Vans Asher Vs. Slip On: (Choosing the Best Style for Your Wardrobe!)

Vans Asher and the original Slip-On are two bright stars in the world of casual footwear, known for its simple design and easy-wearing comfort. If you’re looking for slip-on sneakers that easily combine fashion and functionality, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

The Vans Asher is a light and sleek slip-on shoe, superior to the classic Vans Slip-on. It exhibits an elevated side and a unique stitching style, available in Mall and Departmental stores. In contrast, the Vans Slip-On features a well-built toe area, giving your toes more movable space.

Both shoes are fabulous picks, but it depends on your liking and requirements. 


Feature Table: Vans Asher Vs Vans Classic Slips-Ons

Feature Vans Asher Vans Classic Slip-Ons 
Design and Style Slim, light, canvas upper, unique stitching Slip-on style, canvas or leather upper 
Comfort and Fit Cushioned collar, flexible sides Padded base, flexible sides 
Durability Canvas upper, rubbery waffle-made outer sole Canvas or leather upper, rubbery sole 
Material Comparison Leather upper, memory foam insole Canvas upper, replaceable insole 
Pricing Comparison Generally lower cost Slightly higher cost 
Weight Comparison Average weight: 1.5 pounds Average weight: 1 pound 
Sizing Comparison Available in various sizes, half-size less Available in various sizes, half-size less 

Key Takeaways

  • Vans Asher and Slip-Ons are the most notable slip-on models, having distinct differences. 
  • The Asher is predominantly sold in mall and departmental stores and exhibits a different style than the classic Slip-On. 
  • The Slip-On has an aerodynamic toe area, whereas the Asher has an elevated top side and an entirely distinct stitching style. In the long run, it depends on personal liking when selecting between the two models. 

Vans Asher Overview

vans asher

Design and Style

The inspiration for the Vans Asher is the classic Vans design. It exhibits a slim and light outlining with a low-key setup, making it the best choice for casual wear. The Asher is a plimsole shoe, having a canvas upper and double-sewed modern heel for heavy-duty performance. There is also a rubbery waffle-made outer sole for excellent traction. 

The Asher comes in various colors and prints, such as solid, check, and floral. It exhibits a logo on the heel and shoe side, providing a classy branding element to the shoe. 

Comfort and Fit

The Vans Asher is created for comfort and casual wear. It has a cushioned collar and base, adding more foot assistance. The flexible sides make it trouble-free for different activities and guarantee a secure fitting

The Asher comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. It is suggested to buy shoes of a half-size less for perfect fitting. It is ideal for people with broader feet. The reason is that the canvas upper can become flexible to assist various foot sizes. 


The Vans Asher is a heavy-duty shoe resisting different types of damage. The fastened vamp and heel add to the long-lasting performance of the canvas upper. The rubbery waffle-made outer sole is created for an extended existence and provides grip on several surfaces. 

It is well-mentioning here that the Asher is created for light activities like everyday wear; it is not designed for heavy-duty activities such as hiking or skateboarding. 

Of long and short, the Vans Asher is an iconic and comfy slip-on shoe, perfect for everyday wear. Its light design, paddy base, and flexible sides make it an excellent choice for energetic people. Its hard-wearing material and colorway make it a significant addition to your footwear collection. 

Vans Slip-On Overview


The Vans Slip-On is an iconic skating shoe that has existed since the 1970s. It became famous among skateboarders, surfers, and sneakerheads for its subtle and sophisticated style. Here, we will discuss the Vans slip-on’s design, comfort, and long-lasting nature.

Design and Style

The Vans Slip-On exhibits an ageless and diverse minimal design. It has a low-key, slip-on style with flexible sides, making it a convenient shoe. The Canvas or leather-made upper side depends on the particular model and displays the Vans label on the heel.

One significant thing that makes the Vans Slip On notable is its diverse colorways and pattern styles. Slip-on shoe is available in various types, from conventional black and white to trendy, dazzling colors.

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to comfort, the Vans Slip-On is super-comfortable. It has a paddy base and a cushioned collar for additional aid. The flexible sides provide a stocking-like fit, ensuring the shoe sticks around a fixed place during strenuous activities. 

The Vans Slip On comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. Buying a half size less than the usual size is advised for a secure fit. It is worth mentioning that the Slip-On has a tight fit, making it perfect for those with smaller feet. 


The Vans Slip-On is well-known for its sturdy and long-lasting material. The canvas or leather-made upper is firm and resists damage, whereas the rubbery sole gives outstanding grip and strength. The shoe is convenient to clean and maintain, making it a feasible choice for folks who want shoes resisting different outside damages. 

Overall, the Vans Slip-On is an iconic and practical shoe with a trendy design and comfortability. Its subtle, up-to-date design, diverse color range, and sturdy manufacturing make it a perfect pick for sneaker lovers and casual wearers. 

Comparative Analysis

Design Comparison

The designs of Vans Asher and Slip On are non-identical. The Asher has a low-key design, having a canvas upper, whereas the Slip-On has a classy design with a canvas or leather-made upper.

The Asher has an aerodynamic appearance, having an elastic vamp with one elastic gore, while the Slip-On has two flexible gores on the sides for easy wearing. The Asher has a cushioned collar for added comfort; contrast, the Slip-On has a cushioned shoe base.

Comfort Comparison

Regarding comfort, both Vans Asher and Slip-On are perfect options. The Asher has a cushioned collar and a padded base, providing great aid for the feet.

In contrast, the Slip-On offers easy-to-wear through a cushioned bottom and two flexible elastic gores on the sides. Both shoes have a delicate and airy canvas upper, making them perfect to keep the feet cool in summer. 

Durability Comparison

When it comes to durability, both the Vans Asher and Slip-On have top-notch, long-lasting materials. The Asher has a canvas-made heavy-duty upper that is easy to sustain, whereas the Slip-On has a canvas or leather-made durable upper that is convenient to maintain. Both shoes have a rubbery outer sole for excellent grip and strength, rendering them perfect for the skateboarding community. 

Overall, the Vans Asher and Slip-On are perfect shoes, offering particular characteristics and advantages. The Asher has a more aerodynamic look, making it comfy to wear. In contrast, the Slip-On is an iconic and diverse shoe, easy to put on and take off. It depends on personal liking and requirements.

Material Comparison



The Vans Asher and Slip On shoes exhibit a padded insole, providing comfort to the people. The inner sole of the Asher comprises memory foam, which can be custom-made to provide a secure fit.

In contrast, the Slip-On has a portable insole, which you can replace with customized shoe inserts depending on a specific foot. 


The midsole of the Asher is built of long-lasting rubber stuff, providing a great tendency to absorb heavy impact. On the contrary, the Slip-On has a light midsole made of compact EVA foam. The Slip On’s midsole is less long-lasting than the Asher one; it gives a higher and more adaptable fitting.


The Asher and Slip-On shoes are made of heavy-duty rubber outer soles, providing outstanding grip on several aspects. The outer sole of the Asher has a distinct pattern for enhanced grip. The Slip-On has a more aerodynamic outer sole, providing a brighter look. 


The upper part of the Asher has high-quality and long-lasting leather, providing a classic look. In contrast, the Slip-On has more elastic material than the Asher, providing more comfort. 

In long and short, the Asher and Slip-On are made of distinct materials tailored to different requirements. The Asher’s foamy insole and long-lasting leather-made upper make a customized fitting and iconic look, whereas the Slip On’s light midsole and elastic canvas-made upper provide a secure fit. 

Pricing Comparison

There are some notable factors regarding the price range of the Vans Asher and the Slip-On. Both shoes have an affordable price range, but some distinct differences exist. 

The Vans Asher is generally lower cost than the Slip-On. The primary reason is the more revamped design, whereas the Slip-On has a more trendy appearance. The price difference is optional, and both shoes are reasonable in your pocket. 

It is worth mentioning that the price of both shoes varies based on a particular style and colorway. Some shoes come in a higher price range, such as limited editions and collaboration designs with influencers. Moreover, you can get different discounts on both shoes. 

Overall, the Vans Asher and Slip-On are affordable and easy for customers. The minimal difference between the price range of both the shoes is less essential to be considered a notable parameter when selecting between the two shoes. 

Weight Comparison


In terms of weight comparison between the Vans Asher and Slip-On, both have low weight. Nevertheless, they have some considerable variations.

The Vans Asher shoes have a heavy-weight sole, adding more weight to the shoe. This added weight can help this shoe be heavy-duty for the feet. The Vans Asher’s weight differs based on the size and materials used. However, the average weight is 1.5 pounds

In contrast, Vans slip-ons are famous for their light and subtle material. They have a sophisticated design, having a handful of materials. As a result, they are lighter in weight than the Asher shoes. The importance of Vans Slip-On is also different for variable sizes and materials. Generally, they weigh about 1 pound. 

Overall, both Vans Asher and Slip-On are lightweight and comfy to wear. If someone is choosing between the two shoes for their weight, then the Slip Ons are a better choice than the Asher due to the minimal design of Slip Ons.

Sizing Comparison

When choosing between Vans Asher and Slip-Ons, sizing is an essential factor. Both shoes are known for their secured fitting, but again, some parameters in sizing can profoundly impact your decision. 

Sizing Table For Vans Asher

Vans Asher is well-reputable for its comfy fit and adorned design. It is well-noted that the style and material affect the sizing of Vans Asher shoes. Following is the sizing table of Vans Asher to aid you in your decision-making process:

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeFoot Length (in)Foot Length (cm)

Sizing Table For Vans Classic Slip-Ons

Vans Classic Slip-Ons are notable for their classy design and comfy fit. The sizes of Classic Slip-Ons differ based on the style and the material. Given below is the sizing table for Vans Classic Slip-Ons to assist you in choosing the right size:

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeFoot Length (in)Foot Length (cm)

It is noted that the sizing tables only guide you, and the sizing may be different according to the foot’s shape and individual preferences. You should put on both shoes before buying the shoes.

User Reviews

With respect to the selection of shoes between the Vans Asher and Slip-On, it is suggested to take advice from those who have worn them. Here are some user reviews to help in your decision-making process:

  • I must admit that Vans slip-ons are the most comfy shoes I’ve worn for years. They are convenient and can complement every outfit. I recently bought the Asher model, which is also super comfortable, but I prefer the classic Slip Ons.” – Sarah M.
  • “I have been a big fan of Vans for years, and a while ago, I tried a pair of Ashers. I am obsessed with the additional padding in the sole and the extra arch support. They are slightly broader than the Slip-ons, which perfectly fit my feet. Overall, I’m satisfied with my investment.” – John D. 
  • “I’ve used both the Asher and Slip-On models, and I admit that I prioritize the Ashers. They are more long-lasting, and the extra cushioning in the sole renders them more comfy for everyday wear. Moreover, they give a more chic look than the Slip Ons.” – Emily S.
  • “I’ve been using Vans Slip-Ons for a long time, and I like them. They are convenient and give a modern look with jeans or shorts. Just a while ago, I bought the Asher model. Though they are also comfortable, I don’t like the extra cushioning in the sole. It appears enormous for my feet.” – Mark T.
  • “I’ve been using Vans Slip Ons since long ago, but I decided to try the Asher model a short while ago. I admit, I’m obsessed with them. They are as super comfortable as the slip-ons, but they are more stylish. I love the suede touch and the general design of the shoe.” – Rachel L.

The schools of thought are different regarding the selection of shoes between Vans Asher and Slip-On. It depends on personal liking and requirements. Both shoe models are perfect for everyday wear, whether you want an iconic look of the Slip-on or additional padding in the sole. 

What are the differences between Vans Asher and Classic Slip-Ons?


The most prominent models for the Vans footwear collection are the Asher and Classic Slip-Ons. Though they appear identical, there are some considerable differences before buying them.


The Asher is created with the idea of a more comfy and casual look of the Classic Slip-On. It has a sack fit and a comfortable base, making it perfect for everyday wear. In contrast, the Classic Sip-On has a conventional, tight-fit design, making it an excellent choice among the skateboarding and athletic community. 


The Asher exhibits a leather-made outer, whereas the Classic Slip-On is built from canvas. The difference in building material affects the durability and general appearance of the shoe. Leather is heavy-duty, whereas the canvas is light and airy.


The Asher has a padded inner sole, providing customers with additional comfort. The Classic Slip-On has a light, padded sole that gives extra grip for skateboarding and other outdoor activities. 

Toe Area

Another considerable difference between the two models is the toe area shape. The Classic Slip-On has an aerodynamic toe area, giving the wearer’s toes more mobility. In contrast, the Asher has a more circular toe area, making it more comfy.

Overall, the Vans Asher and Classic Slip-Ons are perfect for folks looking for a relaxed and modern pair of shoes. The differences in design, building material, sole, and toe area should be considered when choosing shoes.

What are the specifications of Vans Asher and Slip-Ons?

Vans is a well-reputable brand, manufacturing several types of shoes for different motives. The Vans Asher and the Slip-Ons are two famous models. Both modes have distinct features, making them exceptional ones. 

Vans Asher

The Vans Asher is an innovative and light slip-on shoe. The primary purpose of its design is for everyday wear. It features a padded insole for added comfort. The outer layer of the shoe has long-lasting material. Moreover, the boots’ fastened style enhances the shoes’ overall look. 

Here are some of the distinct features of the Vans Asher:

  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Toe Shape: Circular
  • Cushioned Insole: Yes
  • Heel Tab: Yes
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs (approx.)

Vans Slip-Ons

The Vans Slip-Ons are iconic slip-on shoes. They have heavy-duty canvas material and a light padded sole, providing comfort to the folks. The shoe has ultimate closure in a Slip-on style, removing it conveniently. 

Here are some of the distinct differences of the Vans Slip-Ons:

  • Outer Material: Canvas
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Toe Shape: Globular
  • Cushioned Insole: Yes
  • Heel Tab: No
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs (approx.)

Long and Short, the Vans Asher and Slip-Ons have distinct features, yet they vary in their outer material and heel type. The Asher has a leather-made outer and a heel, whereas the Slip-Ons have a canvas-made outer and no heel. Both shoes have padded insoles and a convenient slip-on style. 

Are Vans Slip-Ons comfortable and worth the investment?

Vans Slip-Ons have been an iconic shoe comforting people for decades. They are a favorite among skating and casual wear communities. They are convenient and worth the money.

Regarding comfort, Vans Slip-Ons are famous for their padded base and adaptable sole. The footbed comprises delicate material that fits the foot’s shape. The sole is built of long-existing rubbery material, providing an outstanding grip. Overall, people find Vans Slip-Ons a perfect option for casual wear. 

With regards to pricing and value, Vans Slip-Ons are an excellent expenditure for people looking for a diverse shoe perfect for many occasions. They come in various colorways and designs, making it convenient to match your fashion style. Moreover, Vans Slip-Ons are heavy-duty and can exist for a long time. 

It’s worth telling that Vans Slip-Ons may not be the perfect pick for all types of customers. Those folks with flat feet or some foot problems may find it irritating to wear for lacking arch support. Moreover, those folks requiring more support will go for other options. 

Overall, Vans Slip-Ons are comfy and trendy shoes worth the money for folks looking for diverse shoes, perfect for several occasions.


After a comprehensive guide of the Vans Asher and Slip-On models, both have distinct pros and cons. The Asher is a perfect pick for people who prefer comfort over anything. In contrast, Slip-On is preferred by those who look for style over anything.

The Asher has a coherent design with a cushioned collar and tongue, giving additional comfort to the foot. It is perfect for people with wider feet. On the contrary, the Slip-On has an adaptable fit and is convenient to remove. 

Talking about the design, the Asher has a conventional look with a trendy Vans label on the sides, whereas the Slip-On has a subtle design with a canvas-made upper. Both shoes come in various colorways and patterns to complement your outfits and fashion statements. 

Regarding price, both shoes come in the economical range and are worth the money. The Asher is a bit more costly than the Slip-Ons, but people find it worth the expenditure for having distinct features and additional comfort. 

The Vans Asher and Slip-On selection depends on personal liking and preferences. Folks who prefer comfort go for the Asher, whereas those who desire style appreciate the Slip-On.

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