Why Are Crocs So Expensive? (7 Reasons You Should Know)

Crocs are among the most fashionable and well-made shoes on the market. Crocs are famous for their foam clog shoes. It is well-liked by many people due to the high level of comfort it provides to the wearer’s feet. But, if they produce tonnes of crocs each year, why are crocs so expensive?

The real reason for crocs being so expensive is because of their material composition. Crocs are made of Croslite (a polymer), which is an expensive material. Croslite, along with the other high-quality materials used to make crocs, makes them durable and long-lasting, while also providing a high level of comfort. 

Crocs introduce new designs and styles, some of which are quite expensive. Some crocs are only available in limited editions, which drives up the price.

Crocs are very expensive and have unique features and functionality such as high comfort, dependability, long life, ease of maintenance, ergonomic design, and so on.

They are available at a variety of prices and can be both expensive and inexpensive depending on the type of crocs you choose. Croc’s increased price for the brand is due to the fact that they last longer than other shoes.

Crocs have a distinct look and feel. The durability and functionality of crocs make these shoes one of the preferred ones among many folks. Continue reading to learn more about why crocs are so pricey.

why are crocs so expensive

Use of Croslite to make Crocs

Crocs are not made of rubber. Instead, they are made of a proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite. This resin can only be produced by Crocs and cannot be imported from elsewhere. 

Crocs’ resin material makes the wearer’s feet more comfortable.

Croslite, which is used to make crocs, is rather in-toxic and inhibits bacterial growth while also preventing odor.

Crocs are more expensive because they must manufacture the resin material (Croslite) themselves. Because no other company knows the proprietary formula used to manufacture Croslite, so they cannot buy it in bulk at a low cost.

Since they must continue to mass-produce crocs each year. The total cost of manufacturing the proprietary material, as well as the other components required to make crocs with additional profits, adds up to their own money. This is indirectly paid for by the customer who wishes to purchase one.

Crocs manufacture takes into account while formulating the Croslite material to ensure that it is of high quality. As if the quality is low then there are chances that it can either become too soft or rigid. 

Due to this Croslite becomes a major reason why crocs are quite pricey.

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Durability of Crocs

Crocs are known for their long-lasting resilience. This is owing to the fact that it is built of high-quality resin, which boosts its functionality as well as its longevity.

Due to this fact crocs can be worn for heavy-duty work. Crocs are resistant to deterioration, wear, and tear. The durability is a result of the Croslite material used to create crocs.

They can also be worn on the beach or in the rain as they are waterproof and lightweight. They can easily be taken off and put back on. 

Crocs will be your best friend and never let you down, whether you use them in the water on the beach or in the rain, or on land for hiking or trekking.

Crocs are extremely durable and will last for many years even if used on a regular basis. Thanks to its durability.

However, in order to make crocs lasting, manufacturers require materials as well as high-quality resins; the cost of these materials, together with the cost of other components, results in a costly price tag for crocs.

Stylish and Unique Design

Crocs are boat-shaped shoes. They are available in both open and closed-toe shoe styles. The 13 tiny holes on the top of the crocs give it an attractive appearance.

They have evolved from clogs to a variety of other footwear styles such as slippers, flip flops, and flats. All of this comes in a variety of styles and functions.

Crocs, because of their unique design, can be worn to school or with professional attire. Crocs’ style and design were carefully considered in order to provide comfort and flexibility to those who wear them.

They are well-known among many Americans and Westerners for the look and feel they provide. As crocs come in a variety of patterns and designs each year, the cost of new crocs is relatively significant when compared to older crocs.

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Long Life of Crocs

As crocs last longer than any other shoes. You can buy a pair of crocs now and not have to buy another for four to five years. This is because of the Croslite and other materials used to make it long-lasting.

Since the number of people who buy crocs on a regular basis is low. To compensate for the loss of repeat buyers, the company must manage profit and loss with the price bought for crocs.

While some people purchase multiple pairs of Crocs, many only purchase one pair because they are long-lasting.

Crocs are purposefully made with high-durability materials in order for them to last longer and increase brand value, but the return on investment on the materials raises the price of the crocs, making them quite expensive.

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Crocs, as previously stated, are extremely comfortable and last a long time. But why are crocs so comfortable, even though they are just foam clogs?

They are extremely comfortable due to the Croslite material from which they are made. Croslite makes crocs neither too soft nor rigid. Croslite also inhibits bacterial growth and odor, making the feet healthier at the same time.

You can wear crocs for long hours at home or at work without worrying about getting ankle pain or blisters.

Crocs are well-known for their waterproof nature; they do not absorb water. This lowers the chances of getting a fungal infection. Unlike any other flip flops they are quite comfortable and flexible, due to this they can also be worn on the beach and in rain as well. 

They have holes that allow air to circulate through them, keeping them well ventilated and increasing comfortability to a certain extent. Their shape and structure allow you to easily flex your feet. This reduces the friction between your feet and shoes which in turn reduces blister formation. 

In order to make crocs comfy, the expenses are reflected in the price of the crocs.

Cost Effective Compared to Other Shoes

Crocs are expensive; how can they be both expensive and cost-effective? Shoes other than Crocs will not last for many years and may only last six to seven months. As a result, it is necessary to purchase a new pair of shoes or flip-flops every six months, which is not the case with crocs.

Crocs, on the other hand, are durable and will last you four to five years. This reduces the likelihood of purchasing them again and again.

Croc companies are aware of this and charge a reasonable price at first because the majority of customers who buy crocs once will not buy them again for a few years. Crocs are therefore more expensive than other types of shoes.

Ease to Maintain Crocs

Shoes are difficult to keep clean and maintain in the long run, but this is not the case with crocs. Crocs are easy to clean and maintain and care for.

Crocs are water-resistant due to the material used, so if you need to clean them, simply add some water. Then, using soap or another cleanser, clean them. Then, using an unused cloth or towel, dry them.

Crocs colors will not fade even if washed frequently. If they become dirty, simply take them out and gently hose them down.

In comparison to other shoes, they help to save a significant amount of money that could have been spent on maintenance. However, the company takes advantage of this and raises the price, knowing that consumers will pay more because it is so simple to maintain.

Conclusion: Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

There are a number of other considerations to contemplate. Reliability, market seasonality, limited edition, health benefits, and so on are all factors to consider. However, the above are some of the key reasons why crocs are more expensive than other shoes. So, if you’re thinking about getting one, you’ll find a wide range of pricing, from low to high.

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