Wonder Balsam vs Dubbin: [Side By Side Comparision]

Most of the time, you spend a lot of money on expensive shoes but overlook the need of investing in shoe care products. That explains why your brand-new shoes already look worn out after a few uses.

To keep your shoes new and fresh, they need to be properly cared for. The most often used products for this are Wonder Balsam and Dubbin. But many people wonder which of Wonder Balsam vs Dubbin is better?

Both are fantastic shoe care products that work on a variety of fabrics. Wonder Balsam extends the life of leather shoes by protecting them from dirt and damage. Dubbin, on the other hand, is used to condition and soften shoes. It also shields your shoes from water damage.

You will have a thorough understanding of Wonder Balsam vs. Dubbin and their uses from this article. So, read till the end!

wonder balsam vs dubbin

What is Wonder Balsam?

Wonder Balsam, commonly known as Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, is composed of lanolin, beeswax, and coconut oil. Its main feature is that it is colorless and can be used on all types of leather shoes. It acts as a shield, protecting your shoes from damage and keeping them glossy. If you use this product frequently, you won’t have to polish your shoes regularly.

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How to Apply Wonder Balsam?

The usage of Wonder Balsam is simple. Here are a few methods for cleaning your shoes using Wonder Balsam:

  • If your shoes are filthy, consider cleaning them first with a tissue or towel. Remove the laces from your boots.
  • Then grab a small tub of Wonder Balsam and a soft cloth.
  • Please remove the sponge from the Wonder Balsam box and dispense some cleanser onto it.
  • Gently rub the sponge over the boots to give them a new and glossy appearance.
  • Allow the cleaner to properly dry on the shoes for 10 minutes.
  • Re-lace your shoes, then take pleasure in wearing them.

What is Wonder Balsam Made of?

Wonder Balsam is manufactured from coconut oil, beeswax, and lanolin. The coconut oil adds a glossy finish to your shoes, while the beeswax forms a protective barrier against rainfall and salt marks. With this cleaning product, your leather boots will stay supple and flexible.

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What is Dubbin?

One of the best and most reliable shoe maintenance products is Dubbin. Since the Middle Ages, it has been used to condition waterproof leather footwear. In addition to cleaning, it gives your shoes a distinctive shine.

Therefore, there is no need to subsequently polish them. Some reports claim that Dubbin became well-liked in the 18th century. It keeps the leather of your favorite boots flexible and stain-free.

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How to Apply Dubbin?

Dubbin’s application procedure is similar to that of Wonder Balsam. Here’s what you should do:

  • Start by using a soft cloth or bristles to clean your shoes. You can also clap both shoes together to shake off the dust.
  • Heat the Dubbin slightly before applying it. This smoothens the wax and makes penetration easier.
  • Now, rub the heated Dubbin on your leather shoes. Use it sparingly because too much might produce oily stains.
  • Repeat the process with the other shoe and allow it to dry.

Is Dubbin a Good Leather Conditioner?

Leather requires treatment to improve its overall durability. And there is no finer leather conditioner than Dubbin. Since Dubbin contains oils and fats, it is an excellent leather maintainer. The beeswax in the box softens the leather, while the borax helps deodorize the shoes.

Lanolin and citric acid provide a velvety and smooth finish. Mineral oil also acts as a water-resistant coating on your shoes. As a result of the combination of all these components and how well they work makes Dubbin an excellent leather conditioner.

Does Dubbin Rot Stitching?

Dubbin contains no ingredients that are harmful to the threads of your leather shoes. That means Dubbin does not rot stitching. However, an overabundance of anything is bad. If you use Dubbin excessively and carelessly, the material can form lumpy structures on the shoe surface, making the threads a home for dust and dirt.

The dirt then ruins the quality of the leather stitching. As a result, it is proven that it is not the Dubbin but the dirt that rots the stitching.

Do I Use Wonder Balsam or Dubbin First?

Balsam hydrates your shoes and keeps them crack-free. As a result, it should be applied first. The Dubbin, on the other hand, works as a protective shield and keeps everything safe. As a result, it is utilized after the Wonder Balsam to protect the overall moistened surface of shoes.

Is Dubbin Good for Doc Martens?

Yes, Dubbin is an excellent Doc Martens maintenance product. It revitalizes the waxed and oily leather of your favorite Doc Martens shoes. Furthermore, Dubbin provides box-fresh protection for your worn-out and rugged boots. This makes it the finest conditioner for all Doc Martens shoes.

Does Wonder Balsam Waterproof?

Yes, Wonder Balsam waterproofs your shoes and boots since it contains a blend of synthetic and natural waxes. These waxes protect the leather of your boots from water damage by forming a water-resistant layer.

The cleaner also develops an ultra-protective coating over the shoes, protecting the shoe surface from dirt and dust.

Can You Use Too Much Dubbin or Wonder Balsam?

Dubbin and Wonder Balsam contains a few chemicals. It is advised to use them sparingly. However, Wonder Balsam is less cosmetic and more natural, so you can use it more often, and it will not degrade your shoe thread.

Dubbin, on the other hand, contains oil and waxes that can cause lumps on your shoes, allowing dust to lodge in the stitching. Hence, the overall stitching of your boots rots within no time. 

How Long Do You Leave Wonder Balsam on?

If you used the Wonder Balsam as directed above, don’t leave it on for longer than 10 minutes. Make sure the upper surface and tongue of the shoes are equally coated. After 10 minutes, the coating will dry, leaving your shoes clean and shiny.

How Long Do You Leave Dubbin on?

When comparing Wonder Balsam to Dubbin, the latter takes longer to dry. After applying Dubbin to your leather shoes, gently rub it in. Leave the Dubbin on for 30 minutes to an hour for a thick protective coating and a gleaming appearance.

Which is Better, Wonder Balsam or Dubbin?

Although both are great and effective shoe cleaners and maintainers, Wonder Balsam has a tiny advantage over Dubbin. Because Wonder Balsam penetrates the layers of your leather shoes to nourish and shine them, Dubbin is more of a protective covering that lies on the surface of leather shoes. Wonder Balsam dries faster than Dubbin.

Is Dubbin Better Than Shoe Polish?

Both Dubbin and Shoe Polish are formed of waxes and oils, and their major aim is to improve the appearance of your leather shoes. Since dubbin is a colorless product, it may not give your boots as much of a gleam as colored shoe polish. 

However, the chemicals in Dubbin act as wonderful leather conditioners, keeping your shoes soft while walking. Typical nail polish merely adds a tiny sheen to your shoes and does nothing to nourish the leather. As a result, Dubbin is a better choice than shoe polish.

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Differences between Dubbin and Wonder Balsam

Although both are often used for the same purpose, certain significant characteristics distinguish them. Let’s have a look at these distinctions:

Dubbin provides shine. Wonder Balsam softens leather.

Each product serves a distinct purpose. For example, if you want to break in your leather shoes quickly and easily, use Wonder Balsam. The Wonder Balsam softens the leather, and you can stretch it to fit your needs.

At the same time, the Dubbin contains oils and chemicals that swiftly restore the luster of your leather boots. You don’t need to polish your shoes afterward to make them look sparkling.

Both Are Suitable For Different Types of Leather.

Each product is designed for a certain type of leather. Dubbin is reported to work extensively on smooth leather, removing the shine while keeping the protective component. And because of its softening characteristics, Wonder Balsam is great for soft leather. It not only softens the leather but also protects it from salt and water stains.

Use at Different Times

You can utilize both at the same time. It is recommended, however, that they be used at distinct times. So you can get the most out of each product. Dubbin can be used every week to maintain shine and protection. The Wonder Balsam should only be used once every two weeks or once a month to increase the durability of the leather.

Final Thoughts: Wonder Balsam vs Dubbin

Both Dubbin and Wonder Balsam are one-of-a-kind leather boot care products. It is preferable if you utilized them frequently to keep your shoes looking good.

The Wonder Balsam protects leather shoes from filth and damage, allowing them to last longer. Conversely, Dubbin is employed to soften and condition footwear. We hope this article has given you a thorough understanding of Wonder Balsam vs. Dubbin and its respective applications.

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