Can Basketball Shoes be Used for Running? (All You Need To Know!)

Basketball is a type of sport that involves the players walking and running around. Due to this, many people are wondering whether it is proper to run in basketball shoes.

So, Can Basketball Shoes be used for running? Are basketball shoes really designed for running purposes? If you’re wondering if you can wear basketball shoes for jogging and running in general, keep reading to find out why and why not.

However, you must understand that basketball shoes are designed for sprinting short distances on the court during a game. As a result, you should avoid running in basketball shoes. Basketball shoes can be used for short-distance running, but they are not recommended for long-distance running as there is a risk of tearing the shoes and spraining the ankle.

Basketball shoes are suitable for casual wear and everyday use if they are maintained properly. You can implement a frequent routine of airing them out every time to eradicate lousy odor. Its design features of ankle and arch support enhance the walking and running experience of any individual.

Can Basketball Shoes be Used for Running

Is it Good Running in Basketball Shoes?

Running shoes are specifically designed for running purposes, unlike basketball shoes, which are perfect for sports. Running shoes are built robustly, enabling them to withstand the tear and wear encountered when used for an extended period.

It will be hard to determine the difference between running shoes and basketball shoes without a thorough evaluation in most cases. However, the running experience and comfortability of wearing running shoes will differ from basketball shoes.

Even though you can run in basketball shoes, you shouldn’t risk using them for running, as it is not designed for that. Basketball shoes are designed for playing basketball while running shoes are made for running, and that’s what we should keep in mind before opting for basketball shoes to jog or run longer distances.

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Why Basketball Shoes are not suitable for Running Long Distances

Basketball shoes are not designed to withstand long-distance running. Taking a look at basketball, players run, walk, and jump for a short period. However, while running for long distances, you run until you reach your destination, which the basketball shoe’s build quality can’t withstand.

The basketball shoes do not have a sleek design, which is necessary to withstand the sudden change in direction and boost speed when running. Basketball shoes are cushioned to absorb external impact from jumps while playing the game. 

So, you should not try to use basketball shoes for running long distances to avoid experiencing any foot injury.

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Can Basketball Shoes be Used for Walking?

Basketball shoes are a good alternative to running shoes, which are perfect for walking. Basketball players make use of their shoes to run and walk around on the pitch.

And guess what? Basketball shoes come with flashy designs, which will match a lot of outfits. It provides the perfect grip for your ankle when walking around for a short distance.

However, you should not expect your basketball shoes to last for years if you wear them on a daily basis. Even with the best care, it can last 3 to 6 months. To avoid blisters on your foot, you should only wear basketball shoes for a short period of time.

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Basketball Shoes Design

Cushioning and Traction:

Basketball shoes come with different inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphics elements from famous designers. In addition, most basketball shoes from well-known brands such as Adidas Marquee and Nike PG are well cushioned to minimize the effects of impacts.

Ankle Support: 

Basketball shoes, unlike other types of shoes, are designed with the necessary aspects for protecting the player’s ankles, beginning with sturdy soles and flamboyant designs.

The solid soles play a crucial role in absorbing impact and providing support for the player’s ankles while jumping on the basketball court.


Basketball shoes are designed to be sturdy, thicker, and heavy with solid materials. Basketball shoes come in a lightweight type that is commonly worn by forwarding players for quick mobility.

Also, lightweight basketball shoes cost more than heavier models. However, the heavier models are more durable than the lightweight basketball shoes because of their build materials.

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Pros and Cons of Using Basketball Shoes as Running Shoes


  • The basketball shoes are an excellent choice for walking and short-distance running in any condition.
  •  It provides traction for your feet and has additional features which are worth every penny.
  • It doesn’t require much upkeep to keep it looking new and spackling.


  • It’s not suitable for running a long distance. 
  • It can easily tear and wear down compared to running shoes.

Comparing Basketball Shoes With Running Shoes?

Even though basketball shoes are similar to running shoes, there’s still a slight difference in their designs and features. Due to these differences, it’s not recommended to wear running shoes like basketball shoes. That’s because they are not cushioned to protect the ankles of players in the basketball court as they jump, run, and walk around.

Basketball shoes are solely designed to provide support to players.

Moreover, when you look at running shoes, you will understand that running shoes are always light, which makes them perfect for runners to utilize. Running with basketball shoes for an extended period can quickly build up fatigue because of its weight.

Even lighter basketball shoes are still heavier than running shoes. For most runners, the design weight of basketball shoes might not be an issue when considering them for running purposes.

However, it’s worth considering because wearing basketball shoes on your next run may make you feel uncomfortable because their features differ greatly from those of running shoes. While using basketball shoes to run for short distances, you might find it hard to notice it is different from running shoes.

Comparing Basketball Shoes With Running Shoes

Can Running Shoes be Used for Playing Basketball?

The soles of running shoes are designed differently than those of basketball shoes. As a result, attempting to use running shoes as basketball shoes will result in extra pressure on your foot, which can eventually lead to severe injuries.

Basketball is a highly competitive sport in which you must shoot the ball around while preventing others from acquiring it. In addition, wearing a running shoe will prevent you from performing lateral movements properly.

Furthermore, playing with running shoes puts your ankle at risk of dislocating. Basketball shoes have higher tops to provide ankle support. So, the answer remains that you cannot play basketball in running shoes without endangering yourself!

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Can You Play Basketball in the Running Shoes?

Basketball can be played in running shoes. However, when it comes to the design of running shoes, it can have a negative impact on your performance and safety, leading to injury. Basketball shoes are built with the ability to bend easily.

Despite their weight, basketball shoes can bend easily and protect the player’s feet as they jump. When comparing running shoes to basketball shoes, for example. Basketball shoes are much larger and heavier than running shoes, which are smaller and lighter.

And you have to understand that a basketball game does not involve only you running around because your opponent will be eager to get the ball too! That puts a lot of pressure on your feet, which running shoes are not designed to handle.

Also, there are different types of basketball shoes. Some kinds of basketball shoes are bulky with higher tops, while others are designed with lower lids.

What Basketball Shoes are Good for Running?

Instead of subjecting yourself to an uncomfortable running situation, it’s necessary to avoid running in basketball shoes. You have to understand that the design of basketball shoes is not suitable for running purposes.

  • Basketball shoe design:  Let’s start with the soles of basketball shoes, which are designed differently than running shoes. Basketball shoes have very flat soles, which provide players with comfort and balance when running on the court. In most cases, the sole of basketball shoes is rubber, which plays an important role in helping players jump and run around safely because it grips perfectly on the court ground.
  • Running shoe design: When it comes to running shoes, they have different features from basketball shoes starting from the soles and design pattern. The soles of running shoes have many patterns of grooves that provide balance when running on different ground conditions. Runners have different soles options when choosing a running shoe depending on the terrain they intend to run on. Also, the soles of running shoes are not as flat as basketball shoes because they are designed to suit running mobility.

Both running shoes and basketball shoes are different from each other. And if you are wondering whether to use basketball shoes for running? It is best to invest in what suits your usage purposes to avoid foot injuries!

Remember that wearing shoes that aren’t meant for a certain purpose might result in serious ailments such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and other foot problems.

Final Thoughts: Can Basketball Shoes be Used for Running?

Basketball shoes have a lot of features, which makes them perfect for everyday use. Its flashy designs are impressive as it adds considerable value to fashion. However, using them every day will decrease their lifespan to a few months only.

Also, it is not advisable to wear basketball shoes for running and running shoes for playing basketball. There is a reason why both shoes are designed for a specific purpose, and that’s what ensures individual safety. So, be sure to wear shoes based on their designed purpose!

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