How to Clean Blundstone Boots? (5 Easy Methods To Clean Them)

No matter which Blundstone boots you own, they will last long. But Blundstones or “blunnies” like all leather boots, occasionally need some “care and cleaning”. Cleaning and caring for your Blundstone boots will also extend their life and save you money.

To clean Blundstones, use a dry rag or suede brush to remove any dirt from the boot. If any scuff marks are present you can remove them using an eraser. Rub the scuff with the eraser to remove any rubber debris. After that, wet a suede brush and dab a small amount of suede or leather cleaner on it.

We’ve created a Blundstone Boots Cleaning-Care-Guide to show you how to properly care for your boots and keep them in pristine condition. To keep your leather, nubuck, suede, and canvas looking great, follow this care guide.

how to clean blundstone boots

Can You Wash Blundstone Boots In Washing Machine

Blundstone boots can only be washed by hand! Do not soak them or put them in the washing machine, as both can cause irreversible damage. Allow the footbed to air dry in a flat position after cleaning it with a bar of gentle soap and water. 

When air drying shoes, first stuff them with clean, dry paper (such as paper towels), then lay them out flat on a clean, debris-free surface.

Can You Clean Blundstone Boots With Vinegar 

We recommend combining one part vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle. Using a spray bottle, apply the vinegar solution to your boots, and then wipe it away with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Please allow it to dry before continuing; the vinegar works to draw minerals and dirt out of the leather; treating some particularly stubborn salt stains may necessitate more than one application.

How To Clean Nubuck Blundstone Boots Quickly

  1. Remove any surface dirt and grime with a dry nubuck cloth. You can use a nubuck brush to clean the entire boots from corners to the edges and also the mid portions of the boots. Circularly rotate the brush while keeping in mind to not brush a portion for a long time. 
  2. Use a gum eraser to get rid of any scratches. Erase any remnants of rubber from the little scrape by rubbing with the eraser. You may also try wiping it down with a nubuck cleaning fluid spray and a nubuck towel. Always read and follow the product’s instructions, and test on a small area first before using it on a wider scale.
  3. Dry the boots out completely by hanging them up to air dry after wiping off any residual water with a hand towel. Avoid using a dryer or placing them immediately next to a heat source, since doing so might cause cracks and premature wear on the boots.
  4. You may extend the life of your boots by treating the nubuck with water and stain repellent. Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector can be used to protect your boots from water and oil stains. 
  5. Waterproofing boots routinely will prevent the leather from deteriorating with time. To clean leather, wait until it is completely dry before wiping it down or using any cleaning products.
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How To Clean Leather Blundstone At Home 

  1. After removing dirt and dust with a brush or moist cloth, air dry the boots. The boots should not be placed in direct sunlight, near a heater, or in a dryer. If you store your boots in direct sunlight or at high temperatures, the leather will dry out and crack.
  2. After removing dirt and dust with a brush or moist cloth, air dry the boots. The boots should not be placed in direct sunlight, near a heater, or in a dryer. If you store your boots in direct sunlight or at high temperatures, the leather will dry out and crack.
  3. Put some polish on a brush or a cloth and use circular motions to buff the shoe. This is done to ensure that all areas of the boots are polished. You don’t want to leave any areas unpolished, such as the corners or the center, because this could result in one half looking clean while the other half doesn’t.
  4. You should remove the leftovers and let them dry completely before using them again.
  5. When the leather is dried, rub it with a brush to bring out its natural sheen.

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How To Clean Suede Blundstone At Home Faster

  1. To clean any mud spots or surface smudges without damaging the suede, use a suede brush and always wash in the direction of the suede’s grain. This will eliminate any remaining mud or dirt before you apply the suede cleaner. If cleaner gets mixed in with the dirt, your boots will look dirty.
  2. Scuff marks can be removed by rubbing them with a clean gum rubber or eraser and then wiping the boot clean to remove any remnants of the rubber. As an eraser is made to remove the scuff marks it also helps to remove dirt or strains from the boots. You can also use Kiwi Suede and Nubuck Stain Eraser to remove any spots and strains from water and oil. 
  3. Now wet the suede brush & apply a small quantity of suede or leather cleaner. Then gently wipe the suede with this. When done, dab the boots, dry them with a towel, stuff them with paper or tissue cloth, and air dries it. Put the boots away from fires, radiators, or direct sunlight.
  4. Once the boots are fully dry, apply moisture and stain repellent to prevent future damage.

How To Clean Canvas Blundstone Boots At Home 

  1. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean any dirtier areas. An old toothbrush will do just fine (without any toothpaste).
  2. Scrub gently with a cloth or brush after using washing up liquid or a washing powder in warm water. 
  3. After thoroughly cleaning the entire boot, rinse it with clean, cold water, stuff your canvas boots with tissue or kitchen paper, and allow them to air dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

How to Dry Blundstone Boots After Cleaning 

Warm some water in a bowl, and then use a cloth or a brush with soft bristles to wipe down the entirety of the boot’s exterior. You can help your boots maintain their shape while drying by placing some tissue paper inside them and then allowing them to air dry.

Blundstones made of canvas should never be dried in a tumble dryer because doing so can cause the sole to become damaged and the canvas to shrink.

eraser to remove debris of blundstone boots

Are Blundstone Cleaning Kit Good?

The Blundstone Cleaning Kit is great for reviving your favorite pair of boots before your next adventure.

Your boots quickly become filthy. After all, they’re always the ones closest to the floor, where germs and dirt can easily accumulate.

You will need to put in some effort to remove this grime. A good boot cleaning kit will be your best friend because:

  • It increases the lifespan of the boots.
  • It includes everything you need.
  • It keeps the boots fresh-smelling.

All of the tools you’ll need to keep your beloved Blundstone in pristine condition are included in boot cleaning kits. The most important component is the boot cleanser; it is a gentle solution that can be used on any material, including leather, canvas, suede, vinyl, and cotton.

The brush comes next. This tool will remove all of the dirt that has accumulated on your boots and make cleaning much easier. And don’t be frightened. Its bristles are soft enough not to scratch your new Blundstone.

It is recommended that you clean your boots every two weeks. This, however, is dependent on how dirty they are and how frequently you use them. Regular boot care can keep them looking new for a long time, and even your oldest pair of Blundstones won’t have yellow soles!

Wearing your boots regularly can prevent proper ventilation and cause sweat to damage the stitching of the boots. Cleaning your boots is essential for extending their life and avoiding the need to buy a new pair every few months.

However, when washing your boots, you should use caution. If you use too much, it can cause discoloration, so be delicate when brushing!

blundstone after cleaning

Blundstone’s Boot Care Tips

  • Never hang your boots to dry near a fireplace or radiator.
  • Keep your boots out of the direct sun.
  • Utilize leather conditioners to preserve their appearance and feel.
  • Utilize a suede protector if your Blunnies are worn.
  • If your boots come into contact with chemicals, you should clean them right away. Even commonplace substances like milk and salt can damage leather, so wipe and clean your boots right away to keep their appearance.

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Can You Use Oil On Blundstone Leather Boots?

Coconut oil should not be used on leather. While it has its uses, it is a slick oil that may not fully absorb into the leather, leaving a smooth surface that will rub off onto clothing. It is preferable to use leather-specific oil.

How Long Will Blundstone Boots Last?

With all of the above factors considered, we expect Blundstone boots to last between 2 and 7 years, assuming no flaws and an average amount of wear and tear.

Conclusion: How To Clean Blundstone Boots?

We hope that by following the instructions in our Blundstone Boots Care and Cleaning Guide, you will be able to get more wear out of your favorite pair of Blundstone Boots.

If you follow this guide, the leather on your boots will not darken or change color, and they will last for several additional months longer than they would otherwise.

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