Are New Balance Shoes Good? (11 Things You Should Know!)

It would be naive to label New Balance as bad given their 100-year history of manufacturing shoes for publications, workplaces, and runways. You’re mistaken if you think New Balance shoes are only worn by dads on vacation. Due to their high level of comfort and cushioning, New Balance shoes are appropriate for anyone.

New Balance is one of the best shoes on the market right now. New Balance offers footwear for every type of sneakerhead. They have insole technology that provides comfort, durability, stability, and traction for each mile. You can always find one that fits your foot length and width, whether steel-toed, higharched, or waterproof.

The New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12 is well-liked by runners. Joggers and walkers can rely on the New Balance 997H and New Balance 237, which have an EVA midsole. The New Balance 57/40, on the other hand, is ideal for hiking due to its piled midsole (with many different layers between the insole and outsole).

So to know more about New Balance shoe features and how they can be beneficial for you read till the end. 

are new balance shoes good

Are New Balance Shoes Good?

The news in 2016 of New Balance shoes being burned and canceled raised many questions about whether or not New Balance is worth trying out. But, if you ignore the political rumors, you’ll notice that New Balance shoes are nothing but quality, comfort, style, and a gift for anyone looking for the best for their feet. Almost every pair has a design, technology, and fit that is tailored to the feet and health of the individual. Furthermore, the brand is ranked #33 on Forbes’ Halo100 list of consumer-loved brands.

Why Are New Balance Shoes So Popular? 

Although the company’s first shoe was released in 1938, the 574 was a game changer. People adored the technical, comfortable, and stable shoe with a sleek design, which found its way into people’s hearts and onto runways. Even today, New Balance remains popular because the company advances technology, fit, and solutions for every foot type, health, and fit.

And these are just a few of the reasons why New Balance generated more than 42% of revenue in 2022.

Are New Balance Shoes Good for Walking?

They are, indeed. Some New Balance shoes have Fresh Foam technology and come in a variety of widths and sizes to keep your feet tough and cushioned on long runs. You can, for example, try out the 880 v11, 580, and 1080 V12. Furthermore, the 997H is appropriate for both walkers and runners who put in low to moderate mileage. Furthermore, the pair is mesh-constructed, which is ideal for keeping moisture and heat out during hot hikes.

Are New Balance Shoes Good for Standing All Day?

Walking in uncomfortable shoes is dangerous, but standing in them is even worse. Because standing all day increases the risk of inflammation, varicose veins, and other health issues. Some New Balance shoes are ideal for standing all day. One example is the New Balance 577 V4 sneakers. The shoe is flexible, grippy, and comfortable, and it has a CUSH+ midsole and memory foam. And it provides the necessary cushioning and softness for your feet when you’re stuck in one spot.

are new balance good for standing all day

Are New Balance Shoes Good for Running?

Without a doubt! They are clearly labeled as running shoes and are still preferred by athletes all over the world. New Balance was featured among Boston Marathon athletes for several reasons, including their FuelCell and Fresh Foam technology. But what exactly is FuelCell? FuelCell, which is made of Nitrogen Fuel TPU foam, is ideal for fast and furious runners. The sole is extremely durable, responsive, and light. However, despite New Balance’s claims, the foam isn’t as cushioning as it should be.

Can You Play Basketball With New Balance?

Kawhi Leonard’s appearance in the latest New Balance commercial may have made you wonder if the brand is truly suitable for basketball players. Yes, you can play basketball while wearing New Balance shoes. Here are some options:

  • New Balance TWO WXY V2 (lightweight, comfortable, and excellent traction).
  • Kawhi II (Named after Kawhi Leonard, the shoe has grippy traction but limited width sizes and protection).

However, if your eyes are on the retro basketball New Balance model 550, I would not recommend wearing them for basketball because the performance is poor and the leather is of average quality. Despite this, you would find them comfortable and fashionable due to their appearance and orthopedic insole.  

Can You Wear Them if You Have Flat Feet?

Flat feet necessitate an extra-wide fit and customized arch support to alleviate pressure when rolling feet excessively inward. So, as previously stated, New Balance does include these features, and some shoes are specifically designed for flat feet. The 1540v3, for example, features double-layered thick foam contoured to the heel. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of widths and sizes, allowing for minimal pain while effectively maintaining posture.

are new balance shoes good for running

Are New Balance Waterproof? 

Yes, the majority of New Balance shoes are waterproof and feature Gore-Tex technology. And this is the membrane that keeps all types of water out except water vapor. However, just like Waterproof Timberlands with Gore-Tex technology, you must re-waterproof New Balance after some time (3-5 years). Why? Because the layer deteriorates over time. However, you must only begin waterproofing them if your shoes become wet. As a result, do not spray the waterproof spray immediately after removing the shoes from the box.

Are New Balance Non-Slip? 

Yes, New Balance offers slip-resistant work shoes. Their outsoles have been ASTM F2913-19 tested, and their alloy and composite toe caps also meet ASTM standards. Furthermore, the REVlite midsole in these work shoes provides both protection and comfort.

Do New Balance Have Good Arch Support?

It’s easy to see why most podiatrists recommend New Balance; the shoes have excellent cushioning, compression resistance, and, yes, good arch support. And New Balance deserves the most credit for offering shoes for every arch, motion, and athlete type. So, to summarize:

Type BenefitsWho should wear it?Example
Cushioning shoeGood for providing cushioning and stability to neutral arches. Built with thick, foam midsole. Shock absorption at its best.People who roll outward during gait or land on heels, showing even distribution of foot bottom. Such people are called normal pronators. Men’s 1080v11
Stability shoeExcellent for preventing overpronation. Foot support technologies such as stabilicore (medical support to control pronation), Rollbar (graphite shank to help you step correctly), and so on. The arch and heel are lined with dense plastic/foam.Best for medium to low arched runners having slight overpronation.Women’s Fresh Foam X 860v12
Motion ControlPrevents moderate to high overpronation. Features a combination of Medial and lateral posts with Rollbar technology,  greater than stability shoes. Limit over foot  motion and have greater flexibility than stability shoes.Great for flat feet or arches that collapse during walking.
Recommended for Plantar Fascitis and Heel spurs.
New Balance 990 (contains pigskin and is not recommended for vegan consumers).

Furthermore, the cushioning in New Balance is provided by the following midsole technologies:

  • Abzorb  (blend of foam and rubber for maximum compression, cushioning, and shock absorption).
  • ENCAP (EVA core for sound support and durability).
  • Fresh Foam (offered an altered level of resistance and compression with extra-soft cushioning and stability.

Are New Balance Shoes Comfortable?

They certainly are! You’ve just read about how New Balance has shoes for every arch type. Moreover, the wide toe box adds comfort, making runners less prone to bunions and blisters. Second, you can choose the size based on the width of your feet, even if they are extremely wide. That’s why I’ve seen so many positive reviews for New Balance, which are considered comfortable from the moment they’re unpacked; all you need is the right size.

are new balance comfortable

Is New Balance Good for Nurses?

Since nurses spend the majority of their time on their feet, they must wear shoes that are comfortable, protective, easy to clean, slip-resistant, and light in weight. And, if you’re looking for shoes that will protect your posture during long shifts, New Balance has some comfortable foot technology that you should try.

Some New Balance models, such as the Fresh Foam 1080s and 411 Women’s shoes, are well-known among nurses and healthcare workers. The reason for this is that most include comfortable footwear technology such as Ortholite and Revlite. Besides that, they provide traction, insulation as well as cushioning.

Do People Still Wear New Balance?

You must be wondering if people still run in New Balance shoes after more than 100 years, or if they’re outdated. Yes, celebrities, nurses, Boston players, and nearly everyone adore them. People find New Balance trendy, comfortable, and durable for all types of feet and activities, even though they are referred to as high-end retro shoes. That gets all the brownie points for still being loved today.

Should You Buy New Balance or Not?

I recommend New Balance to anyone looking for comfort, stability, and style that is tailored to their foot shape and health. The brand is still less expensive than other high-end brands with comparable features, such as Nike and Vans. However, some New Balance shoes, such as the 992, 57/40, and 547, are made from pig skin. So, even though the brand claims to use animal-free leather suitable for vegans, I recommend you do your research before purchasing. Second, most customers have trouble cleaning New Balance shoes to make them smell less, so make sure you’re prepared for this ahead of time.

Wrapping Up: Are New Balance Shoes Good?

New Balance remains well-known for the right reasons. They are suitable for any foot, style, or person and come in a variety of comfortable options. Furthermore, the brand offers waterproof, non-slip, motion-control, stable, and neutral shoes to meet the needs of every runner and stroller.

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