Can You Wear Shoes On A Trampoline? [Do Shoes Ruin Trampoline]

If you’re wondering if it’s advisable to wear shoes on a trampoline, then you have come to the right place.

So, you may be wondering whether can you wear shoes on a trampoline?

A trampoline is an implement that is composed of tubes and jumping pads. Regular shoes should not be worn on a trampoline since they may cause the jumping pad to wear and tear out anytime. The soles of your shoes can cause your trampoline to wear out at any time, resulting in catastrophic injury for you and your other companions.

Before we tackle more about the topic, let’s first learn more about trampolines.

The first modern trampoline was invented in 1936 and since then, it has been enormously popular not only among kids but also among adults. Traditional trampolines consist of springs that allow their jumpers to bounce back up into the air. For over 8 decades, the market demand for trampolines remains high.

With this comes an innovation that is spring-free, safer but more expensive. Spring-free or not, trampolines do not come cheap, and ensuring that it remains in their best condition is the best way to protect your investment.

It is a must-have implement because it offers a great opportunity for enjoyment during weekend family bonding and parties. Here are the important things that you need to know that will help you prolong the lifespan of your trampoline.

Can You Wear Shoes On A Trampoline

Can You Wear Shoes On A Spring-Free Trampoline?

Wearing shoes is a no-no whenever using a Springfree trampoline. Even if the Springfree trampoline offers a higher level of durability, shoes can still damage the mat of your implement, especially if there are stones or any sharp objects trapped in the soles of your footwear.

Aside from damaging the mat, wearing shoes also poses danger to the jumper and the other users of the trampoline.

It makes no difference whether you’re using a trampoline with springs or one without. In any case, it is not advised to wear shoes. It not only tears your trampoline but also increases your chances of getting an ankle sprain, which is common in most cases. The ankle sprain is caused by the fact that when you jump on a trampoline, your feet do not land flat on the implement mat.

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Why Is It Dangerous To Wear Shoes On A Trampoline?

Wearing shoes on a trampoline is risky since it increases your chance of slipping and you risk injuring others by stepping on them while jumping or losing your hold and landing on your companion.

Certainly, it is not convenient to remove your shoes whenever you use the trampoline only to put it back on again when you leave the implement because you will most likely return to the trampoline sooner than later, safety still comes first.

There’s a high chance you’ll struggle to keep your balance while jumping up and down the implement, and you might slip on someone else.

The shoes that you wear on the street may also catch bacteria or even poop that can contaminate the mat.

What To Wear When Rebounding?

Shirts and shorts are the best outfit combination that you can wear whenever you plan to go rebounding on a trampoline.

Go for athletic shorts or any comfortable shorts with waistbands. Although tights and leggings are preferred by many jumpers, these tight-fitting pants can actually limit your movement as well as limit your fun.

What to Wear When Rebounding

Will Shoes Really Damage a Trampoline?

“Do shoes really ruin trampoline or not?” is a common thought we have before jumping on a trampoline with shoes. They do, in fact,  You may not notice a significant difference after one or two hops, but the trampoline will eventually wear out.

Wearing shoes can actually damage your trampoline and the reason why it has to be avoided if you want to prolong the lifespan of your implement.

If you’re wearing sneakers or other heavy-duty shoes made for walking and jogging. If you use these heavy-duty shoes to hop on the implement then due to the constant friction between your shoes and the jumping pad, the trampoline will tear out.

Since heavy-duty shoes are not intended to bend while bouncing up and down, their only purpose is to provide cushioning for general purposes such as walking and running.

Shoes can trap pebbles or sharp stones in the soles which can tear out the jumping pad of your trampoline. It is also likely that the shoes caught impurities, mud, chewing gums, and stains that will be very difficult to remove once stuck in the pad.

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Will Wearing Shoes On A Trampoline Make You Jump Higher?

Some jumpers wear shoes on a trampoline thinking that it will help them jump higher to increase the fun. However, this is not the case, and wearing shoes only increases your chance of getting injured. The more you jump on the trampoline the better you will get in achieving that higher jump.

What Are Some Best Shoes For Trampolines?

If you really are in dire need of shoes to wear on a trampoline, then at least opt for the ones that are safer for you and the implement.

Here are the 3 best shoes that you can wear on a trampoline.

Barerun WaterSports Shoes:

Barerun is a company that creates high-quality shoes designed for water sports activities. The Barerun WaterSports Shoes are non-slip, super lightweight, and ultra-soft made using polyester material. It comes in all sizes and is suitable for both men and women.

Danzcue Leather Gymnastic Shoes:

These shoes are made specifically to promote flexibility in the systematic exercises of gymnastics. It is made up of lightweight leather and features a stretchable front panel for maximum comfort. Wearing these shoes on your feet is so unnoticeable that you will feel like you’re barefoot.

Eurythmy Cotton Gymnastic Shoes:

For toddlers and kids, the Eurythmy Cotton Gymnastics Shoes would be the best option because it is made of cotton material which is gentler on their skin. It is a worthy investment since these shoes are also suitable to wear when performing in gymnastics and ballet. With its non-slip sole, kids can have fun on the trampoline in the safest possible way.

Can I Wear Socks on a Trampoline?

It is best to jump on a trampoline barefoot but in places where temperatures can get higher, you would normally want to wear something that would protect your feet. Wearing socks would be a good choice but it can not be any regular socks. Promote safety by wearing non-slip socks that come with a rubber sole.

It is highly recommended that you purchase trampoline socks which are made especially for jumping in trampolines.

You can even get trampoline socks, which are non-slip socks that provide better grip when jumping on a trampoline. Trampoline socks are designed to reduce friction on the pad, which reduces the likelihood of slipping and sliding.

What Are The Best Ways To Jump On A Trampoline?

Jumping on a trampoline is extremely fun especially if you have friends around. There are actually a few easy tricks that you can do to show off to your family and friends. Here are the 3 easy and fun trampoline tricks that you can try:

Spiral Jump

Show off your skills by jumping and twisting your body fast once you’re up in the air. If you’re ready to take your skills further, then practice jumping from one direction, spiral in the air, then land on the same spot at the time you jumped. This is a very easy trick that’s fun to do with friends and family.

Seated Drop

The seated drop trick is done by bouncing and positioning your legs out front while you’re in the air so that you can land in a seated position and then bounce back on your feet again.

Knee Drop

The knee drop trick is almost the same as the seated drop except that this time, you will have to fold your knees so that you can drop on your knees and then bounce on your feet again.

Conclusion: Can You Wear Shoes on a Trampoline?

Can You Wear Shoes on a Trampoline? The answer is no. You should never jump on a trampoline while wearing shoes. Avoid wearing shoes as much as possible before jumping on the trampoline instead, wear trampoline socks or jump on the trampoline barefoot. It is not recommended to wear shoes on the trampoline because safety comes first.

Choose gymnastic shoes if you must wear shoes on a trampoline because they are very flexible and keep your feet intact while jumping.

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