Kizik Vs. Skechers: Which Sneaker to Go For?

Are uncomfortable walking shoes slowing down your pace? Kizik offers the easiest shoes you’ll ever wear, while Skechers designs them with your comfort in mind. What’s more?

Kizik is the pioneer of classic slip-on shoes. They are known for their efficient designs, breathable materials, and additional arch support. Skechers, on the other hand, gained popularity from a wide variety of affordable and comfortable shoes. These brands have one thing in common: unique slip-on sneakers for walking.

Kizik shoes are renowned for their hands-free pattern, making it comfier for people with mobility problems to put them on and remove them. On the other hand, Skechers shoes are famous for their slip-on pattern, which supports the arch and is ideal for walking, standing, and errands. Both brands feature an extent of shoes adaptable for distinct occasions, incorporating work, regular wear, and outdoor activities.

In this article, we will contrast the attributes of Kizik and Skechers shoes to support you in deciding which one to go for. We will examine the components used in shoe manufacturing, their pros and cons, and other proper information. By the end of this article, you will have a finer comprehension of which brand suits your requirements.

kizik vs skechers

Kizik Vs. Skechers: Features

While Skechers purposely joined Kiziks to make a mark in producing leading laceless sneakers, the competition kept getting tougher. But despite similar goals, here’s what differentiates them:

OriginFormer CEO Michael Pratt founded this American brand. He had a critical goal in mind, ‘to make comfortable sneakers that don’t require laces’, which revolutionized the simple slip-on sneaker into something bigger.Skechers was founded in 1992 in California. Although Skechers was initially supposed to be a Doc Martens retailer, founder Robert Greenberg focused on creating a line of casual streetwear shoes. Today, Skechers is a company worth 8 billion dollars.
Insole,Every pair of Kizik shoes includes a high-density foam insole. Their insoles are contoured and removable. A slight raise in the heel helps give support for flat feet.Skechers offers a variety of insoles made from foam, gel, memory foam, and PU, and most of the shoes have irremovable insoles.
MidsoleKizik shoes use EVA foam for their midsoles.Hyperburst foam, firm ultra-flight foam, TPU, EVA foam.
OutsoleFlex Foam, Rubber.Goodyear rubber, Textile.

Key Takeaways

  • Kizik and Skechers are famous shoe brands featuring snug and voguish daily wear shoes.
  • Kizik shoes are hands-free, making them comfier for people with mobility problems to put on and take off; on the contrary, Skechers shoes give additional support to the arch and are ideal for walking, standing, and doing errands.
  • By comparing the components used in making the shoes, their advantages and disadvantages, and other relevant knowledge, you can decide which company is best suited for your requirements.

About Kizik

kizik shoes

Company History

Kizik originated in 2017 to make comfy shoes to wear and take off. The idea for the company came when the founder, Michael Pratt, fought to put on his shoes because of a back injury.

He realized that there was a requirement for shoes that could be snugly put on without needing any bending or tying. Kizik’s first article was the Boston sneaker, which rapidly attained popularity because of its iconic hands-free pattern.

Product Range

Kizik features an extent of shoes that are structured to be easy to put on and take off. The brand’s trademark attribute is the hands-free pattern, which permits users to easily slip their feet in and out of the shoes without bending down or using their hands.

Kizik’s product includes sneakers, slip-ons, and boots for both men and women. The brand also provides a range of environmentally friendly shoes constructed from recycled materials.

Unique Selling Points

Kizik’s versatile selling point is its hands-free pattern, which separates it from other shoe brands. The brand’s shoes are structured to be easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for people with mobility problems or those who desire to save time getting ready in the morning.

Kizik’s shoes are also engineered with top-quality materials, verifying that they are hard-wearing and durable. Furthermore, the brand features eco-friendly shoes, which are designed from recycled components and help minimize waste.

About Skechers

skechers shoes

Company Overview

Skechers is a behavioral and performance footwear brand that originated in 1992. The brand is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, and contains operations in more than 170 countries around the globe.

Skechers is famous for its broad extent of footwear products that adapt to distinct age groups and lifestyles.

Product Line

Skechers comprises a broad product line that includes sneakers, sandals, boots, and slip-ons. The brand’s product extent is divided into categories, incorporating lifestyle, performance, and work.

Skechers also contains a line of children’s shoes constructed to be snug and durable.

Distinct Features

One of the distinct attributes of Skechers footwear is its use of memory foam technology. This technique gives the foot a padded and adaptive feel, making it perfect for people on their feet for elongated periods. Skechers also utilizes diverse materials in its footwear, including leather, netting, and fabricated materials. The brand’s footwear is structured to be iconic and can be worn for various occasions.

Skechers has also launched a line of slip-on shoes constructed to be hands-free. These shoes are ideal for individuals who have difficulty bending down to tie their shoes. The slip-on shoes contain a stretchable upper that adapts to the foot, giving a snug and safe fit. The boots also have a pliable outsole that features good grip and support.

In conclusion, Skechers is a well-admired footwear brand with extensive articles that adapt to distinct lifestyles and requirements. The brand’s memory foam technology and classic patterns make its footwear snug and practical for daily wear.

Comparative Analysis

Design Comparison

fit of kizik shoes

Kizik and Skechers are both famous footwear brands, but they contain various pattern approaches. Kizik gives attention to slip-on shoes that are comfy to wear; on the other hand, Skechers patterns shoes that prefer ease and support.

Kizik’s slip-on shoes utilize a patented technology that permits the user to put them on and take them off without using their hands. This is mainly useful for individuals with disabilities or mobility problems. Kizik also features iconic and modern styles, focusing on simplicity and style.

Skechers, on the other hand, provides a broad range of shoes, incorporating slip-ons, lace-ups, and boots. Their patterns are often athletic and regular, focusing on ease and aid. Skechers also feature an extent of particularized shoes for distinct activities, such as running, walking, and golfing.

Comfort Comparison

Kizik and Skechers prefer comfort, but they attain it differently. Kizik’s slip-on shoes are structured to fit comfortably and safely without laces or straps. This can be mainly snug for individuals with issues tying shoelaces or adjusting straps. Kizik’s shoes also contain a padded insole and a stretchable outsole, which can offer extra ease and support.

On the other hand, Skechers use various technologies to increase comfort and aid. Their shoes often provide memory foam insoles, which mold to the appearance of the user’s foot, and air-cooled or gel-infused components, which can give extra padding and permeability. Skechers also utilize various materials, such as netting and knit, to intensify stretchability and ventilation.

Price Comparison

Kizik and Skechers have various cost ranges, but both feature economical options. Based on the style and material, Kizik’s slip-on shoes generally extend from $100 to $150. Skechers’ shoes range from $50 to $150, depending on type and technology.

Overall, Kizik’s slip-on shoes are more costly than Skechers’ shoes, but they feature versatile attributes and advantages, just as hands-free technology and elegant patterns. Skechers’ shoes are more economical and provide various styles and technologies, making them a famous option for regular wear and sporty activities.

Material Comparison

fit of skechers shoes

Insole Comparison

When considering the insole, Kizik and Skechers use distinct materials. Kizik shoes provide a demountable, contoured footbed designed of polyurethane foam. This material gives remarkable padding and arch aid, making it perfect for those with foot aches or discomfort.

On the other hand, Skechers utilizes a Memory Foam insole that molds to the foot’s appearance, giving a custom fit and additional comfort.

Midsole Comparison

Both Kizik and Skechers utilize EVA foam for their midsoles. EVA foam is a feathery, impact-absorbing material with remarkable padding and aid.

However, Kizik takes it further by using a dual-density EVA foam. This shows that the foam is mushier in some areas and sturdier in others, offering targeted aid and padding where required most.

Outsole Comparison

Regarding the outsole, Kizik and Skechers vary in their approach. Kizik utilizes a rubber outsole that gives remarkable grip and durability. The outsole is also structured to be slip-resistant, making it perfect for damp or skiddy surfaces.

Skechers, on the other hand, use a fabricated outsole that is feathery and stretchable. This material gives a good grip but may be easier to wear than rubber.

Upper Comparison

Kizik and Skechers also vary in their selection of upper materials. Kizik uses an amalgamation of leather and netting for their uppers. This balances longevity and permeability, making it perfect for regular wear. On the other hand, Skechers use various materials for their uppers, incorporating mesh, knit, and fabricated leather. This permits a broader range of styles and patterns but may not be as long-lasting as leather.

Overall, Kizik and Skechers both utilize top-quality materials in their shoes. However, Kizik’s attention to targeted aid and slip-resistant outsoles may make them a finer option for those with footache or who work in environments with skiddy surfaces. Skechers’ utilization of Memory Foam and diversity of upper materials may make them a finer option for those who value elegance and customization.

Pros & Cons Of Kizik Shoes

Kizik shoes are famous for their innovative pattern that permits wearers to put them on and remove them without using their hands. They are designed of porous materials and give extraordinary arch support. However, like any other article, they contain their pros and cons.


  • Hands-free design: Kizik shoes are structured to be put on and removed without using hands. This attribute is beneficial for individuals with mobility problems or those who have their hands full.
  • Breathable materials: Kizik shoes are designed of porous materials that permit air to circulate, keeping feet cool, fresh and dry.
  • Additional arch support: Kizik shoes feature extra arch support, which can be aidful for people with even feet or other foot conditions.
  • Easy to clean: Kizik shoes are comfy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped clean using a wet fabric or washed in the washing machine.


  • Limited styles: Kizik shoes comprise little techniques compared to other brands. They pay attention to slip-on shoes and sneakers.
  • Price: Kizik shoes are more costly than some other brands in the industry. The hands-free pattern and extra arch aid come at a premium price.
  • Sizing: Some customers have mentioned that Kizik shoes run small, and it can be demanding to discover the correct size. It is suggested to try them on before buying or referring to the size table given by the company.

Overall, Kizik shoes are an outstanding option for people who value convenience, ease, and support. However, better choices may be for those who prioritize a broader extent of styles or have a limited budget.

Pros & Cons Of Skechers Shoes

Skechers is a well-admired brand in the footwear market, featuring a broad range of shoes for men, women, and children. Following are several pros and cons of Skechers shoes:


  • Comfort: Skechers shoes are renowned for their ease. They have a mushy and padded insole that gives remarkable aid to the feet. The boots are also feathery, making them perfect for all-day wear.
  • Style: Skechers shoes are available in various types, from regular to formal. They offer many colors and patterns, making it easy to discover shoes that suit your style.
  • Affordable: Skechers shoes are logically priced, making them obtainable to many users. They feature good value for money, given their quality and longevity.
  • Availability: Skechers shoes are broadly accessible online and in physical stores. They contain an extensive network of retail partners, making it easy to discover a pair of shoes you like.


  • Durability: While Skechers shoes are snug and modish, they may not be the most hard-wearing. Some users have mentioned that the boots deteriorate rapidly, particularly frequently.
  • Arch support: Skechers shoes may not offer appropriate arch aid for people with flat feet or other foot states. The insoles may not be sturdy enough to assist, causing discomfort and pain.
  • Sizing: Skechers shoes may not always fit true to size. Several users have mentioned that the boots run either too small or too large, making it demanding to discover the right fit.
  • Quality control: Skechers shoes may differ in quality based on the manufacturing location. Some wearers have mentioned receiving shoes with weaknesses or inferior quality.

In conclusion, Skechers shoes provide an ideal balance of comfort, elegance, and affordability. However, they may be more hard-wearing or provide proper arch aid for some users. It’s necessary to consider these points when determining whether to buy Skechers shoes.

Kizik Vs. Skechers Sizing Charts

Skechers follow the standard sizing for its shoes, while Kiziks says that its sizing follows the standard chart, but I found their chart quite contrary. Here are the size charts of both brands:

Skechers Sizing 





Kiziks Sizing 





Kizik Madrid Eco Knit VS. Skechers Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0

Kizik Madrid Eco Knit VS. Skechers Slip-Ins Ultra Flex 3.0

Slip-on walking shoes tend to have a thicker foam outsole which provides extra support to your arch. This makes walking, standing, and doing errands an easier task. A bonus to this shoe style is that you don’t have to bend down to toe them. This not only saves time but makes life a tad bit easier.

Kizik Madrid Eco sneakers mix comfort and sustainability into one. The knitted upper is made from recycled bottles and feels quite soft. This shoe also has a 4-way stretch, making it super easy to slip on. These breathable sneakers are great for longer hikes, making them a good option for everyday shoes.

On the other hand, Skechers slip-in ultra flex 3.0 have an air-cooled memory foam insole, which keeps your feet dry all day. The stretch fit molds to the shape of your foot, which is excellent for wider feet. However, it may feel a bit sock-like before you break them in.

Kizik gets our vote for this round since the toe box is much roomier than the Skechers slip-ins ultra flex 3.0. 

Kizik Madrid EcoSkechers Ultra Flex 3.0
Weight2.50 lbs0.26 lbs
Sole Droplow heel-to-toe dropone ¼ inch heel 
ProsAvailable in both standard and wide fit Made with eco-friendly materials Removable and washable insolesCushioned soleDoesn’t require bending Available in many colors Breathable fabric These shoes are machine washableVegan-friendly Flexible outsoleAvailable in different colors The insole is air cooled 
ConsThese shoes require socks Might run a bit narrow 

Kizik Lima VS. Skechers Go Walk 6

kizik lima vs skechers go walk 6

Both these shoes are wonderful options for walking and running. They have cushioned soles that help absorb shock when your foot hits the ground. The addition of knitted uppers also helps keep feet sweat-free.

But which one of these options makes a better walking shoe? The Kizik Lima is one of their best sellers due to its stylish design and comfortable rabbit foam sole. The flexible stacked sole provides support to the arch, while the ankle padding prevents chafing.

Skechers go walk 6 uses high-rebound pillar technology for additional support. If you have flat feet, this is the better option for you. This shoe wins our vote since it can be machine washed, has a cooled insole, and lasts longer. Overall, this is an excellent lightweight everyday shoe.

Kizik LimaSkechers Go Walk 6
Weight2.6 lbs0.375 lbs
Sole Droplow heel-toe drop1 ½ inch heel
ProsBreathable knit upperExtra ankle paddingWider toe boxAvailable in standard and wide fitRubber traction podsRemovable insolesAesthetically pleasing designBuilt-in heel pillowLightweight Memory foam insoleIt can be machine washed Ortholite insole layerVegan-friendly Dual-density traction outsole
ConsIt might run a bit wideSlip-on design still includes laces 

Kizik Prague Vs. Skechers On-The-Go Swift

Kizik Prague Vs. Skechers On-The-Go Swift

Need a slip-in shoe that looks great with all your outfits? These options are more casual, so you can easily pair them with jeans. They are far more comfier than classic sneakers thanks to their foamy outsoles.

Kizik Prague sneakers have a stylish design with a narrow toe and flat platform sole. These shoes are made with a canvas suede mix and can be styled with casual and formal outfits. The rabbit foam soles absorb shock with every step.

Skechers On-the-go Swift have a stretch fit upper, so you don’t have to worry about pinched toes. The deco laces give this shoe an aesthetically pleasing look, while the cooled insole provides comfort.

Overall, we have to vote for the Kizik Prague sneakers because of their timeless design.

Kizik PragueSkechers On-The-Go
Weight1.81 lbs0.45 lbs
Sole DropZero heel-to-toe drop½ inch heel
ProsStylish designDurableRubber traction podsRoomy toe boxRabbit foam outsoleWashable insolesLightweight Soft Upper
Machine washableUltra go cushioning Memory foam insoleHeel pillow for a secure fitFlexible traction outsoleTrue to size fitDecorative laces
Cons It might be hard to clean due to the suede upperThe insole isn’t removable 


Both Kizik and Skechers feature hands-free shoes engineered to make life comfier for individuals who struggle with bending down to tie their shoes. After contrasting the two companies side-by-side, it’s evident that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Kizik is a more costly brand, but it provides a broader range of styles and colors. The shoes are also designed from top-quality materials and are constructed to be durable. Kizik shoes are also porous and environmentally friendly, with some designs being structured from recycled plastic bottles.

On the other side, Skechers is a more economical brand that features a broad extent of shoes for various occasions. The boots are snug and comfy, with a slip-on pattern that makes them perfect for daily use. Skechers also provides multiple colors and styles to select from, making it easy to discover a pair that matches your requirements.

If you’re searching for an exclusive brand with a broad range of styles and environmentally friendly materials, Kizik is the way to go. However, Skechers is a perfect option if you’re on a tight budget and desire a snug and dependable pair of hands-free shoes.

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