Asics Vs Adidas: (3 Differences And Similarities With Size Chart)

ASICS, founded in 1949, and Adidas, founded on August 18, 1949, are both fantastic sportswear brands mainly popular due to their exceptional sneakers collection. People who want comfort with style find these brands highly satisfying. 

To meet the needs of their clients, they use cutting-edge technology and excellent manufacturing practices.

As a result, you can wear them all day without experiencing fatigue or soreness. However, many people wonder which is better: “ASICS or Adidas?” If you’re curious, we’ve got you covered!

Although ASICS and Adidas are both exceptional shoe brands, ASICS is famous for its durable and precise curved soles that shift body weight and allow you to move swiftly. 

In contrast, Adidas uses thermoplastic polyurethane material in their shoe soles to make them more shock absorbent. 

asics vs adidas

ASICS Vs Adidas Shoe Size Chart

ASICS Men’s Size Chart 

Here is the size chart of ASICS man shoes, so you can choose the one that best suits your feet. 


Adidas Men’s Size Chart

Here’s the size chart of Adidas men’s shoes, pick the size that snuggles to your feet perfectly!

4.5436 ⅔ 295
54.537 ⅓ 300
65.538 ⅔ 310
6.5639 ⅓ 315
7.5740 ⅔ 325
87.541 ⅓ 330
98.542 ⅔ 340
9.5943 ⅓ 345
10.51044 ⅔ 355
1110.545 ⅓ 360

Adidas Ultra Boost Vs. ASICS Kayano 

What makes Adidas and ASICS different is their fantastic design and shoe technology. Adidas Ultra boost and ASICS Kayano Gel are the hot-selling shoes from both brands. 

So let us delve into the specifics of both!

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ASICS Kayano Gel

ASICS launched its first-ever Kayano Gel shoe after detailed research and experimentation. Silica gel was used to minimize vibrations and irregular movement in appliances; ASICS came up with the idea of employing it in shoes to make them shock-resistant.

Softness, bounce, and durability are all you need in your shoes. As a result, ASICS makes excellent use of silica gel and foam to develop shoes that deliver these benefits as well as additional stability. The ASICS Kayano Gel technology was designed to assist users to deal with shocks, twists, and unexpected impacts. 

ASICS has worked to improve its shoe game since the introduction of the first Kayano Gel technology shoes in the 1980s. The following are the most frequent shoes that use this technology:

  • Kayano Gel 28
  • Kayano Gel 27
  • Kayano Gel 26

These are some of the most prominent variants of this gel feature in ASICS shoes. 

Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas uses boost technology in its shoes; that is the hard work of German Chemists BASF and Adidas Innovation Team. In the 90s, Eva foam was utilized in all boots to make them bouncy, and boost was something new for people. 

Typically, a boost is made when thermoplastic polyurethane material is expanded around the air packets. It was first introduced in 2013 by Adidas, and ever since, the brand has been using new technologies to improve customer experiences. 

Boost in shoes offers proper cushioning and softness to elevate your running experience. Besides, it can withstand all varying temperatures, making it very durable. Here’s how the Adidas Ultra boost shoes evolved over the years:


  • 2013: Energy Boost was the first Adidas running shoe. 
  • 2014: adiZero adios Boost gained popularity for winning the Men’s WR at the Berlin Marathon. 
  • 2015: Ultraboost becomes an icon of high-performance running shoes. 
  • 2016: Ultraboost X has a no lace upper and targeted support to make the design more stylish.
  • 2017: adiZero adios Boost became famous for winning the WR at the London Marathon. 
  • 2019: The Boost continues to amaze people with the release of Ultraboost 19 and Pulseboost HD.
  • 2020: Ultra Boost 20 features a motion weave midfoot that provides flexibility.

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ASICS Gel Kayano 27 Vs Adidas Ultra Boost 

In this comparison, we’ve taken Adidas Ultra boost 21 and ASICS Kayano Gel 27. Our winner for this is the ASICS Kayano Gel 27, and there are several reasons for that. So, let’s get into the details!

With a heel-to-toe drop of 10 mm, this Adidas Ultra Boost 21 is an excellent running shoe that provides you with adequate cushioning and balance. The brand has embedded LEP Torsion System in this shoe to make it more pushy and rigid. If you are suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, Adidas Ultra Boost 21 is here to save your day. 

In contrast, ASICS Gel 27 has a heel drop of around 13 mm and has a Duo Max system that keeps you stable. The upper of Ultraboost 21 is made of PrimeBlue, which is a recyclable material, while ASICS Gel 27 has a mesh fabric upper to promote breathability. 

The Adidas shoes are slightly heavier than ASICS, which weighs only 9.1oz. Furthermore, ASICS is budget-friendly and for overpronating runners, making it superior to Adidas Ultra Boost 21.

Adidas Barricade Vs. ASICS Gel Resolution 8

If you are out in the market to get quality tennis shoes for yourself, then you must have come across Adidas Barricade and ASICS Gel Resolution 8. Choosing one of them is also challenging, so we’ve put together a comparison review to help.

The Gel cushioning in the ASICS Gel Resolution 8 is supported by a gel sole that is resistant to shocks and twists, keeping you safe throughout strenuous tennis games. On the other hand, Adidas Barricade has a bouncy sole with a Torsion system for proper stability. 

Both shoes have excellent traction and come in different colors. ASICS has a rubber upper with lace, and the ASICS Dynawrap firmly hold the feet in place. But if we look at the Adidas Barricade, there’s an open-textile upper with hidden laces on the medial side and tough RPU for durability. 

The price of ASICS Gel Resolution 8 is around $100, which is more than that of Adidas Barricade, which costs $97. So, if you want quality at an affordable price, Adidas Barricade is a good option. 

ASICS Nimbus Vs Adidas Ultra Boost 

In ASICS Nimbus 23 Vs. ultra boost 20, ASICS Nimbus takes the lead for many reasons. The ASICS Nimbus is perfect for extensive runners and provides them the required comfort and stability. However, Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is only for people who prefer slow runs. 

The Adidas variant lacks proper upper lockdown while the ASICS Nimbus keeps your feet secure. Both shoes have almost the same weight, but ASICS is slightly heavier, with 309 grams. 

The ASICS Nimbus 23 offers a heel drop of 13 mm in Women’s shoes, and the heel drop in Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is 10 mm, which means you will feel more springy and well-supported in ASICS Nimbus compared to Adidas. In price, Adidas is suitable for your budget as it costs $75, which is a lot less than ASICS, which costs roughly $175.

ASICS Metaspeed Sky Vs. Adidas Adiós Pro 

Both ASICS and Adidas take pride in their Carbon plated excellent running shoes. The ASICS metaspeed sky has only one carbon plate under the heel and midfoot. In contrast, the Adidas Adiós Pro features six carbon plates, and five of these are noticeable under the forefoot. 

The Adiós Pro has a stack height of 39.5 mm, and more than 33m of Metaspeed sky. The heel drop also goes 10 mm for Adiós, while 5 mm for Adidas Metaspeed sky. All of these attributes indicate that whether you choose Adiós Pro or Metaspeed Sky, you can expect comfort, stability, and durability.

However, testers and runners find Adidas Adiós Pro more versatile, and you can enjoy runs at a slower pace too. This is something that Metaspeed doesn’t offer, but fast runners find it very useful due to its explosive and dramatic pushing technology. 

Final Thoughts

In ASICS Vs. Adidas, many people, go with Adidas while others buy ASICS. However, in the end, it all depends upon your needs, whether you are looking for something to keep you comfortable during long walking work days or need something that can propel you forward in fast runs. 

Both brands are trying their best to cater to customers’ needs and interests and coming up with top-notch shoes now and then.

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