Blundstone Sizing Chart: How to Find Your Perfect Fit?

Style and durability are the main factors that make Blundstone a renowned brand among other shoe brands; however, if the consumer needs to learn more regarding the sizing chart, then there can be an issue in discovering the perfect size. Runners can enjoy a snug and sturdy ride if the size of the shoes is right, and to attain an ideal size, the users should have complete knowledge about the shoe sizing chart.

There are detailed instructions regarding the Blundstone sizing charts, and the directions are available online. The instructions help the users examine and then select the perfect size that fits ideally. To find the correct size, the sizing charts for women, men, and kids are accessible in the market; moreover, to provide complete detail regarding computing the foot width and length, sizing charts play an important role. Users can also attain information about adjusting the size if they prioritize a looser fit or contain a broader foot. 

The leather of the Blundstone shoes molds to your feet and stretches over time, and most importantly, these shoes fit correctly to your feet. Therefore, it is clear that the brand ships your correct size in the corresponding AU/UK size, although you place an order in your US size. The users can get a perfect and ideal size that they can enjoy for longer periods as these shoes fit correctly, and the user must have complete information regarding the sizing chart.

Understanding Blundstone Sizes

Comfort, durability, and style are the main factors that make the Blundstone shoes well-known among other options. The individuals can perfectly examine and select the correct size by going through this section, as people need clarification about choosing the right shoe pair that fits amazingly.

Australian sizing is used to manufacture the Blundstone boots and is quite different from the sizing techniques of the US. Users can use the Blundstone sizing chart to convert the US to Australian sizing. Try to order your shoes in US size as they fit perfectly and embrace ideally around your foot. 

Unisex sizes are available in Blundstone boots, as both men and women can wear these shoes. However, Women’s Heel Boots, Women’s Ankle Boots, Men’s Ankle Boots, and Women’s High-Top Boots are some exceptions. The Blundstone shoes can not extend lengthwise, although they will stretch moderately within the instep if used many times. 

To get a perfect fit, try to examine and compute your size, as length is the main factor on which the size of Blundstone depends. A measuring tape can be used to measure the feet properly; moreover, there can be differences in the length of both feet, so try to measure the size of both feet.  To find the perfect size, compare the estimated size to the Blundstone sizing table.

In summary, to attain a correct size, try to understand the Blundstone sizes as Australian sizes are used to manufacture these shoes; therefore, you need to convert your measured US size into Australian size, and hence, the boots will fit ideally Moreover, both men and women can wear these Blundstone shoes are they are available in unisex sizes. You can compare your measured size to the Blundstone sizing chart for a perfect size.

Men’s Sizing Chart

Blundstone shoes have been gaining popularity since 1870, and this brand was initiated in Australia. Ease and longevity are the main factors that make the Blundstone shoes stand out because of their durability. Australian/UK sizing system is used in manufacturing the Blundstone shoes regarding the size. Therefore, examine and select your particular and perfect size in the US and then convert this size into equivalent Australian/UK sizes to attain the correct size.

The sizing chart for men is given below to help beginners find the right size:

US SizeAU/UK SizeBlundstone Size

To get a perfect fit, you must order one size down from your regular size in US sizing, and then Blundstone shoes fit to an actual extent. For instance, you must order Blundstone shoes in size 9 if you are used to wearing US size 10.

The users feel at ease while wearing the Blundstone shoes as they fit comfortably around the foot. At first, these shoes are too narrow to wear, but with time, the flexibility intensifies, and to get an ideal fit, the shoes will mold to the foot. Try to order shoes a half size larger than the actual size if you contain a broad foot, as you will get a snug fit.

Women’s Sizing Chart

Women’s boots have no exception regarding the sizing chart as the Blundstone shoes embrace efficiently around the foot, offering an ideal fit. Remember to convert your US size into Australian/UK size before ordering, as the Blundstone shoes are manufactured in AU sizes.

The area from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe is considered to compute the length of your foot, and as a result, the perfect size of Blundstone shoes for women is attained. The measurement of foot length can be compared to the equivalent US size by using the sizing chart below:

Foot Length (mm)US Size

If the shape of your foot varies, then there is a difference in the fit of the boots; the sizing chart is just a guide, and you can get counseling regarding the measurements and sizes. Try to order a half size up compared to the regular size if the user contains a broad foot.

Snug fit and hard-wearing construction are the main reasons for Blundstone shoes’ popularity; hence, you can satisfy your requirements by finding a perfect pair of shoes.

Unisex Sizing Chart

Style, comfort, and longevity are the chief attributes that make the Blundstone shoes stand out in the market compared to other options. A broad extent of sizes are available in Blundstone shoes for men, women, and children. You can find an ideal and correct fit suiting your feet as the sizing table of Blundstone shoes is easy to use.

Both men and women can wear blundstone shoes as they are available in unisex sizing. Simply convert your regular US size into Australian and UK sizes given by Blundstone Shoes to get a perfect fit. Only Australian and UK sizes are available in the sizing chart of Blundstone shoes.

Remember to place your order in regular US size, as the Blundstone shoes give a perfect and actual fit. The users will receive their order in equivalent AU/UK size, although they place it in US size. Lengthwise, there is no increase in the stretchability of the shoes, but their flexibility intensifies moderately over the instep after several uses.

High-top and heel boots for women make the Bkundstone shoes emerge in the shoe industry compared to the other choices; moreover, several styles are available in the Blundstone shoes. To find the perfect and ideal size, try using adult unisex sizes to select your regular size. Unisex sizing is accessible in Blundstone shoes, which have different styles. 

In summary, Australian and UK sizes cater to the unisex sizing of Blundstone shoes. Your order will be placed in an equivalent AU/UK size if you select your regular US size and the boots in US size. Users can find an ideal fit for their feet by consulting the Blundstone sizing chart, offering adult unisex sizes.

Kids’ Sizing Chart

Kids of every age can find a perfect fit for their feet as many sizes are available in Blundstone shoes. Canadian/US size is used to make the sizing chart for the Blundstone kids’ boots; therefore, to decide on the AUS/UK size, try to order the shoes one size less than your regular US size.

Make sure to compute your foot length appropriately to achieve the perfect size of Blundstone shoes for kids. Take a piece of paper and make sure your child is standing on it barefoot, then spot the particular area where your longest toe ends. In the end, calculate the area from the back of their heel to the tip of their big toe, which will be the length of your foot in millimeters.

Try to consult the sizing chart of Blundstone shoes for kids after properly computing the kid’s foot length. Choose an ideal size from the sizing chart that is equivalent to your child’s measured foot length; as a result, you will get an excellent and correct fit according to your foot.

Children will enjoy ease and proper support as the Blundstone shoes are hard-wearing, durable, and structured to offer comfort to the feet. You can enjoy the Blundstone shoes for many years if you purchase the shoes that satisfy your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size

Quality and longevity are the main factors that make the Blundstone shoes stand out in the market, but choosing the perfect and ideal size is difficult. To find the correct size and accurate fit, several tips are given below:

  1. Measure your feet: To determine the perfect size, compute the size of your foot before purchasing your regular size. Use a measuring tape or a ruler to measure the length of your feet efficiently.
  2. Use the sizing chart: Australian sizes are used to manufacture the Blundstone shoes, then compare your regular US size to the Australian sizes using the Blundstone sizing chart. Blundstone’s website shows the sizing chart that can be used as a guide to finding a perfect size.
  3. Consider your foot shape: Various foot shapes can cater to different kinds of Blundstone shoes and are structured in a particular way. For instance, try to go with the closest full size if your feet are narrow and tight.
  4. Try them on. Try on the boots efficiently before buying them to get a perfect fit. Until you get a snug and comfortable fit, wear the shoes and walk around the house properly.
  5. Remember the style: Style can play an important role in the distinct fit of the shoes. For instance, the fit of Women’s High-Top Boots varies greatly from the Men’s Ankle Boots. Before buying a particular size of Blundstone shoes, examine and check the sizing chart perfectly.                               

Following the above tips, you can select an ideal and perfect size according to your feet. The shoes will last many years if you choose the correct size from the sizing chart.

Sizing Variations by Style

A distinct sizing chart is available for different kinds of Blundstone shoes. All sizes are available in other Blundstone shoe models. Therefore, before buying a particular model of Blundstone shoes, try to examine the various styles and whether they are available.

US and AU/UK sizes are available in Blundstone shoes; the foot length is measured in millimeters. Everything is mentioned in the sizing chart of the Blundstone shoes regarding the availability of different sizes according to the feet.

Blundstone shoes can be available, particularly for both women and men, or they can also be unisex, which is a main point to consider before purchasing them. The Women’s Heel Boots, Women’s Ankle Boots, Men’s Ankle Boots, and Women’s High-Top Boots are the exceptions; otherwise, all styles of Blundstone are unisex. Gender is the main factor on which the proper style depends greatly on having a perfect and ideal fit.

Examine the pattern of the Blundstone style, whether it is structured for tighter or broader feet, before buying the Blundstone shoes. A spacious space is available in the case of the Original 500 Series; on the other hand, users opt for the  Dress Series for comfort and support as these shoes offer a snug fit. Foot width and sizing table are the main factors when choosing a particular Blundstone style. 

Overall, various personal preferences and foot shapes can cater to a broad extent of Blundstone’s styles. Customers can opt for the ideal and perfect fit of Blundstone shoes by considering foot width and gender as the main factors.

Caring for Your Blundstones

Make sure to take good care of the Blundstone shoes, as they are already structured to function efficiently for many years. To maintain the good condition of the Blundstone shoes, try to follow the tips given below:


Different materials such as suede, nubuck, canvas, and leather containing various finishes are used to design the Blundstone boots. To maintain the good looks and cleanliness of the shoes, there are different tips to take care of each material. Several cleaning tips are given below:

  • The debris and dust from the shoes’ surface can be removed using a mushy cloth or brush. 
  • Use a moist sponge or fabric to clean the stains and dirt from the leather boots. The leather can wear and tear if acute chemicals or soaps are used to clean the surfaces of these shoes.
  • To detach the stains or debris from the surface of the nubuck or suede boots, try to use a suede brush as it can help gently remove the dust. The surface of the suede can get marks on it if the stains are wiped by using any liquid or water.
  • You can clean the canvas boots’ surface using a mushy-bristled brush; moreover, the surface can be wiped with moderate soap or water, and then make sure the surface is allowed to dry.        


To maintain the softness and mushiness of the leather boots, the users should carry out regular conditioning. It can be done by following several tips:

  • Particular kinds of leather can be conditioned by using a distinct leather conditioner. Rinse the leather using a mushy fabric after applying a conditioner.
  • A polished fabric can clean the extraordinary conditioner from the surface. 
  • Before wearing the shoes, allow them to dry for at least 24 hours.                   


Adequate storage is required to maintain the perfect condition of the Blundstone boots. To store your shoes properly, several tips are given below:

  • Keep your shoes away from the sunlight, mainly in a dry and cool place.                    
  • The shape of the shoes can be maintained if shoe trees or newspapers are used to stuff the shoes. 
  • The shoes can become damp, or their shape can deteriorate if plastic bags are used to store them.

For years, the good condition of the Blundstone boots can be maintained by following several simple tips. 

What is the equivalent of size 3.5 in Blundstone boots?

Comfort, quality, and durability are the main factors that intensify the popularity of the Blundstone shoes. Various shapes and foot sizes are available in these shoes; you can get appropriate information regarding the equivalence of foot sizes in Blundstone shoes.

Australian/UK sizing system is used to manufacture the Blundstone boots. To get a perfect fit, compare your US size to the equivalent AU/UK size and convert the US size into Australian/UK sizes. According to the Blundstone size guide, a 3.5 US size will correspond to a 2.5 AU/UK size.

Make sure to place your order in US size. Then, this size will be converted and shipped into AU/UK sizes accordingly; moreover, the Blundstone shoes fit perfectly. To get a perfect and ideal fit, compute your foot length in millimeters.

In summary, you should select a size of 2.5 in AU/UK sizes, equivalent to 3.5 in the US. Moreover, the fit will be perfect if the foot length is measured millimeters.

Do Blundstone boots come in half sizes, and if so, are they wider than full sizes?

The users can find not just broader but half sizes rather than full sizes in Blundstone shoes. People falling between the full sizes can opt for the half sizes as they offer an accurate and precise fit. Functionality and ease are the main factors for the popularity of the Blundstone shoes; moreover, various foot shapes and sizes are available in the half sizes of these shoes. 

People who are used to US sizes can need clarification while selecting the Australian sizing of the Blundstone shoes according to its sizing chart. You should get a smaller size than the regular size according to the US size. For instance, you will get an Australian size 9 in the Blundstone shoes if your regular size is approximately size 10 or 10.5 in the US size guide. You should choose the closest full size if you have tight and narrow feet.

The leather of the Blundstone shoes will become flexible, mold with time, and fit appropriately according to the foot’s shape. There should be approximately a quarter inch of space from the front of the boot to the tip of your toe whenever you try on the Blundstone shoes. Go for a half-size-up while prioritizing a broader fit.

Blundstone shoes are almost similar to UK men’s sizes; most are unisex. Examine and compute your foot size and compare it to the Blundstone sizing charts for a perfect size. However, the Blundstone shoes’ sizes may differ as every pattern differs in different cases. Try different styles and sizes of Blundstone shoes to get a perfect and ideal fit.

How does Blundstone sizing convert to European shoe sizes?

The reference point of the Blundstone boots is the Australian sizing. However, various conversion sizing tables help customers efficiently decide on a corresponding European size.

The following chart can be used to convert the Blundstone to an equivalent European size:

Blundstone SizeEuropean Size

Customers should place the order in US size, and then your order will be shipped after the conversion of your regular size equivalent to European size.

The foot length is calculated in millimeters throughout the foot, from the tip of the toes to the back of the heel. Women’s Ankle Boots, Men’s Ankle Boots, Women’s High-Top Boots, and Women’s Heel Boots are the exceptions; otherwise, all other designs are unisex.

The users can opt fir the perfect size by calculating the foot length efficiently and utilizing the conversion sizing chart of Blundstone shoes. As a result, the users can enjoy longevity and ease at a greater level.

How do Blundstone boots fit compared to other shoe brands?

Individuals who need to learn the Blundstone brand perfectly can get confused after viewing the unique and versatile sizing chart. However, you can comfortably find a perfect fit if you try to comprehend the Blundstone sizing chart appropriately.

Blundstone shoes are generally larger than other choices available on the shoe market. You need to choose a size down, i.e., size 9 in Blundstone shoes if your regular size is 10 in US sizes. Women should convert their normal size into AU/UK size; moreover, most Blundstone boots are unisex and generally adopt the UK men’s sizes.

People with broader feet should opt for the Blundstone shoes, which have a wider fit. However, go for the closest full size if you have tight feet to get a perfect fit.

Overall, individuals can get a snug fit that molds to their feet with time. The Blundstone shoes’ structure is designed to be hard-wearing and durable to get an idea of the correct size. The perfect size can be attained by following the search results.


Australian size charts are used as a reference point to manufacture the Blundstone boots as they are mainly unisex. If the customers are used to the US sizing charts, they can need clarification when considering the sizes of Blundstone shoes. Therefore, to buy an ideal size, try to compute the foot size and then compare them to the Blundstone sizing tables.

Several runners can find the shoes a little bit loose or tight; otherwise, they fit perfectly according to the shape of your foot. To attain the correct size, try to examine the width and length of the boots perfectly before buying. If you fall between the sizes, go for a size larger than the regular size. The half sizes of the Blundstone shoes are not longer but are only broader.

The Blundstone shoes offer durability and ease as they are structured this way; moreover, you can get a general guideline from its sizing chart. Ultimately, refer to the Blundstone sizing chart and try on the shoes perfectly before purchasing them to get an ideal and perfect fit.