Oofos Vs. Birkenstock: Which Sandal Is More Comfortable?

When it comes to providing head-to-toe feel-good business, both Oofos, and Birkenstock have always shared the same purpose with style. But when it comes to style, features, and design, both sandals have different highs and lows.

Oofos are slightly more comfortable, durable, affordable, and cushioned than Birkenstock. They are primarily designed as recovery footwear, require no breaking, but are not that great on water or colorful. In contrast, Birkenstocks are difficult to break into and are expensive, but do provide great comfort later on, are durable, sustainable, and waterproof, and have an awesome range of colors and styles. 

Let’s see which brand you should invest in.

Oofos vs. Birkenstock: Origin

Launched in 2011, Oofos came into the market as an intelligent solution to post-workout foot pain. Thanks to a squad of footwear veterans and friends of Braintree, Massachusetts, they were made with the purpose of opposing the effect of running shoes, absorbing shock, and recovering athletes from workouts.

Birkenstocks literally needs no introduction. Sold in almost 90 countries today, Birkenstocks were made in 1774 in Germany and had been covering generation after generation with their long-lasting comfort and durability.

Oofos vs. Birkenstock: Features

OOfos uses non-toxic paints for preventing skin allergies, while Birkenstock is too organic to be toxic. Let’s see how else we can differentiate the two brands in terms of features:

MaterialMade with closed-cell proprietary OOfoam™ technology, which offers:37% more shock absorption than EVA.
Reduces 47% more energy output by the ankles as compared to competitors when combined with the patented footbed.
More stability and cushioning.
Made from sustainable and organic materials, like: Recycled wine bottle cork for the footbed Tree latex as adhesives and sealants.
Jute fibers Artificial EVA-made polymer.
Premium quality leather, like, suede, wool felt, nubuck, etc., for the uppers.
FootbedPatented OOFOS footbedSupple and soft nappa leather.
The entire footbed is made of 4 layers:
The first layer is of jute and stabilizes the second layer.
The second layer is made with cork and latex for shock absorption.
The third is another jute layer on the footbed’s sides for added flexibility, durability, and moisture regulation.
The last layer is of suede for regulating temperature and absorbing moisture.
Slip Resistance Not certified as slip resistantGenerally slip resistant
UpperSame OOfoam technology is usedMade of the following types:
Patented Leather.
Birko-Flor® (PVC+fleece).
Birko felt nubuck (rayon + synthetic fiber)
Natural Oiled Leather.
Nubuck leather.
SuedeWool Felt
MidsoleOOfoam™ midsole, which is highly cushioned and thicker than other footwear.Cushioned midsole made from EVA
Arch SupportYes, they provide generous arch support, and cushioningHave all kinds of arch supports (metatarsal, lateral metatarsal, and medial).
Price$59.95 – $99.95$55 – $287
WeightAround 5+ oz.Around 8.8 -14 oz.

Oofos vs. Birkenstock Sizing charts

Oofos and Birkenstocks follow quite similar sizing chart standards. Both don’t have half sizes and are unisex. But the size no. is different for both. Let’s compare the size charts of Oofos and Birkenstock:

Oofos Sizing chart

Foot LengthUS MenUS WomenEUUK MenUK Women

Birkenstock Sizing Chart

U.S. SizeWomen Birkenstock SizeU.S. SizeMEN Birkenstock SizeU.S. SizeKIDS Birkenstock Size
7-7½3810 -10½439-91227
9-9½4012 – 12/24511 – 11/29
10-10½4113-13½4612 – 12/30
11- 11½4214-14½4713-13½31

Oofos Ooriginal Thong vs. Birkenstock Gizeh Essentials EVA Thong Sandal

Oofos Ooriginal Thong vs. Birkenstock Gizeh Essentials EVA Thong Sandal

Rated as the best flip-flop for plantar fasciitis, the feeling of wearing Oofos Ooriginal is something out of this world. Unlike Birkenstocks, these sandals are made with one material only (Oofos foam) and are too cushioned and supportive for a flip-flop. 

I like how secure your foot feels when you slide in, especially if you have narrow feet, flat feet, and/or high arches. They usually run true to size, but you have to push in hard if you have wide feet. But at no point will you feel stiffness on the footbed.

On the other hand, Birkenstock Gizeh Essentials has a rainbow of color choices, which lift your mood and give beachy vibes. They are made with molded EVA and are very flexible, yet they carry the classic footbed that Birkenstock is famous for. Plus, they are very waterproof and lightweight. But despite seeing the existing price tag, you’ll still find them less expensive than the other varieties. 

But unlike Oofos Ooriginal Thong, these thong sandals have an adjustable strap, a plus point for wide feet, which you won’t find in Oofos. 

Oofos Ooriginal Thong SandalBirkenstock Gizeh Essentials EVA Thong Sandal
ProsTrue to size.
Secures feet.
Great stability.
No break-in period.
Great colorways.
Overall comfortable
ConsA bit narrower than other flip flops.
Less padding in the toe area, which some users dislike.
Uncomfortable toe post.
Weight5.6 ozAround 6.5 oz 

OOahh Sport Slides Sandal Vs. Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

OOahh Sport Slides Sandal Vs. Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

Built as a recovery sandal with the ultimate OOfoam™ patented, arch-supportive, and cushioned footbed, Ooahh sport slide sandals are best for both indoor and outdoor activities. And their pain relieving characteristics can make anyone go from ooh to ah– like literally. 

I like how they have zero stitches and seams, are less costly than Birkenstocks, and are generally lightweight. But unlike Birkenstocks, these sandals are kind of hard to take over on wet surfaces as they have low traction. Secondly, the top strap resists providing much coverage, and you might consider thongs as a better option. Plus, they aren’t true to size, so you can’t wear socks all the time.

As for the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals, you already might have things in your mind about them. They have been worn for over 200+ years, with one pair taking around a decade to expire. 

However, unlike Oofos, these sandals exhibit a painful break-in period, and you’ll also find the outsole getting damaged after one year of excessive use. So, it’s recommended to apply cork sealant for protection. And the front edge might hurt your toes if fitted improperly.

But overall, they are very comfortable when broken in; the footbed conforms to your feet really well, acts as a great sandal for diabetics, and follows sustainable fashion. And I find them more classic and stylish in terms of looks than Oofos, but yes, the price is a surprise and not for everyone.

OOahh Sport Slides Sandal Birkenstock Arizona Sandal
ProsGreat arch support and comfort.
Rocker bottom for reducing pressure.
Absorbs shock.
Podiatrist-recommended for relieving foot pain
Extremely durable.
Waterproof Sweatproof.
Comfortable Good for flat feet.
Provide traction on slippery surface.
ConsThe rocker heel might look unbalanced to some users.
Not much stable after some months.
Not true to size.
Less traction on water
Require breaking in.
Slightly heavier.
WeightAround 5 oz.Around 12-14 oz.
Price$70$110 – $270


Both shoes are recommended by many podiatrists, but Oofos get their highest votes because of their no-break characteristics. Oofos are less expensive, squishier, and lighter than Birkenstocks but lack surplus style options, sustainable features, and colors when compared. 

In contrast, Birkenstocks are hard and uncomfortable initially and high on pockets but are classic and more stylish than Oofos. I guess it all depends on personal preference. But amidst the rising inflation, I would vote for Oofos for their price, comfort, and quality.

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