How To Fix Scratched Timberland Boots? (5 Easy Ways To Remove Scuff From Timberland!)

When you find your boots comfortable, you live in them and get marks and scratches. Even though marks define character, no one wants their expensive pair of Timberlands to give off the same scratchy vibes.

So, how do you repair scuffed Timberland boots? There are numerous options. You can either restore Timberlands yourself or take them to a cobbler. Alternatively, you can try DIY methods such as applying polishes, sandpapers, petroleum jelly, shoe creams, wax, nail filers, and so on.

Since the list is lengthy, continue reading to learn why Timberlands get scratches and how to remove them at home.

how to fix scratched timberland boots

What Is The Difference Between Scratch And Scuff?

Before penning down the methods of fixing both, it’s essential to differentiate between scratch and scuff. Because with the proper understanding, you will properly restore your Timberland.

Scuff marks appear when you slide your shoes against another object, such as the floor. They tend to be less profound than scratches. Scratches, on the other hand, form when a sharp object rubs against a smooth surface, leaving visible deep marks.

Does Suede Scratch Easily?      

Before you blame Timberlands for your first scratch and scuff, understand that these marks are natural for any leather. Yes, suede and nubuck leathers have an unfinished surface with tiny grains raised and exposed.

As a result, any scratches or scuffs will leave visible marks on the rough surface. And, since suede and nubuck are commonly associated with Timberlands leather, you have your answer.

Can You Fix Scuffs On Timberlands?

Yes. Scuffs and scratches are as simple to repair as putting them on your Timbs. All you have to do is buff or smoothen the rough surface of the shoes. In addition, scuff and scratch removal methods are essentially the same. The main distinction is that scratches take longer to repair than scuffs. And there are numerous methods for removing them (check out the next section).

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How To Fix Scratch On Timberlands?

If you’re tired of spending bucks at the cobbler fixing recurring scratches on Timbs, here are some easy DIY ways to try at the comfort of home:

remove scuff from timberlands

Method 1: Try An Eraser

You can use an eraser for a minor finish to remove minor scuffs on Timberlands.

  • Just gently rub your suede eraser on the Timb’s surface and wipe it off to check if it worked.
  • For best results, rub it in the direction of the suede fibers.
  • However, if your Timberlands are excessively damaged or dirty, this trick won’t work.
  • Also, watch out for pencil erasers; they may damage the fibers and decolorize the Timbs.

Method 2: Timberland Boot Polish

Nothing can beat the work of boot polish to make an unfinished shoe surface look more finished. And for the same reason, Timberlands makes its own polish/cleaner that removes oil, dirt, and abrasions along with scuffs and scratches. But if you are trying a polish from another company, ensure that it’s high-quality and complies with your boots’ material. Here’s what to do:

  1. Gently rub off excess dirt with a suede or nubuck brush from your Timberlands.
  2. Carefully practice the label instructions of the polish and apply a small amount to your boots. 
  3. Massage the polish with a cloth or gloves until the scratches show a reduction, and let the boots dry.
  4. After drying the boots, use a clean cloth or brush to polish and add luster to the shoe.

Method 3: Restore With A Sandpaper

We recommend using light and medium grit sandpapers to remove light and medium scuffs.

  • Just place a newspaper underneath your shoes to diminish the mess and rub the sandpaper in small motions.
  • Next, wipe off the shredded material with a cloth and apply a suede protector at the end for polishing.

Method 4: Grab A Nail Filer

If you don’t have sandpaper handy, you can always go for a nail filer to complete the wondrous scratch-removal of your Timberlands. Just grab a nail filer, and start filing the scratched area with continuous rubbing for some time. Next, wipe off the shreds and repeat the entire process until the scratch vanishes. 

However, suppose the filing decolorizes your boots. In that case, you can apply a mixture of vinegar and water on the done part (but avoid doing this step religiously, or it will damage the nubuck). Alternatively, you can polish your boots using a polish that matches your Timbs’ color.

Method 5: Try Using Vaseline Or A Shoe Cream

What do you apply when winter gives your skin dry scratches? Petroleum jelly or creams, right? Fortunately, you can also use the same strategy for scratches on your Timbs. Here’s how:

  1. Apply some Vaseline or shoe cream on your boots and let them dry.
  2. Once dried, use a clean cloth to spread and rub the Vaseline for a high sheen polish.

Due to its polishing effect, Vaseline gives reduced scratches within minutes.

Method 6: Apply A Boot Wax

This method removes tough scratches and scuffs but requires much patience to get results:

  1. Apply a small amount of boot wax to the scuffs with a brush and let it dry for a few minutes.
  2. After drying the wax, polish the surface with a suede brush to make the boots shiny.
  3. Repeat the process if needed.

Can Timberlands Boots Be Restored?

Scratches and scuffs aren’t the only things that mess up Timberlands’ look when worn; worn-out soles, decolorization, bluntness, and dirty boot surfaces also come on the list. Fortunately, you can always manually restore your Timberland boots or from companies that restore boots.

How Do You Restore Timberlands? 

We have already discussed how you can remove scratches and scuffs from, Timberlands. But to make your Timberland boots look new again, you’ve got to all the other steps for restoring religiously too. So let’s cut to the chase:

Step By Step Guide To Clean Timberland

The first step before restoring any shoes is cleaning them. So, here’s how you can clean your Timberlands at home today:

  1. Firstly, remove all laces from your boost, so they don’t interfere or get soaked during the cleaning process.
  2. Use a suede brush to brush off excess dirt on your dry boots.
  3. Employ a damp towel to wipe the leftover mess caused by brushing Timberlands.
  4. Grab a good quality boot cleaner that matches your Timberlands’ material and apply it according to the label instructions.
  5. If your boots are still dirty, you can apply soap and warm water mixture to your Timberlands with a toothbrush and rub it in gentle circular motions.
  6. Next, rinse your Timberlands with clean water for a concise duration. Don’t overdo it.
  7. Air-dry your wet Timberlands after stuffing in some newspapers or towels to maintain their shape. (Here are more ways to dry your wet Timberlands).
  8. After drying them completely, buff your Timberlands with a suede brush or by trying any of the previously described methods for removing scuffs to even out the shoe surface.

Waterproof And Condition Your Boots:

Timberlands lose their waterproof layers over the years. So, after cleaning them, apply a waterproofing spray to seal the boots. You can also use a suede conditioner or mink oil for conditioning and adding shine to the Timberland. 

How To Get Rid Of Cut Marks From Suede Timberlands?

To remove cut marks from Timberlands, you can use any of the methods above for removing scratches like a suede eraser, buffing, and polishing.

But if your suede has cuts, you must add leather patches to fill the space. Unfortunately, this may not help them regain their seamless nature.

What To Do So That Timberlands Don’t Get Scuff Again?

To ensure your Timberlands don’t bring scuffs again, you must blend all the tips mentioned to restore boots to originality. For best results, we suggest you purchase the Timberland cleaning kit to follow a proper routine boot care plan that keeps scuff and scratches at bay.

Wrap Up: How To Fix Scratched Timberland Boots?

Like any other pair of suede or nubuck boots, it’s natural for Timberlands to get scratches and scuffs upon their use. But the best part is that you can restore them to their near-original look.

And you can achieve this by taking them to the cobbler or trying the above-mentioned DIY methods. However, for precautions, try doing a patch test to check the compatibility of any technique with your Timberlands before removing the scratches and scuffs.

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