Do Sorel Boots Run Small, Big, Or True To Size? (Only Sizing Guide You Need!)

A set of Sorel boots is known to endure for a solid ten years, but only if you acquire the proper fit, which can be quite a challenge for Sorel enthusiasts. So, do Sorel Boots tend to be small, large, or true to size?

Sorel boots typically correspond to the actual size, although they may also run smaller. For those with broader feet, it’s advisable to go up half a size. While some Sorel boots are spot on in size, they usually lean towards being smaller. Sorel doesn’t offer specific calf sizes, so experimenting with in-between sizes might be necessary for individuals with larger calves. It’s uncommon for them to run larger, and any such claims on their website have proven inaccurate.

Let’s look at how to choose the proper Sorel boots for you.

do sorel boots run small, big or true to size

Does Sorel Fit True To Size?

A frequent query arising when purchasing Sorel boots pertains to whether they adhere to the true size. As per the official Sorel website, their boots are crafted to match the actual size, implying that you should order the same size boots as you would for sneakers or boots. Nonetheless, a few individuals suggest opting for half a size larger, particularly for those with wider feet.

Remember that each person’s feet are unique, and what suits one individual may not be ideal for another. Moreover, the fit of some Sorel boots might differ from others due to variations in style and materials utilized. For instance, certain boots might be designed for use with thicker socks or have a more narrow or broad fit.

In case of uncertainty regarding the appropriate size to order, it’s always recommended to consult the Sorel size chart and measurement guide given on our blog. Furthermore, numerous retailers provide complimentary returns and exchanges, allowing you to try multiple sizes to determine the most comfortable fit.

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Factors Influencing Sorel Sizing

Sorel boots are renowned for their long-lasting comfort, but obtaining the correct size is essential for an ideal fit. Various factors may impact the sizing of Sorel boots, such as:

  • Boot style: Distinct Sorel boot styles could have varying sizing specifications, making it crucial to review the sizing chart for each style.
  • Sock thickness: Sorel boots are created to be worn with thick socks; hence it’s vital to don the socks you plan to wear with the boots when taking measurements of your feet.
  • Foot shape: The fit of the boots might be influenced by differing foot widths, with some individuals having narrower or wider feet than others.

Should You Size Up or Down in Sorel Boots?

In case you find yourself in between sizes or possess wider feet, it’s advisable to opt for half a size larger. However, I haven’t encountered many individuals sizing up in Sorel boots, and those who have done so did perform well. 

As such, compare your foot length to the provided size chart and try on the boots. Consider purchasing two sizes simultaneously and taking advantage of their 60-day return policy.

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How Should I Determine My Foot Size for Sorel Boots?

Measuring your foot size for Sorels is straightforward and employs the same method for other footwear. Here’s the process for gauging your foot size for Sorel boots:

  • Put on socks and either stand against a wall or maintain an upright posture.
  • Request assistance from someone to place a sheet of paper under your foot.
  • Next, have them mark the points where your longest toe and the highest part of your heel intersect.
  • Ensure your feet remain stationary while the markings are being made.
  • After marking, remove your foot and measure the distance between the points in centimeters.
  • Refer to the size chart to identify your appropriate size.

Alternatively, you can accomplish this task independently by adopting a crouched, stationary position and then tracing the contour of your feet. Subsequently, you can use a measuring tape or ruler to calculate the distance between your toe and heel.

How Tight Should Sorel Boots Be?

While donning your Sorel boots, try inserting a finger inside. If it slides in effortlessly, the boots aren’t excessively tight. Adequate space should be present in the toe box, allowing your toes to wiggle freely. However, your heel should stay in place when you move it up and down without being overly loose.

Additionally, the top of your foot should not touch the boot’s interior upper surface. In a nutshell, Sorel boots ought to be snug yet comfortable.

As for finding the perfect fit in Sorel boots, consider the following aspects regarding tightness:

  • Sorel boots should not feel restrictive. Instead, having extra room is preferable, enabling you to wear thicker socks during winter.
  • If you experience numbness or tingling in your feet or toes while wearing Sorel boots, they’re too small.
  • Conversely, if the boots feel too roomy or your foot moves around excessively within, they’re too large, which may lead to blisters and discomfort.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone’s feet are unique; what feels comfortable to one person might not be the same for another. Trying on Sorel boots in person is ideal, or carefully measuring your feet before ordering online is advised.

Ultimately, the aim is to find a pair of Sorel boots that feel secure without being tight, providing sufficient space to wear thick socks comfortably. This ensures your feet remain warm and dry in cold, damp conditions.

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how tight should sorel boots be

Do The Sorel Caribou Boots Fit True To Size?

No, Sorel Caribou boots aren’t generally true to size and have often been an enigmatic Sorel boots option regarding sizing. If you consult Sorel’s website, they suggest buying the Caribou boots one size smaller since they tend to run large. However, customer reviews paint a different picture; most indicate that it’s preferable to go up half to full size with Caribou boots since they typically run small.

Sorel Caribou boots are preferred for those seeking durable, warm, and waterproof winter footwear. It’s also worth mentioning that Sorel Caribou boots feature a detachable felt lining, which can influence the boot’s fit. If you intend to wear thick socks or include extra insoles, consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

In conclusion, trying on a pair of Sorel Caribou boots before buying is recommended to ensure the optimal fit. If you’re making an online purchase, referring to Sorel’s size chart and reading customer reviews can provide valuable insight into the boots’ fitting characteristics.

Does Sorel Joan of Arctic run true to size?

Water-resistant, cozy, and stylish, the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots are among the most sought-after footwear in Sorel’s women’s collection. However, do they adhere to standard measurements when it comes to sizing? Unfortunately, they don’t. These boots, like many Sorels, tend to run half a size smaller, so it’s advisable to order half a size larger, especially if you possess wider feet.

Regarding sizing, most reviewers deem Sorel Joan of Arctic boots as true to size. This implies that ordering your regular size should result in a snug fit. Nonetheless, it’s always prudent to measure your feet and consult Sorel’s size chart to guarantee the most suitable fit.

It’s crucial to remember that Joan of Arctic boots is solely available in whole sizes. Therefore, if you typically wear a half size, you can size up or down, depending on your foot shape and desired fit. Furthermore, a few reviewers have remarked that the toe box area can feel tight, so if you have wider feet or prefer a more spacious fit, consider sizing up.

Sorel Joan of Arctic boots might not perfectly fit everyone, but they are generally perceived as true to size and deliver a comfortable fit for most users.

Do Sorel Explorer Boots Run Small?

Sorel Explorer Boots are favored by individuals seeking a robust, waterproof boot that can withstand cold weather. But the question remains: do they run small? The answer largely depends on the individual’s foot size and shape.

Based on customer feedback online, Sorel Explorer Boots generally adhere to standard sizing. However, some customers have noted that they needed to size up or down to achieve the ideal fit. It is advised to order your typical shoe size and contemplate sizing up or down if you possess exceptionally wide or narrow feet.

It’s important to recognize that Sorel Explorer Boots are engineered to be worn with thicker socks, so consider this when selecting your size. If you intend to wear thin socks, consider sizing down.

Do Sorel Boots Stretch As You Wear Them?

A crucial aspect of finding the perfect boot size is understanding whether the boots will stretch as you wear them. The answer to Sorel boots depends on the particular model and materials employed in the boots’ construction.

Generally, Sorel boots are crafted with top-quality materials intended to endure. The leather and rubber used in the boots are robust and long-lasting, implying that they are less prone to stretching or losing shape as time passes. Nonetheless, some Sorel boots, especially those made of softer leather or suede, might experience slight stretching with use.

It’s essential to recognize that any stretching that does transpire will likely be minimal. Sorel boots are not engineered to stretch considerably or become loose over time. If you acquire a pair of Sorel boots that feel overly tight or snug, you should exchange them for a bigger size instead of counting on them to stretch.

An important factor to consider is that the fit of your Sorel boots can be influenced by the socks you wear. If you intend to wear thick socks with your boots, it might be wise to size up a bit to guarantee a comfortable fit.

In conclusion, while some Sorel boots may experience slight stretching with use, it’s not certain. Choosing the right size from the outset is always best to ensure a comfortable fit.

sorel boots

Can You Stretch Sorel Boots?

Similar to other leather boot varieties, you can stretch Sorel boots at home using the methods outlined below:

  1. Place a boot stretcher inside your boot, expanding it to the desired width, and leave it for a day or two. You can also use a calf stretcher to stretch the calf area of your Sorel boots in the same way.
  2. Fill ziplock bags with water, double up them to prevent leaks, and position them inside your boots without wetting the leather. Place the boots in the freezer, allowing the water to expand as it turns to ice.
  3. Put on thick socks and wear your Sorel boots. Set your hairdryer to medium heat and, maintaining a 6-inch distance, apply the heat to the areas you want to stretch for up to 20 seconds.
  4. Use a boot stretching spray compatible with your Sorel boots’ material on the areas you want to stretch.
  5. Wear your Sorel boots with thick socks and walk around frequently.
  6. Stuff your Sorels with slightly damp newspaper balls for a few days.

If your Sorel boots are made of leather, you can use a leather stretching spray or tool to facilitate stretching. These products soften the leather for easier stretching. Apply the leather stretching spray inside the boots and wear them until they dry. Please insert it into the boots with a leather stretching tool and adjust the width to achieve the desired stretch.

Suppose your Sorel boots consist of synthetic materials like rubber or nylon. In that case, stretching might be more challenging, as these materials don’t stretch as readily as leather and excessive stretching could damage them. However, you may achieve slight stretching by wearing thick socks or using a shoe stretching spray specifically for synthetic materials.

Remember that overstretching or rapid stretching may cause your Sorel boots to lose shape or become damaged. It’s best to stretch them gradually to prevent potential damage. Additionally, stretching your boots could void any warranty or return policy, so check with the manufacturer before stretching them.

How Do Sorel Cheyanne Boots Fit?

Sorel Cheyanne boots are favored by many for their fashionable and practical winter boot features. So, how do they fit? Here are some key points to remember:

  • These boots are designed to be true to size, so order your regular shoe size.
  • Sorel Cheyanne boots have a slightly roomier fit than other Sorel models to accommodate thicker socks.
  • Their wider toe box makes them suitable for those with wider feet.

In summary, Sorel Cheyanne boots are an excellent choice if you want a winter boot that is true to size and offers extra space for thicker socks. Order your standard shoe size, and you’ll be set.

Do Sorel Madson Run Big or Small?

Generally, Sorel MADSON boots run true to size, although some customers report they run slightly small. The fit can vary depending on the boot style. For instance, the Moc Toe fits snugly and may require sizing up for wider feet, while the Chukka might feel narrow for those with wider feet.

Consider the type of socks you’ll wear with the boots. For thicker socks, you can size up for comfort.

When unsure, check the Sorel size chart and measure your feet for the best fit. If necessary, order multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.

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Size Charts For Sorel Boots

So, if you look at the size charts, Sorel boots have one unique feature: they have size charts for all age groups and are very precise about their sizing. Here are the three most significant size charts in Sorels:

For Men


For Women


For Youth


Wrap Up

Sorel boots are known to run slightly smaller in most styles, and it is often recommended to go up half a size. However, some models fit true to size, but they don’t typically run large. If you have wide feet, are between sizes, or plan to wear thick socks with your winter boots, consider sizing up.

You could also try ordering two close sizes and make use of the 60-day return policy to find the perfect fit. If, after breaking in your boots, you still find them too small, you can attempt to stretch your Sorel boots using the techniques we’ve previously mentioned.

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