Are Adidas Gazelle Comfortable? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Adidas Gazelle has been an iconic sneaker in the market since the 1960s. Over the years, it has become dominant in the fashion industry, with its streamlined design and classic three-stripes. However, regarding comfort, several individuals are unsure if the Gazelle is the perfect shoe for them.

So, are Adidas Gazelle comfortable? The answer is straightforward yes, for the most part. The Gazelle offers a mushy suede upper and a padded insole, giving a snug fit for regular wear. However, like any shoe, comfort can differ based on the individual’s foot appearance and size. It’s necessary to test on the Gazelle and walk around in them to detect if they are cozy for you.

The Adidas Gazelle is a snug sneaker that combines elegance and function. It’s an iconic shoe that can be dressed up or down, creating it a great contribution to any wardrobe. Whether running errands or hanging out with friends, the Gazelle can offer the ease and support you require to get through the day.

are adidas gazelle comfortable

Origin of Adidas Gazelle

The Adidas Gazelle was first launched in 1966 and swiftly became one of Adidas’ most versatile shoes. Structured as a training shoe, it drew motivation from earlier Adidas styles, such as the Super Gazelle and the Olympics. The Gazelle was originally marketed as a classic shoe that could be utilized for various sports, incorporating football, handball, and running.

Over the years, the Adidas Gazelle has experienced several pattern changes and updates. In the 1970s, the shoe was upgraded with the latest sole and a more slender design, making it even more famous among athletes and regular users. In the 1980s, the Gazelle became a popular option for fans of the appearing hip-hop and breakdancing sites, thanks in part to its slender design and snug fit.

Today, the Adidas Gazelle endures as a popular option for sneaker fans around the globe. The shoe is accessible in various colors and styles, from iconic black and white to striking, eye-catching hues. With its perpetual pattern and comfortable fit, the Adidas Gazelle will endure as a staple of the sneaker industry for years.

Design and Construction

adidas gazelle features

The Adidas Gazelle has a versatile design that has remained unchanged since its launch in the 1960s. It offers a deep-profile silhouette having a suede or leather upper, the classic three stripes on the edges, and a rubber sole. The shoe is accessible in various colorways to suit distinct styles and preferences.

The formation of the Adidas Gazelle is plain and straightforward, with attention to comfort and longevity. The suede or leather upper is mushy and stretchable, offering a snug fit that molds to the foot’s appearance over time. The shoe also provides a cushioned tongue and collar for extra comfort and aid.

The sole of the Adidas Gazelle is designed of rubber, which gives excellent grip and durability. The sole is also flexible, permitting a natural extent of motion while walking or running. Furthermore, the shoe offers a padded insole that provides additional comfort and support.

Overall, the pattern and construction of the Adidas Gazelle create it a snug and durable shoe that is adaptable for regular wear. It’s unembellished design and simple formation make it an iconic shoe that can be dressed up or down inclined on the occasion.

Comfort Features of Adidas Gazelle

Regarding sneakers, comfort is a critical factor to consider. The Adidas Gazelle has been in the market for decades, and one of the purposes for its longevity is its comfort attributes. This part will discuss the padding, fit and sizing, and component quality of the Adidas Gazelle.


The Adidas Gazelle offers a padded insole that gives a comfortable feel to the feet. The insole is designed of a mushy material that adapts to the foot’s appearance, giving a personalized fit.

The midsole of the Gazelle is also padded, which helps soak up the impact and minimizes the effect on the feet. The cushioning in the Gazelle creates it a perfect sneaker for daily wear and moderate exercise.

Fit and Sizing

The Adidas Gazelle is obtainable in both men’s and women’s sizes. It offers a deep-top design that offers a comfortable fit around the ankle, which inverts the foot from slipping out of the shoe.

The Gazelle also gives a lace-up closure that permits a manageable fit. The sizing of the Gazelle is true to size, which shows that users can order their normal size with confidence.

Material Quality

The Adidas Gazelle is engineered of top-quality materials that verify durability and ease. The upper of the Gazelle is constructed of suede or leather, which offers a mushy and flexible feel. The inner membrane of the Gazelle is made of a porous material that maintains the feet cool, fresh and dry. The outsole of the Gazelle is designed of rubber, which gives remarkable traction and longevity. The materials utilized in the Gazelle create a dependable sneaker that can resist everyday deterioration.

In conclusion, the Adidas Gazelle is a snug sneaker with cushioning, a comfortable fit, and high-standard materials. These comfort attributes create the Gazelle an amazing sneaker for daily wear and light exercise.

Comparison with Other Adidas Models

Concerning Adidas sneakers, comfort is a chief priority for many purchasers. The Adidas Gazelle is a famous option, but how does it contrast to other Adidas models in terms of comfort?

Adidas Gazelle vs. Adidas Campus

The Adidas Campus is another iconic sneaker often contrasted with the Gazelle. Both sneakers offer a suede upper and a rubber sole, but there are several major differences regarding comfort.

The Campus has a moderately massive sole than the Gazelle, which gives more padding and support. However, some users find that the Gazelle contains a more snug fit overall, thanks to its slimmer outline and mushier suede upper.

Adidas Gazelle vs. Adidas Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith is one of Adidas’ most versatile sneakers, and it’s popular for its clean, unembellished design. Regarding comfort, the Stan Smith is a rigid option, but how does it compare to the Gazelle?

The Stan Smith has the same appearance as the Gazelle but gives an even leather upper instead of suede. This gives the shoe a moderately stiffer feel, particularly when it’s new. However, the Stan Smith has a more padded insole than the Gazelle, which can make it more snug for regular wear.

Adidas Gazelle vs. Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar is another iconic Adidas sneaker that is often contrasted with the Gazelle. Like the Gazelle, the Superstar offers a rubber sole and a leather upper, but there are several major differences in comfort.

The Superstar has a more massive sole than the Gazelle, which gives more padding and support. However, some users discover that the Gazelle has a more snug fit overall, thanks to its slimmer outline and mushier suede upper.

Overall, the Adidas Gazelle is a cozy, well-matched sneaker for regular wear. While it may not be the most padded or supportive Adidas model in the industry, its slim profile and mushy suede upper create it a famous choice for many sneaker fanatics.

What is the Sizing Like for Adidas Gazelle Shoes?

The Adidas Gazelle is available in unisex sizing, with both men’s and women’s sizes obtainable. Yes, the Gazelle fits true to size, but some wearers have mentioned that it has an ordinary, comfortable fit, with many Adidas regular and street-style shoes.

Comparing the Gazelle to other famous shoes, the sizing is similar to the Vans Authentic. However, it is one size less than the Clarks Desert Boot, as mentioned by 35 users. It also fits half a size greater than the Converse Chuck Taylor Core Ox.

Sizing can differ slightly based on the particular model and materials utilized. Testing the shoes before buying or consulting the brand’s sizing table for more appropriate measurements is always suggested.

Overall, the Adidas Gazelle fits true to size but may contain a snug fit. Testing on the shoes or consulting the sizing chart for the ideal fit is suggested.

Are Adidas Gazelle shoes suitable for wide feet?

are adidas gazelle shoes suitable for wide feet

One necessary factor to consider regarding buying shoes is whether the shoes will fit snugly. For individuals with broad feet, discovering the correct pair of shoes can be demanding. So, are Adidas Gazelle shoes suitable for wide feet?

Adidas Gazelle shoes are typically true to size for individuals with normal feet. However, for those with extensive feet, it is suggested to go up half a size to verify a snug fit. It is efficient to mention that Adidas Gazelle shoes should be comfortable but not too tight.

In addition to sizing, the component of the shoe can also affect the ease level for individuals with extensive feet. Most Adidas Gazelle shoes are designed with suede, so they may not be as flexible as other materials. This makes it more difficult for people with broader feet to discover a comfortable fit.

However, there are some choices accessible for individuals with extensive feet. Adidas provides diverse shoe models structured particularly for wider feet, like the Ultraboost, NMD, and Superstar. These shoes have broader toe boxes and more space in the midfoot area, making them a great choice for those with wider feet.

Overall, while Adidas Gazelle shoes may not be the perfect option for people with wider feet, other Adidas shoe models are accessible and constructed mainly for wider feet. It is necessary to consider both sizing and material when choosing shoes to verify maximum comfort.

Do Adidas Gazelle shoes have good arch support?

The Adidas Gazelle shoes have slight arch support, as mentioned by many users. Several reviews on state that the shoe has “some arch aid, and the body of the sneaker is nice.” Another review remarked that the Gazelle has remarkable arch support, which is uncommon for this sneaker.

However, some wearers have mentioned discomfort because of the extra arch support in the insole. Some have even demounted it to diminish the discomfort. It is efficient to mention that arch support is a matter of individual preference and may differ from person to person.

Adidas is famous for its commitment to providing the best feasible comfort and aid to the user. While the Gazelle may not have a similar level of arch aid as some of their other models, it is still a snug shoe ideal for regular wear.

It is suggested that individuals with particular arch support needs refer to a podiatrist or footwear specialist to discover the perfect shoe for their requirements.

Can Adidas Gazelle shoes be used for running?

can gazelle shoes be use for running

Adidas Gazelle shoes are engineered for normal wear. However, they can be utilized for running, but only for minor distances. The shoe’s padding system is not constructed for top-impact activities, like running long distances or uneven terrain.

The Adidas Gazelle shoes contain a smooth sole, which does not offer the necessary arch aid for running. They also lack the appropriate stability attributes required for running, such as an adaptive upper and a fortified heel.

While the Adidas Gazelle shoes may be snug for walking and moderate exercise, they are not suggested for acute runners. If you are searching for a shoe mainly constructed for running, it is ideal to consider other choices from Adidas, just like the Ultraboost or the Solarboost.

Adidas Gazelle shoes can be used for running, but only for lesser distances and light exercise. They are not suggested for committed runners or for running on uneven terrain. It is necessary to consider other choices from Adidas if you are searching for a shoe particularly designed for running.

What are the different styles of Adidas Gazelle shoes available?

Adidas Gazelle shoes are available in various styles, colors, and materials. The following are several renowned options:

Classic Suede

The classic Adidas Gazelle shoe is designed of suede and offers the classic three stripes on the side. It is accessible in various colors, incorporating black, navy, red, and gray. The suede material gives the shoe a mushy, comfortable feel, and the rubber sole offers good traction.


For a more upscale appearance, Adidas provides Gazelle shoes designed of leather. These shoes come in black, white, and other colors. The leather material provides the shoe with a slender, polished look and is also hard-wearing and easy to clean.


Adidas also provides a Primeknit edition of the Gazelle shoe. This material is a knit that is feathery and permeable. It adapts to the foot’s appearance, providing a snug, sock-like fit.

The Primeknit Gazelle is accessible in various colors, incorporating black, white, and green.


For those requiring a little extra height, Adidas provides a platform version of the Gazelle shoe. This shoe has a massive sole contributing several inches to the user’s height. It is available in a diversity of colors, comprising black, white, and pink.


Adidas has associated with several designers and companies to make versatile versions of the Gazelle shoe. Some of the most famous collaborations incorporate the Adidas x Pharrell Williams Gazelle, which provides a colorful pattern with embroidered description, and the Adidas x Palace Skateboards Gazelle, which contains a sleek, unembellished look.

Overall, Adidas Gazelle shoes provide various styles to match different tastes and preferences. Whether you prioritize iconic suede, upscale leather, or feathery Primeknit, there is a Gazelle shoe for you.


In conclusion, the Adidas Gazelle is a snug shoe adaptable for regular wear. The shoe offers a permeable netting upper for finer air flow, a rubber outsole for additional grip, and a cushioned collar for additional comfort. The padding is good, and the shoe is very hard-wearing and lasts long.

While the Adidas Gazelle is not ideal for running or athletic activities, it is ideal for regular wear. The suede upper is mushy and comfortable, and the rugged sole gives cushioning and aid. The Gazelle is an iconic shoe worn with various outfits and styles.

Overall, the Adidas Gazelle is an amazing shoe for anyone searching for a comfortable and modish shoe for daily wear. With its streamlined design and snug fit, the Gazelle will surely become predominant in any wardrobe.

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