Are Frye Boots Waterproof Or Not? (Explained)

So, you’ve purchased or are considering buying a pair of Frye boots, but you’re unsure whether are Frye boots waterproof or not. Then you’ve come to the right place since we’ve got you covered on whether Frye Boots are water-resistant or not and can be worn in wet weather or at the beach.

Frye boots have both waterproof and non-waterproof boots. The waterproof Frye boots are made from rubber and lined with warm faux fur, while the non-waterproof Frye boots are made from leather. However, waterproof spray pump products that contain special chemicals help protect non-waterproof leather Frye boots against damage.

Waterproof and non-waterproof Frye boots provide boot fans with a wide range of collections to choose from, depending on their preference. Even if you have already purchased non-waterproof Frye boots, there’s also an alternative for you to protect them from getting wet by using a waterproof spray pump.

That’s not all, as we have further evaluated Frye boots based on the frequent questions people ask about their use and maintenance. So keep reading till the end to learn more about Frye boots and how to keep them dry when they become wet.

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Can Frye Boots Get Wet?

Yes, leather Frye boots can quickly get wet, and depending on the condition, it can lead to damage. In most cases, if the Frye has a high heel, snow or wetness can only affect the toe. Frye boots are primarily constructed of leather, which will never be completely waterproof.

What to do when Frye Boots Get Wet?

Many people who wear Frye boots lack a clue about what to do when they get wet. Here’s a list of what you should do to protect your Frye boots when they are wet:

1. Dry Your Frye Shoes Immediately

Whenever your Frye shoes get wet, you should immediately take them off and dry them properly. Also, ensure that you add a shoe tree inside your Frye boots to retain their original shape when drying them.

Avoid laying them directly on a heat source when trying to dry your shoes, because that can lead to skin cracking.

2. Restore Its Protective Feature

When your Frye boots get wet, they lose moisture and protecting components, which causes leather to split. However, to avoid this, you should try to restore the quality of the boots to prevent further cracking.

Start by removing the shoelaces to get a better view of the shoe. Then use a leather conditioner applied to a soft cloth to clean the outer surface of the boots gradually.

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How To Dry Frye Boots?

To dry your Frye boots properly, here’s what you should do:

  • First, slightly shake the boots to remove dirt from the soles and inside the shoes, if there’s any.
  • You should use a microfiber cloth to rub over the boots.
  • Damp the clothes inside the Frye boots to remove excess water.
  • Clear the previously coated polish off the surface of the boots with a soft dry cloth.
  • After cleaning, don’t store it in direct sunlight; instead, keep it at an average temperature.

What Materials are Frye Boots Made of?

Frye boots are made from a variety of leather finishes. No specific type of leather is used because tons of leather obtained from other places with combinations of colors are used.

All of the leather used in manufacturing Frye boots is strong and durable. Also, the soles of Frye boots are made of rubber and leather.

How To Make Frye Boots Waterproof?

Frye boots have a waterproof type of boot for everyone. They are made of rubber and leather to keep them dry. However, if you have already bought a non-waterproof Frye boot, you can waterproof your boots with wax or non-aerosol waterproof spring pumps from Frye boots.

Frye boots are designed to last for an extended period with durable materials. And waterproofing your shoes allows you to protect the shoes against external elements by keeping the leather soft and supple.

How To Clean Frye Boots

Even though Frye boots are made from durable materials, you should follow the below steps to clean them properly:

  • Clean your Frye boots slowly with a clean, soft cloth.
  • If the boots are stained with dirt, you can dab the soft clothes in vinegar or water to wipe the stains off.
  • After wiping, allow the boots to dry before wearing them again.

Can you wear Frye Boots in the rain?

Yes, waterproof Frye boots can be worn in the rain. The materials used in manufacturing Frye boots are durable and strong enough to limit rain damage.

However, when wearing your boots to the beach, you should implement the maintenance tips below in your mind to avoid damage to your boots:

  • Always clean your boots with a soft cloth or brush after use.
  • Polish them with a professional oil specifically designed for them to keep them shiny and fresh.
  • It’s also advisable to use Frye boots with a rubber sole when walking in a wet environment.
  • If your Frye boots are non-waterproof, you can use a waterproof spray pump to protect your shoes.

Can you wear Frye Boots to the beach?

Yes, Frye boots can be worn to the beach with a little bit of precaution. Even though Frye boots are made of durable materials, you shouldn’t go to the beach with them. However, you can wear it while walking around the beach area with sand and water.

When wearing your Fryboots to the beach, you have to implement the maintenance tips listed above to protect your boots from damage. Before swimming on the beach or going inside the water, you should try to take your shoes off.

Even though Frye boots can be used for walking around in a wet environment, you shouldn’t try to dip them into the beach water as that will damage them.

Are Frye Boots Slip Resistant?

Frye boots are designed in a robust manner, which makes them durable enough to last for many years. The leather finish of Frye boots is exceptionally implemented with high-quality components to make them fit perfectly on your foot and provide ankle support.

Also, Frye boots come with slip-resistant outsoles that provide perfect traction. So if you are looking for a slip-resistant Frye boot, you should purchase Frye boots with leather or rubber soles to walk safely on rough terrain.

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Do Frye Boots Absorb water or not?

Yes, Frye boots are made from quality leather and are capable of absorbing water. However, Frye boots made from faux leather can limit water absorption on the material’s surface only.

Frye boots made from original leather can get soaking wet in some conditions. But that doesn’t mean it can cause severe damage to your shoes if you maintain them appropriately. First, you need to know that leather Frye boots are not designed to soak wet everything unless they are waterproof Frye boots.

However, if you have been using your Frye boots in wet places, you should learn and implement the below tips to treat them after use.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do if Frye boots soak up water:

Step1: Remove Excess Moisture

After using your Frye boots in a soaking wet condition, the first thing to do is to remove the excess moisture buildup from them. If there are still droplets of rain and specks of dirt on the shoe, you should use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it thoroughly to prevent it from staining the shoe. Removing the moisture from Frye boots is essential to be done when the shoes are still wet.

Step2: Remove the Boots Laces

With the laces still attached to the shoe, you won’t be able to clean it properly. So, it’s essential to remove the shoelaces at the initial stage of removing excess moisture. After that, keep the laces and shoes separately to allow them to dry faster.

Step3: Remove the Insoles Immediately

Insoles of Frye boots are perfect for keeping the foot stable inside the shoe. However, water will likely build up around and underneath the insoles if you walk in a soaking wet environment. So, it’s also essential to remove the insoles and clean the shoes properly. Use a soft cotton cloth to dry the inside of the boots after removing the insoles.

Step4: Keep the Shoes and Allow Them to Dry

Even though you have removed excess moisture from the shoes at this period, that doesn’t mean the wetted shoes are dry. You should elevate the shoes on their sides, leaving them in such a way that the water inside them will flow out.

Place or lean them near the wall while adding a cloth underneath it to absorb any water flowing out of it. Follow this process to treat your Frye boots after using them in a soaking wet condition!

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Which Frye Boots are Water-resistant?

Frye boots are made with waterproof rubber and warm faux fur, which are water-resistant. Frye boots have waterproof and non-waterproof boots. The waterproof Frye boots are water-resistant, whereas the non-waterproof version absorbs water.

However, you can use a waterproof spray pump or waterproof balm to condition, preserve, and protect your boots from external impact. Apart from the waterproofing products, you can use tons of other products to protect your shoes from water. 

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Final Thoughts: Are Frye Boots Waterproof or Not?

Frye boots have both waterproof and non-waterproof boots. The waterproof Frye boots are made from rubber and lined with warm faux fur, while the non-waterproof Frye boots are made from leather. However, non-waterproof Frye boots can be protected from the elements with a waterproof spray pump that contains special chemicals.

There are many things to consider when using Frye boots, and the above list of information is what you need to learn and understand to maintain your Frye boots professionally.

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