Are Doc Martens Real Leathers? 9 Amazing Facts You Should Know

Are Doc Martens made of genuine leather? This is a difficult question that has perplexed Doc Marten’s wearers for a long time. So, here is your answer.

Original Doc Martens shoes are made of natural leather or a synthetic material called PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The company uses bovine leather to manufacture its boots and other footwear.

This type of leather is made from the hides of animals and is known for its comfort, high quality, and durability. They do, however, use faux leather in the production of some models.

Fur, angora, down, or exotic animal hair or skin are not used in the construction of boots or any footwear by Dr. Martens. However, it does use leather and wool from non-mulesed sheep. It does, however, describe in the label that the material is “a non-leather synthetic material” without going into further detail.

The company has been manufacturing high-quality and durable shoes and bags for over 50 years, using authentic leather.

are doc martens real leather

Where Does Doc Martens Leather Come From?

Different kinds of leather are used in Doc Martens boots and footwear production. The two most commonly used leather pieces are obtained from cowhide and non-mulesed sheep.

It is essential to note that all these leathers are authentic and highly regarded for durability and high quality. Let’s look at the other types of leather used by Doc Marten. In addition, you will also learn how the leathers are made or gotten.

8 Kinds Of Leather Used By Doc Martens

1. Nappa Leather

It is a highly durable, hardwearing, top-quality, and soft full-grain leather. The leather is obtained from goats, calves, and sheep with mild and pliable hides.

It undergoes a unique tanning process that makes it extraordinarily excellent and softer than other leather types used by doc martens.

2. Virginia Leather

It is a classic and soft fine-grain natural leather with a tough finish. It is obtained from vegetables through traditional tanning techniques and treated to feel supple and durable.

3. Milled Leather

Milled leathers are top-grain quality milled animal hides with a natural pebble look and stain-resistant finish. The milling process makes the leather soft, supple, and strong.

4. Pisa Leather

It is a classic form of Nappa leather. The leather is soft and flexible and has a richly pigmented waxy finish.

5. Suede Leather

Suede leather is a type of leather made from the underside of the animal hide. It has a distinctive napped finish which gives it a soft, velvety feel and appearance.

It is less durable and not waterproof. However, it is super soft and cozy.

6. Chukka Leather

It is fine grain and top-quality leather obtained from buckskins. It has a rich, smooth finish. Chukka leather is soft, high quality, and durable. However, it does stain.

7. Patent Leather

It is a fine grain leather with a high lustrous finish. It is obtained from chrome-tanned animal skins. The surface is usually dyed black, making it more attractive and unique.

The leather needs to be treated over time to maintain its glossy appearance.

8. Brando Leather

Brando leathers are hand-picked, rugged, and excellent quality full-grain cow leather.

It is a long-lasting beautiful leather tanned using a traditional and natural vegetable tanning process.

Is Doc Marten Made Of Real Leathers?

Yes, the Doc Marten company uses varieties of real leather to produce and manufacture their boots, shoes, and footwear. Its primary source of leather is bovine. But, in some cases, they use vegan or faux leather for some of their product.

Vegan or faux leathers are made from artificial or plant products instead of animal skins. This option is a massive benefit to animal activists.

However, Doc Martens uses genuine leather for most of its products. This makes the products (boots, shoes, and footwear) comfortable, unique, and durable.

Are Doc Martens 100% Leather?

To begin, we must acknowledge that the majority of Doc Martens shoes, boots and other footwear are made from natural leather, such as bovine leather. Plastics and synthetic materials are used in some of the models.

Nonetheless, most Doc Martens products are made from 100% natural leather, obtained from animal hides or skins.

However, some people believe the company does not use fur, angora, or exotic animal skin but instead employs just leather and wool. This makes it hard to ascertain if all Doc Martens products are 100% leather.

What Is Hydro Leather Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens’ first vegan shoe is the Hydro Leather Dr. Martens, which has been producing high-quality footwear since 1960. They’re constructed of a sustainable and animal-friendly material that has a similar look and feel to genuine leather.

The Hydro Leather process begins with polyvinyl chloride, a long-lasting synthetic polymer (PVC). This material is heated first before being stretched until it becomes fragile and malleable. The PVC sheet is then pressed into various molds to form the shoe’s upper, which can be left natural or dyed in any color imaginable.

Hydro leather comprises three main components:

  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane, and
  • Natural oils.

The nylon gives the material durability, while the polyurethane gives it flexibility. These two chemicals also protect the material from stains caused by water and oil. The smell of the material is due to the natural oils (similar to animal leather).

How To Tell If Doc Martens Are Leathers?

The internal composition of the company’s shoes is not disclosed. They do, however, claim to use a variety of materials, including those derived from animals.

Some people believe that Doc Martens are vegan-friendly because they do not use animal products. This is not correct.

Look for the “vegan” label on the shoe or search for “vegan” on the company website to ensure that your shoes are vegan.

Which Doc Martens Have The Softest Leather?

Doc Martens boots, shoes, and other footwear made from the leather types below have soft and supple leathers.

  • The Nappa and Virginia leather
  • Vegan leather
  • Smooth leather

How To Know Which Dr. Martens Have The Softest Leather?

When figuring out if one Doc Marten has softer leather than another, you should first look at where the product is made. Some countries use higher quality materials in their production than others. So if you can find out the country the products were made, you will narrow down the choices.

Are All Doc Martens Real Leather?

Yes, Doc Martens shoes and footwear are made from authentic leather or synthetic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material.

Are White Doc Martens Real Leather?

Doc Martens uses leather and wool from non-mulesed sheep to produce its footwear. It does not employ animal skins or hides.

Summary: Are Doc Martens Real Leathers?

Yes, Doc Martens boots are constructed from real leather. Bovine leather is the primary material used in the production of their boots and other footwear. This sort of leather is originally made from animal hides and has a reputation for being long-lasting and of excellent quality. Some models, however, are made of vegan leather.

Rubber serves as the sole and leather serves as the upper. High-quality leather that has been treated for extra durability is used in their construction.

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