Do Doc Martens Stretch Or Not? 7 Easy Tips To Break In Them!

Do Doc Martens stretch or not? This is a conundrum that has troubled the minds of Doc Marten wearers for years. Well, now you don’t have to wonder any longer!

Doc Martens are among the most popular boots for both men and women around the world. They have a distinct style and are ideal for people with wide feet. So, if you’re thinking about getting a new pair of Docs, make sure you get the correct size to avoid getting blisters and bunions. 

The good news is that Doc Martens stretch, but only after they’ve been worn for a while. Leather boots take time to adapt to your foot shape, especially if you have bunions or other foot problems.

You can speed up the process by wearing them while walking around the house or even soaking them overnight in water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before putting them on. If everything else fails, you can use shoe stretchers that will help in breaking down any areas where the shoe may be rubbing against the skin during wear.

We’ll show you how to stretch your Docs and make them feel like they were custom-made for your feet in this blog post. So, fellow shoe aficionados, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about stretching these bad boys!

Do Doc Martens Stretch? How to Break in Doc martens

How to Stretch Out Doc Martens?

If your Doc Martens are too tight and causing blisters and other discomforts, you may be wondering how to stretch them out.

You’re in luck because with a few simple tactics, your feet will appear trendy while remaining comfy. Take a look at some of these suggestions:

Tip #1. Wear Thick Socks

The first step is to ensure that you are wearing the proper socks. Doc Martens shoes are notoriously difficult to break in, so don’t jeopardize your efforts by wearing too thin socks.

Wearing thicker socks for a few weeks and gradually adjusting your feet and legs is the best way to break in your boots. As you get used to the extra room in your boots, you can gradually start wearing thinner socks.

Tip #2. Use a Shoe-Stretching Spray

Spraying the inside of your shoes with a shoe-stretching spray is a quick and easy method. The spray softens and stretches the fabric, making it more comfortable to wear. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Remove the laces from your shoes and generously spray the interior with a shoe stretching spray.
  2. Put on your thick socks and boots as usual.
  3. Sit down and bend over at the waist for 20 minutes, putting pressure on the front of your boot.
  4. Continue this method until your boots feel looser and more comfortable when you don’t wear thick socks.

Tip #3. Use Mink Oil or Leather Conditioner

Are your Doc Martens becoming a little too tight? Never fear if you have wide feet or simply ordered the wrong size! As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, getting your Docs to fit properly is simple. Here’s how to do it:

  • Get a jar of mink oil or leather conditioner. (If you can’t find them in your local shoe store, you can easily order them online.)
  • Take off your shoes and stuff them with newspaper or a thick sock.  (This will help them retain their shape while drying.)
  • Apply a generous amount of mink oil or leather conditioner inside and out to the tight area. (It’s best to get it into the seams where the front and back pieces of leather are joined.)
  • Before putting your shoes back on, make sure everything is totally dry. (This could take up to 24 hours, depending on how thick the application is.)

Tip #4. Use Plastic Bags With Water

This is a more time-consuming method, but it’s effective. It involves filling plastic bags with water and leaving them inside your shoes overnight. The water will help to stretch out the leather. Follow the below steps to learn.

  • Fill the plastic bags halfway with water and seal them.  For the best results, use broad, flat sandwich bags, although any plastic bag would suffice in a pinch. Make sure the bag doesn’t have any holes in it, or it may leak and ruin your shoes. You’ll need a new bag for each pair of shoes if you’re trying to stretch out more than one pair.
  • Put the plastic bag into your shoe to rest on the tight area that needs stretching. You can add more than one if necessary, but try to keep them spaced out evenly across the shoe so that they provide even extending pressure.
  • Place your shoes in a secure location so they don’t fall over throughout the expansion process. Place your shoes where they won’t be knocked over while they expand overnight once you’ve inserted all of the bags. To avoid falling over, place them on top of the refrigerator or freezer, or inside another tall object such as an empty trash can or waste bin.

Tip #5. Using Freezer Method

Fill a freezer bag with as much water as it can hold, place it inside the boot, and freeze them for a night. Make sure the water reaches all of the sections of your boots that are too tight. Freeze them for at least one night. The water should freeze and expand, stretching the leather slightly.

Remove your boots from the freezer, take out the ice bag and let them thaw out naturally overnight. If they’re not stretched enough, repeat this process until you get the desired result.

Tip #6. Gently Stretch The Leather

If you’ve been wearing your Docs for a while and you’re starting to notice some pain or discomfort, try giving them a good massage. You can stretch the uppers to provide space for your foot and lessen the tight spots.

Kneading the leather gently softens it and makes it more supple, allowing it to spread out faster. This requires your hands—no special items or gadgets are required!

Tips #7. Use heel pads

Have you heard of heel pads before? They’re simple to use and can help you stretch out your Docs quickly. Simply get a pair of soft pads that are somewhat larger than your existing heels (so you can insert them into the back of your shoes).

Once you have the heel pads, insert them into your shoes, then put on a pair of thick socks.

Finally, go around the home in your boots for a few hours while performing a couple of everyday tasks. Your boots will stretch out and become more comfortable as a result of the combination of heel pads and socks.

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Are Doc Martens Hard to Break-In?

It’s not always easy to break in Doc Martens, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It just might take a little longer compared to that with some other types of boots.

The best way to break in your doc martens is to wear them as often as possible. Use them around the house for a couple of days before wearing them out. To soften the leather and make it stretch more easily, consider adding mink oil or leather conditioner.

If you’re still having difficulties breaking in your Doc Martens, you should seek help from a skilled shoe repairer. They’ll be able to examine your shoes and provide more detailed advice on how to break them in.

Are Doc Martens Supposed To Be Tight?

Doc Martens are known for their snug fit. Particularly at first. When you initially put them on, the leather is thick and stiff, which might be uncomfortable. However, it is always a good idea to order a size larger than your usual foot size.

The best way to get a comfortable fit is to break them in overtime. When you first buy your Docs, wear them for short periods around the house or on short walks. After about a week, you should feel more comfortable wearing them for more extended periods of time.

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Summary: Do Doc Martens Stretch?

So, can Doc Martens be stretched? Yes, over time, the leather will spread out and become more comfortable to wear. However, you can speed up the process by adopting methods such as water filling, massaging, or using heel pads.

It’s crucial to remember that they’re designed to be tight at first, so don’t be disappointed if they’re a little uncomfortable at first.

Give it some time, and they’ll ultimately stretch out and feel more at ease. Thanks for reading!

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