Lucchese Vs Black Jack Boots: Which Is Best?(Battle Continues)

Since 1883, Lucchese has produced premium boots and various types of footwear. The business, which has its headquarters in El Paso, Texas, is renowned for its craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Even after a century, their artisans continue to create stunning boots.

In contrast, Black Jack is known for their eye-catching exotic leather boots from elephants, ostriches, alligators, and rattlesnakes. Furthermore, their Boots are long-lasting because the company also offers refurbishment services.

Traditional techniques are used to make Lucchese and Black Jack Boots, such as Goodyear welt construction, which entails joining the upper portion of the boot to the sole using a leather strip. This technique produces a sturdy, comfortable, and durable boot.

Both companies originated in Texas. However, Lucchese is more a legacy, whereas Black Jack is a new strong contender in the list. Read till the end to find out why and how?

Lucchese Vs Black Jack Boots

Material Comparison

Lucchese boots are made from high-end leathers such as ostrich, cowhide, and crocodile, including the Nile’s blue crocodile!

It’s no surprise that these boots sell for thousands of dollars. Lucchese is well-known for his durable and textured alligator leather boots. And two alligator skins are needed to make a pair! As a result, bootmakers are very particular about the scales and markings of the alligator skins to make the pair look cohesive.

Black Jack Footwear also manufactures boots from alligator, buffalo, hippo, and ostrich skins. They, like Lucchese, are well-made, long-lasting, and stylish. Black Jack’s prices are also drawing a lot of attention from the general public. Furthermore, their construction, which is solid and sound, has received rave reviews everywhere.

Design Comparison

Lucchese boots come in a variety of designs. Their best-sellers include Rowdy Hornback Caiman, Priscilla, Sunset Roper, Tanner, and Gaby, with various color options. There are numerous designs and color options, making it difficult but exciting for the buyer to choose just one pair of boots.

It doesn’t stop there, as there are exotic leather options to choose from as well. There’s also the option of Handmade Boots. You can get handmade boots if you want them to be a little tougher and more unique.

Black Jack is also present to compete. It provides a plethora of designs to choose from. It offers hot and fashionable boots ranging from exotic to flashy. It also makes handmade boots and offers a variety of leather options, including ostrich, hippo, alligator, and cowhide. 

Black Jack Burnished Alligator Boots, Caiman Hornback Cowboy boots, and Black Jack Hair on Calf Acid Wash Brown and White are some Best-Sellers of Black Jack Boots. In addition, Black Jack offers a wider variety of exotic animal skins and styles as compared to Lucchese Boots.

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Standard Features of Lucchese and Black Jack boots

Since Lucchese and Black Jack are way similar, here are a few similarities I believe they have:

  • Cowhide, goat leather, and exotic skins are used to make boots.
  • Boots undergo many experienced hands before they are sold.
  • The outsole is made of 10-iron leather.
  • Insole is made of 9-iron Insole.
  • Boots have a 4-Iron welt, which makes them durable.
  • Lemonwood Pegs are used to connect the insole and outsole.

Differences between Lucchese and Black Jack Boots

We’re aware of the similarities, but what distinguishes Lucchese and Black Jack boots? Here’s a rundown:

  • When compared to Lucchese boots, Blackjack Boots have new and extravagant designs. Furthermore, Black Jack Boots have a wider range of exotic skin.
  • Black Jack Boots are 20% less expensive than Lucchese boots of the same style and skin.
  • Lucchese boots have fewer discounts than Black Jack Boots, but they are widely available.
  • People have found that, when compared to Black Jack Boots, Lucchese Boots are somewhat more comfortable to wear daily. This was determined by taking the reviews of both boots and averaging them out.
  • Lucchese has three sections of Boots: Lucchese Classics, Mid-range, and entry-level, whereas Black Jack only has one.

Price Comparison

Lucchese offers classics, mid-range boots, and entry-level boots. The Black Jack Boots are approximately four to five hundred dollars less expensive than Lucchese classics. Also, Black Jack Boots are slightly less expensive for any skin and style than Lucchese Boots.

Depending on the design and quality of the materials, a pair of Lucchese boots can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 or more. It’s tough to say without knowing more about the boots in question, although Black Jack boots may cost around the same.

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Weight Comparison

The weight of the boots varies slightly depending on the skin they are made of. The average cowboy boots weigh about 4 pounds, and both companies’ boots are around this weight. Some weigh more than 4 pounds slightly, while others weigh slightly less, depending on the skin of the boots.

Look at specific styles of boots from both companies and compare their weights to get a better sense of the weight difference between these two brands. Keep in mind that the weight of the boot varies with size, with larger sizes typically weighing more than smaller sizes.

Size chart

Here are the size charts of Black Jack Footwear:

Black Jack Boots Sizing Chart:

Men’s & Women’s Black Jack Boots Sizing Chart:

InchesCmUS Men’sUS Women’sUKEU
8 2/322.045335.5
8 5/622.44 ½5 1/23 1/236.2
9 1/623.35 1/26 ½4 ½37.5
9 1/323.767538.1
9 ½24.16 ½7 ½5 1/238.7
9 2/324.678639.4
9 5/6257 ½8 ½6 ½40.0
10 1/625.88 ½9 ½7 ½41.3
10 1/326.2910841.9
10 1/226.79 ½10 ½8 ½42.5
10 2/327.11011943.2
10 5/627.510 ½11 ½9 ½43.8
11 1/628.411 ½12 ½10 ½45.1
11 1/328.812131145.7
11 1/229.212 ½13 ½11 ½46.4
11 2/329.613141247.0
11 5/630.113 ½14 ½12 ½47.6
12 1/630.914 ½15 1/213 ½48.9
12 1/331.315161449.5

Lucchese Boots Sizing Chart:

Here is the size chart of Lucchese Boot-makers:


Best-Seller Comparisons

We’ll compare two best-sellers from each company in terms of style, skin, and finishing to see which one offers the most.

Lucchese Rowdy Hornback Caiman vs. Black Jack Hornback Caiman 

Lucchese Rowdy Hornback Caiman vs Black Jack Hornback Caiman 

Lucchese Rowdy Hornback Caiman is a horseman barn boot in the Lucchese performance collection and is made of exotic skin and Caiman Tail. Its heel height is 1.5″, and it is available at six hundred and ninety-five dollars.

Rowdy Hornback Lucchese Caiman boots are made from various caiman skin cuts, such as ultra belly, belly, and Hornback. Caiman skin is a type of crocodile leather known for its toughness, durability, and unique appearance, which includes a distinct pattern of bumps or scales on the skin’s surface. The boots are also oil and slip-resistant, with a removable padded insole and a rubber outsole. They are made entirely by hand in Mexico.

Black Jack Caiman Hornback boots are a type of cowboy boot made from caiman skin, which is a type of crocodile leather. These boots are well-known for their durability, versatility, and fashionable appearance. They are commonly worn by cowboys, ranchers, and other outdoor workers, but they are also popular as fashion boots.

The boots feature an 11″ shaft height, a natural caiman Hornback foot, a black Maddog leather upper, and a square toe. They also have a leather insole, leather outsole, and a double-stitched natural white welt. The boots are finished with a block heel, pull straps with a caiman overlay, and a natural caiman star inlay on the upper.

Lucchese Rowdy Hornback Caiman cost around $700, while Black Jack Hornback Caiman cost around $1100, making it slightly more expensive than Lucchese Rowdy Caiman.

Lucchese Classic Nile Belly Crocodile Boots vs. Black Jack Burnished Alligator Boots

Lucchese Classic Nile Belly Crocodile Boots are available at three thousand and six hundred fifty dollars. These boots are made of exotic leather from a unique Blue crocodile of the Nile.

It has premium finishing and is amongst the best sellers. Public ratings of these boots are also very good. These boots are comfortable to wear. In addition, these boots are sustainable and comfortable.

Lucchese Classic Nile Belly Crocodile Boots vs Black Jack Burnished Alligator Boots

Black Jack Burnished Alligator Boots start at the price of two thousand dollars. These boots are also very comfortable and eye-catching among public ratings.

Both boots are very similar in their construction except for the skin. Both are tough and durable.

Lucchese Priscilla Vs Black Jack Diamondback Rattlesnake Boots

Lucchese Priscilla is a popular brand of western-style boots known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The “Priscilla” boots are made of goat leather and have a traditional western stitch pattern. They have a pull-on silhouette, which means they don’t have laces and are easy to put on and take off.

The single-stitch welt is a boot construction method that involves stitching the upper part of the boot to the sole in a single row of stitches. The boots also have a leather sole, which is a popular material for high-quality boot soles due to its durability and grip. The boots are handcrafted in Texas.

Lucchese Priscilla Vs Black Jack Diamondback Rattlesnake Boots

 The Diamondback Rattlesnake Boots are a style of boot made by Black Jack that has a rattlesnake skin upper. Because of its unique texture and sturdiness, rattlesnake skin is a popular material for western-style boots.

These boots may also include other high-quality materials, such as leather for the soles and lining, and maybe handcrafted using traditional techniques.

Lucchese Priscilla costs around $895 whereas Black Jack Diamondback Rattlesnake Boots costs around  $1300. 

The Bottom line

Lucchese is famous in the western world for making quality boots for over a hundred years and more. So, it has all the qualities a great pair of boots should have. But Black Jack Boots match Lucchese Boots in quality and beat them in terms of price.

Black Jack Boots are twenty percent cheaper than Lucchese Boots and have a little more variety in skins and color than Lucchese Boots. So if you want to buy handmade boots made of exotic skin, Black Jack Boots can be a smart choice.

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