Do Timberlands Stretch? 7 Easy Ways to Break-In Them!

Despite Timberlands’ claims that their shoes should fit snugly (not too tight or too loose), I’ve heard numerous complaints regarding the new pair’s tight fit. Some questions that come to mind are: Do you really need to stretch out Timberlands? Do they naturally expand out? How do you stretch them if they are too tight?

Timberlands, like any other pair of leather boots, stretch over time. However, it takes weeks for them to conform to foot size. As a result, you can stretch Timberlands manually by using shoe stretchers, ice packs, stretching sprays, putting newspaper inside, and so on.

However, if you’re wondering how to break or stretch them, we’ve got you covered. We went through all of the steps and tactics that would allow you to stretch out your Timberlands in no time!

do timberlands stretch

Do Timberlands Boots Stretch?

Timberlands do stretch out with time, but it takes two to three months of consistent wear before you notice any major stretch. To shorten the procedure, we discussed numerous aspects that you might adopt at home to stretch it out. Simple measures like wearing socks and applying diluted alcohol will help you break them in faster.

Since timberlands are made of leather, materials such as suede and nubuck. They are prone to stretching out. When it comes to leather, nubuck and suede they have the property to expand quickly with regular use.

You can stretch them out in less than a day using a shoe tree. If you have the time to wait for them to stretch naturally, nubuck Timberlands takes around 1 to 2 months of constant wear before you see any little stretch. Suede Timberlands naturally stretch within 2 to 3 weeks.

Furthermore, wearing non-waterproof or wet Timberlands increases stretching.

So the answer is yes, Timberland boots can be readily stretched out. Due to the fact that Timberland boots, like other leather boots, are subject to stretching after prolonged use.

Why Are Timberlands Uncomfortable at First?

Yes, Timberlands are tight at first. As the inside of these boots is designed to give the wearer a squeezed feeling. They are also utilized for heavy duty tasks, thus they have a hard compressed touch from the inside. So that your feet are safe and do not sustain any external injuries.

You want them to feel snug but not overly so. They will break in and soften with time, so they may feel a little snug at first. 

You should be able to move your toes in the toe box and have a quarter or half-inch of free space from your heel for boots to fit properly. And, for the most part, Timberlands are not perceived as comfortable the first time they are used.

So why are Timberlands uncomfortable at first? It’s because they are meant to be laced rightly and broken in. And that’s why you need to make them more comfortable by stretching or breaking in rightly.

How to Stretch Timberlands?

If you find your Timberlands uncomfortable, you can always stretch them manually to achieve comfort faster. Here are seven quick ways you should try:

methods to break in timberlands

Method 1: Wear Around With Thick Socks

This one works for most boots and so with Timberlands. Just pair your Timberlands with thick socks and wear them around your house instead of slippers. Some podiatrists recommend the ‘2468 method’. It means that on the first day, wear them for two hours and gradually increase the duration to four, six, and eight hours. Then, repeat the process and expand the schedule until your boots are the desired length.

Most people recommend pairing this method with a blow dryer, but we don’t. As direct or intimate heat might damage your Timberlands.

wear thick socks to break in timberland

Method 2: Use A Stretching Spray Or Liquid

As the name suggests, a stretch spray is explicitly meant to stretch shoes. So, if you want to stretch your Timbs with it, commence by spraying the inside of the boot. Remember to spray according to the label’s instructions. If it says to spray on the outsides, you can do that. But remember to use the spray that complies with your Timberland’s leather. You can pair this method with the first one for the best results.

And if you spray correctly, you can expand the shoe material by around a quarter or half an inch with this method. 

use stretching spray to stretch timberland

Method 3: Buy A Boot Stretcher

Boot stretchers work like mini cobblers and are a cheap and effective way to stretch your Timberlands. They can make your Timberlands wider and longer. Here’s the method:

  1. Stretching spray should be sprayed on your shoes (to hasten the process)
  2. Insert the stretcher’s toe block until it reaches the end of the toe box.
  3. To expand the stretcher, turn the handle clockwise.
  4. Continue with the step until you achieve the desired snugness.
  5. Leave the boots in this position overnight (or 48 hours for best results).

We recommend purchasing two stretchers to save time stretching the entire pair of Timberland boots.

use a boot stretcher

Method 4: Stuff Newspapers Inside

The easiest way to expand Timberlands is using wet newspapers.
Wet the newspapers and roll them into balls before stuffing them into the boots. Your boots will expand as the paper does. Before wearing the boots, let them air dry overnight.

Method 5: Apply Diluted Alcohol

Another alternative to stretching Timberlands is by applying alcohol inside the boot. Alcohol loosens leather fibers allowing the boot to stretch without drying. Here’s what you should follow:

  1. Take equal parts of alcohol and water and make a mixture.
  2. Dampen a cotton ball with the mixture or pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  3. Spray or wipe the inner portion of the boots.
  4. Pair this method with the first one (socks) discussed to enhance the stretching. 
  5. Wear and walk around for atleast five minutes.

Tips and Precautions:

  • Ensure you focus explicitly on the inner portion of the boots, or else the suede will get stained due to alcohol. 
  • For best results, use rubbing alcohol.

However, this method is just a DIY alternative to shoe stretching sprays.

use diluted alcohol

Method 6: Use Ice Packs

Because water expands when it freezes, you can use this property to expand your Timberlands. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Fill water in a zip-locked bag and place it inside your boots.
  2. Cover your boots with another plastic bag to prevent the cold temperature from moistening their surface.
  3. Place your boots in the freezer overnight.
  4. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Method 7: Take Them To The Cobbler

If nothing else works, take them to a cobbler or return them to Timberland. Timberland provides a one-year warranty to exchange boots that have not been damaged or deconditioned. However, if your boots are unfit to be covered in the warranty, you can take them to any professional cobbler. They, too, have specialized tools and services for stretching boots to your specifications.

take timberland to cobbler

How Much Will Timberlands Stretch?

No, your Timberlands won’t stretch forever. And like other Nubuck and suede wear, stretching is limited. Ideally, nubuck and suede Timberlands will stretch about half an inch.

The length, however, varies because each pair and type of Timberland is made, stitched, worn, and tried differently.

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How Long Does It Take To Stretch Timberlands?

We’ve already mentioned how you don’t have to wait long to stretch Timberland . The break-in process could be a week or two, or it could take up to five weeks. The stretching period, on the other hand, is not predetermined and is dependent by how you wear and break them in. You will be able to stretch your boot considerably faster if you employ all of the stretching methods that are appropriate for it and practice them.

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How To Stop Timberlands From Stretching Out Too Much?

Although Timberlands do stretch over time, excessive stretching is not something you should anticipate. You can always pick the size that suits your feet and avoid stretching them out.

If you don’t want to stretch your Timberlands too much, get a size half up from your typical size. As a result, there will be more space within your boots and feet, and the boots will not compress as much with your feet and there would be no need to breaking them out. If your boot size is 9, for instance, order the half-size larger 9.5 to avoid a tight fit and the need to break or stretch them out.

If your Timberlands are running big or you’ve found the right size but don’t want them to stretch, try the following:

Tip 1: Waterproof Your Timberland Boots

When boots absorb water, they might stretch. Because suede is moisture sensitive, you should avoid getting your Timberlands wet. Waterproofing them should be practiced on a regular basis. Waterproofing can be accomplished with a waterproof spray or wax. Waterproofing Timberlands will not keep them completely dry, but it will keep the damage at bay. Check out this article to learn more about how to waterproof Timberlands.

Tip 2: Use A Leather Softener

Alternatively, you can use a leather softener to soften, stretch, or bounce your suede to help it restore form. Yes, you’ve probably heard that leather softeners improve stretching, but this is untrue. But first, apply a softener that is compatible with the leather on your Timberland boots. For the classic Yellow Boot, for example, a nubuck leather softener should be used.

Wrapping Up: Do Timberlands Stretch?

Timberlands stretch in two ways; manually and naturally. Naturally, because materials such as suede and nubuck stretch due to moisture (if not waterproofed). 

And manually, by wearing socks or using stretching sprays, ice packs, etc. However, the extent of stretching still depends on the size and width of your boot and foot.

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