Brooks Ghost vs. Adrenaline: Which Running Shoe Is Right for You?

Regarding running shoes, Brooks is a well-admired brand for its quality and longevity. Two of their most famous models are the Brooks Ghost and the Brooks Adrenaline. Simultaneously, both shoes are structured for running, and they have distinct attributes that adapt to various kinds of runners.

The Brooks Ghost is a moderate trainer, which shows it is adaptable for runners with a regular arch who do not require additional support. It is a feathery shoe that provides a snug and reactive ride, creating it a famous option for elongated-distance runners. On the other side, the Brooks Adrenaline is a firm shoe structured for athletes who overpronate, meaning their feet spin inward when running. It offers additional support and padding to support avert injuries and upgrade performance.

For athletes testing to examine between the Brooks Ghost and the Brooks Adrenaline, it is obligatory to think about their personal needs and running manner. By comprehending the differences between the shoes, runners can select the perfect one that matches their requirements and preferences.

Brooks Ghost vs Adrenaline

Feature Table: Brooks Ghost Vs Brooks Adrenaline

AttributeBrooks GhostBrooks Adrenaline
Type of ShoeNeutral, moderate trainerStability-focused, suitable for overpronation
Cushioning TechnologyDNA Loft cushioningDNA Loft foam and GuideRails support system
Support and StabilityMinimal support, suitable for neutral runnersEnhanced support, aids overpronation prevention
Drop (Heel-to-Toe Offset)12mm12mm
WeightLightweightSlightly heavier
FitNeutral to slightly wide toe boxComfortable fit, assists in overpronation control
UsageVersatile for various types of runsFocused on stability and injury prevention
DurabilityDurable constructionDurable materials and design
PriceSimilar cost rangeSlightly higher cost
Plantar Fasciitis SupportGood for moderate casesSuitable for more severe cases

Brooks Ghost Overview

Brooks Ghost is an average running shoe constructed for athletes requiring a snug and reactive shoe for regular training. It has been a famous option among runners since its launch in 2008. The newest shoe edition, Brooks Ghost 15, originated in 2022 and has attained positive analysis from runners.

Key Features

The Brooks Ghost has some major attributes that make it a dependable, snug running shoe. A few characteristics include the following:

  • DNA Loft cushioning: This technology amalgamates Brooks’ DNA foam with a mushy rubber compound to offer an opulent and reactive feel.
  • Breathable upper: The shoe contains a permeable tracery upper that permits air to ventilate and maintain the feet cool, fresh, and dry.
  • Segmented Crash Pad: This feature aids in soaking up the impact and offers an even heel-to-toe transition.
  • Flex Grooves: The flex grooves in the outsole offer stretchability and permit an innate extent of motion.
  • Neutral support: The Brooks Ghost is a moderate shoe, showing no extraordinary aid for overpronation.

Pros and Cons

The Brooks Ghost contains pros and cons that athletes should contemplate before buying the shoe.


  • Snug and reactive cushioning
  • Permeable and feathery upper
  • Hard-wearing and durable construction
  • Adaptable for a broad extent of foot kinds
  • Offers an even ride on various surfaces


  • May not give sufficient support for athletes with intense overpronation
  • Several athletes may discover the shoe to be too tight on the forefoot
  • The cost point may be too elevated for several runners

Overall, the Brooks Ghost is a dependable and snug running shoe ideal for regular training and extended-distance running. However, runners with acute overpronation may require a shoe with additional support, and those with broader feet may require to test on the shoe before buying.

Brooks Adrenaline Overview

Brooks Adrenaline overview

The Brooks Adrenaline is a firm shoe structured for athletes who overpronate. It is a segment of the Adrenaline GTS (Go-To Shoe) line, a famous option among runners for over 20 years. The Adrenaline GTS 22 is the newest version of this line, launched in 2021.

Key Features

The Adrenaline GTS 22 provides some major technologies that create it a key option for runners who require stability:

  • GuideRails® Holistic Support System: This technology instructs the foot into an innate alignment and minimizes extra movement, aiding overpronation.
  • DNA Loft Foam: This padding system offers a mushy and snug ride while still adjusting reactiveness and durability.
  • Engineered Mesh Upper: The upper part is structured to be absorbent and stretchable, providing a snug fit that caters to the foot’s appearance.

Pros and Cons

The following are several pros and cons of the Brooks Adrenaline:


  • Offers outstanding stability and aid for overpronation.
  • The DNA Loft foam gives a snug and reactive ride.
  • The GuideRails® technology reduces additional movement and maintains the foot in an innate alignment.
  • The manufactured netting upper is absorbent and stretchable, featuring a snug fit.


  • The Adrenaline is massive compared to other running shoes, weighing approximately 10.1 ounces for men and 9.1 ounces for women.
  • Several athletes may find the shoe too rigid or need more elasticity.
  • The shoe may be too tight for runners with broader feet.

Overall, the Brooks Adrenaline is an amazing option for runners needing steadiness and support. Its amalgamation of GuideRails® technology and DNA Loft foam create a snug and reactive shoe that can minimize extra movement and maintain the foot naturally. However, athletes who prefer stretchability or have extensive feet may desire to consider other choices.

Comparing Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline

Concerning selecting a running shoe, Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline are two of the most famous choices in the industry. Both shoes are structured to offer comfort, durability, and support throughout a run. In this part, we will contrast the two shoes for comfort, longevity, and support.


Both Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline are structured to offer ease to the user. The Brooks Ghost provides Brooks DNA Loft padding, which merges DNA foam with a squishy, air-filled rubber compound to offer a luxurious and reactive feel. On the other side, the Adrenaline offers BioMoGo DNA cushioning, which caters to the athlete’s stride, weight, and speed to give a personalized feel.

In the case of fit, both shoes contain the same fit, with a medium to broad toe box and a comfortable heel. The Brooks Ghost contains a moderately massive tongue and collar, which offers extraordinary padding around the ankle. The Adrenaline contains a no-sew upper, which minimizes the possibility of irritation and injuries.


Durability is an efficient factor to consider when selecting a running shoe. Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline are designed of high-standard materials, making them hard-wearing and durable. The outsole of both shoes is constructed of durable rubber, which gives outstanding grip and durability.

The upper part of the Brooks Ghost is engineered of manufactured mesh, which is porous and durable. The upper part of the Adrenaline is designed with a fusion of structured netting and fabricated materials, which offer durability and aid.


Support is another necessary factor to examine when selecting a running shoe. The Brooks Ghost is an average shoe, showing it offers no extra support. It is structured for runners with a neutral stride and offers no extraordinary stability. On the other side, Adrenaline is a firm shoe, which shows it is constructed to give extra support and steadiness to athletes who overpronate.

The Adrenaline offers a GuideRails holistic support method, which supports minimizing additional movement of the heel and gives additional aid to the knees. The Brooks Ghost does not contain any extra support attributes.

Both Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline are outstanding running shoes offering comfort, longevity, and support.

Sizing Comparison

sizing comparison

Regarding sizing, both the Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline are accessible in various sizes for both men and women. Brooks suggests purchasing running shoes half to one size greater than your dress shoe size to verify a snug fit.

It’s necessary to mention that the Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline contain distinct fits. The Ghost has a moderately broader toe box, which can be advantageous for those with broader feet or who prioritize a spacious fit. On the other side, the Adrenaline contains a more comfortable fit in the midfoot and heel, which can offer additional support and steadiness.

Brooks provides a shoe discoverer tool on their website for those who need to be verified of their size or fit. This tool can aid in detecting the perfect size and model depending on individual requirements and running needs.

In contribution to size and fit, it’s also efficient to contemplate the kind of socks worn during running. Brooks suggests wearing socks that are the same as those used while running when testing on shoes to verify an appropriate fit.


Regarding price, the Brooks Ghost and Brooks Adrenaline are both costed similarly. However, the Brooks Adrenaline is moderately more costly than the Brooks Ghost. The cost difference may not be efficient, but it may be a detecting factor for several runners.

The Brooks Ghost costs from approximately $100 to $150, based on the particular model and any discounts or promotions accessible. Conversely, the Brooks Adrenaline generally extends from around $120 to $160. It’s worth mentioning that both shoes are frequently on sale, so it’s always a perfect idea to observe for deals.

It’s obligatory to remember that investing in an exclusive running shoe is worth the cost. Both the Brooks Ghost and Brooks Adrenaline are hard-wearing, well-padded shoes that can endure for hundreds of miles. Furthermore, investing in an ideal pair of shoes can aid in averting injuries and upgrade overall running performance.

Overall, while the Brooks Adrenaline may be moderately more costly than the Brooks Ghost, both shoes are costed equitably for their quality and longevity. Athletes must detect their budget and personal requirements when opting between the two choices.

Who Should Choose Brooks Ghost

who should choose brooks ghost

The Brooks Ghost is a moderate running shoe that is structured for athletes who do not need exceptional support or steadiness. The following are several causes why someone might select the Brooks Ghost:

  • Neutral Runners: The Brooks Ghost is constructed for runners with an average gait, showing that their feet do not spin too far inward or outward when they run. If you have an average gait, the Brooks Ghost may be an ideal option.
  • Lightweight: The Brooks Ghost is a feathery shoe, making it a perfect option for runners who need a shoe that is not too massive. The newest shoe edition, the Brooks Ghost 15, weighs approximately 9.4 ounces for women and 10.4 ounces for men.
  • Cushioning: The Brooks Ghost provides Brooks’ DNA Loft padding technology, which gives a mushy and reactive ride. This cushioning technique is structured to soak up the impact and offer a snug ride, which can be advantageous for athletes who desire a snug and supportive shoe.
  • Versatility: The Brooks Ghost is an iconic shoe that can be utilized for a diversity of distinct kinds of runs, incorporating elongated runs, tempo runs, and speed workouts. This creates it an ideal option for runners who desire a shoe that can control various kinds of training.

Overall, the Brooks Ghost is a perfect option for neutral athletes seeking a feathery, iconic shoe that offers padding and support.

Who Should Choose Brooks Adrenaline

The Brooks Adrenaline shoe is constructed for runners requiring more firmness and support. It is perfect for athletes who overpronate, which shows that their feet spin too far inward when they land. Adrenaline is also an amazing option for athletes who contain flat feet or deep arches, as it gives the required support to avert injury.

The Adrenaline contains a greater stack height in the heel than the Ghost, providing more cushioning and impact absorption. It also comprises a higher drop, which gives more aid and stability. The Adrenaline is more rugged than the Ghost, which aids in handling overpronation and averts the foot from rolling too far inward.

Adrenaline is also an amazing option for runners who require a shoe that can control a diversity of terrains. It has a hard-wearing outsole that offers remarkable traction on both damp and dry surfaces. The Adrenaline is also accessible in a waterproof edition, which is ideal for runners residing in rainy or snowy areas.

Overall, the Brooks Adrenaline is a perfect option for runners who require more stability and aid. It offers outstanding padding, support, and traction, creating an iconic shoe that can control a diversity of terrains. If you are an overpronator or contain flat feet, the Adrenaline is perfectly worth considering.

Which is better for Plantar Fasciitis: Ghost or Adrenaline?

The Ghost and Adrenaline models can offer relief and ease when selecting the best Brooks shoes for plantar fasciitis. However, several major differences may create one finer match for your requirements.

The Ghost model is a moderate shoe with a 12mm drop from heel to toe, supporting dividing weight more smoothly and minimizing stress on the plantar fascia. It also offers good padding to soak up impact and give a snug ride. This creates it an amazing choice for those with average to moderate plantar fasciitis.

On the other side, the Adrenaline model is a rigid shoe with a greater standard of support and structure. It contains a 12mm drop from heel to toe and a massive sole with more padding in the heel. This can be advantageous for those with acute plantar fasciitis or overpronation problems.

Eventually, the selection between the Ghost and Adrenaline models will be based on the extremity of your plantar fasciitis and your requirements. It may be helpful to test both designs and examine which feels more snug and supportive for your foot kind and condition.

The following is a rapid comparison chart to summarize the chief dissimilarities between the two models:

Brooks ModelType of ShoeDropCushioningSupport

In summary, both the Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline models can offer relief for plantar fasciitis. It is necessary to refer to a healthcare expert and test both models to detect which one is ideally fit for you.

Is Ghost 14 or Adrenaline 22 better?

Regarding selecting between Brooks Ghost 14 and Adrenaline 22, the selection is eventually based on the athlete’s particular needs. Both shoes are outstanding options but have distinct attributes that adapt to various running styles.

The Ghost 14 is a moderate shoe for runners with a neutral gait or supination. It offers Brooks’ DNA Loft padding technology, which gives a mushy and snug ride. The shoe also contains a 12mm drop, making it perfect for runners prioritizing a greater heel-to-toe offset. The Ghost 14 is feathery and stretchable, making it a great choice for runners who must log long miles without feeling weighed down.

Conversely, the Adrenaline 22 is a firm shoe for athletes who overpronate. It provides Brooks’ GuideRails technology, which aids in maintaining the foot in a natural arrangement and minimizes extra movement. The Adrenaline 22 contains a 12mm drop and a BioMoGo DNA midsole, giving a snug and supportive ride. It is more massive than the Ghost 14 but makes up for it in steadiness and support.

In conclusion, the Ghost 14 and Adrenaline 22 are both amazing running shoes, but they adapt to distinct kinds of runners. If you contain a neutral stride or supination, the Ghost 14 is perfect for its delicate and flexible pattern. If you overpronate, the Adrenaline 22 is a finer option for its firmness and support.


In conclusion, the Brooks Ghost and Brooks Adrenaline are remarkable running shoes with versatile attributes and advantages.

For runners who prioritize a neutral shoe with abundant cushioning, the Brooks Ghost is a perfect choice. Its BioMoGo DNA padding system gives a snug ride, and its delicate design permits a fast and reactive feel.

Conversely, the Brooks Adrenaline is a firm shoe ideal for runners who require more aid and steadiness in their stride. Its GuideRails support system supports maintaining the body arranged and minimizes extra movement while running.

Runners greatly rate both shoes and sit at the same cost point. It’s necessary to mention that the Brooks Ghost and Brooks Adrenaline contain similar characteristics, such as using the same padding system. However, the Adrenaline contains the extraordinary attribute of the GuideRails support system.

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