Are Allbirds Waterproof? (Quick Guide!)

Are you intrigued by celebrities like Barack Obama wearing Allbirds all day? Yes, we all are! And it’s no surprise that the brand is on the rise following the announcement of its first waterproof shoe. However, Mizzles is not listed in the waterproof category on the official website. So, despite the bold remarks, are Allbirds waterproof?

No, Allbirds are not waterproof, nor do they claim to be. Allbirds feature water-resistant and water-repellant shoes, which are different from being waterproof. Merino wool and the Tree collection are water-resistant, whereas the Mizzle and Trail Runners SWT series are water-repellent.

So, if you’re wondering if you can replenish the waterproofness of your Allbirds or wear them in the rain, we’ve got you covered!

are allbirds waterproof

Can Allbirds Get Wet? 

Yes, regardless of their type, Allbirds do get wet in heavy downpours and can only withstand light rain and drizzles. With that sustainability, they will keep your feet dry in light rain. But the intensity of getting wet depends on what kind of Allbirds you wear. 

So I don’t recommend jumping in a puddle while wearing Allbirds. Here’s my analysis of Allbirds and the material that helps them keep water out:

Water-resistant Allbirds shoes

Water resistance gives the lowest form of unguaranteed protection against water intrusion. Hence, Allbirds which are water-resistant include:

Classic Merino Wool Runners

Merino wool is naturally water resistant and can hold up to 30% of water by weight. And the reason for this water-repellency is the waxy lanolin layer on its surface. Merino wool retains its heat-giving properties even after being wet. But wool loses about a third of this retaining strength and has to be made water-tight again.

Allbirds Tree Series

The Allbirds Tree collection is built with Tencel fabric made from eucalyptus pulp. Unfortunately, this fabric isn’t naturally waterproof, is breathable, and can wet your feet in heavy rain. However, it can absorb some water and provide a water-resistant finish.

Water-repellant Allbirds shoe

Water repellency means mid-level water protection, higher than water-repellant products but lesser than waterproof materials. So, in Allbirds, we have two choices for water-repellant shoes:

Allbirds Mizzle Series

This series has been highly mistaken for waterproof but is explicitly made for rain protection. According to reviews, they will keep your feet dry in the rain much better than the previously discussed water–resistant Allbirds. However, they are not intended for very heavy pours. So three factors contribute to these shoes’ ability to be worn in the rain:

  • An ultra-thin TPU layer between the wool upper and the inner of these shoes can withstand water droplet contact. 
  • They also have a fluorine-free water-resistant coating that helps bead up the water.
  • The insole of Mizzles is Sweatfoam, considered the world’s first organic EVA. This rubber-like material gives excellent traction and flexibility to withstand sturdy wet tracks.

And the following Allbirds come in the Mizzle series:

  • Wool runner Mizzles.
  • Runner-up Mizzles.
  • Dasher Mizzles.
  • Runner-up Mizzle Plus.

Allbirds Trail Runners SWT

The SWT in these trail runners stands for Sweet, wool, and tree, and these Allbirds are explicitly made for hiking trails. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. These shoes are composed of all the natural specialties of the other water-repellant Allbirds shoes, i.e., Sweet foam midsole, ZQ Merino Wool lining and upper, Bio-based TPU seam, and FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell upper. 

Thus, these shoes have great reviews of not wetting feet in the rain, despite not being completely waterproof.

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Can You Wear Allbirds On The Beach?

Stepping onto the beach entails more than just stepping into the water; you must also consider sand and weather protection.

The Allbirds Tree Runners are lighter and more breezy than Wool Runners, but you will have to shake both of them off for sand removal as the sand escapes the porous upper. Plus, they aren’t waterproof. And the same is the case with Tree Toppers, though they feature in Allbirds’ Shoreline series.

In short, you can wear your Allbirds sneakers on the beach at low tide for breathability, but be prepared for sogginess and washing them later. But you can surely take your Allbirds sandals to the beach without a second thought.

allbirds to beach

How To Make Allbirds Waterproof?

We’ve now discovered that Allbirds shoes aren’t waterproof. But can you make them waterproof like we make other shoes in the market? Yes, and here’s how:

For Wool Runners

Since these Allbirds are woolen, you can use either a lanolin wax or a nanoparticle waterproofing spray.

  • Clean your Allbirds with soap and water.
  • Grab a lanolin wax spray and spray it on your Allbirds 
  • Wipe away the excess waxy material using a clean microfiber cloth by gentle dabbing.
  • Allow the Allbirds to dry naturally.

Note: Allbirds don’t recommend using a Lanolin spray on Wool runners as it might damage the material. So, waterproof them this way if you need to take your Runners in the heavy rain, but I don’t guarantee complete protection.

Alternatively, consider using a waterproofing spray made for merino wool employing the same method.

For Tree series

Since the Allbirds Tree collection is made with Eucalyptus pulp, I suggest trying a Eucalyptus leather shield spray for waterproofing. Such products are usually a mixture of Eucalyptus oil and beeswax, where beeswax gives water-tight properties.

The application process is more or less the same as described for the Wool Runners, but I suggest doing a patch test before waterproofing the entire Allbirds. 

What is an Allbirds puddle guard?

The puddle guard is giving the water-resistant property we discussed for the Allbirds Mizzles. Other than being breathable, fluorine-free, and bio-TPU, this layer is Oeko-Tex Eco Passport-certified (certifies non-toxicity). And does it keep your feet bone dry in the puddles? 

Again, there are mixed reviews regarding the Puddle guard’s functionality. But most people agree that these Mizzles will keep your feet dry if you avoid wading them in deep puddles or for extended hours. And hence are only for light puddles, as water can sweep through the shoes’ gaps if the puddles are deep.

Can Allbirds Be Worn In The Snow?

Though Allbirds are not designed for extreme cold, you can wear them in snow due to their merino wool composition and water-repellent nature.

However, when I say snow, I mean light, thin snow (less than an inch), not slippery, thick snow or ice. Why? Because I’ve heard they don’t provide much traction on extremely slippery surfaces, even though the wool is great for providing necessary warmth, like Uggs.

So, if you want to wear Allbirds in light snow while keeping your feet dry, I recommend getting Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles only.

Final Words: Are Allbirds Waterproof?

There are no waterproof Allbirds, and you can’t wear any for long hours or during heavy pours. Due to their water-resistant and repellent properties, they are only suitable for keeping your feet dry in light rains, low tides, trekking, and snow.

However, you can make them waterproof by waterproofing them with lanolin, eucalyptus, or any other appropriate waterproofing spray (depending on the material of your Allbirds). If you intend to wear your Allbirds to the beach, Allbirds sandals are the best option.

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