How To Resole And Restore Thorogood Boots? (Step-by-Step Guide!)

Thorogood boots are famous for their longevity and durability; even resilient boots can deteriorate over time. When the soles of a pair of Thorogood boots begin to fade out, it can be alluring to restore them with the latest pair. However, resoling and replacing your Thorogood boots can be a more profitable and viable solution.

Resoling and replacing Thorogood boots incorporates mending or restoring the soles and replacing the leather to its genuine condition. This procedure can be done by an expert cobbler or by utilizing a resoling kit at home. Based on the range of the damage and the kind of boots, resoling and replacing Thorogood boots can be a plain or more compound method. By understanding how to resole and replace your Thorogood boots, you can expand the life of your beloved pair of boots and secure money in the elongated run.

Knowing how to resole and restore Thorogood boots can greatly extend their lifespan and maintain their excellent quality. By following proper maintenance practices, such as regular cleaning and conditioning, you can keep the leather in optimal condition. By investing in the maintenance and repair of your Thorogood boots, you can continue to enjoy their exceptional comfort, support, and reliability for years to come.

how to resole and restore thorogood boots

Assessing the Condition of Your Thorogood Boots

Before resoling and replacing your Thorogood boots, assessing their state is efficient. This will support you in detecting whether it’s worth spending on repairs or if it’s time to restore them. The following are several things to consider when evaluating the condition of your boots:

  • Sole Wear: Examine the soles of your boots for deterioration. If the treads are dulled or the soles are split, it’s time for a resole. Moreover, if the soles are still in perfect condition, you may only require to restore the heel.
  • Leather Damage: Detects the leather of your boots for any damage. Search for cracks, scrapes, or holes. If the leather is entirely damaged, it may not be worth mending. However, if the damage is minor, it can be repaired using a leather blotch or conditioning medication.
  • Stitching: Test the seam on your boots for any insecure or broken threads. If the hem is falling apart, mending it before it gets unsatisfactory is obligatory.
  • Odor: If your boots contain a sturdy fragrance, it may indicate bacteria or fungus extension. In this case, you are wiping and sterilizing your boots before resoling is necessary.
  • Fit: Lastly, examine the fit of your boots. If they are too narrow or too loose, it can lead to discomfort and even cause foot issues. If the fit is unfair, it may be time to restore your boots.

By estimating the condition of your Thorogood boots, you can detect the perfect path of action for repairs or restoration. With appropriate maintenance and care, your shoes can endure for years.

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Gathering the Necessary Supplies

gathering the necessary supplies

Resoling and replacing Thorogood boots needs a few obligatory supplies. These supplies are willingly accessible in most hardware stores, shoe mending shops, and online. The following are the necessary supplies required to resole and replace Thorogood boots:

Supplies for Resoling Thorogood Boots

  • Outsole – The outsole is the essential part of the boot that connects with the ground. It is the section that deteriorates the fastest and requires to be restored. You can purchase the latest outsole from a shoe mending shop or online.
  • Midsole – The midsole is the membrane of elements that falls between the out and insole. It offers padding and aid. If the midsole is destroyed, it must be restored along with the outsole.
  • Insole – The insole is the sheet of components that sits into the boot and falls into contact with the foot. It gives ease and support. If the insole is faded out, it entails being replaced.
  • Stitching – If the stitching on the boot is destroyed, it must be mended. You can utilize a heavy-weight sewing machine or hand-crafted stitching.
  • Adhesive – You demand a sturdy ashesive to affix the new outsole to the boot. Shoe repair markets generally contain a particular cement for this reason.
  • Nails – Nails are utilized to put the outsole in position while the adhesive dries. You can purchase customized pins for this reason.

Supplies for Restoring Thorogood Boots

  • Leather Cleaner – A fine leather cleaner is obligatory for detaching dirt, residue, and marks from the boot. You can purchase a leather cleaner from a shoe mending shop or online.
  • Leather Conditioner – A leather conditioner supports to maintain the leather mushy and supple. It also shields the leather from becoming dry and splitting.
  • Polish – A superior polish aids in replacing the sparkle and gloss of the leather. You can purchase a polish that suits the color of your boot.
  • Laces – If your boots’ lattice deteriorates, you must restore them. You can purchase replacement laces from local shop nearby your residence.

In conclusion, resoling and replacing Thorogood boots needs several necessary supplies. These supplies are swiftly accessible in most hardware shops, shoe mending shops, and online.

Preparing the Boots for Resoling

Preparing the Boots for Resoling

Before resoling and replacing Thorogood boots, it is necessary to construct them appropriately. This part will cover the required measures to prepare the shoes for resoling and verify the perfect results.

First, wipe the boots entirely, detaching any dirt, detritus, or old glue residue. This can be done utilizing a mushy-bristled brush or fabric and a moderate cleaning solution. Prevent using acute chemicals or grinding elements that destroy the leather or stitching.

Next, scrutinize the boots for any indications of damage, just as cracks, perforations, or deteriorated areas. It is critical to address these problems before resoling to avert further damage to the boots. If there are any efficient damages, it may be ideal to seek skilful repair services.

After wiping and examining the boots, detach the old soles and heels anxiously. This can be done utilizing an edgy blade or a particularized tool. Be careful not to destroy the leather or sewing in the procedure.

Once the old soles and heels are separated, detect the midsole for any indications of wear or damage. If the midsole is mutilated, it may also require restoration. Clean it wholly and prepare it for the latest sole if it is in ideal condition.

Finally, compute the boots to detect the required size and kind of sole. Thorogood boots generally utilize Vibram® soles, which are famous for their longevity and remarkable grip. Select the accurate sole depending on the conscious use of the shoes.

Following these methods will prepare the boots for resoling and replacement. Appropriate preparation is perfect for verifying the durability and performance of the shoes.

Resoling the Boots

Thorogood boots are renowned for their permanence and longevity, but even the harsh boots must finally be resolved. Resoling a pair of Thorogood boots can expand their lifetime by years, securing your money in the elongated run.

The price of resoling Thorogood boots can differ based on the style and standard of damage, but it generally extends from $100 to $150. This is a lesser price compared to the cost of purchasing the latest pair of boots.

To resole Thorogood boots, it is suggested to take them to an expert cobbler or shoe mending shop. They will have the obligatory tools and proficiency to detach the old sole and restore it with a new one.

When selecting a new sole, it is necessary to contemplate the kind of work you will be performing in the boots. Vibram soles are a famous option for their longevity and skid resistance, but many other choices are accessible based on your preferences.

It is also necessary to examine the boots for any other damage while they are being resoled. If there are any perforations or tears in the leather, they should be mended at the same time to avert further damage.

Overall, resoling Thorogood boots is a profitable way to extend their lifetime and maintain them in better condition for years. By taking appropriate care of your shoes, you can verify that they will continue to offer the aid and protection you require on the job.

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Restoring the Leather Uppers

Regarding resoling and replacing Thorogood boots, it’s not just concerning the soles. The leather upper parts of the shoes also require attention to certify that they appear and feel like new. The following are several steps to follow when replacing the leather upper areas of Thorogood boots:

  • Clean the leather: Before initiating any restoration work, wiping the leather uppers entirely is efficient. Utilize a mushy brush or fabric to detach any dirt or residue from the ground of the leather. Then, utilize a leather cleaner to separate any marks or stains. Use the cleaner with a squishy cloth and rub softly. Certify to follow the creator’s guidelines for the cleanser you are utilizing.
  • Condition the leather: Once the leather is clean, it’s time to wipe it. Leather conditioner supports rinsing and softening the leather, averting it from splitting or drying out. Use the conditioner with a sloppy cloth, rubbing it into the leather in revolving motions. Verify to cover all leather parts, incorporating the seams and borders.
  • Polish the leather: After conditioning it, it’s time to offer it a gloss. Utilize a leather polish that suits the color of the leather. Use the polish with a mushy cloth, patting it into the leather in disc-shaped motions. Verify covers all parts of the leather, comprising the seams and edges. Permit the polish to dry entirely before burnishing it with a clean fabric.
  • Protect the leather: To maintain the leather uppers appearing their best, shielding them from future damage is efficient. Utilize a leather shielding spray to generate a fence between the leather and any liquids or marks. Use the spray according to the creator’s guidelines, and verify to cover all parts of the leather.

Following these instructions, you can replace the leather upper parts of your Thorogood boots with their former prestige. With appropriate care and adjustment, your shoes can endure for years.

Polishing and Protecting Your Restored Thorogood Boots

Once your Thorogood boots have been resoled and replaced, it’s obligatory to shield them to certify they last as long as feasible. One of the perfect ways to do this is by glossing them routinely. Polishing not only provides your boots with an ideal sparkle but also aids in shielding the leather from damage caused by water and other materials. The following are several tips for polishing and protecting your replaced Thorogood boots:

Polishing and Protecting Your Restored Thorogood Boots
  • Clean the boots with a moist cloth to detach any dirt or residue.
  • Use a small quantity of boot polish on a mushy cloth and massage it into the leather in a rounded motion. Verify to cover the whole surface of the boot, incorporating the seams and sewing.
  • Permit the polish to dry entirely before burnishing the boots with a neat, dry cloth. This will support putting out the gloss and shielding the leather from damage.
  • For additional protection, consider using a water-resistant spray on the boots. This will aid in fighting off the water and avert marks from setting in.
  • When not in use, place your boots in a cool, fresh and dry place, and prevent exposure to acute temperatures or sunlight.

By following these easy measures, you can verify that your replaced Thorogood boots keep looking ideal and performing accurately for years to come.


In conclusion, resoling and replacing Thorogood boots is a profitable and eco-friendly way to extend the life of your work boots. With expert restoration professionals like NuShoe, you can return your deteriorated boots to energy and secure money in the long run.

When considering resoling and replacement, it is efficient to compute the damage standard to your boots and detect if it values the investment. If the shoes are in perfect condition but require the latest sole, resoling is a fantastic choice. However, an entire restoration may be needed if the boots have broader damage to the leather or stitching.

Additionally, it is necessary to select a notable restoration service that utilises high-standard materials and skilful artisans. NuShoe, for instance, uses genuine Thorogood and Vibram elements and handcrafts each replacement to verify the boots are restored to their natural, like-new state.

Overall, resolving and replacing Thorogood boots is a functional and dependable choice for those searching to expand the life of their work boots and secure money in the elongated run. You can enjoy your beloved boots for years with the ideal restoration aid.

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