NMD Vs. Ultra Boost: Everything You Need To Know!

Adidas has established itself as a leading brand in the sneaker industry, maintaining its dominance for several decades. The NMD and Ultra Boost designs, introduced by Adidas, have quickly become favorites among sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. These models have garnered widespread recognition and popularity, thanks to their impeccable craftsmanship and captivating designs. Despite their shared popularity, the NMD and Ultra Boost showcase distinct characteristics, offering a diverse range of attributes and performance capabilities to suit individual preferences.

The NMD line is celebrated for its fusion of urban style and athletic functionality. Its sleek silhouette, combined with responsive cushioning and lightweight materials, creates unparalleled comfort and flexibility, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a casual yet sporty aesthetic.

On the other hand, the Ultra Boost collection is renowned for its emphasis on ultimate performance and energy return. Featuring the iconic Boost technology, this line delivers exceptional responsiveness, ensuring a springy and comfortable stride with every step. The Primeknit upper construction provides a sock-like fit and enhances breathability and durability, making the Ultra Boost a go-to option for athletes and avid runners looking to push their limits.

Despite their distinct features, both the NMD and Ultra Boost designs from Adidas embody the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Adidas’s long-standing dominance in the sneaker industry stands as a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship and ability to adapt to evolving trends and preferences.

The NMD and Ultra Boost models epitomize this legacy by seamlessly blending style, functionality, and performance. While they may vary in specific attributes, both collections reflect Adidas’s dedication to innovation and their relentless pursuit of providing sneaker enthusiasts with extraordinary footwear choices.

NMD Vs Ultra Boost

Feature Table: NMDs Vs Ultra Boost

FeaturesNMDUltra Boost
DesignInspired by classical running silhouettes with midsole plug design and streamlined upperSleek design with a Primeknit upper for a sock-like fit
MaterialsMesh, neoprene, and synthetic suede upper; EVA midsole; Rubber outsolePrimeknit upper; Boost midsole; Continental Rubber outsole
ComfortSnug fit with a knit upper; Flat rubber outsoleExceptional comfort with Boost midsole; Sock-like fit with Primeknit upper
FitTrue to size, but may feel tight in the toe box; Knit upper with some elasticityTrue to size, but may feel narrow in the toe box; Sock-like upper with some flexibility
PerformanceReactive cushioning; EVA inserts for support; Rubber outsole for gripUnmatched cushioning and energy return with Boost midsole; Torsion System for support; Continental Rubber outsole for grip
DurabilityKnit upper prone to tearing; Durable rubber outsoleDurable Primeknit upper; Long-lasting Boost midsole; Tough Continental Rubber outsole
PriceGenerally cheaper ($130 mesh, $170 Primeknit)Generally pricier ($120-$180) with exclusive models available
ValueGreat value for a modern design and comfortOffers more features and performance for a higher price
OverallStylish design suitable for casual wear; Good for regular activitiesSuperior comfort and performance for running and other athletic activities

Overview of NMDs and Ultra Boost

Adidas NMD and Ultra Boost are two of the industry’s most famous and extremely desirable sneakers today. Both shoes are structured with upgraded technologies and are popular for their comfort, elegance, and performance. In this section, we will briefly outline NMD and Ultra Boost, spotlighting their main attributes, similarities, and dissimilarities.


NMD shoes

The Adidas NMD, short for Nomad, first originated in 2015 and has become a crazy dearest among sneaker lovers. The NMD offers a gleaming and stylish design that combines Adidas’ past and present techniques. It has a Primeknit upper that gives a sock-like fit and permeability, while the Boost midsole provides reactive cushioning and energy backup.

Several chief features of NMD include:

  • Primeknit upper for a cozy and comfortable fit
  • Boost midsole for reactive cushioning
  • EVA inserts for additional support and firmness
  • Rubber outsole for grip and longevity

Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost, on the other side, is a performance running shoe that was first introduced in 2015. It is structured to give maximum support and energy return, making it a famous option among professional players and casual runners. The Ultra Boost offers a Primeknit upper that suits the foot’s appearance, while the Boost midsole gives unmatched cushioning and reactiveness.

Several main features of Ultra Boost include:

  • Primeknit upper for a personalized fit and permeability
  • Boost midsole for finer cushioning and energy backup
  • Torsion System for additional support and steadiness
  • Continental Rubber outsole for grip and longevity

Both NMD and Ultra Boost are remarkable sneakers that provide a fusion of style, ease, and performance. While NMD is more of a lifestyle shoe that can be worn for informal events, Ultra Boost is a running shoe engineered for performance. However, both shoes have several similarities in their technologies and pattern, making them perfect choices for anyone searching for a snug and modish sneaker.

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Design and Materials

NMD Design

The Adidas NMD design is motivated by the brand’s classical running silhouettes from the 1980s. The shoe offers a distinguishing midsole plug design and a glossy, streamlined upper. The NMD’s upper is structured from a blend of materials, mesh, neoprene, and fabricated suede. The shoe’s signature EVA midsole gives cushioning and support, while the rubber outsole provides grip and longevity. The NMD’s design is plain yet fashionable, making it an iconic choice for regular and athletic wear.

Ultra Boost Design

Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost provides a sleek, stylish design with a Primeknit upper that satisfies the foot for a snug, sock-like fit. The shoe’s signature Boost midsole gives unparalleled energy restoration and cushioning, while the Continental rubber outsole offers remarkable grip on different surfaces. The Ultra Boost is engineered to be a high-geared running shoe, but its modern design makes it a famous option for daily wear.

NMD Materials

The NMD’s upper is structured from a fusion of materials with mesh, neoprene, and manufactured suede. These materials give ventilation, flexibility, and longevity. The shoe’s EVA midsole is delicate and receptive, offering cushioning and support. The NMD’s rubber outsole gives outstanding grip and durability, making it adaptable for various activities.

Ultra Boost Materials

The Ultra Boost’s Primeknit upper is constructed from a lightweight, absorbent material that accommodates the foot for a snug, sock-like fit. The shoe’s signature Boost midsole gives unmatched energy restoration and cushioning, while the Continental rubber outsole provides magnificent traction on different surfaces. The Ultra Boost’s materials are structured to be feathery, breathable, and hard-wearing, making it a remarkable option for pumped-up running and other athletic ventures.

In summary, the NMD and Ultra Boost have different designs and utilize various materials. Ancient running silhouettes stimulate the NMD’s design, while the Ultra Boost has a stretch and stylish. The NMD’s upper is made of an amalgamation of materials, including mesh, neoprene, and fabricated suede, while the Ultra Boost gives a Primeknit upper. Both shoes provide EVA midsoles for cushioning and aid, but the Ultra Boost’s signature Boost midsole offers unmatched energy backup. The NMD and Ultra Boost are iconic and adaptable for diverse activities.

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Comfort and Fit

NMD Comfort

The NMD brags a snug fit because of its doughy, nurturing knit upper. The shoe’s flat rubber outsole offers a solid foundation for daily activities. However, several wearers have mentioned that the NMD’s sole could be more relaxed and padded, which can cause discomfort during elongated periods of wear.

Ultra Boost Comfort

The Ultra Boost is famous for its extraordinary comfort, thanks to its Boost technique midsole that gives receptive cushioning and energy restoration. The Continental rubber outsole and contortion system provide additional support and steadiness. The Ultra Boost’s permeable upper also aids in maintaining feet cool, fresh, and comfortable during exercise.


The NMD’s fit is faithful to size, but some wearers have reviewed that the shoe can feel tight in the toe box. The shoe’s knit upper provides some elasticity, which can help shelter broad feet. However, those with specifically wide feet may discover the NMDs fit too comfortably.

Ultra Boost Fit

The Ultra Boost’s fit is cozy, warm, and supportive, thanks to its sock-like upper that loops around the foot. The shoe is inclined to fit true to size, but some wearers have outlined that the toe box can feel narrow. The Ultra Boosts flexible upper offers some grants which can support broad feet. However, those with especially extensive feet may notice the Ultra Boost’s fit is too compressed.

In summary, the NMD and Ultra Boost provide a snug and supportive fits. The NMD’s smooth rubber outsole is adaptable for regular wear. In contrast, the Ultra Boost’s Boost technology midsole and Continental rubber outsole create it a remarkable option for running and other sturdy activities. The NMD’s knit upper provides some elasticity, while the Ultra Boost’s sock-like upper gives a comfortable, supportive fit. Eventually, the selection between the two shoes will depend on personal requirements and intended use.

Performance and Durability

NMD Performance

The NMD R1 offers a knit upper with a comfortable and cozy fit. The transparent overlays on the peak of the upper aid in maintaining rain out, creating them a perfect option for damp weather conditions. However, the NMD is less absorbent than the Ultra Boost, which may be an element to think about for those who prefer ventilation. The NMD’s sole is structured from both Boost and EVA foam, which offers a balance of cushioning and steadiness. The outsole is made of enduring rubber, which gives excellent traction and grip.

Ultra Boost Performance

The Ultra Boost has a permeable Primeknit upper that offers a sock-like fit. The Boost sole is squishy and receptive, giving remarkable energy backup and cushioning. The outsole is structured from Continental rubber, providing magnificent grip on damp and dry surfaces. The Ultra Boost is an amazing option for runners and athletes who need a shoe that gives both ease and performance.

NMD Durability

The NMD’s upper is constructed of a knit material sensitive to ripping and tearing. While made of long-lasting rubber, the outsole may deteriorate swiftly with frequent use. The EVA foam in the midsole may also squeeze with time, which can influence the shoe’s cushioning and stoutness.

Ultra Boost Durability

The Ultra Boost’s Primeknit upper is hard-wearing and impenetrable to tearing and reclining. The Boost sole is an enduring material with durable cushioning and energy restoration. The Continental rubber outsole is tough and offers remarkable grip, even with chronic use.

In summary, the NMD and Ultra Boost provides excellent performance and longevity. The NMD offers a snug fit and good grip, while the Ultra Boost gives remarkable cushioning and energy backup. The NMD may not be as well-ventilated as the Ultra Boost, and the components may fray more swiftly with frequent use. The Ultra Boost’s Primeknit upper and Boost sole give outstanding durability, constructing them an amazing option for athletes and runners.

Price and Value

Regarding pricing, the Adidas NMD and Ultra Boost have distinct price extents. This part will describe the prices of both shoes and their worth.

NMD Price

The NMD is generally cheaper than the Ultra Boost. The NMD with the mesh upper retails for $130, while the Primeknit version is priced at $170. However, the NMDs restock more often than the Ultra Boosts, creating them more obtainable to customers.

Ultra Boost Price

Based on the model, the Ultra Boost normally varies between $120 and $180. The exclusive models of every shoe can cost more. Both shoes can frequently be found at discounted prices online or at stores.

NMD Value

The NMDs are a perfect value for economical or searching for a cheaper choice. They provide a modern design and snug fit, making them an amazing choice for regular wear or mild exercise.

Ultra Boost Value

The Ultra Boosts are more costly than the NMDs but provide more attributes and advantages. They are furnished with a fluffy, comfortable sole, high grip, and more boost elements than the NMD. This makes them a perfect choice for athletes or those requiring a shoe with more energy backup.

Both the NMD and Ultra Boost provide good worth for their particular price ranges. The NMD is more economical for those on a budget, while the Ultra Boost gives more characteristics and advantages for those who desire a skilled-performance shoe.


After comparing the Adidas NMD and Ultra Boost, it is obvious that both sneakers have their advantages and disadvantages. The NMD is more obtainable and has a voguish look, while the Ultra Boost is more costly and gives more aid and cushioning. Ultimately, the two shoes are selected based on personal requirements, budget, and desired use.

The Ultra Boost may be the perfect choice for those who prefer comfort and permeability. Its Primeknit and mesh upper offer a feathery and well-ventilated feel, making it supreme for running and other best-performance activities. Conversely, the NMD’s fundamental smooth rubber outsole is perfect for daily activities and regular wear.

Regarding style, the NMD’s streamlined and stylish design may attract those who prefer fashion. Its versatile silhouette and diversity of colorways make it a famous option for casual wear. However, Ultra Boost’s uncomplicated yet traditional design also has charm, making it an iconic option for sportswear and regular wear.

Regarding durability, both sneakers are structured with first-rate materials and are constructed to last. However, Ultra Boost’s Continental rubber outsole and torsion system offer finer grip and performance for running causes.

Overall, Adidas NMD and Ultra Boost selection depends on personal requirements and intended use. Both sneakers are remarkable shoes with elegance, comfort, and longevity, making them perfect for various events.

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