Do New Balance Run Small, Big, or True to Size? (Yes Or No)

You must be wondering if New Balance shoes are truly born to move after winning the most smooth running shoe awards. Yes, I’m referring to the fit.

So, do New Balance shoes run small, large, or true to size? Unfortunately, the answer, like their size, is not fixed. Most New Balance shoes run true to size, but if you have wide feet, you should order a size up. While for some sneakers, you must always size down.

So, since the answer appears to be a mystery to the majority of sneakerheads, we’ve got your back!

Do New Balance Run Small, Big, or True to Size?

Most New Balances are true to size, and they have shoes in all widths and lengths. However, if you are a woman, you must size down in some shoes, particularly unisex styles that come in one size for both genders. Because they are in men’s sizes, it is usually true to size for men.

If the shoes have a narrow middle or you have wide feet, you may need to size up in New Balance. However, since New Balance’s toe room is very spacious in general, it’s usually either sizing down or going true to size.

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How Do New Balance Shoes Fit?

When you first get your New Balance shoes, they should fit snugly without any slips. Most New Balance shoes are slip-on and require little effort to put on.

Second, the midfoot should be slightly tight over the top of your foot and under the arch. It means there should be a quarter-inch/one thumb gap between your knee and the Balance’s heel, as well as between your toe and the toe box. You should also be able to wiggle your toes in the toe box.

Also, the laces should be medium-fitting, allowing you to comfortably place two fingers beneath them.

You may need to go a size up or down depending on the width of your shoe. For those with a narrow middle, for example, you should size up.

Do You Have to Break in New Balance Shoes?

Unlike other shoes that must be broken in to fit properly, New Balance shoes do not. Once you’ve found the right fit, you’ll find them roomy and comfortable enough to wear without having to wait forever for them to stretch.

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How to Check if New Balance Fits Your Foot?

How can you determine your correct size now that you know how New Balance should fit despite the lack of a break-in period? Here’s a checklist of things to consider before purchasing any pair:

  1. Determine which of your feet is the longest, and wear socks if you normally wear them with New Balance.
  2. Place a white sheet on the ground and put your largest foot on the paper against a wall.
  3. Trace your foot on paper and measure the length of your foot (in cm) from the largest toe to the heel.
  4. For the width, start by measuring the widest part horizontally.
  5. Use the size chart to find your measurements.

For Best Results:

  • Measure each foot separately and choose the largest length of the two.
  • When you receive your pair, try them on in the afternoon when your feet are swollen.
  • Remeasure your shoes every year because they change slightly with age and conditions such as pregnancy.
  • As soon as you try on your New Balance, you should feel at ease.
New Balance true to size

New Balance Size Chart (Both Men and Women)

Still unsure how to convert your size? We have a table for you. Take note of the 1.5 size difference between US men’s and women’s sizes.


What to Do if New Balance Fit Larger?

If you’re reading this blog after purchasing a New Balance that is too big for your feet, we’ll show you how to use the same pair without slipping off during walks or runs.

Pair Up With Thick Socks

If you’re not new to my blog, you’re already aware of this shoe-fitting tip. Just grab a pair of thick socks and step in your New Balance shoes. They are extremely ventilating and roomy, so you will not start sweating after wearing them. 

Insert insoles

Insoles are an excellent choice for adding layers inside shoes. Purchase ones that are the correct size and shape for your New Balance, place them, and you’re ready to go.

Play With the Laces

If you disliked the previous methods, you should try laces this time. After all, laces are provided to help you tighten or loosen your shoes. So, how do you lace up the New Balance? The following are the steps you should take:

  1. Remove the laces, leaving the last two holes from the top open. 
  2. Insert the last lace from the third last hole into the first hole on one side of the shoe to form a loop.
  3. Repeat the same step for the other side.
  4. Bring the end of each lace over to the other side and pass it through the loops.
  5. Wear your shoes with your heel firmly pressed against the back of the shoe.
  6. Pull up all the loops across the lacing, then pull the lace firmly from the end for a defined look. 
  7. Tie the laces firmly once or twice, depending on the degree of tightness you want.

If nothing else works for your large New Balance, return or exchange it for the correct size.

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What to Do if New Balance Fit Smaller?

If you have foot cramps, drowsiness, or blisters/calluses on your heel and toes, your New Balance shoes are too small. So, what are your options? Simply return or exchange for the proper size.

Yes, you can’t fit in the small shoe, even after stretching, unlike compromising for larger sizes in New Balance with socks and all. Why? Since stretching methods such as using heat, drying, and washing machines can damage the soles and cause the rubber to shrink.

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New Balance Standard Vs. Wide?

New Balance offers a variety of fit options, ranging from extra narrow to extra wide. However, we will focus on the two main fits: standard and wide. Standard denotes medium-width feet, while Wide denotes wide feet. And both are portrayed differently in men, women, and kids. Here’s a chart to help you understand it:


There is a 1.25 cm or 0.5-inch difference between D, B, and 2E.

Do New Balance 327 Run Small?

If you grab a pair of New Balance 327, you will see how narrow the shoe is in the middle. And, in answer to your question, they do run small. So, whether you have narrow or wide feet, you should size up in these.

Do New Balance 530 Run Small or Big?

Despite their high demand during the summer, most people have a difficult time returning New Balance 530. The reason for this is that they are unisex and come in men’s sizes. So, here’s how New Balance 530 fits.

If you have wider feet and normally wear a US size 9 or a Euro size 40, order two sizes down in men’s sizing. That means you should get a men’s size 7. (7.5 would be too large). However, if you are a man in the same category, going true to size is fine.

Since they are towards the roomier side and you have to pair them with thick socks, you can go for a half size down if you have narrow feet, prefer less room, or want to work out in them. 

The high ventilation observed in New Balance 530 is why people don’t prefer them in winters.

Do New Balance 550 Run Small or Big?

The New Balance 550 fits large or true to size. And the sizing of these oddly fitted shoes is determined by two factors: the width of your feet and the amount of room you require.

If you have narrow feet or prefer to wear loose laces, you should size down. The reason for this is the spacious toe-box.

If you have wide feet or prefer your laces to be tighter, go true to size. However, I have never seen anyone go for a size up in the New Balance 550.

Are New Balance 574 True to Size?

The popular New Balance 574 fits true to size. They have a quarter inch of space between the heels, so you know exactly how shoes should fit. Furthermore, these are very easy to put on. So, whether you have wide or extra wide feet, the size chart will have your size.

How Long Do New Balance Shoes Last?

The life expectancy of New Balance shoes is determined by how they are used and at what mileage. New Balance shoes typically last 300-500 miles or three to six months. However, this is not always the case. In comparison to Nike and Adidas, most users had them for years. So, I believe the durability is determined by which New Balance you brought, how much you wear them, and how you care for your New Balance shoes. Running shoes should be replaced every six months on average.

Wrap Up: Do New Balance Run Small, Big, Or True To Size?

New Balance shoes come in a variety of sizes and are mostly true to size. Simply determine whether your foot falls into the wide or standard category, and then compare your length and width to the chart.

In some cases, such as the New Balance 550, you must size down further than indicated in the chart. And if you get a larger pair, you can use it effectively with the methods discussed in this article.

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