3 Best Nike Metcon Models For Workouts? (Complete Review!)

Nike Metcon has gained popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to its durable, versatile, and performance-driven design. With a range of Metcon models available, each offering unique features and specifications, it can be challenging to determine the most suitable option for your workouts. People are motivated to find the best Nike Metcon because they aim to achieve optimal results, enhance their performance, prevent injuries, and elevate their overall training experience.

The best Nike Metcon for your workouts depends on various factors that are unique to your specific training needs and preferences. It’s important to consider your workout style and the activities you engage in to determine the most suitable model. For weightlifting, a Metcon with enhanced stability and a firm heel can provide the necessary support during heavy lifts.

CrossFit enthusiasts may benefit from a versatile Metcon that offers a balance of stability, flexibility, and durability to accommodate a range of movements. Assessing your need for cushioning and support is also crucial, as some models prioritize impact absorption while others focus on a more responsive feel. Additionally, evaluating the flexibility and range of motion required for your workouts will help you find a Metcon that enables agility and quick transitions.

Selecting the right Nike Metcon for your workouts is crucial for maximizing your performance and achieving your fitness goals. By considering factors such as your training style, stability requirements, cushioning preferences, and durability needs, you can narrow down the options and make an informed decision.

Nike Metcons Best For Workouts

Key Features

There are a few chief features to consider when choosing the best Nike Metcon shoe. These incorporate durability, grip and traction, and comfort and fit.


One of the most efficient features of any cross-training shoe is durability. The Nike Metcon line is popular for its high-standard construction and enduring materials. The shoes are structured to resist the wear and tear of acute workouts, with attributes like reinforced heels and firm rubber outsoles.

Grip and Traction

Another critical factor to review when opting for a Nike Metcon shoe is grip and traction. The shoes are engineered to offer remarkable traction on various surfaces, comprising gym floors and outdoor terrain. The outsoles are designed from durable rubber and offer a variety of tread designs to verify maximum grip and steadiness during lifts and other exercises.

Comfort and Fit

Finally, comfort and fit are important features when selecting a Nike Metcon shoe. The shoes are made to be both comfortable and supportive, with attributes like cushioned collars and permeable mesh uppers. They are also available in various sizes and widths to certify a perfect fit for every player.

The Nike Metcon line is popular for its extraordinary quality and performance. By considering the chief features of durability, grip, and traction, ease, and fit, athletes can select the perfect shoe for their requirements and preferences.


Regarding selecting the best Nike Metcon training shoe, there are several different models to consider. In this part, we’ll contrast the major characteristics and differences between Metcon 6, Metcon 7, and Metcon 8.

Metcon 6

Metcon 6

The Nike Metcon 6 is an iconic training shoe that performs perfectly across various activities, from lifting to HIIT training to running. It offers a stable foundation and a comfortable fit, with a feathery netting upper and a durable rubber outsole.

Several emerging attributes of the Metcon 6 comprise:

  • Hyperlift insert for exceptional stability during massive lifts
  • Dual-solidity foam midsole for cushioning and aid
  • Permeable mesh upper for breathability
  • Enduring rubber outsole with a textured design for traction

Overall, the Metcon 6 is a firm option for anyone searching for a reliable training shoe that can grasp a variety of workouts.

Metcon 7

The Nike Metcon 7 is the newest iteration of the Metcon line, and it constructs on the success of the previous designs with several major improvements. One of the most remarkable changes is the addition of the latest React foam midsole, which gives a more reactive and comfortable feel.

Other attributes of the Metcon 7 include:

  • Hyperlift install for additional stability during heavy lifts
  • Flywire wires for a safe fit
  • Netting upper for ventilation
  • Rubber outsole with a textured design for grip

The Metcon 7 is an amazing option for anyone who values comfort and reactiveness in their training shoes.

Metcon 8

Metcon 8

The Nike Metcon 8 is a brand-new addition to the Metcon line, and it features some efficient upgrades over the antecedent models. One of the most striking changes is introducing a current FlyEase system, which makes it easier to put on and take off the shoe.

Other attributes of the Metcon 8 comprise:

  • Hyperlift insert for extraordinary stability during weighty lifts
  • React foam midsole for padding and support
  • Flywire cables for a safe fit
  • Netting upper for air-circulation
  • Rubber outsole with a textured design for grip

Overall, the Metcon 8 is a high-quality training shoe with a snug fit and plenty of characteristics to help you perform perfectly in the gym.

In summary, all three of these Nike Metcon training shoes feature versatile advantages and features, and the finest option for you will be based on your requirements and preferences.

Specialized Needs

For those with particularised needs, selecting the ideal Nike Metcon shoe can create all the difference in their performance. The following are several considerations for weightlifting, cross-training, and running.


Weightlifters need shoes with a secure foundation and a snug fit. The Nike Metcon line provides excellent choices for weightlifters, with broad, flat soles that offer a sturdy base for lifting.

The Nike Metcon 8, for instance, has a wide, smooth sole that maintains the feet safe during heavy lifts. Some models, such as the Nike Metcon 5, have a portable Hyperlift insert to upgrade ankle mobility and permit deeper squatting.

Cross Training

Cross trainers require shoes that can handle various movements, from jumping to lifting to running. The Nike Metcon line is structured to embrace the requirements of cross trainers, with shoes that provide a balance of stability, flexibility, and ease.

The Nike Metcon 8, for instance, features a porous mesh upper that gives a snug fit, while the rubber outsole offers traction for a diversity of surfaces.


While the Nike Metcon line is engineered for cross-training and weightlifting, some designs can also be utilized for running. However, runners with particularised needs may desire to consider a devoted running shoe. The Nike Metcon Sport, for example, is a cost-effective option that may work well for runners who also carry out some cross-training. However, acute runners may require to review a shoe particularly structured for running, such as the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus.

Overall, selecting the right Nike Metcon shoe is based on individual requirements and preferences. By examining factors such as stability, stretchability, and comfort, weightlifters, cross trainers, and runners can discover a shoe that meets their specialized preferences.

Price and Value

Price and value are efficient factors to consider when choosing the best Nike Metcon for your workouts. The Nike Metcon 8 has a remarkable model priced at $130, and a customizable design called Nike Metcon By You is priced at $160. While the cost may seem high, the standard and durability of these shoes create them a worthwhile expenditure for acute athletes and fitness fanatics.

In terms of value, the Nike Metcon 6 is still an amazing choice for those searching for a more economical shoe that still provides remarkable performance. With around $120, the Metcon 6 gives stability and aid for lifting and other cross-training exercises.

Another factor in reviewing when analyzing the value of a Nike Metcon shoe is its versatility. The Nike Metcon 7 won the Best Workout Shoes variety at the T3 Awards 2022 and is an excellent example of a shoe with stability and flexibility. It is structured to perform well in a category of workouts, from weightlifting to high-potency interval training.

When choosing a Nike Metcon shoe, it is efficient to consider both the cost and the value it offers. While the higher-end designs may be more costly, they provide superior quality and longevity, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run. However, the Metcon 6 and other more economical choices still offer excellent performance and value for those on a narrower budget.

Which Nike Metcon is Best for Weightlifting?

Concerning weightlifting, having the perfect shoe can generate all the difference in your performance. Nike Metcon shoes are a famous option for weightlifting because of their wide, uniform, and stable sole that maintains your feet safe. But which Nike Metcon shoe is the best for weightlifting?

Depending on research and client reviews, the Nike Metcon 7 and Nike Metcon 6 are both excellent choices for weightlifting. Both shoes have a hard-wearing and supportive construction that can control heavy lifting. The Nike Metcon 7 has an upgraded design with a more porous upper and a new heel clip for exceptional stability. The Nike Metcon 6 has a portable Hyperlift insert that permits deeper squatting and updated ankle mobility.

It’s efficient to mention that while the Nike Metcon 8 is a decent shoe for weightlifting, it may not be the perfect choice for those who prioritize a stiffer heel. The Nike Metcon 4 and 5 are also popular options for weightlifting, but they may be harder to discover as they are older models.

Ultimately, the ideal Nike Metcon shoe for weightlifting will be based on personal requirements and individual preferences. Before investing money, it’s important to test various models and consider factors such as fit, support, and breathability.

Which Nike Metcon is best for CrossFit?

Regarding CrossFit, having the perfect pair of shoes can generate all the difference in your performance. Nike has been a renowned choice among CrossFit athletes, with their Metcon line being a go-to choice for many. But with few models accessible, which Nike Metcon is best for CrossFit?

The answer to this question is inclined to the individual’s requirements and needs. The following are several chief attributes to consider when selecting a Nike Metcon for CrossFit:

Comfort and Fit

A snug and well-fitting shoe is necessary for any CrossFit workout. The Nike Metcon 8 is the best choice for those who prefer comfort and fit. Its React Energy Foam midsole offers a reactive and padded feel, while the Flywire cables feature a safe and customizable fit.

Stability and Durability

CrossFit workouts comprise a lot of lateral movements, jumping, and weightlifting, which need a stable and enduring shoe. The Nike Metcon 7 and 8 have a Hyperlift heel, giving steadiness during weightlifting movements. The Metcon 6 Flyease also has a fortified heel and toe for exceptional durability.


Some CrossFit athletes prioritize a shoe that can control various movements, comprising running and jumping. The Nike React Metcon Turbo is an iconic choice that offers a feathery and permeable upper, a reactive React foam midsole, and a rubber outsole for traction.

In conclusion, there is no single “best” Nike Metcon for CrossFit. Each design has its versatile features and advantages, and the choice eventually depends on personal requirements and individual preferences. CrossFit athletes can opt for the Nike Metcon that best matches their training style and goals by reviewing factors such as comfort, stability, durability, and versatility.


After researching and analyzing the various Nike Metcon models, it is clear that each one has its strengths and weaknesses. The best Nike Metcon for an individual depends on their specific training needs and preferences.

The Nike Metcon 7 and 8 are great options for those prioritizing weightlifting due to their Hyperlift technology and durable sole rope wrap. However, they may not be the best for runners, especially heel strikers.

On the other hand, the Nike Metcon 5 is a versatile all-rounder that provides stability for lifting while still allowing for some flexibility and comfort during running or other high-intensity exercises. It is a great choice for those new to Crossfit or looking to update their old Metcons.

Ultimately, the decision of which Nike Metcon to purchase comes down to individual preferences and training needs. It is important to consider factors such as the type of exercises being performed, the level of intensity, and personal comfort. A Nike Metcon can help take a workout to the next level with the right choice.

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