RM Williams VS. Blundstone: (Who is Winner?)

Chelsea boots are the type of shoe that makes a bold statement. Not only do they sport a classic silhouette, but they are far more comfier than the traditional work boot. And thankfully, both RM Willaims and Blundstone have a great history of selling them. But when it comes to the best choice, which one to go for?

If you’re looking for some durable work boots that you can walk miles in, Blundstones are an ideal pick. They are stylish, comfortable, and made to last. On the other hand, RM Williams offers luxury boots handcrafted to perfection. Their shoes go through a lengthy manufacturing process to ensure fantastic quality. 

Still need help deciding which one to buy? We’ve compared these two footwear brands to make your choice easier!

rm williams vs blundstone

Feature Comparison: RM Williams VS. Blundstone

Despite having many differences, these two brands have a few things in common– incredible boots, a large fan base, and Australian origins. Here’s a chart to help you compare RM Williams and Blundstone boots.

FeaturesRM WilliamsBlundstone 
OriginThe story of RM Williams goes from rags to riches. William used his leather-working skills to create a line of bush wear footwear and clothing. Since then, these boots have become a favorite among many hypebeasts.This Australian a family-owned business came to life in 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania. And all thanks goes to John Blundstone, who wanted to make an everyday, durable work boot. Today, they are loved by many worldwide.
InsoleRM William boots have a smooth leather insole with a porous foam layer. It provides extra comfort and flexibility.Every pair of Blundstone boots has a removable insole. They offer plenty of options, such as memory foam and even sheep wool. The sheep wool insoles are featured in their thermal boot collection and help warm your feet.
MidsoleRM Williams boots feature a pure leather midsole. It not only strengthens your boot but is easily repairable as well.Most Blundstone boots, such as the brown leather industrial Chelsea boot, have a leather-lined cushioned midsole.
Outsole Leather, Rubber, Vibram, Itshide, Treaded Rubber, Dynamic Flex.Vulcanized Rubber, Vibram.

RM Williams Brown Gardener Boots Vs. Blundstone Rustic Brown 585

RM Williams Brown Gardener Boots Vs. Blundstone Rustic Brown 585

Chelsea boots are the ideal work shoe. They have a classic sleek silhouette, meet safety standards, and are versatile. Whether you work at a law firm or as a contractor, anyone can rock a classic Chelsea boot.

It’s not just you; it’s me too. I was shocked at how similar this pair looked at first glance. But both RM Williams Brown and Blundstone Rustic Brown 585 boots have some evident differences…

Firstly, when it comes to comfort, the Blundstone rustic brown Chelsea boots take the cake. All thanks go to the cushioned midsole, making them lighter than the RM Williams brown gardener boots. Plus, their durable leather-built, weather resistance, and waterproof properties make them last for ages and are hence, expensive

However, if you’re looking for something more elegant, RM Williams brown gardener boots are the way to go. Crafted with oiled kip leather, they have a luxurious look and feel. The rounded toe and branded tugs look classy, making them the perfect choice to pair with suits. 

Overall, both these boots are durable, stylish, comfortable, and even lighter on the pockets.

RM Williams Brown Gardener BootsBlundstone Rustic Brown 585
Weight1 lb 8.7 oz1 lb 4 oz
Sole Drop¾ treaded welt sole and flat heelwedge sole with 5mm tread
ProsElastic sidesUnique and tidy shapeRich brown colorComfortable fitRemovable insole Flexible Outsole Soft Textured UpperMinimum break-in period Lined with leatherAmazing shock absorptionComes with extra footbedsEasy to wear pull tabsGreat for any weatherBuilt to lastMade with premium leather
ConsA bit on the narrow sideA little stiff at first 

RM Williams Yearling Boot Vs. Blundstone 500

rm williams yearling boot vs blundstone 500

Need a dressier Chelsea boot? The RM Williams Yearling boot has a sleek look with a 4.5 Cm heel you can pair with anything from formal to jeans. Made with high-quality yearling leather, it is lined for a comfortable fit. Made with yearling leather, it has a durable upper with a classic polished look. The Cuban heel adds a pep to your step as well.

The Blundstone 500, on the other hand, is available in various colors. They have a rounded toe that is perfect for wide feet and doesn’t pinch the toes. This pair of boots has added stability thanks to the steel shank. So, if you’re looking for a highly versatile boot you can walk for miles in, Blundstone 500 can be a great choice!

While both these boots have a different aesthetic, they are long-lasting and a great staple to add to your closet.

RM Williams Yearling BootBlundstone 500 
Weight1 lb 8.7 oz14 oz
Sole Dropwelt sole with 4.5 Cm block heel4mm tread
ProsThe narrow toe gives an elegant lookDelicate craftsmanship Yearling leather has a soft texture Can be worn comfortably for hoursPull tabs on either sideComes in recyclable packagingClassic rugged lookGreat for any weatherThe midsole is cushioned for maximum comfort Amazing shock absorptionInsoles can be removed Doesn’t pinch your feet
ConsRequires a lot of maintenance Might run a bit small

RM Williams Vs. Blundstone For The Workplace

rm william vs blundstone features

Chelsea boots are excellent work shoes since they are easy to wear and comfortable to walk in. Regarding the workplace, which one of these boots performs better?

While the RM Williams boots tend to be on the narrow side and a bit stiff, they are still really comfortable to wear. You can stand in them for hours since the soft leather lining doesn’t chafe. You can even wear these boots while gardening!

On the other hand, Blundstone boots have features like a shock absorption steel layer, a weather-resistant finish, and a steel shank. It meets most industry safety standards, making them a great work boot option.

Overall, Blundstone boots are a better pick for an everyday work shoe because of their durable build, extra features, and comfy fit.

RM Williams VS. Blundstone sizing chart

RM Williams and Blundstone follow unique sizing patterns and thus have unique charts. Let’s check them out:

RM Williams sizing chart

Length (MM)UKUSUKUSEuroJapanUK
208.81     1
2131.5    21.51.5
217.223   222 222.5
276910  43.527.59
280.29.510.5  44289.5
284.41011  4528.510
288.610.511.5  45.52910.5
292.81112  4629.511
29711.512.5  46.53011.5
301.21213  473012
305.412.513.5  47.530.512.5
309.61314  483113
313.813.514.5   31.513.5
3181415    14
322.214.515.5    14.5
326.41516    15
330.615.516.5    15.5
334.81617    16
33916.517.5    16.5
343.21718    17

Blundstone sizing chart

If you check Blundstone’s original site, you won’t find the exact length measurements. Here’s a size chart to reduce your pain:

US Men’sUS Women’sAU / UKFoot Length (cm)Millimeters (mm)

RM Williams Vs. Blundstone: Which One Is Better?

Although both these shoes are unique in their way, we have to give the vote to Blundstones. While RM Williams boots are a good investment for work boots, they require regular maintenance. 

Blundstone boots, however, are affordable and will last you for years.

That being said, excellent craftsmanship makes RM Williams boots a great footwear staple. However, Blundstones win this battle due to their extra features and comfort.

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