How Do Blundstones Fit? (Comprehensive Guide!)

Blundstone boots are a renowned option for those searching for a hard-wearing and modish footwear choice. However, discovering the perfect size can be perplexing. As Blundstones are designed in Australian sizing, attaining the ideal fit can be problematic for US sizing users.

The most efficient factor in obtaining the perfect Blundstone sizing is length. Half sizes in Blundstones are only broader, not longer. For those in the US, it is suggested to go a full size lesser than normal. If you have tighter feet, it is recommended to round down to approximately full size. To verify the ideal fit, computing your feet’ extended and extensive parts is suggested.

With their unique design and high-quality materials, Blundstones provide a snug yet flexible fit that molds to the wearer’s feet over time. The brand’s extensive range of sizes and width options further ensures that individuals can find the perfect fit for their feet. Whether you’re navigating rugged terrains or strolling through city streets, Blundstones offer unparalleled support, durability, and style, making them a trusted choice for those seeking footwear that fits like a dream.

how do blundstones fit

Do Blundstones fit true to size?

Blundstone boots incline to fit faithful to size. However, it’s necessary to mention that Blundstone boots are structured in AU sizing, which may vary from other sizing systems. It’s suggested to compute your feet and contrast them to the size tables given by Blundstone to certify appropriate fit.

Blundstone boots are constructed to fit comfortably around the foot and ankle, having a moderate give in the heel. The leather utilized in Blundstone boots will extend and fold to your feet with time, generating a conventional fit. If you prioritize a broader fit, opting for a half-size-up is suggested.

It’s obligatory to remember that every pattern is distinct, and the sizes may differ. Some Blundstone boots may run moderately greater or smaller than others. It’s always a perfect idea to test on several various sizes and styles to discover the best fit for you.

Overall, Blundstone boots are popular for their snug fit and longevity. With accurate sizing and care, they can endure for years and become predominant in any wardrobe.

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Understanding Blundstone Sizing

Understanding blundstone sizing

Blundstone boots are admired for their durability, ease, and style. However, discovering the perfect size can be demanding, particularly for US-based purchasers. In this part, we will survey the various sizing systems utilized by Blundstone and offer useful information to aid you in selecting the right size.

Australian Sizing

Blundstone is an Australian brand whose sizing system is inclined to Australian and UK standards. The sizes are manifested on the bottom of the boots and are generally shown in UK sizes. For instance, if you notice a size 9 on the bottom of the boot, it shows UK size 9.

US Sizing

Blundstone boots are also accessible in the US, and the sizes are decided in US sizes. However, there is an efficient difference between Australian and US sizing, which can lead to confusion.

For instance, an Australian size 9 equals a US size 10 for men and a US size 11 for women. Therefore, it is necessary to transform the Australian to the US size before buying.

EU Sizing

Blundstone boots are also accessible in Europe, and the sizes are pronounced in EU sizes. The transformation from Australian to EU sizes is direct, as they are both founded on the same level. For instance, an Australian size 9 resembles an EU size 43.

It is necessary to mention that Blundstone boots are unisex, despite several styles that are structured particularly for men or women. Therefore, it is obligatory to focus on the sizing tables and select the perfect size inclined on your foot length and breadth.

In conclusion, comprehending Blundstone sizing can be bewildering, but with the ideal information, you can decide on the perfect size and enjoy the ease and style of these versatile boots.

Blundstone’s Unisex Sizing

Blundstone is popular for its unisex sizing, showing that its boots are structured to fit men and women. However, it can be puzzling for several people to figure out the ideal size to order. In this part, we will explore Blundstone’s unisex sizing and offer information on discovering the perfect size for both men and women.

Men’s Sizing

Blundstone’s men’s sizing is inclined toward UK men’s sizes. For instance, if you use a UK men’s size 9, you should buy a Blundstone size 9. However, it’s efficient to mention that Blundstone boots incline towards running moderately greater than other brands, so you may desire to consider purchasing a half size down from your normal size.

Blundstone suggests computing your feet and contrasting them to their size table to verify the best fit. The chart offers computations in both centimeters and inches, making detecting the ideal size comfortable.

Women’s Sizing

Blundstone’s women’s sizing is also inclined on UK men’s sizes but has several maintenances. To detect the perfect size in women’s Blundstone boots, you should remove three sizes from your normal Canadian size. For instance, if you use a Canadian women’s size 8, you should buy a Blundstone size 5.

It’s obligatory to mention that Blundstone’s women’s boots are structured with a tight fit than the men’s boots. You should order a men’s size instead if you have extensive feet.

Regarding men’s sizing, Blundstone suggests comparing your feet to their size table to verify the perfect fit.

In summary, Blundstone’s unisex sizing can be perplexing. Still, you can discover the ideal fit for your feet by following their size table and considering the inappreciable dissimilarities between men’s and women’s sizing.

Fit and Comfort of Blundstones

Fit and comfort

Blundstone boots are popular for their snug fit and longevity. They are structured to be worn for elongated periods without leading to any discomfort or pain. In this part, we will explore the fit and ease of Blundstones.

Ankle Fit

Blundstones are constructed to fit comfortably around the ankle without being too narrow. The boots should fit easily throughout the ankle and offer support without limiting movement.

The ankle fit is necessary as it aids in averting the foot from skidding around into the boot, which can lead to injuries and discomfort.

Toe Box Space

Blundstones contain a spacious toe box that permits the toes to move intentionally. The toe box is structured to adapt to various foot shapes and sizes.

The boots should not be too narrow around the toes, as this can lead to irritation and pain. The toe box should have sufficient room to jiggle the toes snugly.

Insole and Arch Support

Blundstones are available with a portable insole that gives extraordinary padding and arch aid. The insole is structured to offer ease and support to the foot. The arch support is necessary as it aids in dividing the weight of the body smoothly across the foot. The insole can be restored with traditional orthotics if needed.

Blundstones are structured to be snug and durable. They are designed from high-standard materials and are constructed to last. The fit and comfort of Blundstones are obligatory factors to consider when buying a pair of boots. An appropriate fit is important to verify that the boots offer the required support and ease for the feet.

Adjusting to Your New Blundstones

Break-In Period

Blundstone boots are popular for their longevity and comfort, but like any latest pair of shoes, they may need a break-in period. Throughout this time, the leather will extend and accommodate the appearance of your foot, leading to a more customized fit.

It is suggested to wear your up-to-date Blundstones around the house or for brief periods initially, slowly intensifying the time you wear them daily. This will permit your feet to conform to the latest shoes and minimize the possibility of blisters or discomfort.

Wearing Thick Socks

Blundstones are structured to fit comfortably to your foot, and wearing massive socks may influence the fit. If you decide to wear thick socks with your Blundstones, it is suggested to size up.

However, remember that Blundstones are constructed to be worn with narrow or medium-mass socks. If you size up, reconcile thick socks, the boots may feel insecure or intolerable when worn with slender socks.

When buying Blundstones, it is efficient to compute your feet and consult the size table to verify you get the perfect fit possible. With proper care and wear, your Blundstones will provide comfort and durability for years.

Caring for Your Blundstones to Maintain Proper Fit

Blundstone boots are designed to last, but proper care is necessary to prolong their life and maintain fit. The following are several tips for maintaining your Blundstones:


  • Utilize a dry nubuck fabric to detach any surface dirt.
  • Brush softly with a suede brush in a circular motion, taking appropriate care not to invest more than several seconds in any area.
  • If you contain any scrapes, separate them with a gum eraser. Simply rub the scratches using the eraser and clean away the rubber debris.


  • Utilize a leather conditioner to maintain the leather supple and avert it from drying out and splitting.
  • Use the conditioner with a neat fabric and work it into the leather, focusing extra on any areas exposed to deterioration.
  • Allow the conditioner to soak in for several minutes, then clean away any extra with a clean fabric.


  • Use waterproofing wax to shield your boots from rain, snow, and other dampness.
  • Use the wax with a neat fabric, working it into the leather and focusing extra on the seams and other portions where water can leak.
  • Allow the wax to dry entirely before using your boots in damp conditions.


  • Place your Blundstones in a cool, fresh, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Pack them with newspaper or a shoe tree to support them in adjusting their shape.
  • If you aren’t wearing them for an extended period, consider storing them in a dust bag or box to protect them from dust and other debris.

Following these simple care tips can help ensure your Blundstones maintain fit and last for years.

Are Blundstone half sizes just wider?

Blundstone boots are popular for their longevity, ease, and style. However, their sizing can be perplexing for those who are not acquainted with the brand. One of the most ordinary questions individuals have is whether Blundstone half sizes are broader.

According to the formal Blundstone sizing guide, half sizes are surely broader, not longer. This shows that if you have extensive feet, consider a half-size despite a full-size. However, if you contain tight feet, it is suggested to round down to approximately full size.

It is also efficient to mention that Blundstone boots are designed in Australian sizing. This means that if you are in the US, you should go for a full size lesser than your normal size. For instance, if you generally wear a size 10.5 or 10 in US sneakers, you should wear a size 9 AU in Blundstone boots.

When testing on your Blundstone boots, there should be a moderate give in the heel and approximately a quarter inch of room from the edge of your toe to the front of the boot. This will ensure a comfortable fit and allow your feet to breathe.

Overall, Blundstone half sizes are wider, not longer. If you have wider feet, consider a half-size instead of a full-size. However, if you contain slender feet, it is suggested to round down to approximately full size. Remember that Blundstone boots are constructed in Australian sizing, so you should opt for a full size lesser than your normal size if you are in the US.

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What Size Should I Get for Blundstones?

Regarding buying a pair of Blundstone boots, attaining the perfect size is critical for ease and longevity. Blundstone boots are unisex, so both men and women can use them. However, it is necessary to mention that the sizes may differ based on the pattern.

Blundstone boots are designed to fit faithful to size, which shows that you should purchase the same size as your normal shoe size. If you need to be verified regarding your size, you can compute your feet and contrast them to the size chart given by Blundstone. The table will help you discover the ideal size for your foot length.

It is also obligatory to mention that Blundstone boots will extend moderately over time, particularly over the instep. Therefore, it is suggested to go for a comfortable fit when buying your boots. This way, the boots will lean back to fit your feet snugly.

Below is a typical size table for Blundstone boots:

US Women’sUS Men’sUKEU

Getting the perfect size when buying Blundstone boots is important to verify comfort and durability. You can discover the ideal pair of Blundstone boots for your feet by utilizing the size chart and going for a comfortable fit.

Should Blundstones feel tight or loose?

Blundstone boots are popular for their snug fit and durability. However, concerning sizing, there can be some uncertainty regarding whether they should feel narrow or loose.

Blundstones are structured to have a detached fit, permitting some wiggle space and permeability. It is suggested to contain at least a thumb’s breadth of room between the end of your foot and the conclusion of the boot. This certifies sufficient space for your toes to move throughout snugly.

It is efficient to mention that while Blundstones should feel open, they should also feel tight enough. If the boots are skidding off your feet or your heel emerges from the boot, they are too large. This can lead to discomfort and even cause blisters.

When testing on Blundstones, wearing the socks you would generally wear with the boots is suggested. This will give you a finer idea of how they will fit when you wear them routinely.

Blundstones should feel snug and have a looser fit but not so insecure that they are slipping off your feet. Investing the time to discover the right size and verify that they fit appropriately to avert discomfort and potential foot issues is efficient.

Snug fitCan be perplexing to find the perfect size
Looser fit permits permeabilityShould not be too detached or tight
Thumb’s breadth of space suggestedAppropriate sizing is efficient for comfort
Socks should be used when trying on

Note: The information given is inclined toward research and typical guidelines. Personal experiences may differ.


Blundstone boots are popular for their voguish pattern and snug fit. Concerning detecting the ideal fit for your Blundstones, it is necessary to consider both the length and breadth of your foot.

Depending on the search consequences, quitting a minimum of ½ an inch of room is suggested between the end of your foot and the finishing of the boot. If your big toe embraces the front of the boot, it is too tight. Additionally, Blundstone boots generally contain a looser fit and a broader fit over the instep and toes.

It is also necessary to mention that Blundstone boots are designed in UK and AUS sizes, and the half-sizes are only extensive—not longer. Therefore, focusing on the sizing chart and computing your foot is obligatory before buying a pair of Blundstones.

Detecting the ideal fit for your Blundstones may take some time, but verifying your boots’ additional comfort and durability is worth trying. With appropriate care and adjustment, Blundstone boots can endure for years and become predominant in your wardrobe.

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