Blundstone Boots Resoling and Restoration: How to Bring Your Favorite Boots Back to Life?

Blundstone boots are popular for their longevity and ease, creating them a renowned option for many. However, with continual use, the soles of the shoes can deteriorate, leaving the possessor with a difficult selection to make. Should they restore the boots thoroughly or try to discover a way to restore them?

Fortunately, resoling and restoration is a quick fix for those who don’t want to part with their favorite Blundstone boots. Begin by carefully assessing the condition of your boots. Once you have gathered the necessary materials you can start the restoration process.

Remove the old soles using a utility knife, taking care not to damage the upper part of the boots. Clean the boot soles and apply adhesive according to the instructions and firmly press the new soles into place, ensuring a strong bond. Trim any excess sole material. Finally, gently heat the soles to enhance the adhesive’s bonding properties. 

By choosing to resole and restore your Blundstone boots, you not only save money by avoiding the need for a new pair but also contribute to sustainable fashion practices by reducing waste. With skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, resoling and restoration services can breathe new life into your beloved Blundstone boots, allowing you to continue enjoying them for years to come.

Blundstone boots resole and restoration

Understanding Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots are admired for their longevity, ease, and versatility. They are constructed to resist various environments, making them a famous option for people requiring dependable footwear for work or outdoor ventures. However, one of the ordinary questions individuals ask is whether Blundstone boots can be resoled.

Blundstone boots are not designed in a way that clears the form of easy resoling. Most of their extents must be structured to be resoleable because of how they are made. Blundstone boots do not contain a welt, a membrane of leather between the rubber soles and leather upper parts. This shows that the latest soles cannot be sewn into the welt, generating resoling difficulty.

Despite this, several cobblers may be capable of resole Blundstone boots. However, it’s efficient to mention that resoling may only sometimes be feasible or functional. The price of resoling may also be greater than purchasing the latest pair of boots, particularly if the shoes are massively worn or destructed.

Blundstone boots are also popular for their versatile sizing system. They utilize Australian sizing, which can be perplexing for people who are not amicable with it. It’s necessary to compute your feet attentively and consult the size table given by Blundstone to verify that you attain the ideal size.

In conclusion, Blundstone boots are hard-wearing, snug footwear that resists various environments. However, they need to be structured to be resoleable, and resoling may only sometimes be empirical or profitable. It’s necessary to compute your feet anxiously and consult the size chart given by Blundstone to certify that you get the ideal size.

Can Blundstones be resoled?

Can blundstone be resoled

Blundstone boots are popular for their longevity and ease, creating them a famous option for many people. However, one question frequently is whether these boots can be resoled. The answer to this query is a complex one.

Blundstone boots are structured in distinct ways based on the extent, and some are not made to expedite resoling. This shows that resoling may not be feasible or may not be suggested for some Blundstone boots. However, this does not manifest that all Blundstone boots cannot be resoled.

According to our findings, resoling Blundstone boots can be processed but may need improvement. The shoes do not contain a good year welt formation or an erection that offers to resole. In particular, the boots do not have a welt, a leather membrane between the rubber soles and leather upper parts, into which the latest pair of soles can be hemmed. This makes resoling more complex and may require more attempts and expertise.

Despite this, there are still several choices for resoling Blundstone boots. Some shoe mending shops particularize in recreating Blundstone shoes by hand utilizing factory quality elements. They can resole the boots and refurnish them, making them appear almost as perfect as new ones. However, this service may not be accessible everywhere, and the price of resoling Blundstone boots can differ based on the repair shop.

In summary, whether Blundstone boots can be resoled or not is based on the shoes’ extent and formation. On the contrary, some Blundstone boots may still need to be constructed to provide resoling; resoling may still be viable for several boots. It is suggested to refer to an expert shoe mending shop to detect whether resoling is practicable and to obtain a price estimate.

Resoling Process

Blundstone boots are popular for longevity and comfort, but the soles may deteriorate with time. Luckily, resoling is a choice that can expand the life of your shoes. The following is a short overview of the resoling procedure for Blundstone boots:

  1. Detect a notable shoe mending shop that has sustained with Blundstone boots. Search for a shop with high-standard elements and positive evaluations from former users.
  2. Detach the old sole from the boot. This is generally done by trimming away the old sole with an intense knife or scissors. The shoe mending technician will take proper care to maintain the upper section of the boot throughout this procedure.
  3. Draw up the boot for the latest sole. The expert will clean the upper portion of the boot and beat up the surface where the latest sole will be affixed. This supports verifying a sturdy bond between the boot and the up-to-date sole.
  4. Attach the brand-new sole to the boot. This is generally done utilizing a muscular adhesive. The specialist will carefully line up the latest sole with the boot and squeeze it steadfastly. The boot will then be bestowed to dry for some time to permit the adhesive to settle.
  5. Cut the latest sole. Once the residue has dried, the operator will trim the extra element from the up to the minute sole utilizing an acute knife or scissors. This aids in certifying that the sole is adorned with the border of the boot and gives a clean, concluded look.
  6. Complete the resoled boot. The engineer may use a shielding coating or buff to the boot to help shield it from the materials and replace its look.

Overall, resoling can be a profitable way to expand the life of your Blundstone boots. By following these measures and working with a notable shoe mending shop, you can appreciate your boots for many years.

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Materials Used in Resoling

material used in resoling

Concerning resoling Blundstone boots, there are many materials that cobblers may utilize to finish the job. The elements used can differ based on the cobbler’s requirements and the particular preferences of the boots. However, several common components utilized in resoling Blundstone boots incorporate:


The sole is one of the most efficient materials in resoling Blundstone boots. Cobblers may include various soles, including Vibram soles, Gumlite soles, and polyurethane soles. Vibram soles are a famous option as they are hard-wearing and offer remarkable traction.

Gumlite soles are another renowned option, as they are mushy and padded, providing extraordinary comfort. Polyurethane soles are frequently utilized in genuine Blundstone boots and can be inserted into a mold for a squishier, more snug feel.


Adhesives are also an obligatory material used in resoling Blundstone boots. Cobblers may utilize various adhesives comprising contact cement and polyurethane glue.

Contact cement is an admired option as it generates a sturdy, permanent bond between the sole and the upper part. Polyurethane glue is another frequently utilized option as it is water-resistant and gives a muscular bond.


Thread is another obligatory element used in resoling Blundstone boots. Cobblers may utilize a diversity of various threads comprising nylon and polyester.

Nylon thread is a famous option as it is sturdy and durable. A polyester thread is another decision often utilized as it is impenetrable to UV light and dampness.

Other Materials

In contributing to the above elements, cobblers may also utilize other materials in resoling Blundstone boots. These may incorporate cork, shank material, and heel lifts. Cork is frequently used as a filler to offer additional ease and support. The shank element is used to fortify the sole and give extraordinary stability. Heel lifts are utilized to elevate the height of the heel and offer additional support.

Overall, the elements utilized in resoling Blundstone boots can differ based on the cobbler and the particular requirements of the shoes. However, by using first-rate materials and skillful methods, cobblers can aid in expanding the life of these famous boots and maintain their appearing and feeling perfect for years to proceed.

Restoration Techniques for Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots are renowned for their longevity and comfort, but sturdy boots can deteriorate over time. Luckily, with the perfect restoration methods, you can provide your Blundstone boots with the latest lease on life. The following are several tips for replacing your Blundstone boots with their previous prestige.

Cleaning and Conditioning

The initial step in restoring your Blundstone boots is to wipe and condition them. Initiate removing any dirt or residue from the ground of the boots utilizing a mushy-bristled brush or cloth.

Then, use a leather cleaner on the shoes and a clean fabric to work the cleaner into the leather softly. Once the boots are neat, use a leather conditioner to maintain the leather supple and avert splitting.

Repairing Damages

If your Blundstone boots contain any damages, like holes or tears, you can mend them using a leather mending kit. First, clean the destructed area and cut any loose threads or edges.

Then, use a leather filler on the impaired side and level it out using a spatula. Once the filler has dried, rub it until it is even and level with the adjacent leather. Finally, use a leather dye to suit the color of the bordering leather.

Polishing and Finishing

To provide your Blundstone boots a glossy finish, initiate by using a leather polish to the ground of the boots utilizing a clean fabric. Then, utilize a squishy-bristled brush to burnish the shoes until they sparkle. Use a leather protector spray on the boots for an additional protection membrane.

Overall, with the correct restoration methods, you can expand the life of your Blundstone boots and maintain them appearing great for years to proceed.

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When to Consider Resoling and Restoration?

Blundstone boots are popular for their longevity and comfort, but even the perfect boots can deteriorate over time. When the soles of your Blundstone boots begin to fade out or become damaged, it may be time to contemplate resoling and replacement.

Several indications that your Blundstone boots may require resoling or restoration include:

  • Bumpy or deteriorated tread
  • Minimized skid resistance
  • Perforations or tears in the sole or upper part
  • Loose hemming or seams
  • Split or impaired leather

If you note any of these symptoms, addressing them as soon as feasible is necessary to avoid further destruction to your boots and prospective injury. Resoling and replacement can help expand the life of your shoes and secure your money in the long run by averting the requirement for a whole replacement.

Blundstone boots are structured to be resoleable, but it’s efficient to mention that not all extents can offer resoling because of their construction. If you need to be verified whether your boots can be resoled, it’s perfect to refer to an expert repair service.

Overall, if you desire to maintain your Blundstone boots appearing and feeling they are ideal, it’s efficient to consider resoling and replacement when required. With appropriate care and maintenance, your Blundstone boots can endure for years.

Choosing a Professional for Resoling and Restoration

Regarding resoling and replacing Blundstone boots, it is efficient to select an expert who occurrence and expertise in this section. The following are several factors to contemplate when opting for a skillful job:

  • Experience: Search for an expert skillful in resoling and replacing Blundstone boots. This will verify that they are familiar with these boots’ versatile formations and elements and can offer a first-rate repair.
  • Quality of materials: Certify that the experienced ones utilize high-standard materials for mending. This will verify that the repair is hard-wearing and durable.
  • Turnaround time: Take the turnaround time for the repair. While you desire the mend to be done as swiftly as feasible, verifying that the experts take the time to do the job perfectly is also efficient.
  • Cost: Contrast the price of the repair from various professionals. On the other hand, you don’t desire to select the cheapest choice; you also don’t need to pay extra for the repair.

It is also necessary to read evaluations and consult with friends or family members who have experienced their Blundstone boots resoled or replaced. This can aid you in discovering a skillful who has ideal fame and can offer excellent work.

Overall, selecting an executive for Blundstone boot resoling and replacement needs careful consideration of some factors. By detecting the perfect professional, you can verify that your boots are mended accurately and will endure for years.

Cost of Resoling and Restoration

Resoling and restoring Blundstone boots can be a profitable way to expand their lifetime and maintain them appearing great. The price of resoling and replacement can differ based on the range of the damage and the kind of repair required.

According to our research we found, the price of resoling a pair of Blundstone boots can scale from $85 to $110, inclined on the repair shop. Several shops may provide extraordinary services, like cleaning, conditioning, and waterproofing, which can contribute to the cost.

The price may be greater for broader restoration work, such as restoring the stretchable gussets or mending the leather upper part. MyShoeman, a full-service shoe mending shop in Salem, Oregon, gives a Blundstone resole service for $98 for each pair, incorporating backup shipping. The turnaround time for their boot reconstructing procedure is approximately a week.

It is efficient to mention that not all Blundstone boots are resoleable. According to the Blundstone US Customer Service & Support website, several extents of boots need to be designed to offer resoling because of the way they are structured.

Overall, the price of resoling and replacing Blundstone boots can differ based on the range of the destruction and the repair shop. However, it can be a profitable way to expand shoes’ life and maintain their appearance.

Care Tips After Resoling and Restoration

After getting your Blundstone boots resoled and replaced, it’s necessary to take appropriate care of them to verify they last as elongated as possible. The following are several care measures to bear in mind:

  • Clean them regularly: Utilize a mushy-bristled brush or wet cloth to detach any dirt or residue from the ground of the boots. Prevent utilizing acute chemicals or soaps that can hurt the leather.
  • Condition the leather: Use a leather conditioner for the boots to maintain the leather squishy and flexible. This will also aid in averting splitting and drying out.
  • Protect them from the elements: Blundstone boots are structured to be water-resilient, but they are not entirely waterproof. Use an impenetrable spray on the leather to shield them from rain and snow.
  • Store them properly: When not in utilization, place your boots in a cool, fresh dry place away from sunlight. Prevent storing them wet or damp, leading to leather warping or rupturing.
  • Avoid excessive wear: While Blundstone boots are hard-wearing and constructed to resist massive use, extra wear can still bring about damage. Avoid using them in acute conditions like extensive snow or mud attempts to alternate between various pairs of shoes to provide them a break.

By following these preventive measures, you can aid in expanding the life of your latest resoled and replaced Blundstone boots. With correct care, they can pursue to give ease and protection for years to approach.


Blundstone boots are popular for their longevity and comfort. While their several extents need to be structured to be resoled because of how they are designed, it is feasible to get them resoled by a cobbler. However, it is necessary to mention that the erection of Blundstone boots does not impart itself well to resoling, and it may not be the perfect choice for everyone.

If you are given resoling your Blundstone boots, it is suggested that you refer to an expert cobbler to detect if it is possible and profitable. It is also obligatory to contemplate the age and state of the boots and your deliberate use of them.

If you select to have your Blundstone boots resoled, some notable cobblers particularize in Blundstone resoling and revamping. NuShoe is one such brand that provides factory-standard elements and hand reconstructing for Blundstone shoes, having a turnaround time of approximately 3-4 weeks.

In summary, while Blundstone boots are not structured to be resoled, it is feasible to have them resoled by a cobbler. However, it is efficient to anxiously think about the age and state of the boots, as well as the price and possibility of resoling. Referring to an expert cobbler and selecting a notable brand can help verify that your Blundstone boots are replaced with their previous prestige.

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