Asics Nimbus vs Nike Pegasus: Which Running Shoe Reigns Supreme?

Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus are two highly regarded running shoe models that have gained significant popularity among runners. These shoes have garnered attention for their innovative features and ability to meet the diverse needs of runners. Whether you prioritize cushioning, responsiveness, or a combination of both, the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus offer reliable options to enhance your running journey. However, there are certain distinctions that set them apart.

The Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus are both highly regarded running shoe models known for their exceptional features and performance. The Nimbus stands out with its plush cushioning and luxurious feel, providing maximum impact absorption and a comfortable running experience. On the other hand, the Nike Pegasus is known for its responsive design and versatility, offering a good balance of cushioning and agility.

When selecting between the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus, runners should examine factors including arch support, heel-to-toe drop, and overall fit. It’s efficient to test on both shoes and check them out on a run to examine which one feels perfect. The correct shoe can create all the distinction in an athlete’s performance and ease, so it’s worth taking the time to discover the ideal fit.

Asics Nimbus Vs Nike Pegasus

Feature Table: Asics Nimbus Vs Nike Pegasus

FeaturesAsics NimbusNike Pegasus
CushioningExceptional cushioning with Gel technologyGood cushioning with responsive midsole
StabilityOffers stability with Trusstic SystemProvides stability and support
DurabilityDurable rubber outsole and breathable upperDurable with a well-constructed design
Arch SupportSuitable for runners with various arch typesOffers support and stability for different foot types
Heel-to-Toe DropVaries depending on the edition10mm drop for a balanced running experience
FitSnug and comfortable fitComfortable fit with a cushioned tongue and collar
VersatilityIdeal for long-distance runningSuitable for various running activities
PerformanceProvides a plush and cushioned rideOffers a responsive and bouncy feel
DesignClassic design with a focus on comfortStreamlined and modern design
WeightSlightly heavier compared to Nike PegasusLighter weight for a more effortless running experience
PriceGenerally more expensive, but offers a 90-day trial periodModerately priced with good long-term durability

Overview of Asics Nimbus

Asics Nimbus

The Asics Nimbus is a superior running shoe structured to comfort and support elongated-distance runners. It is a fragment of the Asics Gel-Nimbus series, famous for its additional cushioning and longevity.

The Nimbus provides a FlyteFoam midsole, which gives a reactive and delicate feel. The midsole is also designed of an amalgamation of foam and gel, which aids in soaking up impact and minimizing the effect on the feet. This makes it a perfect shoe for runners searching for a padded ride.

The upper part of the Nimbus is designed with an absorbent netting material that permits maximum air circulation. This supports keeping the feet cool, fresh and dry during long runs. The upper also offers an extrinsic heel counter, which gives exceptional support and steadiness.

The outsole of the Nimbus is engineered of AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber), a long-lasting material that offers remarkable traction and grip. The outsole also provides a Guidance Line, a vertical curved channel supporting the foot’s conduct during the stride cycle.

Overall, the Asics Nimbus is a first-rate running shoe structured to give comfort, support, and longevity to lengthy-distance runners. It is an attractive option for runners searching for a padded ride and a shoe that can resist the diligence of long-distance running.

Overview of Nike Pegasus

Nike Pegasus

The Nike Pegasus has been a renowned running shoe for over three decades. It is admired for its iconic-ness, durability, and cushioning. The shoe has experienced various renovations over the years but has preserved its fame as a versatile and snug running shoe.

The newest edition of the Nike Pegasus is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38. This shoe offers a whole-length Zoom Air unit with a reactive and padded ride. The upper is designed with structured tracery that is absorbent and supportive. The shoe also contains a Flywire cable system that aids in ensuring the foot is in position.

The Nike Pegasus can be obtainable in both men’s and women’s sizes. The women’s edition of the shoe weighs in at 8.3oz or 235g; simultaneously, the men’s version weighs in at 10.05oz or 285g. The shoe contains a heel-to-toe drop of 10mm, a quality drop for running shoes.

The Nike Pegasus is an iconic shoe that can be utilized for various running activities, comprising daily training, tempo runs, and races. It is adaptable for runners of all standards, from beginners to expert runners. The shoe is also accessible in colors and patterns, so runners can select a style that matches their requirements.

Overall, the Nike Pegasus is a dependable and snug running shoe that has resisted the test of time. It is popular among runners for its versatility, longevity, and cushioning.

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Key Features of Asics Nimbus

Concerning running shoes, the Asics Nimbus is an admired option for runners who are searching for ease and support. The following are several significant attributes of the Asics Nimbus:


The Asics Nimbus is renowned for its cushioning, giving runners a snug and reactive ride. The shoe offers Asics’ trademark Gel cushioning system, which aids in soaking up the impact and minimizing the effect on the feet and joints. The Gel cushioning is positioned in both the forefoot and heel of the shoe, offering a balanced standard of cushioning all over the foot.


In addition to its cushioning, the Asics Nimbus also gives steadiness to runners. The shoe offers a Trusstic System, which supports lessening the weight of the sole unit, simultaneously still adjusting the systematic uniformity of the shoe. This helps to provide a firm and protective ride for runners.


The Asics Nimbus is a durable running shoe that is structured to resist the deterioration of regular training. The shoe offers a durable rubber outsole with an excellent surface grip. The shoe’s upper part is designed from a permeable netting material engineered to be both hard-wearing and delicate.

The Asics Nimbus is a healthy option for runners searching for a snug, stable, and enduring running shoe. With its cushioning, steadiness, and longevity, the Asics Nimbus is a perfect selection for runners who desire a shoe that can meet daily training requirements.

Key Features of Nike Pegasus


The Nike Pegasus is popular for its snug fit, creating it a famous option for runners of all extents. The shoe offers a mushy, padded midsole with sufficient support and impact absorption. The upper is designed of absorbent tracery material that permits air circulation, maintaining feet cool, fresh and dry during long runs. The shoe also contains a cushioned tongue and collar for extra ease and support.


The Nike Pegasus is engineered to be an iconic running shoe adaptable for both regular training and elongated-distance runs. It contains a 10mm drop, which offers an ideal balance between cushioning and reactiveness. The shoe also has a durable rubber outsole that bestows traction on various surfaces. The Pegasus also contains a more excellent heel and arch area, making it a perfect option for runners requiring additional support and stability.


The Nike Pegasus has a streamlined and advanced pattern that attracts many runners. It is accessible in various colors and styles, permitting runners to select a shoe that suits their style. The shoe also offers Nike’s signature Swoosh tag on the side, contributing to its voguish appearance.

The Nike Pegasus is a snug, iconic running shoe with efficient support and cushioning. Its hard-wearing pattern and remarkable traction create it an ideal option for runners of all standards.

Performance Comparison

Regarding comparing the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus, the performance of these two running shoes is a critical factor. In this part, we will examine how these shoes execute in different running scenarios.

Running Experience

Both the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus are structured to offer a snug running experience. The Asics Nimbus provides more cushioning than the Nike Pegasus, making it an excellent option for elongated-distance running. Conversely, the Nike Pegasus has a more fantastic heel and arch section, making it perfect for runners who put additional pressure on their feet while running.

Long-Distance Performance

Concerning long-distance running, the Asics Nimbus is the finer choice. The shoe’s cushioning offers outstanding impact absorption, which aids in minimizing the effect on the feet and legs during extended runs. The Asics Nimbus also contains a broader toe box, which permits the toes to spread out naturally, giving more ease during long runs.

While still snug for long-distance running, the Nike Pegasus is less padded than the Asics Nimbus. However, the Nike Pegasus does contain a more reactive midsole, which can support upgraded running regulation and speed.

Short-Distance Performance

For short-distance running, the Nike Pegasus is the superior option. The shoe’s reactive midsole gives a bouncy feel, which can enhance speed and performance during short runs. The Nike Pegasus also has a more elegant pattern, offering a more natural and well-organized running experience.

The Asics Nimbus, while still an ideal shoe, is less compassionate than the Nike Pegasus. The shoe’s cushioning makes it feel sturdy and slow during short runs.

In summary, the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus are outstanding running shoes offering a snug and delightful running experience. However, the selection between the two is eventually based on the runner’s requirements and needs.

Size Guide

Concerning selecting the correct size for your running shoes, it’s efficient to examine several factors. The Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus are available in various sizes for men and women. Still, it’s obligatory to mention that sizing can differ between brands and even between different models of shoes from similar brands.

Remember that both Asics and Nike are inclined to run smaller than several other brands, so you may consider ordering a half size up from your regular size. Computing your feet before ordering to verify the ideal fit is also a perfect idea.

The following are some tips to aid you in selecting the correct size for your Asics Nimbus or Nike Pegasus:

  • Measure your feet: Utilize a measuring tape or meterstick to compute the distance of your foot from the heel to the edge of your longest toe. Use this estimation to detect your size on the shoe’s size table.
  • Consider your running style: If you have a broader foot or incline to pronate (roll your foot inward), you may want to consider ordering a half size up or selecting a shoe with an extensive toe box.
  • Try them on: Test both shoes before breaking the bank. Walk around in them and examine how they feel. Verify that there is sufficient space in the toe box and that the shoe feels comfortable but not too narrow.
  • Look for reviews: Reading reviews and appraisal from other runners can give you a finer idea of how shoes fit and whether they run true to size.

Remember that the correct size is critical to certifying a snug and pleasant running experience. By investing the time to compute your feet and detect your running style, you can discover the ideal fit for your Asics Nimbus or Nike Pegasus.

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Concerning running shoes, weight is an efficient factor to contemplate. The more delicate the shoe, the less energy is needed to boost it up with every step, which can generate a significant dissimilarity in the whole running experience. In this part, the weight of the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus will be contrasted.

According to our research we found that the women’s edition of the Nike Pegasus weighs in at 8.3oz or 235g; simultaneously, the Asics Nimbus weighs around 9.2oz or 261g. For men’s shoes, the Nike Pegasus weighs 10.05oz or 285g; conversely, the Asics Nimbus weighs about 10.9oz or 309g.

The Nike Pegasus is more feathery than the Asics Nimbus in men’s and women’s categories. However, the dissimilarity in weight between the two shoes is not noteworthy. The weight difference between the shoes is slighter than an ounce in men’s and women’s editions.

While weight is a significant factor when selecting a running shoe, it should not be the single factor. Other elements, such as cushioning, support, and fit, should also be considered. Eventually, the perfect shoe for a person will be based on their versatile requirements and needs.

Price Comparison

There are several significant differences in the price comparison between Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus. Asics Nimbus are inclined to be moderately more costly than Nike Pegasus, but this is only sometimes the matter.

The cost of Asics Nimbus can differ based on the edition and the retailer. For instance, the newest category of Asics Nimbus, the Nimbus 25, contains a recommended retail cost of $150. However, it is feasible to discover it on sale for almost $120. On the other side, the price of Nike Pegasus is generally around $120, but it can also be obtained on sale for less.

It is worth mentioning that the cost difference between the two shoes is not remarkable, and there should be other components to consider when hitting the jackpot. Other factors, including fit, comfort, and performance, should also be considered.

Regarding durability, Asics Nimbus leans towards lasting longer than Nike Pegasus, which can create a finer and prolonged investment despite the more significant price label. Additionally, Asics Nimbus has a 90-day trial span, permitting clients to remit the shoes if they do not contend with them. Nike Pegasus, on the other side, does not provide a trial period.

While Asics Nimbus may be more costly than Nike Pegasus, the long-term advantages of the higher cost tag are worth noting. However, it is efficient to test on both shoes and detect all factors before creating a final decision.

What are the pros and cons of Asics vs Nike for walking?

BothAsics and Nike give various choices for walking shoes that satisfy multiple requirements. The following are several pros and cons of both brands:



  • Asics walking shoes are famous for their snug fit and cushioning, which is particularly necessary for those who invest a lot of time on their feet.
  • Asics also provides an extent of sizes and widths, creating it cozier to discover a shoe that fits appropriately.
  • Asics shoes frequently include gel technology, which gives excellent impact absorption and aids in minimizing effects on joints.


  • Asics walking shoes can be expensive compared to other brands.
  • Several reviewers have mentioned that Asics shoes can be more massive than other walking shoes, which may not be perfect for those searching for a delicate choice.



  • Nike walking shoes are frequently admired for their voguish pattern, making them a famous option for those who desire a remarkable shoe on and off the walking track.
  • Nike shoes are also renowned for their durability, which means they can resist much deterioration with time.
  • Nike walking shoes often comprise technology such as Flywire, which offers exceptional support and firmness.


  • Several reviewers have jotted that Nike walking shoes may not be as snug as other brands, particularly for those with broader feet.
  • Nike shoes can also be slightly expensive, mainly if you’re searching for a shoe with enhanced attributes like Flywire.

Overall, both Asics and Nike provide an extent of walking shoes that satisfy different requirements and preferences. It’s efficient to test several other choices and examine which one feels the most cozy and protective for your feet.


After contrasting the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus, it is evident that both shoes contain their advantages and disadvantages. The selection between the two is eventually based on the person’s running requirements and needs.

The Asics Nimbus may be the superior choice for those who prefer cushioning and support for extended runs and durability training. It’s gel technology and snug fit make it versatile for runners requiring additional cushioning.

Conversely, if speed and reactiveness are the chief priorities, the Nike Pegasus may be the finer option. Its sturdy feel and feathery pattern create it perfect for quick runs and speed training.

It is efficient to mention that both shoes contain ideal ankle steadiness and are durable for regular training. The weight dissimilarity between the two shoes is superficial, with the Nike Pegasus being moderately delicate.

Eventually, the selection between the Asics Nimbus and Nike Pegasus depends on individual needs and running requirements. It is suggested that runners test both shoes and check them out before breaking the bank.

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