Does Adidas Make Wide Shoes? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Adidas is a well-known company that has been around for many years and offers standard athletic shoes to individuals worldwide. However, people with broad feet often find it stimulating to find shoes that fit them easily. Finding the proper shoe fit is essential for optimal foot health and overall satisfaction. Wide-width shoes are essential because they enable people with broader feet to select footwear that offers enough space and support. Many people with wider feet question if Adidas makes wide sneakers.

Adidas recognizes the diverse needs of its customers and offers a selection of wide-width shoes. With a commitment to inclusivity and ensuring a comfortable fit for individuals with wider feet, Adidas has expanded its range to accommodate various foot shapes and sizes. Concerning the model, you can obtain sizes up to a US men’s 16 or a US women’s 18 in capacious widths.

To search for wide sizes, look for the “W” adjacent to the size on the product folio. Whether you’re an athlete seeking performance-enhancing footwear or a style-conscious individual looking for trendy sneakers, Adidas has options available in wide widths to cater to your requirements. By providing a large variety, Adidas strives to deliver functionality and fashion, ensuring everyone can enjoy the brand’s iconic designs without compromising on comfort.

Wide shoes offer numerous benefits, including improved stability, reduced discomfort, and enhanced overall foot health. They can help alleviate common issues associated with tight-fitting shoes, such as blisters, bunions, and cramped toes. Adidas has your back if you have broad feet and are finding a comfortable and modern pair of shoes.

With a wide variety of sizes and elegant styles available, you are sure to detect the ideal pair of shoes that suit your feet snugly. In the given article, we will look deeper into the theme of Adidas wide shoes, investigating the different kinds of shoes available and how to observe the perfect fit for you.

Does adidas make wide shoes

Adidas Shoe Widths

Adidas is a famous brand in footwear production, providing a wide diversity of shoes for various activities and events. Concerning shoe widths, Adidas features both high-quality and extensive widths to cater to the requirements of different clients. This part will search for the different Adidas shoe diameters available.

Standard Widths

Adidas shoes are available in standard widths specially manufactured to fit bulk foot sizes. The average width for men’s shoes is D; simultaneously, the typical width for women’s shoes is B. These widths depend on the Brannock Device, a measuring indicator used to examine foot size and thickness.

Wide Widths

Adidas also provides shoes in extensive widths, structured to oblige wider feet. The extended width for men’s shoes usually is 2E, while the ample width for women’s shoes is D. These widths offer more space in the toe trunk and forefoot box, making them cozier for people with broad feet.

It’s necessary to note that not all Adidas shoe designs are available in wide widths. However, the company provides a decent choice of shoes in spacious widths and some of their most admired models, namely Ultraboost, NMD, and Stan Smith.

Buyers searching for Adidas shoes in wide widths should explore the company’s website or strike a physical store to observe the available choices. Remembering that shoe sizes and widths can differ between various shoe designs is also efficient, so it’s always a perfect idea to try on shoes before putting money into them.

Adidas provides regular and wide widths for their shoes, cherishing purchasers’ needs with divergent foot sizes and widths. While not all shoe models are available in broad widths, the company makes a graceful choice of shoes in this classification. Customers searching for Adidas shoes in extensive widths should examine the brand’s website or visit a physical store to see the available options.

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Wide Shoes in Adidas Collections

Wide shoes in adidas collection

Adidas is a renowned brand that provides different shoes for different activities. The company also features shoes in various thicknesses, including broad categories, to cater to people with distinct foot sizes. This part will examine the different kinds of broad shoes accessible in Adidas collections.

Running Shoes

Adidas has a classification of running shoes outlined for various runners, including those with spacious feet. The brand’s vast running shoes offer the necessary support and ease for people with wider feet, certifying that they can run snugly without any issues.

Some admired wide running shoes in Adidas categories include:

  • Ultraboost 21 Wide Shoes
  • Solar Glide 3 Wide Shoes
  • Supernova Wide Shoes

Basketball Shoes

Adidas offers a range of basketball shoes designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The brand’s wide basketball shoes provide the necessary support and comfort for players with wider feet, ensuring they can play comfortably without discomfort.

Some popular wide basketball shoes in Adidas collections include:

  • Harden Vol. 5 Wide Shoes
  • N3xt L3v3l Wide Shoes
  • Pro Model 2G Wide Shoes

Training Shoes

Adidas offers a range of shoes for different training activities, including weightlifting, cross-training, and more. The brand’s wide training shoes provide the necessary support and comfort for people with wider feet, ensuring they can train comfortably without discomfort.

Some popular wide training shoes in Adidas collections include:

  • Powerlift 4 Wide Shoes
  • Adipower 2 Wide Shoes
  • CrazyTrain Elite Wide Shoes

In conclusion, Adidas features a variety of wide shoes in its designs for people with wider feet. These shoes are structured to give the required aid and comfort for discrete activities, including walking, basketball, and running.

Features of Adidas Wide Shoes

Features of wide shoes

Adidas wide shoes offer different features that make them soft and supportive for those with broad feet. Here are several characteristics that you can anticipate from Adidas wide shoes:

  • Wide Toe Box: Adidas wide shoes have ample toe room to shelter wider feet and stop discomfort or irritation.
  • Cushioning: Adidas wide shoes feature cushioning technique that gives extra ease and support for your feet.
  • Breathability: Adidas wide shoes are specially made with breathable products that permit air to pass on and keep your feet fresh and dry.
  • Durability: Adidas wide shoes are designed with high-level materials that are durable and enduring, verifying that you take advantage of your shoes.

Overall, Adidas wide shoes are a remarkable selection for those with roomy feet searching for accessible and supportive shoes. With its comprehensive shoe models and attributes, such as a wide toe area, cushioning, and permeability, Adidas has something to suggest to its clients.

Benefits of Adidas Wide Shoes

Adidas is a notable brand when concerning sports shoes. They feature a vast range of shoes, together with wide shoes. Several benefits of Adidas wide shoes are given below.


Adidas wide shoes are manufactured to comfort people with broad-ranging feet. These shoes contain a wider toe box, which allows the toes to scatter and relax. The shoes also have subsidiary cushioning, which offers more support and comfort. The shoes are structured with breathable stuff, which aids in keeping the feet fresh and dry.


Adidas wide shoes give extra support to people with extensive feet. These shoes have extra cushioning and dome support to offer comfort and firmness. The shoes also have a comprehensive sole, which supports more stability and strength. This is especially advantageous for people who take part in high-potency activities.


Adidas wide shoes are designed with first-rate materials, which make them hard-wearing. The shoes are made to resist wear and tear, making them perfect for people engaged in sports or other physical ventures. The shoes are also peaceful to clean and sustain, which enhances their lifespan.

Adidas’ wide shoes provide various benefits, including comfort, support, and longevity. These shoes give additional comfort and support to people with spacious feet. They are made with the finest materials, which make them durable and substantial.

How to Choose the Right Width for Your Adidas Shoes

When choosing the ideal width for your Adidas shoes, there are some points to ponder. The perfect fit is necessary to certify comfort and assistance during your activities. Here are several tips to help you pick the fair width for your Adidas shoes.

Measuring Your Feet

Before purchasing any shoes, it’s efficient to measure your feet. You can track your foot on paper and compute the length and width. You can also utilize a foot-measuring gadget accessible at shoe stores. Knowing your foot size can help determine the correct width for your Adidas shoes.

Trying on Shoes

When testing an Adidas shoe, wear the socks you intend to wear with them. Take some footsteps at the store and certify that the shoes feel pleasant and fit well. Examine for any areas of closeness or looseness. Verify that there is enough space in the toe box for your toes to move independently.

Consulting with a Specialist

If you have foot problems or concerns, it’s always a good idea to consult a specialist. A podiatrist or shoe specialist can help you determine the correct width for your Adidas shoes based on your foot type and any conditions.

Adidas features a wide variety of sizes and widths for their models. They offer broad widths in select styles for both men and women. The extended width sizes vary from 3X to 9X for gents and 2X to 9X for ladies. Adidas also cautions that runners with wide feet should go up half a size for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0.

By measuring your feet, trying on shoes, and consulting with a specialist, you can ensure you choose the correct width for your Adidas shoes. This will help you stay comfortable and supported during your activities.

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Adidas is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of sneakers and shoes in various styles. After conducting research, it can be concluded that Adidas makes wide shoes. The company understands the significance of offering comfortable and appropriate shoes to its buyers and provides a variety of choices for those who require wider sizes.

Adidas wide shoes are structured with supplementary cushioning and arch aid to provide extra comfort and steadiness. The comprehensive fit permits more area in the toe box, which can support diminishing rubbing and injuries. Additionally, Adidas provides a variety of wide shoes for definite activities such as running, walking, and other sports.

It is necessary to note that while Adidas yields wide sizes, not all of its shoes come in a wide fit. It is suggested to look over the product explanation or consult with a client service representative to certify that the desired shoe is obtainable in a wide size.

Ultimately, Adidas is a creditable brand that provides a range of wide shoes for those who call for them. With their focal point on ease and performance, Adidas wide shoes are an ideal option for anyone seeking a felicitous and comfortable shoe.

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