Thursday vs. Blundstone Boots: Which is the Better Boot?

Regarding buying boots, two brands that frequently come to mind are Thursday Boots and Blundstone. Both brands are famous for generating high-standard, modish, snug, and durable boots. However, purchasers should detect several significant differences between the two brands before breaking the bank.

Thursday Boots is a comparatively new brand that has attained much reputation in recent years. They provide an extent of boots designed from first-rate materials and offer a Goodyear welt construction, making them long-lasting and comfortable to resolve. On the other hand, Blundstone has been on the market for over 150 years and is famous for its slip-on boots that are both snug and practical. They feature a broad range of styles and color shades, and their shoes are designed from standard leather that is both hard-wearing and water-resistant.

When contrasting Thursday Boots vs. Blundstone, there are some factors that purchasers should consider, incorporating the style, ease, durability, and price of the boots. While both brands provide high-standard boots, they contain various advantages and disadvantages that buyers should consider before hitting the jackpot.

Blundstone Vs Thursday

Comparison Table: Thursday Boots Vs Blundstone Boots

FactorsThursday BootsBlundstone Boots
OriginFounded in 2014 by Nolan Walsh and Connor WilsonFounded in 1870 by John Blundstone
ConstructionGoodyear welt construction, resoleableCement construction, not resoleable
MaterialsHigh-quality whole-grain leatherLeather and synthetic materials
Design and StyleModern, refined lookIconic, practical look
Comfort and FitCork-bed midsole, various footbed optionsPremium footbed, may be tight for wider feet
DurabilityGoodyear welt construction, durable leatherRugged A-star leather, durable construction
Break-in PeriodLittle to no break-in periodLittle to no break-in period
Price Range$149 – $265$150 – $225
Value for PriceResole program available, durableLess expensive, no resole program

Origin of Thursday Boots


Thursday Boot Company was originated in 2014 by two friends, Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson, who were searching for top-quality boots that were also economical. They observed that most boots in the industry needed to be more costly or better designed, and they set out to generate a brand that would fulfill this gap.

The brand’s name proceeds from the idea that Thursday is when individuals begin to look forward to the weekend, and they desire their boots to be iconic enough to grab people from work to play. They also wanted to make a transparent brand about its origins and construction processes and that would prefer ethical and viable practices.

Thursday Boots are engineered in Leon, Mexico, famous for its expert shoemakers and leather artisans. The brand works deeply with its factory to verify that every pair of boots is designed to the most significant levels of quality and artistry. They use whole-grain leather from social and sustainable sources and provide various styles and colorways to match different tastes and requirements.

One of the versatile attributes of Thursday Boots is its cork midsole, which offers both comfort and longevity. The cork molds to the appearance of the user’s foot over time, generating a custom fit that is both encouraging and stretchable. The boots also provide Goodyear welt formation, meaning the sole is sewn to the upper part for extraordinary longevity and easy resoling.

Overall, Thursday Boots has swiftly attained a reputation for being a dependable and voguish option for those searching for high-standard boots at an economical price.

Origin of Blundstone Boots

Blundstone has been a versatile Australian footwear brand in the industry since 1870. The company was initiated by John Blundstone and his wife Eliza in Hobart, Tasmania. Initially, the brand was less famous than Blundstone; it was an organized shoe import company. However, in 1892, the Blundstone children expanded the shoe business and bought a Campbell Street factory.

Blundstone boots were structured for laborers in the Australian outback. They were designed to be rugged, durable, and comfortable, focusing on performance over fashion. The shoes were engineered to resist the rough conditions of the Australian outback, incorporating utmost heat, rugged terrain, and unpredictable weather.

Over the years, Blundstone boots have become progressively famous around the globe, with people from all walks of life using them for work and play. The shoes are famous for being snug, durable, and iconic, making them a renowned option for anyone needing a dependable pair of boots.

Today, Blundstone boots are still designed in Tasmania, using high-standard materials and conventional manufacturing techniques. The company has extended its extend to a broad diversity of styles, from iconic work boots to more fashion-forward patterns. Despite its fame, Blundstone has endured faithful to its roots, continuing to generate top-quality boots that are structured to last.

Construction and Durability

Thursday Boots Construction

Thursday Boots are famous for their top-quality formation and durability. They utilize the Goodyear welt construction technique, which incorporates stitching the upper, insole, and welt together before affixing the sole. This procedure results in a sturdy and durable connection between the upper and sole, creating the boots comfortable to resolve and expanding their lifetime.

The uppers of Thursday Boots are designed from high-standard whole-grain leather, famous for its longevity and resistance to deterioration. The leather is 2.5mm massive, thicker than the leather utilized in Blundstone boots. The more comprehensive leather offers finer protection and longevity, creating the boots more defiant to scrapes and scratches.

Blundstone Construction

Blundstone boots are also famous for their durability but utilize a distinct construction technique from Thursday Boots. Blundstone uses a cement formation procedure, which glues the upper to the sole. This method is less costly and faster than the Goodyear welt formation method but is not as hard-wearing or easy to resolve.

Blundstone boots have a thin leather upper than Thursday Boots, having a thickness of 1.5mm. The leather is still high-standard and durable but may not be as aggressive to scuffs and engraves as the thicker leather utilized in Thursday Boots. Blundstone boots also provide a mold-injected sole, which depends on cement to maintain the sole absorbed to the upper.

Both Thursday Boots and Blundstone boots are hard-wearing and well-engineered, but they use various construction techniques and elements. Thursday Boots are famous for their massive leather and Goodyear welt formation, making them comfortable to resolve and more destruction-resistant. Blundstone boots are admired for their cement formation and narrower leather, which makes them less costly and faster to generate.

Design and Style

Design of Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots have a different and modern pattern that separates them from other boot brands. They offer a streamlined and tapered toe that affords them a more refined appearance contrasted to the circular toe of Blundstones. The boots are also designed with high-standard materials, such as whole-grain leather, providing an opulent feel and durability.

One of the emerging design offers of Thursday Boots is the cork midsole that gives both comfort and aid. This midsole is structured to mold to the appearance of the user’s foot over time, generating a custom fit that verifies additional comfort.

Design of Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots contain an iconic and effortless pattern that has endured unchanged for decades. They offer a rounded toe and a simple, practical way ideal for daily wear. Blundstones are designed with top-quality leather and are engineered to be hard-wearing and long-lasting.

One of the versatile design attributes of Blundstone boots is the stretchable side channels that make them comfortable to slip on and off. This pattern element also certifies a cozy and comfortable fit that doesn’t require laces or buckles.

Both Thursday Boots and Blundstone boots contain versatile pattern elements that attract various tastes and requirements. Thursday Boots comprise a more modern and purified look, while Blundstones have an iconic and effortless style.

Comfort and Fit

Thursday Boots Comfort and Fit

Thursday Boots are structured with ease and fit in mind. They are structured with high-standard materials, incorporating whole-grain leather, cork-bed midsoles, and EVA foam insoles. These elements offer great aid and cushioning for the feet, making them snug for elongated periods.

Additionally, Thursday Boots contain a bit of room in front of the boots, leaving sufficient space for the toes to move quickly. This attribute verifies that the feet can breathe, averting sweat and odor construction.

Thursday Boots are available in various sizes, beginning with U.S. male size 6 and ending with size 15. They also provide different widths, comprising regular, broad, and extra-wide. This extent of measures certifies that everyone can discover a comfortable fit.

Blundstone Comfort and Fit

Blundstone boots are famous for their durability but are also structured with ease and fit in mind. They are engineered with genuine leather and offer mold-injected soles, which give outstanding support and padding for the feet.

However, some individuals find that Blundstone boots are tight, which can be uncomfortable for those with broader feet. Additionally, Blundstone boots provide fewer size choices than Thursday Boots, making it demanding to discover the perfect fit.

Thursday Boots and Blundstone boots prefer comfort and fit in their patterns. Thursday Boots provide more size choices and space in the toe box, while Blundstone boots are famous for their longevity and support.

Style and Appearance

Thursday Boots Style and Appearance

Thursday Boots are famous for their modish and slender look. They are structured to be dressy-informal, creating them iconic and adaptable for a diversity of occasions. Their elegance and appearance make them ideal for both professional and regular settings. The boots are available in various colors, incorporating brown, black, and gray, which can be suited to multiple outfits.

The boots are engineered with high-standard leather and contain a minimalist pattern with simple branding. The leather is even and polished, providing the boots with an absolute and sophisticated look. They include an iconic look and design, which generates them effortlessly and never goes out of style.

Blundstone Style and Appearance

Blundstone boots have a rough and outdoorsy look, creating them ideal for outdoor activities. They are engineered to be practical and durable, focusing on functionality rather than style. The boots are available in various colors, incorporating black, brown, and tan, which can be suited to multiple outfits.

The boots are designed with high-standard leather and have a more energetic pattern with detectable branding. The leather is rugged and textured, offering the shoes a more simple and natural look. They have a more informal and relaxed appearance and design, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

Thursday Boots are more dressy-regular, whereas Blundstones are more rough and outdoorsy. Detect which style perfectly complements your aesthetic and the events you wear them for.

Price and Value

Thursday Boots Price and Value

Thursday Boots are famous for their top-quality elements and construction. Despite this, they are still featured at an economical price point. The company intends to give users a standard product at an obtainable price.

Thursday Boots scale in price from $149 to $265, based on the style and components used. While this may appear expensive in contrast to some other brands, the standard of the boots justifies the price. Additionally, Thursday Boots provides a 10% discount to first-time users who sign up for their email list.

In the case of value, Thursday Boots are a significant investment. They are designed with durable elements and construction, meaning they will endure for years with appropriate care. Additionally, the brand provides a resole program, permitting customers to expand the life of their boots even further.

Blundstone Price and Value

Blundstone boots are famous for their longevity and toughness. They often appear as a more economical alternative to other exclusive brands.

Blundstone boots cost $150 to $225, based on the style and elements used. While they are typically less costly than Thursday Boots, the quality is still perfect.

In the case of value, Blundstone boots are a healthy option. They are designed with durable materials and can resist heavy deterioration. However, they do not provide a resole program, meaning users will be required to buy the latest pair of boots once the genuine team wears out.

Overall, both Thursday Boots and Blundstone provide good worth for the price. While Thursday Boots are more costly, they give a resole technique and are designed with greater-quality materials. Blundstone boots are a more economical choice but provide a different standard of quality or durability.

What are the differences between Thursday boots and Blundstone boots?


Thursday Boots and Blundstone are two famous brands that provide high-standard boots. While they may appear similar at first look, several significant differences between the two brands are worth considering.

One of the most efficient differences between Thursday Boots and Blundstone boots is their formation. Thursday Boots utilize a Goodyear welt construction procedure, which creates them resoleable. This shows that if the sole of your shoes deteriorates, you can have them resoled despite having to purchase the latest pair. Conversely, Blundstone boots are not resoleable, so once the sole is damaged, you must restore the entire boot.

Another dissimilarity is the materials utilized in the fabrication of the boots. Thursday Boots are designed with high-standard leather, while Blundstone boots are engineered with a fusion of leather and fabricated materials. While both elements are durable, several individuals prioritize the feel and appearance of genuine leather.

The footbeds of the boots are also distinct. Thursday Boots provide diverse footbed options, incorporating Weather, rubber, and leather. These footbeds feature finer arch support and impact absorption, making them snug for elongated periods. Blundstone boots, on the other side, have a premium footbed that is not portable or adjustable.

Regarding style, Thursday Boots provide a more modern and fashionable look, with various colors and styles to select from. Blundstone boots contain a more traditional and iconic look, with fewer choices for customization.

Overall, both Thursday Boots and Blundstone Boots provide high-standard footwear choices. The selection between the two eventually depends on individual requirements and the user’s particular needs.

What is the break-in period like for Thursday boots compared to Blundstone boots?

Concerning breaking in boots, it can be an irritating and uncomfortable experience. Luckily, both Thursday Boots and Blundstone provide snug choices that don’t need an extended break-in period.

Thursday Boots are famous for their comfort, thanks to Poron insoles and DuraEVA comfort panels. These attributes create them comfortable to walk in, even for long distances. Most users report that they don’t need to break into their Thursday Boots and can use them immediately.

Blundstone boots are also snug and need little to no break-in span. They provide an extent of styles, comprising Chelsea boots and lace-up boots. Most wearers mention they can use their Blundstone boots right out of the box without irritation.

Thursday Boots and Blundstone boots are cozy and demand little to no break-in time. Both brands are great choices if you’re searching for boots that you can use immediately without discomfort.

How do Blundstone boots compare to Thursday boots in terms of durability?

Blundstone boots are renowned for their durability and hard-wearing. They are designed of high-standard A-star leather, famous for their strength and longevity. However, Thursday boots are also long-lasting and can resist acute weather conditions.

One of the chief differences between the two brands is the resoleable attribute. While both brands provide reliable boots, Thursday boots contain an edge over Blundstone boots due to their re-solvable capability. This shows that Thursday boots can be improved and resolved when they deteriorate, which expands their lifetime.

Blundstone boots are also famous for their Goodyear welting, which is a procedure that comprises stitching the upper portion of the boot to the sole. This creates the boots more hard-wearing and resistant to destruction. However, Thursday boots are also designed with high-standard elements and construction techniques that verify their durability.

Regarding durability, both brands provide top-quality boots that can endure for years with appropriate care and adjustment. However, Thursday boots dominate Blundstone boots in the case of re-soleability, which can expand their lifetime and make them a more price-effective choice in the long run.

Top Models of Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots is a comparatively latest brand that has become famous recently. They provide an extent of boots that are modish, durable, and snug. The following are several major models of Thursday Boots:

  • Captain Boot: The Captain Boot is one of the most renowned models of Thursday Boots. It is designed of high-standard leather and offers a muscular rubber sole. The boot contains an iconic pattern adaptable for regular and formal events. It is accessible in various colors, incorporating brown, black, and natural.
  • Vanguard Boot: The Vanguard Boot is another famous model of Thursday Boots. It has a streamlined and modern pattern ideal for creating a fashion statement. The boot is designed of standard leather and provides a snug cork-bed midsole. It comes in various colors, incorporating dark olive, black, and brown.
  • President Boot: President Boot is a top-quality model of Thursday Boots. It is engineered of Horween Chromexcel leather, famous for its longevity and tenderness. The boot offers a leather sole and a Goodyear welt formation, which verifies that it can be resoled many times. It is accessible in different colors, incorporating cognac, black, and brown.
  • Duke Boot: The Duke Boot is an iconic model of Thursday Boots. It contains an irregular pattern that is adaptable for outdoor ventures. The boot is designed of high-standard leather and offers a Vibram Christy sole, which gives outstanding traction on various surfaces. It is accessible in different colors, comprising brown, black, and natural.

Overall, Thursday Boots provides an extent of models that adapt to various requirements and needs. Whether you are searching for an iconic, modern, standard, or rugged pattern, you can find an ideal model of Thursday Boots.

Top Models of Blundstone Boots

Blundstone is a famous boots brand that has been on the market since the mid-1800s. They have a reputation for generating high-standard, durable boots that are ideal for various outdoor ventures. The following are several major models of Blundstone boots currently accessible:

  • Blundstone 500 Original Series: These boots are genuine Blundstone patterns and are still famous today. They are structured with standard leather and contain a slip-resistant sole. They are also feathery and snug to wear.
  • Blundstone 550 Classic Series: These boots are identical to the Original Series but are structured with massive leather and contain a leather-lined interior. They are structured to be more hard-wearing and offer more aid than the Original Series.
  • Blundstone 063 Dress Series: These boots are constructed to be more modish than the other Blundstone models. They are designed with standard leather and contain a slender, dressy pattern. They are ideal for wearing to labor or for a night out.
  • Blundstone 490 Chelsea Boot: These boots are made for women and contain a more feminine appearance than the other Blundstone designs. They are structured with sumptuous leather and have a skid-resistant sole. They are also delicate and snug to wear.
  • Blundstone 1306 Chisel Toe Dress Boot: These boots are similar to the 063 Dress Series but contain a chisel toe pattern. They are designed with standard leather and include a streamlined, dressy practice. They are ideal for wearing to work or for a night out.

Overall, Blundstone boots are a fantastic option for anyone searching for a durable, high-standard boot that is amazing for various outdoor ventures. Every model has its versatile attributes and pattern, so selecting the one that perfectly fits your requirements is necessary.


After contrasting Thursday Boots and Blundstone, it is evident that both brands have their advantages and disadvantages. Thursday Boots provide more styles and use more excellent quality elements, while Blundstone is famous for its longevity and toughness.

Concerning comfort, both brands feature absorbent designs, but Thursday Boots may be a finer option for those with extensive feet because of their roomier design. Regarding sizing, Thursday Boots give a broader range of sizes, beginning from US male size 6 to ending with size 15; simultaneously, Blundstone boots are tight.

Regarding construction, Thursday Boots utilize a hard-wearing Goodyear welt; however, Blundstone depends on cement to maintain the sole affixed to the upper. Thursday Boots also have the strength of being resoleable, which can expand the life of the boots.

Those searching for a more voguish and more extraordinary quality boot may prioritize Thursday Boots, while those in demand of a rugged and durable boot may prioritize Blundstone. It is necessary to consider factors like comfort, sizing, and formation when deciding.

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