Why Are Yeezys So Expensive And Popular? (5 Reasons You Should Know)

Kanye West is the most well-known hip-hop musician and one of the finest singers of all time. However, he did not confine himself to the entertainment industry. He established himself as a great fashion star by launching his footwear line, Yeezys.

In collaboration with other famous brands such as Adidas, Yeezys became the top-leading and hottest footwear brand. Yeezys shoe prices generally range between $200 to $700. You’re probably wondering why are Yeezys so expensive and popular.

As a result of Kanye West’s extensive marketing efforts for Yeezy, the price of the sneakers skyrocketed, which is the primary reason why they are so sought after. Everyone wants to get their hands on a pair of Yeezys. And the Yeezy craze continues to this day.

There are only limited pairs available, and the demand is extremely high. For this, the costs of these sneakers increased faster than the industry average. Yeezys also partnered with several well-known and trusted brands to add value to its sneakers, winning the “Shoe Of The Year” award in 2015.

why are yeezys so expensive and popular

Why Are Yeezys So Expensive?

Yeezys are a great choice if you’re a fan of high-quality sneakers. However, one pair of Yeezys will set you back several months’ worth of rent. Yeezys are pricey for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Limited Editions And High Demands

The real reason for the Yeezys’ popularity and a premium price is their limited product availability.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on the limited-edition Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which was only distributed in 5,000 pairs. Even celebs joined the rush to get their hands on this wonderful pair of sneakers.

Yeezys are extremely trendy and pricey due to high demand and limited supply. Some customers purchased these sneakers intending to resell them for twice the original price on any internet platform.

2. Excellent Marketing Strategies

Do you want to know why Yeezys are so trendy and expensive? It’s because of Kanye West’s brilliant marketing strategies. He goes the extra mile to ensure his brand gets all the hype and spotlight. To boost sales, he also gave premium Yeezys footwear to celebrities.

Kanye West promoted his sneaker brand and its success stories across all platforms. Even people who don’t believe in the popularity of Yeezys can’t deny that a marketing genius is leading Yeezys.

His ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, was known to go out in all Yeezys. This resulted in an insane increase in sales, but Yeezys also gained enormous popularity. So, the next time you wonder why Yeezys are so expensive, consider this man’s extraordinary marketing skills.

3. Material and Design Quality

The days of solely athletes wearing sneakers are long gone. Everyone now appreciates having a pair of comfortable sneakers to wear around.

Since the sneakers are made of harvested algae foam mixed with ethylene-vinyl acetate, Yeezys is the best at providing comfort to its buyers. The enchanting designs quickly attract sneakerheads.

The Adidas PrimeKnit technology was used to design the Yeezy 350. The sneakers fit like a second skin thanks to excellent knitting techniques and high-quality materials. Your feet will benefit from the increased cushioning provided by the ultra boost heel.

What Makes Yeezys So Special?

This brand is unique because it was created and launched by Kanye West. However, the one-of-a-kind and breathtaking design, material quality, and attractive shape with attention make Yeezys exceptionally special.

The usage of Adidas’ top technologies in the production of Yeezys has improved consumer faith in the brand while also allowing for the transformation of the sneakers into new shapes and patterns.

Wearing Yeezys elevates your entire ensemble, and the vibrant colors might sometimes overshadow it. Getting a pair of Yeezys for yourself makes your coworkers envious of your fashionable appearance.

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Why Are Yeezys So Popular?

Anyone who hears about Yeezys wonders why they are so expensive and popular. What could be the source of all this interest and hype surrounding a sneaker brand? The reasons vary, but they include:

● From perfume to sneakers, anything owned by celebrities or public figures is popular among their fans and the wider public.

● Kanye West is constantly active on various social media platforms, telling about the success stories of Yeezys. This increases sales and popularity by attracting more customers.

● People have been clamoring for a pair of Yeezys since Kanye announced that his company, Yeezys, is a unicorn on its way to becoming a decacorn.

● Many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Kendell Jenner, Joe Jonas, and others, fueled the popularity of Yeezys sneakers.

● High comfort, limited editions, and exclusive style combine to make Yeezys sneakers a must-have item.

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When Did Yeezys Become So Popular?

“Everything West Touches Turns Gold,” as the saying goes. Because the Yeezys have been popular since their initial product with Nike (Air Yeezy 1) was released. Kanye West used all of his marketing methods to promote these sneakers, and they were a huge success.

The Nike Air Yeezy 1 received nearly 1.8 million dollars from RARES, the world’s most famous sneaker investing platform. This sale broke all previous public sales records, establishing Yeezys as a well-known and reliable sneaker brand.

Kanye’s tenure at Nike came to an end after introducing two excellent products. He claimed Nike did not pay him royalties on his designs. As a result, he embarked on a new adventure with Adidas, and today, Adidas Yeezys are the industry’s leading product.

Initially, Yeezy’s collaboration with Nike, and later with Adidas, significantly increased overall Yeezy sales and popularity.

How Much Is Yeezys Worth?

If you think Kanye’s fortune comes mostly from the music and entertainment industries, you may be mistaken. The singer’s biggest source of income and wealth comes from his successful sneaker company, Yeezys.

According to sources, the Yeezys are worth $4 to $5 billion, and it adds almost $3 billion to Kanye West’s total income. This tells us that all the claims of his brand being unicorn weren’t wrong.

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Why Are Yeezys Slides So Popular?

Although the Yeezys slides were released in 2018, the slides didn’t get as many sales as sneakers.

During the pandemic, slide sales increased rapidly because more people stayed at home and wanted something comfortable to move around in. Yeezys slides are ideal for you due to several appealing qualities, including:

1. Soft And Comfortable

Everyone enjoys having a pair of shoes that are quite comfy to wear at home. Although there are several so-called softies on the market, none of the slides are soft enough. Choosing the right product might sometimes be difficult.

However, Yeezys slides are guaranteed to be comfortable and durable. Walking around the home with Yeezys slides will not harm your feet.

2. Unique And Classy

Yeezys slides are popular since they are easy to wear anywhere, especially if you enjoy trying out new looks. People sometimes mistake these slides for clogs, but Yeezys offer more style and benefits than regular slides.

You can wear these excellent Yeezys slides like joggers or sneakers outside and inside.

3. Budget-Friendly

If you complain about why Yeezys are so expensive and popular, you will be happy to know that Yeezys offer very affordable slides. You can quickly grab a pair of slides for under $60 to $70.

Their demeanor is endearing and gives a sense of wealth, which isn’t true. Yeezys slides are suitable for all ages and are quite affordable.

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Why Are Yeezys So Cool?

Yeezys are cool because they are rare, unique, and always in the spotlight. If you wear Yeezys sneakers on a poor outfit day, don’t worry; the colors and designs of the sneakers will completely outshine the outfit.

For celebrities and athletes, Adidas is the brand of choice. The partnership between Adidas and Yeezys is also one of the reasons why many people consider Yeezys to be a cool shoe brand.

Final Word: Why Are Yeezys So Expensive And Popular?

In conclusion, there are a variety of elements that influence the high prices and widespread popularity of Yeezys.

Kanye West’s celebrity, Adidas’ production tactics and marketing strategies, and Yeezys’ limited availability are the key reasons why Yeezys became so pricey and popular at the same time.

Yeezys will certainly remain costly and in high demand as long as all three of these elements continue to function together.

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