Vans Era Vs Authentic: Which One Should You Choose?

Vans offer everything one needs in a practical, low-top sneaker. From a sturdy rubber sole to an iconic design that’s loved by many, Vans are the perfect everyday shoe. Both Era and Authentic Vans offer a good grip, comfort, and durability, making them great for sports like skateboarding.

When it comes to overall cushioning around the collar and ankle, Era Vans take the lead. They are made with extra padding around those areas to reduce chafing and provide a more comfortable fit. Authentic Vans, on the other hand, have perks of their own. They are lightweight and have that classic sleek appearance that we all love. However, if you’re looking for a good performance sneaker, Vans Era is in a league of its own.

Which one to pick, then? Here’s all you need to know about Era and Authentic Vans to make your final choice.

vans era vs authentic

Feature Table: Era Vs. Authentic Vans

While both these shoes sport similar designs, they have plenty of differences. This chart will help you compare these two styles.

OriginDesigned in 1976, Eras is a modified version of Authentic Vans. Their design was deeply inspired by skateboarding culture.Authentic Vans were released in the 60s and were created by two brothers. Originally known as style 44, these sneakers were a way to provide customers with footwear on the spot.
UpperMade with a combination of canvas and suede. This style has a more low-profile design.Authentic Vans have a canvas upper. It makes them easy to clean and durable too.
OutsoleHas a vulcanized outsole made with high-quality rubber. These shoes have a more flexible sole to help with your range of motion during activities like skating.Authentic Vans also have the traditional vulcanized sole with a waffle pattern. The sole on authentic Vans is a bit stiffer and has more grip.
MidsoleEra Vans have rubber midsoles that have extra cushioning. The process of vulcanizing their outsole is why materials like EVA foam aren’t used.Authentic Vans also have rubber midsoles. However, some styles, like the Comfycush Vans, use a bio-based foam.
InsoleMade with a padded insole, Era Vans provide extra cushioning to your feet. There is also padding in areas like the tongue and collar of the shoe.Authentic Vans don’t have extra padding but are still comfortable. The lightweight insole helps you get a better grip on skateboards.
Slip Resistance The vulcanized rubber sole on Era Vans makes them extremely slip resistant. They use gum rubber on the soles, which causes them to have good traction on slippery surfaces.This style of Vans is also known to be slip resistant. The waffle shape on the sole grips well onto surfaces like linoleum floors, making this ideal shoe for food service workers.
Arch SupportEra Vans provide good arch and ankle support due to their extra padding. Some styles, like the comfy cush Era, have added arch support for flat feet.Certain styles of authentic Vans have better arch support than others. Vans slip-ons are known to provide good support and are made for standing for long periods.
Price$29 – $115$35 – $110
WeightEra Vans weigh slightly more than authentic ones because of the extra padding.
Authentic Vans can weigh anywhere from around 0.63 lbs to 1.15 lbs.

Vans Sizing Chart

Women’s sizes run 1.5 sizes smaller than men’s sizes in Vans unisex sizing. Here’s the chart:

10 11.594328

Vans ComfyCush Era Vs. Authentic 

Vans ComfyCush takes comfort to another level with its extra padded support and double flexibility. While this versatile shoe bears the iconic Vans stripe, slight modifications have been made to its aesthetic. 

Another notable change is in the midsole, which is also more cushiony. The classic waffle outsole remains but is layered onto the ComfyCush sole. It provides a softer landing for your foot compared to regular Vans.

The ComfyCush Era Vans are a good choice for wide feet since they don’t have the same stacked structure as regular Vans. They also have an added moisture-wicking lining which solves customers’ major problem with regular Era Vans. ComfyCush Era Vans don’t leave your feet feeling sweaty and uncomfortable while you skate.

But if you’re looking for a sleeker shoe, the ComfyCush Authentic Vans are the better option for you. They have a modern look to them and are available in 30+ styles. You can find different variations like checkerboards and rainbows. 

However, ComfyCush Era Vans can be found in an amazing two-toned variety. 

But how do ComfyCush shoes perform while skateboarding? The added arch support, flexible outsole, and vulcanized sole pattern make it ideal for skating. The thick gum rubber sole grips the rough skateboard surface well, preventing any slips.

ComfyCush Era VansComfyCush Authentic Vans
Weight1 lb12 oz
Sole Dropflat zero drop soleflat zero drop sole
ProsVery versatile shoeMade with vegan materials Not bulky at allPuts less stress on the feetDoesn’t chafe the ankle areaAvailable in different colorsEasy to cleanLarger toe box and wider fitLightweightHigh arches are good for flat feet Great for winters The colors are more vibrant
ConsPadded upper dents easilyNot as durable as regular VansNot all colors are available in this variety May not be true to the size 

Vans Skate Era Vs. Authentic 

vans authentic

Regarding skateboarding shoes, Vans Skates have their own level. They include slight tweaks to ensure better performance and fewer foot injuries while you skate. The Dura cap toe bumpers and high sidewalks provide extra protection while prolonging the life of your shoes. They also have a molded heel for a better fit.

The Vans Skate Eras have an upper made of suede and canvas, giving it a more versatile appearance. The Eras version also has slightly more padding along with the Popcush footbeds. You could easily wear this shoe to skate and pair it with a cute outfit for a date afterward.

But if you like Vans’s traditional look, stick to the Authentic Skate version. Their canvas upper is easy to clean and more durable than the Eras version. 

Skate ErasSkate Authentic 
Weight1.05 lbs0.98 lbs
Sole Drop0mm drop0mm drop
ProsPopcush cushioning reduces foot fatigue.Better sole gripAllows you to get more control over your board Doesn’t require grip tapeAvailable in a two-toned varietyA great option for wide feetAvailable in many colorsVersatile designCanvas fabric is very durable Easy lace-up design The toe box isn’t narrow The soles are shiny and aesthetically pleasing
ConsNot as comfortable as ComfycushThe faux leather tongue might chafeMight run a bit small

Era Vs. Authentic Vans For Skating

Vans have been the top skateboarding shoe for decades. They are the ideal shoe for skateboarding because of their sole grip, snug fit, and overall shape. But when it comes to skating, we have to give a vote to both of these versions.

If you’re looking for extra comfort and support while you skate, Era Vans are the best option for you. However, if you want more flexibility and a durable skate shoe, look towards the Authentic Vans instead.

Era Vs. Authentic Vans: Which One Is Better?

It all boils down to your personal preference. These two versions have only a few differences, so they are both good options. While Vans Eras have a more aesthetically pleasing look, the Authentic version wins in durability.

But if you love comfort as much as we do, we’d give Vans Era the lead. They provide a comfier fit and less chafe. Plus, their versatility makes them good everyday shoes, and that’s worth every penny.

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