Allbirds Vs. Hoka: [Quick Comparison!]

Have you been wearing Hoka for all these years and just got inspired by the unofficial comfortable sneaker of Hollywood? Yes, great choice! Allbirds is literally meant for all birds, and you should give it a go. But when you say Allbirds Vs. Hoka, what’s the difference?

Both Allbirds and Hoka are popular for their minimalist design, premium comfort, and breathability. Though both brands support reduced carbon footprint and sustainable packaging, the Allbirds are in the lead as even their shoes are 100% eco-friendly. Comparatively, Hoka is better for distance running, arch support, and as rain shoes. In contrast, Allbirds is better for the vice versa, as Hoka’s high heel isn’t comfortable for all-day wear.

With so many advantages and similarities between the two brands, which one should you choose? Let’s find out.

allbirds vs hoka

Allbirds vs Hoka: Features 

Despite being similar for most parts, both Allbirds and Hoka have distinct features that gives each brand its own speciality. Let’s compare their overall features:

OriginAllbirds was first invented by ex-soccer players Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger in New Zealand in 2016. Since Tim always had a great hand with merino wool, he really imagined it to be used in footwear. And boom!

That’s how we got to see Allbirds with their 3 worded motto– comfort, simple design, and sustainability. 
Launched in 2009 in France, Hoka has been serving as an award-winning running shoe till today, especially because of its supreme cushioning. The phrase Hoka One One translates to the famous phrase in Maori, ‘Fly over the earth’. 

UpperZQ-certified merino woolKnitted mesh fabric made from eucalyptus pulp Rubber-trimmed Faux LeatherEngineered meshed
OutsoleMade from natural rubberRecycled Polyester and rPET fibers & films–all the way there. Simultaneously, Hoka Hukana’s entire sole is made with RMAT And the Meta-Rocker, aka bucket seat engineering, gives a plush, cushioned ride.
Midsole materialSweetFoam (sugarcane-based green EVA) with Castor bean oil insoles.Full EVA foam with RMAT, featuring an Ortholite footbed.
Sustainability/veganBeen carbon neutral since 2019 (30% smaller carbon footprint than other shoes in the market). 
Use natural materials like TENCEL Lyocell, Sweet foam, Castor oil bean, recycled plastic, and merino wool.
The Plant Pacer model is 100% vegan.
Member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).
Recycled polyester material 98.13% recycled paper packaging.
Supports reduced Carbon footprint. Has vegan models
WeightBetween 4 to 10.5 ouncesAround 7.4 oz. to 10+ oz.

Allbirds Vs. Hoka: Sizing Chart

Except for the Tree Breezers, all Allbirds sizes are unisex and have a 1.5 size difference between men and women sizing. And the Tree Dashers and Breezers offer half sizes as well. 

Comparatively, Hoka has both unisex and separate gender categories and charts and do offer half sizes.

Here are the size charts for both shoes:

Hoka Sizing Chart

UKEURUS (Men)US (Women)Japan (cm)
436 2/34.55.522.5
4,537 1/35623
5.538 2/36724
639 1/36.57.524.5
740 2/37.58.525.5
7.541 1/38926
8.542 2/391027
943 1/39.510.527.5
1044 2/310.511.528.5
10.545 1/3111229
11.546 2/3121330
1247 1/312.513.530.5
1348 2/313.514.531.5
13.549 1/3141532
14.550 2/3151633

Allbirds Sizing Chart

For Men:


For Women:


Allbirds Tree Dashers Vs. Hoka One One Clifton 8

Allbirds Tree Dashers Vs. Hoka One One Clifton 8

Known for its minimalist yet sleek design, Allbirds Tree Dashers is a type of shoe you’ll wear all day, especially if you’re a healthcare worker. But I am actually a fan of their sustainability. The eucalyptus tree upper, recycled plastic laces, merino wool linings, bio-nylon eyelets, sugarcane EVA, natural rubber, castor bean insoles, and bottoms in place of those rubber ones – everything you need for an airy walk!

Like Hoka Clifton 8, these shoes are designed for running and endorsed by nurses and doctors who have passed the road test with them. But yes, users have warned about not taking them in the rain, for distance running, and if you’re looking for 100% ankle support.

On the other hand, Hoka One One 8 carries its meta rocker profile with some improvisation in the midsole. Like Allbirds, it features an EVA foam midsole, which is 15% lighter than its previous models. It also features an additional heel crash pad, giving runners an ultimate soft/marshmallow-like landing. Talking about running, Hoka Clifton 8 is better for long runs than Allbirds Tree dashers. 

Hoka also used an active foot frame called the ‘bucket seat’, which gives a great lockdown, meaning locking the heel in place with supports. So comparatively, Hoka One One Clifton 8 provides better arch support than Allbirds Tree dashers. Apart from that, Hoka is more resistant to rain damage than Tree Dashers but can cause blisters, unlike Allbirds Tree Dashers’ natural material.

Allbirds Tree DashersHoka One One Clifton 8
Weight289.99 g8.9 Oz or 252.311 g
Sole drop7mm drop5mm drop
ProsGreat traction.
Provides an all-day comfort.
Ample lockdown.
Spacious toe box.
Stretchable uppers.
Eco-friendly and sustainable.
Outstanding traction.
Extremely comfortable and cushioned, even more than Allbirds.
Has a smooth, rockered ride.
Shows better mileage for long runs.
Better arch support than Tree dashers.
Typically run true to size.
ConsTraction is not good enough for wet surfaces/not that waterproof.
Tight for narrow feet.
Heavier than Hoka One One Clifton 8.
Slightly poor ankle support.
Have to size down if you have half sizes, and size up if you have wide feet.
Low paceIs.
Can cause blisters.
Run small for wider feet.

Wrap Up

Regarding the price point, I agree both Allbirds and Hoka shoes are expensive, where Hoka takes the major lead for the most part. Talking about quality and durability, I’ll give both of them an ‘A star’! 

But when it comes to unconditional arch support, waterproofness, and long-distance athletic/cushioned running, my vote is for Hoka One One. And you can’t choose Hoka One One for everyday wear because of the heel height. And when it comes to choosing everyday footwear with more sustainability and eco-friendliness, it’s Allbirds for sure. So, all-in-all, it depends on personal preference.

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