone #172

But according to my research, these aren’t the only pairs blessed with steel toe, and you will find many other Blundstone steel toe boots on Amazon and their original sites. Let me give a glimpse:

  • Blundstone #989
  • Blundstone #992
  • Blundstone #994, and more.

In short, if you are looking for a steel toe pair in Blundstones, you must check out all the Work, Elastic-sided, and Extreme series pairs.

Can You Make Your Blundstone Steel Toe?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your regular Blundstones into steel-toe Blundstone? Unfortunately, we don’t have a wide range of options to convert your regular Blundstone to the steel toe, but here’s a trick that you can try:

  1. Use a tape measure to determine the precise size of your toe box (you can calculate the area by noting the length and width of the toe box).
  2. If you are measuring anything from the outside of the boot, I recommend taking the final measurement a bit lower than the original, as you’ll be inserting the cap inside.
  3. Now, grab a steel toe insert having the area of your Blundstones’ toe. You can buy one online or extract one from an old boot/shoe by cutting the uppers with scissors.
  4. Carefully insert the steel toe cap manually inside your Blundstones and wear them. 

These DIY steel toes might appear uncomfortable initially, and it will take some time for the steel toe to adjust to the new environment. But once you are comfortable with them, you can continue. However, this hack isn’t considered a good practice because the steel toe may put too much pressure on the soles.

Second, if the shape of your Blundstones does not suit them, the toe cap may wear them out. Third, they will never be able to provide the same Steel toe protection and benefits as the original Steel toe series. So, I recommend using this hack as a last resort or if you want to experiment with your Blundstones.

blundstone steel toe

Things To Consider When Buying Steel Toe Blundstone

Since Blundstones are expensive, it’s crucial to save yourself from a significant loss by buying the wrong steel toe. Here’s what you need to tick when buying Steel toe Blundstones:

Look For The Label

It’s not an option, and you should be on the lookout for the Steel toe label that Blundstones mentions on every packaging and product detail on their website. If you buy your Blundstones from a third party, such as Amazon, I recommend reading the reviews to ensure they are steel toe/original.

Confirm the safety standards

Blundstones’ safety toe boots comply with OSHA’s safety standards, i.e., ASTM 2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH. It means that they can withstand a 200-joule impact effortlessly. But before getting the pair, ensure that these safety standards go according to your workplace standards, as they can vary from place to place and country.

Determine the fit

No matter how rigid your steel toes are and how advantageous they look; if you don’t wear the right fit, you’ll end up hating Blundstones. 

So, carefully pick the right boot according to the size chart and size up or down according to customers’ reviews. I am mentioning this because some Blundstones don’t work according to the true-to-size fit mentioned in the description. On the other hand, most Blundstones require breaking in. So, ordering the incorrect item will result in blisters or not having the necessary protection for your toes at work. If you have wide feet, for example, you can try Blundstones’ wide-fit toe cap series.

Every style is different.

There’s a reason Blundstones has three distinct series of steel-toe safety boots. The design, features, and purpose differ depending on the type and the needs of the customer. So, let me compare the three types in terms of the specifications they offer:

Work Boot SeriesExtreme SeriesElastic-sided series
Resists temperatures 140 degrees celsius or 300 degrees Celsius.Resists temperatures 140-degree celsius or 300-degree celsius.Only 300 C resistance is available.
Bamboo lining availableBamboo lining absentBamboo lining is absent
Electrical hazard resistant and SPS max comfortElectrical hazard resistant and SPS max comfortElectrical hazard resistant and SPS max comfort
Chemical and oil/acid resistantOnly oil/acid resistantOnly oil/ fat & oil resistant
Penetration resistantPenetration resistantNo penetration resistance
Waterproof and Water-resistant upperOnly waterproof available Only water-resistant upper
Kevlar stitching unavailableKevlar stitching availableKevlar stitching unavailable

Buy your preferred safety design.

The unique thing about steel toe Blundstones is that its uppers are varied and have multiple choices according to security. I suggest getting a laced/zipped boot for personalized adjustment and fit if you want extra protection for the calf and ankle areas. 

And if you want steel boots for daily wear. I suggest an elastic or zip-sided design for convenience. But if you want comfortable slip-on boots if you have to remove them timely in your workplace, I suggest going with the ones without laces. That’s how you have a Blundstone steel toe ready for you according to your work routine and environment.

Confirm the weight

Different styles have different weights, and steel-toe boots are generally meant to be on the heavier side. Blundstones appear to be lightweight in general, but you should check the weight of your desired boot type to see if it is compatible. The weight is mentioned primarily in the product description.

Don’t confuse yourself between steel shank and steel toe.

Yes, both are very different terms, and not all steel shank boots are steel-toed. The steel shank provides extra stability to the boot, while the steel toe protects the toes. Even Blundstones features steel shank boots that aren’t steel-toed, for instance, Blundstones #500. So, look for the steel toe label/description when buying Blundstones. 

steel toe cap blundstone

Steel Toe Blundstone Boots For Men’s

1) Steel Toe Blundstones #989, Extreme series

989 Steel-toed boots indeed excel at the extreme game. It has a wide variety of safety features, including the ability to bear temperatures up to 572°F, and withstand water, oil, electrical, and slip damage. Despite belonging to the Extreme series, the boots have an elastic side for easy slip-on.


  • Features TPU bump cap along with Type 1 steel toe cap for extra protection.
  • Easy slip-on


  • Expensive.

2) Steel Toe Blundstones #990, Elastic-sided series

Like the Blundstones 989, 990 can resist temperatures up to 300°C/572°F and is otherwise more or less the same as Blundstones 989. It’s built with cemented construction and has a very strong, adhesive-intact upper. The TPU reinforcement is best for expanding the lifespan of your toe cap.


  • Comfortable.
  • Good for tough industrial areas.


  • Toe box isn’t that wide.
  • Fit smaller.

Steel Toe Blundstone Boots For Women’s

1) Blundstone Women’s Adults SRC Leather Steel Toe

The thing that makes Blundstone Women’s Adults SRC different from other Blundstones is the full heel breast. It provides the optimum arch support you need to land on gantries and ladders. Its premium uppers have a CES3 safety rating, making them a perfect choice to practice safety at different workplaces.


  • Great as a work boot.
  • Comfortable once broken.
  • Premium quality.


  • Raw seal inside feels uncomfortable initially.
  • Not an everyday shoe

2) Laced-up Work Boot series #143 (Unisex)

An interesting feature of these boots is the crazy horse water-resistant leather. Secondly, these lace-up boots feature PORON® XRD™ and SPS MAX-PORON® XRD. This combination is evident in providing extensive shock absorption with cushioning.


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Well-built.


  • No high arch support
  • Not much durable.

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Bottom Line

Blundstones makes some incredible steel-toe boots that provide certified quality and comfort in demanding workplaces. I believe they are worth every penny, and no money can compensate for the protection your feet require while working.

As previously stated, you can convert your regular Blundstones to steel toes with some effort. However, getting steel-toe Blundstone is always preferable to experimenting with your existing one. 

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