On Cloud Vs. Brooks: Which One To Go For?

To stand out in any race, you must develop the proper pace, which is only possible if you wear the proper shoe. Fortunately, both On Cloud and Brooks have high-tech features that have helped runners win medals at the Olympics.

When it comes to responsiveness, lightweight nature, and cushioning, On Cloud comes out on top. But if you want to enjoy all of this for a longer period of time, Brooks is the way to go. However, Brooks is heavier than On Cloud, which can be both a blessing and a curse for runners. 

But how exactly? To find out, keep reading till the end.

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Feature Comparison: On Cloud Vs. Brooks

One of the primary reasons for comparing both brands is their distinct features that proclaim their reputation. Here’s a comparison chart:

FeaturesBrooksOn Cloud
UpperEngineered mesh upperMostly Polyester.
Cotton Canvas or Polyamide.
Technical mesh paneling and micro-ventilation patterns for extra breathability.
The upper is attached with Strobel having non-woven, recycled polyester.
OutsoleLugged outsole for traction.
Spongy, soft, and thick Carbon-blown rubber.
Ethylene-vinyl acetate (Helion), rubber outsole.
MidsoleDNA loft, BioMoGo DNA, EVARubber, CloudTec technology.
The midsole is embedded with Speed Board technology for flexibility.
LiningSoft fabricDot-patterned sock liner.
Arch supportProgressive Diagonal ROLLBAR technology support.
Choice of neutral, motion-controlled, and stable shoes.
Orthotic arch supports overpronators. 
Raised arch in the middle of most shoes.

Brooks vs. On Cloud sizing

When it comes to sizing, Brooks is a half or full size larger. On Cloud shoes, on the other hand, run half to a full size small. As a result, you must select the appropriate shoe from the size charts based on your foot length and width. Here are some size charts to compare:

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Brooks Size Chart

Brooks Men’s Sizing Chart 

6.55.53925 1/4

Brooks Women’s Sizing Chart


On Cloud Size Chart

On Cloud Men’s Sizing Chart 


On Cloud Women’s Sizing Chart


If you observe the size charts, the On Cloud shoes run a half size larger than Brooks.

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Brooks Glycerin 20 Vs. On CloudMonster

Did you know? On Cloud Monster is well-known for lowering heart rate. When you compare the shoe to one of Brooks’ best Glycerin, the decision becomes more difficult. Here’s a table to help you choose the best of the best:

Brooks Glycerin 20On CloudMonster
Pros10mm drop.
Carbon rubber outsole.
Full-length Nitrogen-infused EVA foam.
Mesh upper for all seasons, except for rainy days.
Top-notch stability.
Supportive heel grip/minimal heel slippage.
Secure and plush fit due to the absence of tongue present in the previous version.
Comfortable for long-distance runs.
A quilted tongue that reduces lacing pressure.
Fits true to size.
Snug fitting.
It covers 400 mileage on average.
6mm drop.
Great for wearing long hours and all day.
Very fine cushioning and response.
Good energy return.
The Helion foam provides rigidness and plushness. Minimized carbon footprint.
ConsNo reflectivity or gusset.
Not much soft as claimed by the label.
Low versatility.
Average ventilation.
Slightly tight on the small toe.
Slippery laces.
Not durable for heavy runners.
Weight Brooks Glycerin Men’s 20: 10.1 oz for Men’s US size 9.
Brooks Glycerin Women’s 20: 9.1 oz for Women’s US size 8.
On CloudMonster Men’s: 9.7 oz for Men’s US size 8.5.
On CloudMonster Women’s: 8.1 for Women’s US size 7.
PricingUSD 160USD 140

On CloudFlyer vs. Brooks Adrenaline

It’s difficult to compare On Cloud vs. Brooks Adrenaline because they both turn on runners. So, to settle the debate, let’s compare the incredible Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 to On Cloud Flyer.

Brooks Adrenalin GTS 22On CloudFlyer
ProsMid-cushioned-stability shoe.
The holistic guide rails help keep the foot in the middle, preventing unnecessary movements.
12mm drop from heel to toe.
Comes in full-width sizes for both sexes.
Have both heavier and lighter versions.
3D printed, flexible upper.
Suitable for all types of running, walking, and gym activities.
Engineered mesh upper makes it super breathable and flexible.
Durable and comfortable due to 100% DNA Loft.
The rubber outsole provides good traction, even on wet surfaces.
Segmented crash pads for shock absorption and Omega flex grooves for flexibility on the outsole.
A good variant of colors.
Good shock absorption.
Secure fit.
Suitable for flat feet.
Stilt-like cushioning with great shock absorption.
Lightweight comfort (due to Zero-Gravity foam).
7mm drop.
Not great durability.
Great for long-distance runs.
ConsRequires breaking in.
Very heavy.
Some customers find the midsole very hard.
Limited variety of colors.
Time-taking cushioning Expensive
Weight Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22  Men’s: 10.2 oz. 
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22  Women’s: 8.9 oz.  
On CloudFlyer Men’s: 10 oz for Men’s Size 9.
On Cloudflyer Women’s: 8.5 oz for Women’s size 8.
PricingUSD 140USD 140

On Cloud Vs. Brooks For Nurses?

They say, “Nurses are angels in comfortable shoes”. Not only do you need comfort, but also lightness, stability, and durability to keep you agile while standing all day.

Brooks offers a wide range of shoes with all of these qualities in varying intensities, allowing you to select the best option for your work environment. As an example:

  • Glycerin GTS 19 and Adrenaline GTS 21 (for more cushioning and support)
  • Launch GTS 8 and Levitate GTS 5 (for reduced cushioning underfoot with better support)
  • Ghost 14 and Glycerin 19 (for neutral style and ample cushioning)
  • Launch GTS 8 and Levitate 5 (for neutral style and reduced cushioning).

On the other hand, On Cloud employs Cloud tech technology, which is very flexible, light weighted, and comfortable to wear all day, but it has drawbacks that make it unsuitable for nurses or those seeking all-day standing comfort.

To begin with, On Cloud shoes are not very durable, lasting only 300-500 miles. They are, without a doubt, lighter than Brooks, but their lighter weight makes them less durable. Brooks, on the other hand, can travel up to 600 miles.

Second, the breathable features used in On Cloud, such as mesh (forcefully covered in suede), are ineffective, making the shoe less suitable for summer than winter. Brooks, on the other hand, employs breathable mesh uppers that are well-known for providing the claimed breathability.

Finally, the fit. Most customers experience tight-fitting due to the narrower midfoot, toe box, and roomy heel of On Cloud shoes, especially if they have wide feet. In contrast, brooks have an ideal fit and run bigger with many widths and fitting options.

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Brooks Vs. On Cloud For Standing All Day?

As previously stated, Brooks is better suited to nurses than On Cloud. They outperform On Cloud shoes in terms of durability, cushioning, stability, width variety, and wider fit. You can also select your Brooks based on the level of comfort you require at work. As a result, I’ll recommend Brooks over On Cloud shoes for those who will be standing all day.

Which Is Better, Brooks Or On Cloud?

Both brands stand out in their own ways due to their innovative use of high-end technologies to consistently provide high-quality shoes with each release. They are long-lasting and have a responsive, cushioned running style. The only significant performance difference between Brooks and On Cloud is in mileage and durability. As previously stated, On Cloud needs to improve its mileage because it is lighter than Brooks. So, if you’re a nurse or want to stand all day, I’d recommend Brooks.

On Cloud is still less expensive than Brooks, but the price justifies the durability it provides. Since On Cloud has risen to the level of a brand (Brooks) quadrupled its age, I believe On Cloud will surpass Brooks in the coming years.

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