Asics Nimbus vs Cumulus: Which Running Shoe Reigns Supreme?

Asics Nimbus and Cumulus are two prominent running shoe models that have gained widespread recognition and popularity among runners. Both shoes are structured to offer comfort and support for runners, but they contain several differences that separate them. In this comparison, we will explore the distinctive qualities of the Asics Nimbus and Cumulus, shedding light on their key differences and assisting you in selecting the ideal shoe for your running endeavors.

The Asics Nimbus is a luxurious, neutral running shoe famous for its cushioning. It has a comparatively massive sole with a 28 mm heel stack height, making it perfect for runners requiring additional cushioning. Conversely, the Asics Cumulus is a regular and unique daily trainer engineered to be more economical than the Nimbus. It comprises similar pattern inspiration and utilization but with few changes that make it more economical.

While both shoes are made for neutral athletes, they contain several significant differences that runners should examine when selecting between the two. The Nimbus is more padded than the Cumulus, so runners who require extraordinary cushioning may prioritize the Nimbus. However, the Cumulus is cheaper and gives ideal support and ease for routine training. Eventually, the two will be selected based on the runner’s particular requirements and needs.

Asics Nimbus Vs Cumulus

Feature Table: Asics Nimbus Vs Cumulus

FeatureAsics NimbusAsics Cumulus
CushioningFlyteFoam midsole, Gel cushioning in heel and forefootFlyteFoam midsole, Gel cushioning in heel
StabilityTrusstic System, Guidance LineGuidance Trusstic System, broader base
DurabilityAHAR rubber outsole, absorbent mesh upperTop-erosion rubber outsole, reinforced toe cap
ComfortCushioned tongue and collar, absorbent mesh upperCushioned tongue and collar, absorbent mesh upper
WeightModerate weightDelicate and lightweight
FlexibilityMore stretchable forefootModerately rigid forefoot
User ReviewsPositive feedback on cushioning and fitPositive feedback on comfort and affordability
Long-Distance RunningIdeal choice for long-distance runningSuitable for an extent of distances
StabilitySuperior cushioning and supportFeatherweight and flexible
PriceTypically more expensiveGenerally more affordable

Overview of Asics Nimbus

Asics Nimbus

Asics Nimbus is an ordinary running shoe structured for runners who wish for a lavish, padded ride. It is adaptable for elongated-distance running and gives outstanding support and ease to the feet. The shoe offers a FlyteFoam midsole that features a reactive and cushioned ride. The midsole is designed of feathery foam that is hard-wearing and springy foam, giving a snug and supportive feel.

The upper part of the Asics Nimbus is engineered of organized netting material that offers an absorbent and comfortable fit. It is made to cater to the foot’s appearance, giving a comfortable fit that is not too narrow or loose. The upper also offers a 3D-printed layer that provides exceptional support and steadiness to the foot.

The outsole of the Asics Nimbus is designed of AHAR rubber that supplies excellent grip and durability. It is made to resist the deterioration of extended-distance running and gives secure and safe traction on various surfaces.

The Asics Nimbus also offers the brand’s trademark Gel technology that provides impact absorption and padding to the feet. The Gel technology is positioned in the forefoot and heel areas, giving a uniform and snug ride.

Overall, the Asics Nimbus is a dependable and cozy running shoe that gives excellent aid and cushioning to the feet. It is ideal for long-distance running and is suitable for runners who require an opulent, padded ride.

Overview of Asics Cumulus

Asics Cumulus

Asics Cumulus is an ordinary running shoe structured for runners who desire a well-grounded and snug shoe for their regular training sessions. The shoe is famous for its skillfulness and capability to control various running exteriors, from roads to tracks.

One of the significant attributes of the Asics Cumulus is its FlyteFoam midsole technique, which gives superior cushioning and impact immersion. The shoe also contains a Guidance Trusstic System that intensifies the shoe’s steadiness and support throughout the gait cycle.

The upper part of the Asics Cumulus is designed of absorbent tracery and fabricated materials that give a snug and stable fit. The shoe also contains a cushioned tongue and heel collar that builds on the shoe’s overall comfort.

The Asics Cumulus contains a 10mm heel-to-toe drop, adaptable for runners prioritizing a moderately more fabulous heel. The shoe also comprises a durable outsole that gives excellent grip and longevity.

Overall, the Asics Cumulus is a dependable, snug running shoe ideal for runners of all standards. Its cushioning, firmness, and adaptability make it a famous option among runners requiring a shoe that can control different training sessions.

Key Features of Asics Nimbus

Asics Nimbus is a well-known objective running shoe with fantastic comfort and cushioning. The following are several significant attributes:


Asics Nimbus offers a FlyteFoam cushioning technique that gives a mushy and snug ride. The FlyteFoam material is feathery and reactive, providing excellent impact absorption and energy backup. Additionally, the Nimbus contains a Gel cushioning system in the heel and forefoot, further increasing the shoe’s cushioning characteristics.


The Asics Nimbus is structured to give a steady and benevolent ride. It offers a Trusstic System that minimizes the weight of the sole unit, simultaneously adjusting the shoe’s constructional uniformity. The Guidance Line technique also aids in increasing the shoe’s steadiness by giving a more natural stride cycle.


The Asics Nimbus is structured to last e Asics Nimbus is structured to last thanks to its first-rate materials and fabrication. The shoe contains a hard-wearing rubber outsole that gives remarkable traction and grip, even on damp surfaces. The upper is designed with an absorbent mesh element that is both delicate and durable.


Asics Nimbus is famous for its remarkable comfort. The shoe has a cushioned tongue and collar that give a cozy and snug fit. The upper is designed of absorbent netting material that supports to maintain the foot cool, fresh and dry. The shoe also offers a ComforDry sock liner with exceptional cushioning and dampness regulation.

In summary, Asics Nimbus is a high-executing running shoe with remarkable cushioning, steadiness, longevity, and comfort. It is a perfect option for ordinary runners searching for a shoe that can control long distances and varied terrains.

Key Features of Asics Cumulus


The Asics Cumulus provides the Flytefoam technique, which offers a feathery and reactive cushioning system. The Flytefoam midsole is structured to soak up the effect and give a snug ride. The shoe also provides gel cushioning in the heel section, which supports it to absorb the impact further and provide extraordinary cushioning.


The Asics Cumulus offers an adequate stability standard, making it adaptable for runners with mild to average overpronation. The shoe provides a Guidance Trusstic System, which supports adjusting the structural unity of the shoe and averts extra crumpling during the stride cycle. The shoe also contains a broader base, which gives exceptional stability.


The Asics Cumulus is a durable shoe that is constructed to last. The outsole is top-erosion rubber, giving remarkable grip and durability. The shoe also offers a fortified hemmed toe cap, which aids in shielding the shoe from deterioration.


The Asics Cumulus is a snug shoe with a comfortable and safe fit. The upper is designed of absorbent mesh, supporting and keeping the foot cool, fresh and dry. The shoe also offers a cushioned tongue and collar, which helps lessen foot stress and give exceptional comfort.

The Asics Cumulus is a dependable, snug running shoe with average cushioning and steadiness. It is a hard-wearing shoe that lasts and gives a snug and secure fit.

Comparing Asics Nimbus and Cumulus


The Asics Nimbus and Cumulus are ordinary running shoes with remarkable performance. The Nimbus is famous for its luxurious cushioning; conversely, the Cumulus is a unique daily trainer. The Nimbus contains a massive sole and a mushy underfoot feel, creating it perfect for extended-distance running and giving maximum impact immersion. Conversely, the Cumulus has a medium-compressed underfoot feel, providing a more reactive ride.


The Nimbus and Cumulus offer similar patterns, with permeable netting and fabricated uppers that maintain your feet cool, fresh and dry. The Nimbus contains a more plush appearance and feels, with a more significant cost point, while the Cumulus has a more normal pattern and is a more economical choice.


The Asics Gel Nimbus Lite is the most delicate of the two, weighing around 7.9oz for women and 9.7oz for men. The Asics Gel Cumulus 22 is moderately massive, arriving at 8.3oz for women and 9.2oz for men. The Nimbus Lite is better for runners prioritizing a feathery shoe, while the Cumulus is still delicate and provides a snug fit.


The Nimbus and Cumulus provide remarkable elasticity, permitting a natural extent of movement while running. The Nimbus contains a more stretchable forefoot, perfect for runners with a more natural feel. In contrast, the Cumulus holds a moderately rigid forefoot, which gives a more reactive ride.

User Reviews

Both the Nimbus and Cumulus have attained positive appraisal from wearers. The Nimbus is admired for its luxurious cushioning and snug fit; conversely, the Cumulus is valued for its iconic attributes and affordability. Several wearers have mentioned that the Nimbus can feel a bit massive, while others have discovered the Cumulus to be moderately tight in the toe box.

The Asics Nimbus and Cumulus are remarkable running shoes with different attributes and advantages.

Size Guide

Concerning purchasing running shoes, attaining the correct size is critical to verify comfort and performance. The ASICS size guide can support you in discovering the ideal fit for the Nimbus and Cumulus models.

ASICS provides an extent of sizes for both men and women, with half sizes accessible for a more accurate fit. The Nimbus and Cumulus designs can also be obtainable in broad sizes for those with extensive feet.

To examine your size, ASICS suggests computing your feet at the finale of the day when they are at their largest. You can then utilize the size table on their website to detect the correlating size for your foot extent.

It’s efficient to mention that the Nimbus and Cumulus designs have moderately various sizing. The Nimbus inclines to run relatively more negligibly, so it’s suggested to go up half a size from your regular size. On the other side, the Cumulus prefers to run true to size.

In addition to length, ASICS also gives breadth measurements for their shoes. The Nimbus and Cumulus models are accessible in adequate width (D for men, B for women) and broad width (2E for men, D for women).

Utilizing the ASICS size chart can aid you in discovering the ideal fit for your Nimbus or Cumulus running shoes. It’s obligatory to take the time to compute your feet and consult the size chart to certify you’re getting the ideal fit for your requirements.

Which Asics running shoe is better for long-distance running, Cumulus or Nimbus?

Asics is a famous brand in the running industry, and two of their most famous running shoes are the Gel-Cumulus and Gel-Nimbus. Both shoes are made to give runners ease and support, but which is better for long-distance running?

The Gel-Cumulus is an iconic shoe that can control an extent of distances, from short runs to marathons. It contains a feathery pattern and gives remarkable cushioning, creating it a comfortable choice for extended-distance running. The shoe also offers Asics’ FlyteFoam technology, which provides a reactive and springy ride.

Conversely, the Gel-Nimbus is structured mainly for extended-distance running. It contains a more considerable pattern than the Gel-Cumulus, with additional cushioning in the midsole and a broader foundation for firmness. The Gel-Nimbus also offers Asics’ Trusstic System technology, which minimizes the sole unit’s mass while adjusting constructional uniformity.

Eventually, the selection between the Gel-Cumulus and Gel-Nimbus depends on individual requirements. The Gel-Cumulus is a fantastic choice if a runner is searching for an iconic shoe that can control an extent of distance. However, if a runner mainly searches for a shoe for long-distance running, the Gel-Nimbus is the finer option.

It’s efficient to mention that every runner is distinct; what works for one may not go for another. It’s suggested that runners test both shoes and check them out on several runs to detect which one feels more snug and supportive of their personal preferences.

Which shoe provides better stability, Asics Nimbus or Cumulus?

Concerning stability, both Asics Nimbus and Cumulus provide efficient support and cushioning for athletes. However, several significant differences between the two may create one finer option for various runners.

The Asics Nimbus is engineered to give supreme cushioning and support, making it an ideal choice for runners with a neutral to under-pronated foot bang. The shoe provides a gel cushioning system in the heel and forefoot, which supports soaking up the impact and minimizes the effect on the joints. Additionally, the shoe comprises a Trusstic System, which aids in lessening weight while adjusting constitutional coherence and support.

Conversely, the Asics Cumulus is engineered to be feathery and stretchable, making it a superior choice for runners with a neutral to moderately overpronated foot hit. The shoe offers a FlyteFoam midsole, which gives remarkable cushioning and aid without adding exceptional weight. The shoe also contains a Guidance Line, which helps to encourage a more natural stride and lessen the possibility of injury.

Regarding stability, both shoes provide better support for their personal foot kinds. However, the Asics Nimbus may be the finer option for runners requiring additional cushioning and approval. The Asics Cumulus may be a good choice for runners who desire a feathery, more elastic shoe. Eventually, the perfect shoe for every runner will be based on their requirements and needs.

What are the pros and cons of Asics Nimbus and Cumulus?

Asics Nimbus and Cumulus are two of the most renowned running shoes in the industry. Both shoes contain versatile attributes and advantages. In this part, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Asics Nimbus and Cumulus.

Asics Nimbus


  • Supreme cushioning and aid for long-distance runs
  • Maximum impact absorption with FlyteFoam padding material
  • Permeable tracery and fabricated upper materials maintain feet cool, fresh and dry
  • Cushioned tongue and heel collar offer a safe yet snug fit


  • More costly than the Cumulus
  • Massive than the Cumulus

Asics Cumulus


  • Economic cost point
  • Delicate pattern for faster runs
  • Unique daily trainer
  • Durable and hard-wearing


  • Less padding and aid contrasted with the Nimbus
  • Not adaptable for runners with uniform feet or overpronation

In summary, Asics Nimbus and Cumulus are remarkable running shoes with distinctive attributes and advantages. The Nimbus is structured for additional cushioning and support for elongated-distance runs, while the Cumulus is an exclusive regular trainer with a more economical cost point. When selecting between the two, detecting your running requirements and needs is efficient.

What is the price difference between Asics Nimbus and Cumulus?

Concerning running shoes, the cost is always an element to consider. The Asics Nimbus and Cumulus are both famous running shoes, but how do they compare in terms of price?

The Asics Nimbus is typically more costly than the Asics Cumulus. The Gel-Nimbus 25, for instance, contains a retail price of $140; simultaneously, the Gel-Cumulus 25 retails for $120. However, prices can differ based on the particular model and where you buy the shoes.

The price dissimilarities between the two shoes may be because of the attributes each shoe provides. The Asics Nimbus is structured to give additional cushioning and support, creating it a perfect option for long-distance runners. On the other side, the Asics Cumulus is engineered to be a more iconic shoe that can grasp a diversity of distances and speeds.

Eventually, the cost difference between the Asics Nimbus and Cumulus may not be more obligatory to be a determining factor for various runners. Selecting a shoe that fits perfectly and embraces your particular requirements, regardless of the price label, is efficient.


In the end, the Asics Nimbus and the AsUltimatelys are both outstanding running shoes that satisfy different requirements. The Nimbus is perfect for runners who prefer comfort and cushioning; simultaneously, the Cumulus is finer; simultaneously, they prioritize a comfortable fit and reactiveness.

Regarding cushioning, the Nimbus gives more impact absorption because of its FlyteFoam technology. On the other side, the Cumulus contains a more compassionate feel because of its sturdy sole. The Nimbus also has a broader toe box, creating it more snug for runners with extensive feet.

Regarding fit, the Cumulus has a more enhanced fit right out of the box; conversely, the Nimbus contains a fit adjusted more towards ease. The Cumulus has a firmer toe box pattern, which may be better for runners prioritizing a more stretchable toe box. Both shoes contain their advantages and disadvantages, and it eventually depends on individual requirements. Runners who prefer ease and cushioning may go for the Nimbus, while those who select a comfortable fit and reactiveness may choose the Cumulus.

Both shoes are fantastic for neutral runners searching for flexible, high-standard running shoes.

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