Shoes Matrix was created with a deep love for footwear.

Who Am I?

Hello, My name is Sagar and I am the founder of Shoes Matrix. I enjoy wearing many types of shoes and am pretty particular about them.

As a fashionista, I’ve tried a variety of brands, including Nike, Reebok, Vans, Converse, Adidas, New Balance, and many others. My love and passion for shoes motivated me to start this blog, where I share the results of my research on various types of footwear.

And I know you’ve come because you, too, are a footwear aficionado. I assure you that you will find numerous articles on this blog that will assist you in selecting the right footwear for your feet. This blog is jam-packed with useful information related to various footwear.


My Love For Footwear

I enjoy athletics, hiking in mountains or hills, and other outdoor activities. I’ve participated in a number of sports events, including popular marathons and running races. I tried on various types of shoes in this event, some of which were a disappointment while others performed admirably.

After experimenting on hundreds of pairs of footwear, I realized which footwear is best for anyone’s feet and which were not. Some of my friends and loved ones who suffer from foot problems such as bunions, heel spurs, broad feet, and plantar fasciitis were heeded from many of my recommendations, and that helped them find the correct footwear for their feet.

This is what motivated me to create in order to help you in finding an answer to any footwear-related query you may have. 

Reason For Creating Shoes Matrix

The sole motto behind creating Shoes Matrix is to provide a wide range of information for people like you and me who have queries about footwear but can’t find answers on the internet.

Before creating an article, I perform significant research on any topic in order to provide you with the best possible content. In order to provide you with a more detailed article, I also refer to some major sources like, etc. I also ensure that all of the articles are current and contain the most pertinent information you’re looking for.

Thank You For Stopping By

Please let me know if any of the advice I provide on Shoes Matrix is helpful to you. Your comments, compliments or criticism, recommendations, or questions about any aspect of footwear are always welcome. You are free to contact me at any time.