How To Break In Nike Shoes? (Only Ultimate Guide You Need!)

Nike demonstrated why we must keep doing it. with an income of $13.3 billion 2023. So, I’ve already mentioned how they generally run true to size. However, if you are having difficulty getting comfortable with your Nikes right out of the package, understand that they require stretching.

So, how do you break in your Nike shoes and outlast the painful, blistery, and chaffed time of your expensive pair? 

Breaking into Nikes is simple. There are many methods which you can try for breaking into you Nike quickly such as adjusting the laces properly, wear them consistently, expanding them with cold packs, wearing them with thick socks, using a shoe tree (for shoes other than sneakers), leather massage, plastic bags, and more.

However, because Nike has so many different models and types, some stretching techniques may not work for all of them. As a result, you must experiment with methods that are specific to your Nike. Let us go over the methods in depth.

how to break in nike shoes

How Do You Break In Nike Shoes?

Since Nike shoes have a sneaker design and a stiff synthetic upper material, you cannot use all of the break-in techniques for Nike shoes. 

However, you can easily break them in by wearing them religiously, pairing them with thick socks, using a shoe stretcher, and other ways. The technique you use is determined by the material and construction of your Nike shoes.

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How Long Does Nikes Take To Break In?

It all relies on the method you use. For example, if you use normal breaking-in methods such as excessive wearing or pairing them with thick socks, they will take about two weeks to break. 

However, if you use heating and impulsive techniques, your Nike will break in a much shorter period.

Does Nike Air Force 1 Break In?

The famous Nike Air Force ones, like most other Nike pairs, require breaking in. But fortunately, according to most reviews, the break-in duration is painless. 

When they are new, they are stiff and heavy. However, because this is a typical basketball-type shoe, the inherent heavier feel, and stiffness are justified. 

How Long Does It Take To Break In Nike’s Air Force 1?

If you wear your Nike Air Force 1s for at least one hour per day, you can easily damage them in two weeks. However, using unnatural/manual stretching techniques will shorten the duration of stretching the Nikes.

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Step By Step Guide On Stretching Of Nike

I don’t recommend using any harsh techniques to break into Nike Air Forces. So, you can extend your Nike Air Forces using the following methods:

Step 1: Socks

The most convenient and painless way to expand your Nike Air Force is to wear them with thick socks around the house for an extended period. And if it’s a pair of moisture-wicking or blister socks, it’s a win-win scenario. The socks provide an extra layer that is required to enlarge your shoes. 

When not in use, you can stuff your Air Force with socks or newspaper balls to the end of the toe compartment.

wear thick socks

Step 2: Plastic bag Trick

This trick may appear strange, but believe me it works! So, take a plastic bag and wrap it around your socks. And slide your feet carefully into your Air Force shoes. Next, move as much as you can in your Air Force shoes. 

The plastic bag reduces friction, allows your feet to reach every corner of your shoe, and provides the additional thickness required for stretching the instep and toe box of your Air Force shoes.

use plastic bag to stretch nike

Are Nike Blazers Tight At First?

Yes, the problem with Nike blazers is that they are narrow in the waist but long in the toe box. So, if you have wide feet and order you’re true to size, you will find them exceedingly tight at first. As a result, go half a size up. 

However, Nike Blazers should still be broken in because their synthetic uppers and leather material are tough when new and can cause ankle chafing. You’re ready to go once you’ve broken them properly. They are prone to creases, but their hard, solid rubber sole provides the required traction while running.

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How Do You Stretch Out Nike Blazers?

Most Nike Blazers users make the error of not loosening the straps properly. Those straps are designed to give your feet a customized fit and are usually tightly tied in a new pair. So, here’s how to adjust your Nike Blazers’ straps:

  • First, remove the shoelaces from the shoes.
  • Take both ends of the lace through the first eyelet (right and left) and draw towards yourself.
  • Pass the right end of the lace through the next eyelet from the outside/upper portion of the eyelet on the opposite left.
  • Repeat the previous procedure for the other left end, but this time pass it through the opposite consecutive right eyelet.
  • Continue in the same sequence, but more loosely, until you reach the last pair of eyelets.
  • Adjust the tightness of the lace web manually with a gentle tug, and you can wear your shoes without having to tie the laces together! And no, they will not emerge from the holes.

How Long Do The Blazers Take To Break In?

The break-in period for Nike Blazers is painful, and the shoe will not be simple to slip on and off when you wear it. 

So, how long does it take the Blazers to settle in? Fortunately, they don’t take much longer, and the process of a break-in can last a week or two. And when the shoes are broken in, you won’t notice any stiffness while wearing them.  

Do Nike Dunks Need To Be Broken In?

Even though the new Dunks are less stiff right out of the package, they do require breaking in. Similarly, you can break in the new Dunks after a few uses. 

However, due to the lack of step-in comfort, these modern Dunks will look quite uncomfortable. But all in all, Dunks are simpler to break in now. 

How Do You Break In Dunks?

Dunks are basketball shoes that look like skateboard shoes and are very simple to break in. Here are some ways to try:

Method 1: Shoe Stretching Spray or Rubbing Alcohol

Dab some rubbing alcohol on a towel. Next, apply it to the places where you believe your Dunks are too tight. The alcohol can cause the leather to stretch out.  

Alternatively, you can also use a shoe stretching spray, which is composed of the same material.

shoe stretching spray or rubbing alcohol

Method 2: Shoe stretcher

A shoe stretcher is an excellent and secure method of breaking shoes such as Dunks. And by secure, I mean if you don’t overdo it. 

Simply insert a shoe stretcher cautiously inside the Dunks and use the crowbar to stretch it to the desired length without overstretching. The mattress should then be left inside the Dunks for at least three days. 

shoe stretcher

Do Nike Jordans Need To Be Broken In?

Jordans not only need to be broken in, but they also appear to be quite uncomfortable and troublesome until completely stretched.

 It’s because Jordan’s materials are quite stiff, and the outdated technology lacks adequate cushioning.

How Do You Break In Nike Jordans?

I suggest using a shoe stretcher, such as in Dunks, to break into Jordans. It also aids in the widening of a small toe box.

Other than that, you can stretch your Jordans with a blow dryer. All you have to do is pair them with one to two pairs of thick socks and put the dryer to the highest level.

Next, blow dry the areas of your Jordans that need to be stretched while keeping the dryer at a safe distance. Finally, take off your socks and put your Jordans back on.


Despite their growing popularity, every Nike shoe needs break in. And you must wait for them to become comfortable. Overall, breaking into Nike shoes is simple. You can break into them using a variety of techniques.

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