Veja V10 Vs. V12: Which Sneaker is Better?

Veja stands as a reputable brand specializing in sustainable and fashionable sneakers. Known for their commitment to ethical practices and eco-friendly materials, Veja offers a range of sneaker models that have gained popularity among conscious consumers. Two notable choices from their collection that truly stand out are the Veja V10 and V12. While both models share similarities in terms of sustainability and craftsmanship, they also have unique features that set them apart.

The Veja V10 and V12 sneakers differ in several aspects. Firstly, their designs vary significantly. The V10 features a minimalist and clean look with a low-top silhouette, while the V12 has a sportier style characterized by a bulkier silhouette and additional overlays on the upper. Secondly, the materials used in the sneakers differ slightly. The V10 often incorporates ethically sourced leather, suede, and mesh made from recycled plastic bottles, while the V12 typically utilizes a combination of leather, organic cotton, and recycled polyester mesh. Another distinction lies in their construction methods.

The V10 usually has a stitched sole, providing a traditional and durable construction, whereas the V12 commonly employs a vulcanized sole, resulting in a more flexible and lightweight feel. Additionally, the available color and style options may vary between the two models, and their prices can differ depending on the specific materials and design elements.

Veja V10 and V12 sneakers offer distinct choices for individuals seeking sustainable and stylish footwear. With their unique designs, materials, construction methods, and color options, each model presents a range of possibilities to cater to different style preferences. However, both sneakers maintain Veja’s core values of sustainability, ethical craftsmanship, and comfort.

Whether you prefer the minimalist appeal of the V10 or the sportier aesthetic of the V12, you can be confident in selecting a pair that not only suits your style but also aligns with your commitment to making responsible fashion choices. With Veja, you can step forward knowing that your footwear reflects your values and contributes to a more sustainable future.

veja v10 vs v12

Featured Table: Veja V10 Vs. V12

FeatureVeja V10Veja V12
DesignMinimalist, low-top silhouetteSportier, bulkier silhouette
Upper MaterialsEthically sourced leather, suede, and recycled plastic bottlesLeather, organic cotton, and recycled polyester mesh
Sole ConstructionStitched sole for durabilityVulcanized sole for flexibility
Color and Style OptionsDiverse color options availableVarious colors and textures available
Price RangeTypically around $150Typically around $150
PerformanceSuitable for daily wear and light joggingSuitable for regular wear and more intense exercise
SustainabilityUses renewable and eco-friendly materialsUses sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices
FitTrue to size, may require half size upMay require full size up for a tighter fit
Suitable ActivitiesDaily wear, light joggingRegular wear, running, cross-training
Overall AppealMinimalist and clean designMore textured and diverse design


Veja sneakers are famous for their unembellished design and environmentally friendly materials. The V10 and V12 models have a versatile nostalgic look updated with the latest touches.

V10 Design

The V10 has a plain pattern that offers versatility and goes right with any outfit. The upper is engineered of leather, and the V logo is made of wild rubber. The V10 comes in diverse colors and has a penetrated toe box for air circulation. The heel tab is also structured of leather, and the border is made of natural cotton.

V12 Design

The V12 has a distinctive design that separates it apart from the V10. The upper is structured of a fusion of materials, with leather, suede, and mesh. The V logo is designed of wild rubber, and the heel tab is comprised of suede. The edge is made of organic cotton, and the insole is made of recycled polyester and wild rubber. The V12 is available in various colors and has a breathable toe box for ventilation.

In terms of fit, the V12 is distinguishably tight than the V10, offering a more locked-in feel around the midfoot. Both designs have various color mingling on the V logos and heel tabs, permitting customers to select the perfect style.

Overall, the design of both the V10 and V12 is plain yet modish, creating them an excellent option for those who desire an iconic and eco-friendly sneaker.

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V10 Performance

Veja V10

The Veja V-10 sneakers are structured for ease and style. The even leather upper of the V-10 satisfies the foot’s shape with wear, making it snugger over time. The sole of the V-10 is engineered of wild rubber from the Amazonian forest, offering remarkable grip and durability. The V-10 is suitable for daily wear and adequate exercise, such as walking or light jogging.

V12 Performance

The Veja V-12 sneakers are made for both style and performance. The upper of the V-12 is made from a fusion of leather, suede, and mesh, giving permeability and support. The sole of the V-12 is designed of wild rubber from the Amazonian forest, featuring outstanding traction and longevity. The V-12 is adaptable for regular wear and more acute exercise, such as running or cross-training.

Regarding performance, the V-12 provides more support and hard-wearing than the V-10. However, the V-10 is still a cozy and well-grounded option for regular wear and light exercise. It is efficient to mention that both sneakers are sustainably structured and utilize eco-friendly elements, creating them a better option for environmentally alert consumers.

Regarding sizing, it is suggested to go half a size up for the V-10 and a full size up for the V-12, as they are inclined to run small. It is also necessary to check both sneakers before engaging in more fierce exercise to stop discomfort or bruises. Overall, the Veja V-10 and V-12 sneakers are both voguish, sustainable for a snug, and reliable for regular wear and light exercise.

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When choosing between the Veja V10 and V12 sneakers, understanding the features of each model can help you make an informed decision. The following are the chief attributes of each model:

V10 Features

The Veja V10 offers a sleek, simple design with a level leather upper. The leather satisfies the shape of the foot over time, making the sneakers more comfortable. The V10 also gives a durable rubber sole that provides magnificent traction and support.

One of the remarkable attributes of the V10 is its use of renewable materials. The leather utilized in the sneakers originated from farms that follow severe environmental and social merits, and the rubber in the sole is drawn from the Amazon rainforest using equitable trade practices.

V12 Features

Veja V12

The Veja V12 has a more inclined and diverse upper, made from a fusion of leather, suede, and mesh. This design provides more permeability and support but may take an elongated period to break in and become entirely comfortable. The V12 also offers the same durable rubber sole as the V10, giving excellent grip and aid.

Like the V10, the V12 is structured with sustainable elements. The leather utilized in the sneakers originated from farms that follow strict ecological and social grades, and the rubber in the sole is drawn from the Amazon rainforest using honest trade practices.

The Veja V10 and V12 are marvelous options for sustainable and modish sneakers. The V10 is an amazing option for those who prioritize a sleek and minimal design, while the V12 is perfect for those who require more texture and permeability in their sneakers.

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Concerning pricing, both the Veja V-10 and V-12 sneakers are likewise priced. However, both models with different categories may be moderately more costly, depending on the colorway and retailer. Several alternatives can increase up to $195.

V-10 Price

The iconic leather versions of the Veja V-10 are normally priced at around $150. This cost point drops within the extent of other famous sneaker brands such as Adidas and Nike. The V-10’s price is earned and deserved by using environmentally friendly materials and logical manufacturing practices.

V-12 Price

The Veja V-12, on the other hand, also costs around $150 for the versatile leather versions. However, the V-12’s use of penetrated leather and streamlined design may create it more tempting to those searching for a more formal or purified sneaker option.

Overall, the pricing of both the Veja V-10 and V-12 sneakers is attractive and competitive within the sneaker industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Veja V10 or V12?

It ultimately depends on personal preferences and needs. Both models are made with sustainable materials and offer a stylish design. The V12 is slightly more expensive than the V10, but it features a more cushioned sole and a slightly different design.

What are the differences between Veja V10 and V12?

The main differences between the Veja V10 and V12 are the sole and design. The V12 has a more cushioned sole, while the V10 has a flatter sole. The V12 also features a slightly different design, with a larger “V” logo on the side.

Is Veja V12 worth the extra cost compared to V10?

Again, this depends on personal preferences and needs. If you prioritize comfort and are okay with spending more, the V12 may be worth the extra cost. However, if you prefer a flatter sole and don’t need as much cushioning, the V10 may be a better choice.

Which model of Veja sneakers offers the best performance?

Neither the V10 nor the V12 are designed for high-performance activities such as running. They are more suitable for casual wear and everyday activities.

What are the key features of Veja V10 and V12?

Both models have sustainable materials, including organic cotton, wild rubber, and recycled plastic bottles. They also feature a stylish design with the iconic “V” logo.

Are Veja V10 and V12 suitable for running?

No, neither model is designed for running. They are more suitable for casual wear and everyday activities.


In conclusion, the Veja V-10 and V-12 sneakers are perfect for those searching for sustainable and modish shoes. While they share many resemblances, several chief differences may influence a buyer’s decision.

The V-10 offers an even leather upper that becomes snugger with wear as it satisfies the foot’s shape. Conversely, the V-12 has a more textured and diverse upper structure from a fusion of leather, suede, and mesh fusion. This can provide more ventilation and support but may take longer to examine and become fully comfortable.

Regarding fit, the V-12 is noticeably tighter, providing a more locked-in sense around the midfoot. However, both styles feature various color combinations, with every trainer having its well-defined color amalgamation on the V logos and heel tabs.

Concerning price points, the V-12 is moderately more expensive than the V-10. However, both sneakers are engineered with sustainable materials and logical manufacturing practices, making them a worthwhile expenditure for those searching to influence the environment and society positively.

Ultimately, the Veja V-10 and V-12 selection will depend on personal requirements and fondness. Whether you prioritize comfort, style, or sustainability, both sneakers offer an excellent option for conscious consumers.

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