Blundstone 500 vs 550 [With Chart] : Head to Head Comparison

Blundstone has been a renowned brand for superior and perfect boots, and the users have been enjoying wearing these fantastic boots for more than 150 years. Blundstone contains various types of boots in their collection, and their most famous models are 500 and 550. If a consumer needs to buy a pair of shoes, the user should go through the fundamental differences between both models as they look similar. 

One of the primary distinctions between the two Blundstone versions is the sole, i.e. 500 and 550. There is an essential customary sole present in the Blundstone 500, and it is designed of polyurethane; on the other hand, the sole available in the Blundstone 550 is more hard-wearing and long-lasting as compared to the sole of 500, the sole of 550 is structured of thermoplastic polyurethane. Users who want to wear boots on the rough, bumpy ground or in severe weather should go for the Blundstone model 550. An enduring design always stays in style, and this feature is found in the Blundstone 500; users can use these boots for different events by utilizing them in various ways according to their taste. On the other side, the polished and slender profile of Blundstone 550 makes it stand out in the industry, and the users mainly choose this model for formal occasions just because of its sharp toe.

Considering the fit of both models, the Blundstone 500 contains a tighter fit and is not deemed snug and comfy. On the other hand, consumers contemplate the Blundstone 550 as the perfect and ideal option because of the ample fit and the toe box 550, which is wider than the Blundstone 500. 

Comparison Table: Blundstone 500 Vs 550

FeatureBlundstone 500Blundstone 550
Sole MaterialPolyurethane (PU)Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
FitTighter fit, not as snug and comfyAmple fit, wider toe box
LiningHalf leather, half syntheticLeather in the heel, synthetic in the forefoot
Use CasesVersatile for different events and industriesSuitable for formal occasions, polished profile
ConstructionPremium leather, oil-tanned, durablePremium leather, enduring design, advanced features
OutsolePU for good grip on various surfacesDual-density PU for durability and traction
Ankle SupportGood support, suitable for daily wearHigher ankle shaft, better support for extended wear
DurabilityResistant to oil, acid, and wearTPU outsole enhances resistance, long-lasting
WeightApproximately 2.4 poundsApproximately 2.8 pounds
PriceLower cost, economicalHigher cost, around $209.95
Long-Term InvestmentDurable and valuable investmentLong-lasting with extraordinary features
Use in Severe WeatherWaterproof, resistant to severe conditionsLeather lining provides warmth in cold weather
BreathabilityModerate breathabilityRequires better breathability in the upper
SizingUnisex, order one size down for womenUnisex, order one size down for women

Overview of Blundstone 500

Blundstone is an Australian company serving its customers since 1870 by designing perfect boots. The original series also has some fantastic work done by Blundstone, and the Model 500 is part of this series. Regarding comfort and durability, the Blundstone 500 is a first-class Chelsea boot prepared using premium leather. Moreover, the leather is oil-tanned to clean quickly, making it water-resistant. 

The users can wear the Blundstone 500 for formal or informal events because of its iconicness; consumers love this adaptable bootby because of its slender and plain style. The users can quickly put on and take off the boots because of the two flexible consoles with a pull-on pattern on the Blundstone 500. Moreover, these boots provide perfect firmness and support to the consumers because of the deep heel and round toe.

Polyurethane (PU) outsole is considered to be one of the significant attributes of the Blundstone 500. The outsole of the Model 500 is structured to offer fantastic grip on different surfaces, and users can also use these boots on slippery and damp surfaces. Construction, mining, and agriculture are the various industries where users can use these boots, as Blundstone 500 is resistant to oil, acid, and organic fat.

The Blundstone 500 is available in various foot sizes and shapes and can resist acute weather conditions and bumpy land. Black, brown, and rustic brown are the different colors that are obtainable in the Blundstone 500. 

Overall, the pattern of these boots is durable and comfy, making them stand out in the market; for people who prefer the style and quality of the shoes, go for the Blundstone 500 and can wear them for different events and industries. 

Overview of Blundstone 550

The most top-selling and versatile boots are available in the Classic series of Blundstone, and Model 550 is also one of these fantastic series. Blundstone 500 comes from the Original Series, and 550 is derived from the Classic series and is more advanced than the previous model.  

The lining present in the boots is the most notable difference among other differences between the shoes. Half of the leather lining is in the Blundstone 500, and the other half is synthetic. On the other hand, entirely tan leather is lined along the heel of the Blundstone 550, and when considering the boots’ forefoot, the lining is wholly synthetic. The lining of the heel and the forefoot together make the 550 fits steadfastly and keep your foot warm and snug in acute cold weather. 

A massive membrane of genuine leather uppers is available in both models of Blundstone, i.e., 500 and 550, and this layer is approximately 2.5mm thick; this layer makes the boots appear voguish and snug. Blundstone is famous for its enduring longevity and outstanding pattern, and luckily, these features are available in both models. Although the Blundstone 500 is cheaper than the Blundstone 550, the 550 being more expensive than the 500 does not compromise its quality and comfort. 

The boots should resist different weather conditions and offer top quality and endurance. Consumers go for the Blundstone 550 as the features mentioned above are available in the Blundstone 550. Users prefer the Blundstone 550 because of its iconic design and fantastic lining, which is wholly leather and makes it renowned in the industry. 

Material and Construction

Both models of Blundstone, i.e., 500 and 550, are constructed to last because of the top-quality substances utilized in forming these boots. Premium leather forms the upper part of the boots, makes the shoes hard-wearing, and does not allow even water to pass through during acute weather conditions. Moreover, Blundstone is considered snug wear for consumers because of the pliable leather utilized in its formation. 

The Blundstone 500 offers outstanding traction on different surfaces; this excellent grip is available in these boots because the outsole comprises thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This model is perfect for those on their feet for elongated periods as TPU is considered a stretchable and feathery material that provides consumers with comfy wear. To minimize foot fatigue, the TPU in forming the Blundstone 500 allows the users to have ideal impact absorption. 

On the other hand, dual-density polyurethane (PU) is utilized to make the outsole of the Blundstone 550, and users consider this to be more hard-wearing and enduring than the outsole of the Blundstone 500. The PU outsole offers finer traction on skiddy surfaces, and a slightly higher heel of 550 provides good steadiness and support. 

Considering fabrication, stretchable side panels are available in both Blundstone models and contain first-rate Chelsea boot patterns. Both models present a separate portable footbed for better maintenance and cleaning. The leather lining in the Blundstone 550 contributes to the longevity and comfort of the boot. 

Overall, Blundstone 500 and 550 are manufactured to last and contain intricate formations. One can choose the pair of boots depending on their inclination and particular requirements according to the occasion. 

Upper & Sole

Blundstone 500: Upper & Sole

A snug and modish oil-tanned leather upper is present in the Blundstone 500, making it an iconic and hard-wearing boot. The upper part of the boot is water-resistant, and it is structured from top-quality leather that makes it easy to clean. The users can quickly wear and take off the shoes because of the stretchable side panels with intricate patterns available on the Blundstone 500.

An outstanding impact absorption and longevity are present in the sole of the Blundstone 500, mainly because of the direct-injected polyurethane (PU) material in the boot. The sole of the boot is engineered in a way to offer remarkable grip on different surfaces, and users love to use it when going out for extended periods. The feathery and stretchable soles of the Blundstone 500 help minimize tiredness when using these boots for extended periods, and this reduction in fatigue is because of the direct-injected PU construction.

Blundstone 550: Upper & Sole

Blundstone 550 upper sole

Premium leather is used to prepare the upper part of the Blundstone 550, and it is considered to be the perfect edition of the classic Blundstone 500 that is modish and elegant. The upper part of the Blundstone 550 is structured of top-quality leather and is comfortable to clean and maintain. 

A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material is used to manufacture the sole of the Blundstone 550, which helps repel deterioration and offers longevity to the boots for outdoor activities. The leather lining in the interior of the Blundstone 550 makes it an ideal option for daily wear because of the extraordinary comfort and support. 

The upper part of the Blundstone 500 and 550 boots is made of top-quality leather that is comfortable and easy to clean. The manufacturing of soles is the significant difference between the two models of Blundstone, as the Blundstone 500 contains the direct-injected PU sole. On the other hand, the Blundstone 550 comprises a TPU sole. Furthermore, Blundstone 550 offers extraordinary comfort because of the leather lining present in its interior. 

Comfort and Fit: Blundstone 500 Vs 550

Fit and comfort are considered the most significant factors when selecting between Blundstone 500 and 550. There are several differences that one should consider before choosing between Blundstone 500 and 550, as they are discussed below. Moreover, protection, support, and comfort are the main features that both offer initially. 

Insole and Footbed

Insole and Footbed

A portable insole is present in the Blundstone 500 and 550 boots, offering extraordinary support and padding. The 550 is the advanced model of the Blundstone 500, so when comparing the insoles of both models, consumers find the Blundstone 550 to be more snug and broad than the 500. 

Users opt for the Blundstone 550 as they find its footbed more snug and protective and offers more padding and arch support because of its formation of the enduring material. Those who require additional support and have flat feet should go for the Blundstone 550 rather than the Blundstone 500. 

Ankle Support

When contemplating the ankle support among both models, they can offer good support, but users move more towards the Blundstone 550 than the 500. The consumers vote for the Blundstone 550 because of the additional support it provides, and it is just because of its higher ankle shaft. 

Consumers find the Blundstone 550 a better option as it provides finer protection and padding to the foot and ankle than the Blundstone 500. Those who do not want to break the bank and still need a modest and simple look can go for the Blundstone 500.


Blundstone 500: Durability

The TPU outsole in the Blundstone 500 boots offers longevity and remarkable grip on different grounds. If you need to visit some industries or places where oil or acid can be present, then Blundstone 500 is the perfect option as it is oil and acid-resistant

The boots can resist deterioration because of the athletic formation and because premium leather is used in its construction. The Blundstone 500 can endure for elongated periods without destroying its shape. Its portable footbed offers additional padding and support to the feet and ankles. 

Blundstone 550: Durability

A thermo-polyurethane (TPU) outsole in the Blundstone 550 intensifies its opposition to oil and acid, making it more long-lasting and hard-wearing than the Blundstone 500. The Blundstone 550 helps you walk on rough terrain because its solid construction allows you to withstand wear and tear. 

Premium leather is used to manufacture the upper part of the Blundstone 550, which helps resist deterioration and is water-repellant. These boots can endure for extended periods and offer additional support and padding because of the portable footbed. 

The TPU outsole in the Blundstone 550 makes it more hard-wearing and long-lasting and can resist wear and tear, but the 500 is still more authentic and definitive.

Use Cases and Versatility

Work Environments

Both models of Blundstone are outstanding options for people who need to work a lot and need stable and authentic shoes, such as in the industry. A direct-injected PU outsole in the 500 model offers impact absorption and perfect grip; moreover, its iconicness and ease allow users to wear the boots regularly. On the other hand, the TPU outsole helps intensify the shoes’ longevity; furthermore, it withstands deterioration and is perfect for people who need to work massively on foot. 

Blundstone 500 and 550 can offer additional steadiness and support because of their steel shank. Those who need to work immensely on foot or spend a lot of hours walking or standing should go for any Blundstone model, as it has a shank feature that deals with it. 

Casual Wear

The Blundstone 500 and 550 are perfect for daily wear because of their iconicness, as they can be worn with various dresses. A direct-injected PU outsole in the Blundstone 500 helps it absorb impact, offers good grip, and is ideal for regular wear. The TPU outsole in the 550 models supports it in withstanding wear and tear, and its durability helps it be perfect for sturdy outdoor activities. 

A portable footbed is available in both Blundstone models, and you can use insoles or basic orthotics instead of a footbed. Those suffering from severe foot conditions or who require additional support can benefit from this Blundstone feature. 

In summary, both models of Blundstone are adaptable for use in different places because of their iconicness. The users opt for the Blundstone 550 if they need to go to sturdy outdoor areas but the 500 model if they require boots for daily wear. Both shoes offer different patterns, and you can use them wisely with various outfits. 

Price and Value

Cost Analysis

The Blundstone 500 is considered more economical than the 550 model in price. Blundstone’s official website states that the Blundstone 550 boots are approximately $209.95; on the other side, the 500 Original boots are priced at almost $199.95. However, only some buyers are bothered by the price of the shoes; they just need perfect boots.

Color, size, and the kind of leather utilized in the boots are the main factors on which the cost of the shoes differs. Depending on the product and the seller, you can also buy the Blundstone Classic boots on Amazon for approximately $220.

Long-Term Investment

If you take proper care of both Blundstone models, they can endure for years as they are top-quality boots. The buyers will call it a valuable investment in boots as they get extraordinary attributes besides this. 

The leather lining of the interior of the Blundstone 550 offers extraordinary longevity and ease to users. Furthermore, the feet get warm even in acute colder conditions just because of the synthetic lining present in the forefoot of the Blundstone 550. Those who go through severe colder temperatures or remain outside should wear the Blundstone 550 boots.

The Blundstone 500 is considered to be top-quality because it is less expensive than the 550 model. Still, if you need extraordinary features by making a prolonged investment, opt for the Blundstone 550 boots. 

Weight Comparison: Blundstone 500 Vs 550

Weight is appraised to be the significant factor when selecting between the two different Blundstone models. The extent of ease and performance can be affected because of the weight of the shoes, so one should adequately consider the weight of the boots when investing money in shoes.

A little difference in the weight of the shoes can influence your comfort level. The Blundstone 550 weighs around 2.8 pounds; on the other hand, the weight of the Blundstone 500 is approximately 2.4 pounds.

The users will consider the Blundstone 500 a perfect option if they need feathery and light footwear. Moreover, the consumers can get extraordinary steadiness and support during exhausting activities if they opt for slightly massive Blundstone 550’s. 

The user should opt for the perfect choice according to their inclination and requirements, so other than weight, the users should also focus on different points such as material, fit, and performance of the shoes.

Sizing Comparison

It is challenging to attain the perfect size of Blundstone boots that match your satisfaction and ease. To help you select the correct shoe size, the sizing charts of Blundstone 500 and 550 are compared in this section.

Sizing Chart Of Blundstone 500

Originals series incorporate the Blundstone 500, and you can see its sizing chart below:

US SizeUK SizeBlundstone 500

Blundstone 500 is considered a unisex boot, so if a woman wants to order these boots, she should order one size down from their regular size, as the sizing chart is prepared for men.

Sizing Chart Of Blundstone 550

Classics series contains the other model of Blundstone, i.e., 550, and its size chart below is moderately different compared to the Blundstone 500.

US SizeUK SizeBlundstone 550

The Blundstone 550 is also a unisex boot, just like the 500, so women need to order a size smaller than the actual size as the chart is made according to men’s sizes.

In conclusion, as you saw, both models have the same sizing pattern, so one should choose the perfect size based on other factors, such as cost, formation, and style.

Pros & Cons Of Blundstone 500


Blundstone 500 is engineered of leather that can resist severe weather conditions and is long-lasting because of its top quality. The users can wear the boots according to rhe requirements of the occasion. TPU outsole in the Blundstone 500 helps you have a remarkable grip on different surfaces. You can quickly wear shoes and take them off because of the elastic goring on the boots that gives you a comfortable fit. The users can wear the shoes for elongated periods because the boots are feathery in weight. 


Blundstone 500 is not perfect for severe cold temperatures as it does not have insulation. Moreover, people with broad feet can not opt for the model 500 because it has a tighter toe box. Furthermore, those used to custom insoles will find Blundstone 500 imperfect as it does not contain portable insoles. 

People with tighter feet will not prefer Blundstone 500 as it contains a broader toe box and lacks insulation; hence, you can wear these boots for various occasions. 

Pros & Cons Of Blundstone 550


People have praised the Blundstone 550 for being iconic and ideal boots for decades. The users can wear these boots for both formal and informal events. Some pros of the Blundstone 500 are given below:

  • Comfort: The Blundstone 550 offers a padded sole that gives additional comfort to your foot and is perfect for elongated periods if you need to work on foot; it also helps absorb the impact and provides ease.
  • Durability: The Blundstone 550 can withstand deterioration and is ideal for severe weather conditions as it is waterproof and structured of top-quality leather.
  • Style: The availability of various colors and first-class leather gives the Blundstone 500 a sophisticated look, which is always in fashion.


Some disadvantages of Blundstone 550 are given below, as this model has various cons besides having some advantages.

  • Breathability: This model of Blundstone needs the breathability factor as the upper part of the shoes helps the feet to get sweaty, which is a disadvantage for its users.
  • Fit: Blundstone 550 boots are not preferable for tighter or flat feet users.
  • Price: Several consumers find this Blundstone model slightly expensive as they find some other suitable option in the market with more appropriate features.

Users consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the Blundstone 500 and then decide whether they should go for this Blundstone model or not.

Final Verdict

The flexible and versatile features of Blundstone 500 allow users to wear these boots at formal events and for casual wear, too. On the other hand, the padded footbed and the interior lining make the Blundstone 550 boots even snug because of such extraordinary characteristics. 

Both boots can resist severe weather conditions because of their top-quality materials when you talk in terms of durability. Premium leather is used in manufacturing Blundstone 500, and its hard-wearing outsole makes it an ideal option. Conversely, the Blundstone 550 offers extraordinary protection to your feet, mainly because of the leather lining utilized in its formation.

Considering the style and design, both boots have the same pattern, and these boots even offer color customization options. Padded footbed and leather lining are the main factors differentiating both models.

You can choose the model based on your preference and inclination. You can opt for the Blundstone 550 to prioritize your comfort; however, if iconicness and color choices are the priorities, you should go for the Blundstone 500.