Hoka Rincon Vs. Clifton: Which Running Shoe is Best for You?

Hoka Rincon and Hoka Clifton are two of the most famous running shoes in the industry. Both shoes are structured for athletes seeking comfort, steadiness, and durability. While they have several similarities, they also have a few significant differences that separate them.

Hoka Rincon is a feathery running shoe constructed for speed and legerity. It provides a porous upper, a reactive midsole, and a hard-wearing outsole that gives a remarkable grip on different surfaces. Conversely, Hoka Clifton is a wealthy, neutral regular trainer with exceptional padding and aid. It is famous for its cloud-like padding and snug fit.


Comparison Table: Hoka Rincon Vs Hoka Clifton

Feature Hoka Rincon Hoka Clifton 
Design and Construction Delicate and streamlined Wealthy and padded 
Performance Engineered for speed and agility Suitable for regular training 
Comfort and Fit Snug and cozy fit Generous fit 
Durability Long-lasting Hard-wearing 
Price More economical Higher price 
Weight Lightweight Lightweight 
Stack Height & Heel Drop Lower stack height and heel drop Higher stack height and heel drop 
Suitable for Running Great for speedwork and tempo runs Ideal for longer runs and walking 

Key Takeaways

  • Hoka Rincon is a delicate running shoe constructed for speed and agility; on the contrary, Hoka Clifton is a luxurious, neutral everyday trainer that offers extraordinary padding and support.
  • Hoka Rincon is more economical than Hoka Clifton, making it an outstanding choice for players on a budget.
  • Both shoes have advantages and disadvantages, and selecting between them inclines personal preferences and running requirements.

Hoka Rincon Overview


Design and Construction

The Hoka Rincon is a delicate and iconic running shoe that has become progressively popular among athletes since its launch. The shoe offers a plain, streamlined pattern with a deep-profile silhouette, making it a perfect option for runners prioritizing minimalistic shoes. It contains a 5mm drop, considered mild, and the midsole is designed with Hoka’s signature EVA foam, which gives remarkable padding and impact absorption.

The Rincon 3 has an upgraded upper structure of 100% vegan sandwich netting, which lessens weight and enhances permeability. The shoe also comprises a thin, asymmetrical tongue and an unembellished heel tab, which further minimizes weight and advances the overall fit and feel of the shoe.


The Hoka Rincon is engineered for speed and iconicness. Its reactive configuration provides an even and snug ride, making it a perfect option for tempo runs, speed workouts, and races. The shoe is also adaptable for regular training runs, thanks to its outstanding padding and impact absorption.

Testers mentioned that the Rincon’s underfoot feel is mushier than the Clifton, and it contains a more reactive configuration that features a smoother ride. The shoe is also comparatively feathery, which makes it a remarkable choice for athletes who prioritize lightweight shoes.

Comfort and Fit

The Hoka Rincon has a snug and cozy fit thanks to its advanced upper and unembellished pattern. The shoe contains a roomy toe box that permits the toes to splay innately, necessary for snug and healthy running. The shoe also comprises a cushioned collar and tongue, which gives extraordinary ease and support.

The Rincon 3 is accessible in men’s and women’s sizes and runs true to size. However, several athletes may discover the shoe to be moderately tight, so it is suggested to test it before buying.


The Hoka Rincon is a long-lasting running shoe that can resist daily deterioration. The outsole is designed with top-abrasion rubber, giving remarkable grip and durability. The midsole is also structured of Hoka’s signature EVA foam, which is famous for its longevity and resilience.

Overall, the Hoka Rincon is an outstanding option for runners who prioritize delicate and versatile shoes that can control diverse workouts and races. The shoe is engineered for speed and ease and provides remarkable cushioning and impact absorption.

Hoka Clifton Overview


Design and Construction

The Hoka Clifton is a moderate regular trainer in the market for nine iterations. It is famous for its abundant padding, which gives a snug ride. The shoe offers a whole-length EVA midsole and a Meta-Rocker geometry that aids in encouraging an even transition from heel to toe.

The upper of the Clifton is designed of structured mesh, which offers permeability and support. The shoe also contains a fortified eye stay for longevity and a cushioned tongue and collar for additional comfort.


The Clifton is structured to offer a snug and even ride for regular training. It is not a racing shoe but can control several faster paces. The shoe’s padding is constructed to soak up the shock and minimize tiredness, making it a good option for longer runs.

The Clifton features a 5mm drop, a mild drop that is normal in Hoka shoes. The shoe’s Meta-Rocker geometry aids in encouraging a natural stride cycle and a flat ride.

Comfort and Fit

The Clifton is famous for its snug fit. The shoe contains a spacious toe box that permits toes to splay innately, and the upper offers a safe and adaptive fit. The shoe’s cushioned tongue and collar give extraordinary comfort.

The Clifton is accessible in both men’s and women’s sizes and is available in various widths. It is suggested to go up half a size from your standard shoe size to verify an appropriate fit.


The Clifton is a hard-wearing shoe that is engineered to resist regular training. The shoe’s manufactured mesh upper is fortified with a long-lasting eye stay, and the outsole is designed of durable rubber. The shoe’s midsole is constructed of EVA foam, famous for its durability.

Overall, the Hoka Clifton is a snug and hard-wearing shoe structured for regular training. Its opulent padding and smooth ride make it a famous option among runners.

Comparative Analysis

Design Differences

The Hoka Rincon and Clifton running shoes contain several noteworthy pattern differences. The Rincon is more delicate and slender than the Clifton, which has a more considerable build. The Rincon also comprises a thinner upper and a more stretchable midsole; conversely, the Clifton contains a massive upper and a more padded midsole.

Another pattern difference is the outsole. The Rincon contains a whole ground contact outsole; conversely, the Clifton features a beveled heel and a more striking rocker shape. This pattern aids the Clifton to offer a smoother transition from heel to toe and a more sturdy ride.

Performance Comparison

The Hoka Rincon and Clifton are exceptionally rated running shoes with different performance advantages. The Rincon is structured for speed and legerity, making it a perfect option for athletes who desire to go fast and moderate. Conversely, the Clifton is structured for ease and support, making it a finer choice for elongated runs.

The Rincon comprises a more reactive midsole, which gives a snappier toe-off and a more dynamic ride. The Clifton contains a more padded midsole, which features a squisher landing and a more sturdy ride. Both shoes have remarkable traction and grip, making them adaptable to diverse surfaces.

Comfort and Fit Comparison

The Hoka Rincon and Clifton feature several similarities and dissimilarities concerning comfort and fit. Both shoes comprise a spacious toe box, which permits the toes to splay innately and gives a more snug fit. However, the Rincon contains a tighter midfoot and heel, which may be better for athletes with broader feet.

The Clifton has a more cushioned tongue and collar, which gives extra comfort and aid. The Rincon contains a thinner and more porous upper, which may be ideal for players who prioritize an unembellished feel. Both shoes have demountable insoles, allowing runners to personalize the fit and feel.

Durability Comparison

The Hoka Rincon and Clifton are both hard-wearing running shoes, but the Clifton comprises a more considerable build and may be more long-lasting over time. The Rincon features a thinner upper and a more stretchable midsole, which may need to sustain better over long distances. However, both shoes contain top-quality materials and formation, which verifies that they will last for several miles of running.

Overall, the Hoka Rincon and Clifton are remarkable running with different patterns, performance, comfort, and longevity characteristics.

Price and Value

When contrasting the Hoka Rincon vs. Clifton, price and value are efficient factors to contemplate. The Rincon costs $115; on the other hand, the Clifton is priced at approximately $144.95. This makes the Rincon a more economical choice for athletes on a budget.

However, it’s necessary to consider the value of every shoe beyond just the initial cost tag. The Clifton provides more longevity and a longer lifespan, making it a finer investment for runners who desire a shoe that will endure them for miles. Conversely, the Rincon is a feathery and reactive shoe that provides excellent value for athletes who prefer speed and agility over longevity.

The Rincon is an ideal option for runners who prefer affordability and speed. For athletes who agree on durability and durability, the Clifton is the finer choice.

Following is a rapid breakdown of the cost and value of every shoe:

Rincon$115Lightweight, responsive, affordable
Clifton$144.95Durable, long-lasting, better investment

It’s worth mentioning that both shoes provide excellent value for their corresponding price points. Regardless of which shoe an athlete selects, they can anticipate attaining a top-quality, dependable running shoe from Hoka One One.

Weight Comparison


Regarding running shoes, weight is a necessary factor to examine. The more delicate the shoe, the easier it is to run in them. Hoka One is popular for making feathery shoes, and the Rincon and Clifton are no exception.

The Rincon is the more delicate of the two shoes, weighing approximately 6.3 oz for women and 7.7 oz for men. This makes it a perfect choice for runners who prefer speed and legerity. Conversely, the Clifton 9 is moderately heavier, weighing around 7.4 oz for women and 9 oz for men. While it may not be as delicate as the Rincon, it still features a snug and reactive ride.

The weight difference between the two shoes may be insignificant to several athletes. However, the Rincon may be the finer choice for those specifically sensitive to shoe weight.

Regarding the materials used to construct the shoes, the Rincon and Clifton use the same feathery materials. The Rincon offers a single-layer netting upper; conversely, the Clifton comprises a double-layer tracery upper. However, the dissimilarity in weight between the two shoes is likely because of the Rincon’s thinner sole and less padding.

Overall, both the Rincon and Clifton are delicate choices for athletes. The Rincon is lighter, making it a perfect option for speed-focused workouts. However, the Clifton is still a feathery, snug shoe with a reactive ride.

Stack Height & Heel Drop

Hoka Rincon 3 and Clifton 9 contain distinct stack heights and heel drops, influencing their overall feel and performance.

The stack height consults the padding between the foot and the ground. The Clifton 9 contains a greater stack height than the Rincon 3, which shows it gives more padding. The Clifton 9 comprises a stack height of 33 mm in the heel and 29 mm in the forefoot; on the other hand, the Rincon 3 contains a stack height of 29 mm in the heel and 24 mm in the forefoot.

The heel drop belongs to the difference in height between the heel and forefoot. The Clifton 9 comprises a more significant heel drop than the Rincon 3, which shows it places more importance on the heel strike. The Clifton 9 contains a heel drop of 4 mm; on the contrary, the Rincon 3 features a heel drop of 5 mm.

In the matter of stack height and heel drop, the Clifton 9 is more adaptable for athletes who prioritize an opulent and padded ride with a more significant heel drop; on the other side, the Rincon 3 is ideal for athletes who agree on a more reactive and natural ride with a more profound heel drop. However, both shoes provide a snug and adaptive ride for distinct kinds of athletes.

Which is true to size?: Hoka Rincon vs. Clifton


Regarding sizing, Hoka Rincon and Clifton are famous for being true to size. However, it’s necessary to remember that everyone has different feet, and what works for one individual may not go for another. It’s always suggested to test on shoes before buying them to verify the best fit feasible.

That being said, the following are several things to bear in mind concerning sizing for Hoka Rincon and Clifton:

Hoka Rincon

The Hoka Rincon contains a comfortable fit, but it’s pretty narrow. It comprises a spacious toe box that permits natural toe splay, perfect for those with broader feet. The shoe also contains a moderately extensive midfoot that adapts distinct foot appearances.

Hoka Clifton

The Hoka Clifton is renowned for its generous fit, spacious toe box, and broader midfoot. It’s perfect for those with more expansive feet or prioritize a more relaxed fit. However, several individuals with tight feet may find the shoe too spacious.

In the case of length, both shoes are true to size. It’s suggested to go with your regular size when buying the Hoka Rincon or Clifton.

Overall, regarding sizing, both the Hoka Rincon and Clifton are ideal for those searching for snug and true-to-size shoes.

Which is suitable for running and walking?: Hoka Rincon vs. Clifton

There are several factors to contemplate regarding selecting between the Hoka Rincon and Clifton for running and walking. Both shoes are structured for various reasons, so choosing the right one for your requirements is necessary.

The Rincon is a delicate, reactive shoe perfect for faster-paced runs and shorter distances. Its slender pattern and unembellished padding make it an ideal choice for those prioritizing a more natural feel. However, its deeper durability may make it less adaptable for longer runs or massive individuals.

Conversely, the Clifton is a more padded and adaptive shoe perfect for longer runs and walking. Its opulent feel and broader toe box make it snug for elongated periods, and its longevity makes it a good investment for those who desire a shoe that will last.

In the matter of walking, both shoes are adaptable choices. However, Clifton’s additional padding and support make it a finer option for those who plan on walking elongated distances or for extended periods.

Those who prioritize a more innate feel and plan on running shorter distances may agree on the Rincon. Conversely, those who desire a more padded and adaptive shoe for elongated runs and walking may prioritize the Clifton.

Pros & Cons Of Hoka Rincon

The Hoka Rincon is a delicate and reactive running shoe that has been gaining fame among athletes. Following are several of its pros and cons:


  • Lightweight: The Rincon weighs approximately 7.4 oz, making it one of the most feathery shoes in the Hoka lineup. This generates it perfect for speedwork and tempo runs.
  • Responsive: The Rincon comprises a firm and reactive midsole with a good quantity of energy backup. This makes it comfy to pick up the pace and adjust it.
  • Breathable: The upper of the Rincon is designed with an absorbent netting material that permits air to circulate freely, keeping your feet cool, fresh, and dry.
  • Comfortable: The Rincon contains an opulent and snug interior that adapts to the appearance of your foot. This makes it a perfect option for long runs and races.


  • Durability: The Rincon comprises a deeper durability than several other Hoka models, just like the Clifton. This shows that it may take less time than you would like, mainly if you are a great mileage runner.
  • Traction: The Rincon’s outsole is less grippy than several other Hoka designs, just like the Speedgoat. This shows that it may not function as well on wet or skiddy surfaces.
  • Fit: The Rincon contains a tight fit that may not be adaptable for athletes with broader feet. It also comprises a low-volume toe box that may feel compressed to some athletes.

Overall, the Hoka Rincon is perfect for runners who desire a feathery and reactive shoe for speedwork and tempo runs. However, its lower longevity and grip may concern several players, and its tight fit may only be adaptable for some.

Pros & Cons Of Hoka Clifton


The Hoka Clifton has been a famous neutral regular trainer in the market for a while now. It has experienced some iterations; the newest one is the Clifton 9. Following are several pros and cons of the Hoka Clifton:


  • Lightweight: The Hoka Clifton is a delicate shoe, perfect for running and other activities requiring much movement.
  • Comfortable: The Clifton comprises a luxurious, padded midsole that gives a snug ride. It is also structured with a porous upper that maintains the feet cool, fresh, and dry.
  • Durable: The Hoka Clifton is a hard-wearing shoe that can resist the deterioration of regular use. The outsole is designed of durable rubber, which offers outstanding traction and grip.
  • Versatile: The Clifton is an iconic shoe that can be utilized for various activities, including running, walking, and gym workouts.


  • Narrow Fit: Several wearers have mentioned that the Hoka Clifton has a tight fit, which can be intolerable for individuals with broader feet.
  • Expensive: The Hoka Clifton is a standard shoe with a great price tag. It may only be beneficial for some.
  • Lacks Stability: The Clifton is structured for neutral athletes, which shows it may need to offer more steadiness for people who overpronate or have flat feet.

In summary, the Hoka Clifton is a feathery, comfortable, and hard-wearing shoe that is iconic enough for distinct activities. However, it may not be adaptable for people with broader feet, and it is obtainable with a high-cost tag. Furthermore, it may need to offer more steadiness for people who overpronate or have flat feet.


After contrasting the Hoka Rincon and Clifton, it’s evident that both shoes feature their advantages and disadvantages.

The Rincon is a delicate and faster shoe, making it a perfect choice for speedwork and racing. It also contains a more reactive configuration, offering finer energy backup and bounce. However, it may need a similar level of padding and aid as the Clifton, which could be an issue for some athletes.

Conversely, Clifton is a wealthy, neutral regular trainer with excellent padding and aid. It contains a greater heel height, which may be more snug for several athletes. However, it is moderately more massive than the Rincon, which could disadvantage those searching for a lighter shoe.

Runners who prefer speed and reactiveness may prioritize the Rincon; however, those who agree on padding and aid may go for the Clifton. Both shoes are remarkable choices from Hoka and are worth noting for your next pair of running shoes.

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